On Tuesday, February 6th, we went to the University of Lethbridge again to have another Bible distribution. It was slower than the week before and we only gave out eight Bibles, but we are still encouraged with a couple of the contacts we made. That evening, we had another college meeting. Two previous contacts joined us and one of them brought her friend who had just moved to Canada from Mexico. He was so happy to have found a home environment with some saints who can speak Spanish, even though his English is very good. We found out that he had previously come into contact with the saints in Guadalajara, Mexico about eight years ago! The Lord hasn’t let him go!

Yesterday, February 7th, we spent the morning with the saints to fellowship and coordinate. In the afternoon we went to a young brother’s basketball game to encourage and support him, and then, after dinner, we joined the saints for the prayer meeting.

An encouraging report: the saints in Lethbridge rent a place to meet called the Multicultural Centre. Last Lord’s Day, after the love feast, a college student that works there was speaking with one of the brothers. Without him bringing up anything, she said, “What are you doing here, who are you? I need help too.” The brother faithfully took the opportunity to preach the gospel to her and she prayed to receive the Lord! We hope to see her again this Lord’s Day.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for our contacts here in Lethbridge, both on campus and in the community. The saints here have many contacts that they’ve been laboring on for some time now. Pray that the Lord would release some visitations before our time here comes to an end.
  • Please continue to pray for the initiation of the children’s work here in Lethbridge, as well as the contacts we make at the children’s meeting today (Thursday, February 8th).