We arrived in Edmonton on 2/10/17 and had lunch with the saints. After lunch, we went to the University of Alberta and had a meeting with local saints including students in the University of Alberta. The saints were able to fellowship about their burden for the campus work at the University of Alberta with the team to gain more students and bring them fully into the church life. After the fellowship, the team with the local saints including students went out to two train stations near the campus and distributed the gospel tracts. 204 gospel tracts were distributed and we found out that a lot of people were interested and read while waiting for the next train. In the evening, the team was able to join the weekly college student meeting and fellowshipped about the spirit as a receiving organ. Many students were able to share their portion and enjoy the fellowship.

We also had the meeting with local saints in the morning at the meeting hall on 2/11/17 and also had an opportunity to have a conference call with the GTCA team in Abbotsford and brother Robert Lim. Each team shared about their GTCA gospel trip experiences in Canada and all were encouraged. After the call, we prayed for the Lord’s move in Canada and the college conference in Edmonton with local saints. During the day, four teams of saints who are composed of trainees and local saints visited some saints who need encouragement including dormant saints. We also had three meetings in the evening including Young People’s meeting, Chinese speaking home meeting, and English speaking home meeting.

There will be the first college conference on Feb 18-19 and this will be held in Edmonton. There will be about 65 students signed up from different localities such as Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton. Praise the Lord for His move in college students in Canada.

We thank the Lord for this GTCA gospel trip opportunity from 1/28/17 to 2/12/17. We were able to see how the Lord has been moving in North America. May the Lord continue to spread and increase in North America as well as all over the world for the building up of His Body, the preparation of His bride and bringing in His kingdom.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would gain what He is after during the first college conference in Edmonton, AB from 2/18-2/19 and release all the students to see the vision and be governed by the vision.
  • Campus work would prevail in the University of Alberta by strengthening the core students and the new local Canadian contacts would be brought into the church life.
  • The Lord would release the blending among the churches in Alberta Canada.

Lethbridge, AB—Days 14-16.JPG