These past two weeks have flown by and we have reached the end of the sowing trips to Ottawa and Laval. In one of our readings for this gospel trip, we read this quote from Brother Lee (Three Aspects of the Church: the Course of the Church):

When a person is graced with being part of one of God’s special moves on this earth, it is the greatest blessing of his life. God’s move makes an impression that he will never forget, and it becomes an unending source of supply to Him

I think we can all testify that participating on this trip has been a blessing and has left us with an impression that we will never forget. Thank you saints for laboring in coordination with us and sending us your much needed prayers. We really felt covered under the prayers of the saints.

Gospel Outreach:
On Friday morning during our coordination time, many saints shared concerning their experiences of passing out Bibles in the metro stations. The reports were very encouraging.

  • At Station Mount Morency, one contact joined us to pass out free Bibles. In addition, we met a sister who had read Brother Watchman Nee before. She was really excited to meet us and this Saturday, she came to the seminar.
  • At Station Henri-Bourassa, we met an evangelist brother and we were able to have sweet fellowship with Him. He heard that God needs a counterpart and we are to be His counterpart. In order for us to be His counterpart, we need to match Christ in life and nature. He realized that the bride was not ready and he needs to allow Christ to spread in him from his spirit, to his soul, and to his body.
  • At Station Cote-Vertu, we met a fellow believer who initially didn’t want to leave his contact information. That evening, he called us and asked if he and his wife could get a ride to the seminar.
  • At station Cartier, we met another brother who was seeking for a church and we exchanged contact information and invited him to come to the Bible seminar and Lord’s Table meeting. In addition, one Muslim contact heard about the three parts of man and called on the name of the Lord to receive Christ into him.

Praise the Lord for all these contacts!

On Saturday, many of the local saints, including young people and college students, joined us in distributing Bibles at the metro stations. We were very encouraged to see the young people, college students, and local saints participate in the labor. Actually, we passed out the most amount of Bibles on that day, 340 Bibles in total. Praise the Lord, we can labor together in coordination and a threefold cord is not easily broken (Eccl 4:12).

The following night, we had 12 new ones join us at the Bible seminar. The topic was the Spirit who is All-Sufficient. The new ones heard about God’s economy and that God’s economy is to dispense Himself in Christ as the Spirit into his children. After the presentation, we broke up into five different groups: two English groups, two French groups, and one Spanish group. Many new ones heard about calling on the name of the Lord and reading the Word as ways to receive this Spirit who is all-sufficient. Oh Lord Jesus! Oh Seigneur Jésus! Oh Señor Jesús!

On Lord’s Day morning, two brothers gave an encouraging report concerning the labor in Ottawa and the labor in Laval. This was a great encouragement to the saints. One of the contacts that we met also came to the Lord’s Table meeting. During the table meeting, he offered many prayers and many praises to the Lord. During the love feast afterwards, we connected him with some of the local saints and found someone who could bring him from Laval to the meetings. Lord, may you gain this one as a key one for your building here in Laval.

Final Stats:

  • Tracts: 6,352
  • BfC Bible Offer Cards: 2
  • Bibles: 2,177
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 2,176
  • Other BfC Ministry books: 772
  • Contacts >30 seconds: 2,105
  • Prayed With: 47
  • Second Appointment: 40
  • Visited: 7

Praise the Lord for 2,177 Bibles, 2,176 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, and 772 ministry books!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would strengthen and supply the saints in Ottawa and Montréal to follow up with the contacts.
  • The Lord would bless all the Bibles and ministry materials given out and that the recipients would come to the full knowledge of the truth
  • The Lord would gain the key ones in Ottawa and Laval to strengthen His testimony in these localities.

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 14-16 A.jpg

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 14-16 B.jpg