Charleston, SC

The Church in Columbia is the closest church and has had many opportunities to visit the saints in Charleston. There are a few saints that sporadically have home meetings, but there is the need for saints, especially younger couples, who are vital members in the daily church life to migrate to a city with a population that includes many young couples. Also, the burden is for some experienced saints to migrate to Charleston to help bear some responsibility in shepherding the saints.

The City of Charleston
Charleston is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in South Carolina with approximately 760,000 people. It is the top tourist destination in the state and one of the top destinations on the East coast.  There are four main universities in the Charleston area: The College of Charleston with 12,000 students; Charleston Southern University with 5,000 students; The Citadel with 4,000 students; The Medical University of South Carolina and many smaller colleges. The job market in Charleston is very positive due to the vast opportunities in the medical, legal, tourism, and aerospace industries. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
Population – 130,113

Target Campus
The College of Charleston – 12,000 students
Charleston Southern University – 5,000 students
The Citadel – 4,000 students
The Medical University of South Carolina – 2,138 students

Contact Person
Rob Bauer
(803) 477-2336

Nearby Localities
Columbia: 120 miles