South Bend, IN

Currently there are seven families, about 24 adults and children, living in this area. They are meeting during the week in the homes and on Lord’s Day, will begin to meet in South Bend for the Lord’s Table in October. Through the GTCA gospel trip in 2017, there were a number of contracts made on the campus at Indiana University South Bend (IUSB), and in the community, with a small number remaining in contact. There is a continuing burden to labor in the community of South Bend and on the campuses of Notre Dame and IUSB to produce remaining fruit.

The City of South Bend
South Bend is the home of Notre Dame University, a large, nationally and internationally recognized academic institution. It is consistently ranked among the top twenty universities in the United States, with highly regarded undergraduate and graduate programs, and research academia.

Employment and economic sources in the South Bend area include Notre Dame University, the largest employer, also a significantly growing healthcare and banking industry, along with parts and vehicle manufacturing companies, such as AM General (Military Humvee, and Hummer Vehicles), which is headquartered in South Bend, with nearby manufacturing and assembly plants. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
Population – 101,735

Target Campus
University of Notre Dame – 12,214 students

Contact Person
Eric McGinness
(574) 904-7925

South Bend Reports