Windsor, ONT

The church in Windsor started the Lord’s Table meeting in 1999. Currently, we have about 10 families and around 16 young people, high school plus university students. We have five meetings every week meeting in different saints’ homes. In addition to the Lord’s Table meeting and prayer meeting, there is a Chinese-speaking meeting with the older saints, an English-speaking youth meeting and an English-speaking college-age meeting.

The City of Windsor
Windsor is a city in Ontario and the southernmost city in Canada. It is on the southern shore of the Detroit River, due south and directly across the river from Detroit, Michigan.

Windsor’s economy is primarily based on manufacturing, tourism, education, and government services. The city is one of Canada’s major automobile manufacturing centers and is home to the headquarters of FCA Canada. Automotive facilities include the FCA Canada minivan assembly plant, two Ford Motor Company engine plants, and several automotive parts manufacturers.

Windsor has a well-established tourism industry. Caesars Windsor, one of the largest casinos in Canada, ranks as one of the largest local employers. It has been a major draw for U.S. visitors since opening in 1994. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
City Population – 319,246

University of Windsor – 15,000 students
St. Clair College – 6,000 students

Contact Person
Thomas Fei

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