We are now technically in our third day of the gospel trip in Cheney, WA and Missoula, MT. We started the trip with a blending conference in Tri-Cities. Some local brothers re-spoke messages #1, #5, and #9 of the semi-annual training. It was a wonderful time of the Lord’s rich speaking to the saints! We also got to blend with many local saints from all over Washington state.

We then traveled to Cheney, WA, home of Eastern State University. The saints took the ground in the last couple of months, so there is a real mutual strengthening and encouragement with our visit this week! We spent most of our time door-knocking and meeting new contacts. We were mostly in student housing. One of the brothers teaches at the university, so some of these students were shocked (positively) to see their professor at their door preaching the gospel to them! Already, we have had a very good response from many ones who have invited us in, praised the Lord with us, or called on His name. We hope for many more potential contacts that could eventually be added to the church in Cheney.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would continue to blend the churches in the Northwest through these conferences and the ministry of the Word.
  • That the Lord would put into our hands many remaining fruits for the saints in Cheney to labor on in a long-term way that the church may be strengthened.

Missoula, MT— Days 1-3A (1).JPG

Missoula, MT— Days 1-3A.JPG