Activity highlights—1/29/15:

  • Thursday afternoon, we distributed 27 Bible study invitations on campus and joined an appointment in which two of our students were taking a newly baptized student through the New Believers series. How encouraging it is that our students are already learning to feed others!
  • Thursday evening was our semester’s first Bible study. We had 19 attendees, five of which were new and one contact ended up inviting two of her friends. We went over the basic yet foundational truth in Romans, that Christ has become our subjective and experienceable God! All five new ones were very involved and had very positive feedback, and we’ve established further contact with all of them.

Activity highlights—1/30/15:

  • Today, we distributed Bibles at Sugarhouse Park. We distributed a total of 12 Bibles, six Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and 13 tracts. One person received the Lord, and two expressed interest in further contact to read the Bible. We also distributed 15 more invitations and had two appointments on campus today.
  • Tonight, we split into two home meetings by language. In the English speaking home meeting, we had a total of 21 people, of which were four new students and four saints visiting from Boise, ID. One of the saints expressed that our team coordinations have been a real highlight.
  • To date, the campus team on the University of Utah has consisted of saints from Lyman, WY, Los Angeles, CA, Albuquerque, NM, local saints form Salt Lake City, and FTTA trainees. We are all learning from one another’s experiences.
  • The Bible study was another highlight. Attendance was not great, but every new student was very involved and we have established further contact with each one in some way.
  • Another highlight was preaching the gospel at the park. We gave two Bibles to two high school girls and one confessed that she had been wanting to get into the Word. So we exchanged information and are hoping to meet sometime.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the strengthening of the local Salt Lake City saints who are serving on the University of Utah for the continued care of the contacted students.
  • Pray that the connections we’ve made this week would remain and continue.