Saturday was our rest and recreation day. After a shorter time of coordination, the saints took us up the Wasatch Mountains to snowshoe around Silver Lake. We invited 10 new ones to join us. Afterwards, we gathered in the Liang’s home for dinner and a sweet time of singing love songs to the Lord. In that time, we stirred up one another’s love for the Lord.

After the Table meeting on Lord’s Day, we again split into groups and went door-knocking in Sugarhouse. This time around, we found that because we went with more prayer, the Lord went ahead of us and unlocked more doors and more hearts. Out of 128 homes we knocked on,16 received Bibles and three gave us information for further contact. One person we contacted is a sophomore at the University of Utah and was Muslim, but he was open to receive the Lord and for us to visit him again! In the evening, we split into smaller gatherings in the Acevedo’s and the Herpin’s homes.

This weekend, we have been sharing with each other our week’s highlights, and there was an overall appreciation of the blending afforded by our time together. We enjoy the Lord together in the mornings, we labor together on the campuses, and we eat and sing together in the homes. With each passing day, we enter more into each other’s portion of Christ and become more members one of another. The local saints are visibly being warmed. By the saints being blended and vitalized, the ones we have been contacting have a warm and inviting home to come to.

Prayer burdens:

  • Continued Follow-up: We are at the midpoint of our time here, and both we and the local saints are beginning to sense a desperation in bearing remaining fruit. Please pray that we would be able to maintain contact with the ones we contacted last week.
  • Please pray for much more fresh contacts this week.
  • Please pray for the saints here to continue to be vitalized and companionized with one another to bear remaining fruit.

Attached are images of snowshoeing, Thursday night Bible study, and Friday night home meeting with a new one getting connected to a local saint.