On Tuesday, the saints began to gather together in many vital groups and prayed for the ones on our hearts whom we can visit. May the Lord vitalize each brother and sister in Salt Lake City through the vital group and visitations.

Furthermore, we had a wonderful prayer meeting on Wednesday night with 19 saints to pray for God’s interests at the University of Utah and also for His move in Germany to establish shining lampstands there. What a picture of the Body life!

In addition, it is through the saints’ prayers that we have gained contact information of 46 students for further appointment, thank you saints! It is definitely an enjoyment to preach the gospel and overflow Christ into the students, even a Mormon girl called on the name of the Lord and praise His name after reading 1 Cor 12:3. Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • 2nd appointment with the new contacts and the companionizing of the students
  • Opening of a brother’s house and a sister’s house beside the University of Utah
  • The practicing of the vital group for the building up of the church

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SLC- Days 5-6A.JPG