Praise the Lord for the Lord’s move in Morgan Hill and Gilroy. We truly tasted the normal church life, which is living, active, vibrant and vital. Their care and love for us really impressed us. It was so joyful and normal to see all the saints pouring out everything by shepherding, opening the homes, and preparing all the practical details for this gospel trip. We will truly miss the saints and continue to pray for them so that the Lord can do whatever and exactly He wants to do in Bay Area for His Body, Bride and Kingdom.

We were brought back again and again to this precious quote: “When a person is graced with being part of one of God’s special moves on this earth, it is the greatest blessing of his life. God’s move makes an impression that he will never forget, and it becomes an unending source of supply to him. Whoever can participate in such a flow is most blessed. I believe that whenever someone who was in such a flow thinks back on it, he will have fond memories of that time. It is a great blessing for a person to be able to participate in the flow of God’s work, the flow of revival, at least once in his lifetime.” We are so privileged to be part of the Lord’s move.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray that the Lord will bless the follow up of the new contacts in Morgan Hill and Gilroy.
  • Pray the Lord will put the new contacts in the hearts of the local saints.
  • Pray for the going on of the saints to cooperate with the Lord for His move after the gospel trip.
  • Pray that the Lord will use localities in the Bay Area for the building up of His Body, for the preparation of His Bride and the coming of His Kingdom.

Morgan Hill and Gilroy, CA—Final Report A.jpeg

Morgan Hill and Gilroy, CA—Final Report B.jpg