We had our final distribution and Bible study as a part of GTCA at Gavilan College today (2/8) and really sensed the Lord’s blessing. Ten came to the Bible study, most of whom were attending for at least the second time. Because of the open and informal style of the Bible study, many of the students’ needs are able to be met despite their various backgrounds and situations. Although, once the team of trainees leave, there will be fewer involved, the local saints’ exceeding dedication and willingness to continue to labor will surely meet the need of the seeking students in the coming weeks.

Today, we also had a children’s meeting at the Morgan Hill Library, where the Lord blessed even more abundantly. Three families that we contacted at a table last week came with their children, as well as five other families that just walked in upon finding out about the event. Twenty-eight children (including 18 new ones) participated, and many parents of the new ones eagerly sought details of future activities. Praise the Lord!

Please pray:

  • For the continued labor with one accord at Gavilan, especially that the Lord would bless the further follow-up and the Bible studies this semester
  • That the Lord would provide a way for the mothers in the church to carry out regular children’s meetings in the future; That the Lord would continue to bless the campus work and the children’s work in Morgan Hill and Gilroy for His testimony.

On Friday morning, we had a time of prayer and recap for the past two weeks of GTCA, after which we went to blend with some other GTCA teams. In the afternoon, we met with a couple students on campus simply to hang out and spend more time together. Recently we have been in contact with some student athletes, and there has been leading from the Lord to connect with them further. At night we had a meeting in a family’s home, where two students came: one from last semester and another who has just started coming to our Bible studies. We went through The Mystery of Human Life in Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and especially enjoyed the matter of the two spirits. Both of these new students enjoyed the dinner and fellowship, and were able to get more connected with the local saints.

Please pray:

  • For there to be a coordination among the sisters in Morgan Hill to continue the children’s work;
  • For the continuation of the campus work at Gavilan College and the formation of a club on campus, for which a student will present this Tuesday in front of a committee.