Today was our last day at West Richland. We had the Lord’s Table, and then had the third meeting of the blending conference. The speaking brother shared on the peace offering, and I believe all the saints where helped by the speaking. Afterwards, many of the saints testified and confirmed the word. Later, in the evening, we visited two saint’s homes for dinner and fellowship. Praise the Lord for the saints in West Richland.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for all the Bibles we distributed in Washington, and the Lord’s Word would be sown into good earth.
  • Pray that the saints in eastern Washington would all experience Christ as the reality of all the offerings.
  • While we were here, the saints were burdened that we would blend with several of the saints in their homes. We visited over a dozen homes in one week, at times visiting two houses a day. Pray that the Lord would encourage all the saints we visited, and bring them all into the reality of the church life.