Hamilton/St. Catharines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 20, 2018

Our time in St. Catharines concluded with another visit to the saints in Aylmer. This time, the trainees and a couple local saints were able to spend the night with the families in the area. Corporately, we had a sweet time of singing and fellowship over a week in the Holy Word for Morning Revival titled, “The Original Condition of the Church, the Degradation of the Church, and the Recovery of the Church.” The feeling amongst the trainees was that this fellowship was very timely for the saints that had recently departed from the Mennonite religion. Following that time, we were able to have further fellowship in their homes that continued late into the night. It was truly a blessing to enjoy the unique portion of Christ that these members offered.

Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, it was difficult for some of the trainees and saints to make it to the joint table meeting in Hamilton on Lord’s Day. However, the time was still very sweet with testimonies of what the Lord had done the past week. Undoubtedly, the saints in Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Aylmer have been inscribed in the hearts of the trainees.

May the Lord continue to bless His marvelous work in Southern Ontario and may the saints continue to press on in a strong way!

Final Statistics:

  • Tracts distributed: 980
  • Bibles/Rhema Literature distributed: 169
  • Salvations: 5

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the proper follow-up and shepherding of the students that were contacted at Mohawk College, McMaster University, Brock University, Niagara College-NOTL, and Niagara College-Welland.
  • Please pray that the saints in Aylmer and the surrounding regions would continue to be blended with the saints in the nearby localities.
  • Please pray for the proper and normal growth of all the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 8

February 13, 2018

The last days of our gospel trip here in Lethbridge were very busy and full of enjoyment!

On Thursday, February 8, we had another neighborhood children’s meeting. Because of a snow storm that came in, we had less children show up, but there were still three neighborhood children and four of our own children. We had a really fun time with them and sang songs and told a story about God’s creation. After the dinner, a couple of us went with some saints to visit a family they have been in contact with for a while. We had a very encouraging time of singing and the mother of this family told us that she enjoys these visits more than she enjoys their own assemblies with their church! We were so encouraged!

On Friday evening, February 9, brother Greg Spencer spoke to the saints concerning inoculation. We also watched a video about M. E. Barber that was so encouraging. We have a rich history in the Lord’s Recovery and we need to realize that we are standing on the shoulders of so many loving seekers that went before us!

On Saturday, February 10, we spent the whole afternoon with the young people. We went to the university gym and did some rock climbing and played basketball. The young people had a really good time. Then, after dinner, we had some fellowship to encourage the young people regarding service and getting a good education. Later, when we prayed in twos and threes, two young sisters prayed that the Lord would help them with their grades in school so that they can go to the Full-Time Training!

This morning, Lord’s Day, February 11, we had our last table meeting and prophesying meeting here with the saints in Lethbridge. Many saints came from Calgary (3 hours away) to enjoy the meeting and a love feast together with us. The prophesying this morning was a glorious culmination of the Christ we have all been enjoying over the past two weeks. In the afternoon, we had an encouraging word concerning our need for a vision of the recovery, the universal church, and the local church.

After our time in the afternoon, some local saints from Lethbridge went to visit a brother in Coaldale, whose wife was not yet saved; there was a young boy staying at their house. The saints preached the gospel to them and both the brother’s wife and the young boy got saved. The saints also gave the boy a Bible. Praise the Lord!

Overall, we have had a wonderful time here and we are sad that it has come to an end so quickly! But we are so happy to have had this opportunity to be built and blended together with the saints in Lethbridge and to labor in the word and on the gospel together with them.

Praise the Lord for a glorious two weeks!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the saints to continue to be strengthened and encouraged in their pursuit of the Lord, both personally and corporately.
  • Continue to pray for the children’s work in Lethbridge, that the Lord will have the way to gain many more families through neighborhood children’s meetings and that our own children will be preserved to become useful vessels in the Lord’s Recovery.
  • Please pray for the young people and college age in Lethbridge. Pray that the college students would rise up for the gospel work on the campus, and that there would be the opening for a club on campus.
  • Finally, please pray for an increase in blending and building among all the local churches in Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge).

Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 12

February 13, 2018

Today was our last day at West Richland. We had the Lord’s Table, and then had the third meeting of the blending conference. The speaking brother shared on the peace offering, and I believe all the saints where helped by the speaking. Afterwards, many of the saints testified and confirmed the word.

Later, in the evening, we visited two saints’ homes for dinner and fellowship. Praise the Lord for the saints in West Richland.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for all the Bibles we distributed in Washington, and the Lord’s Word would be sown into good earth.
  • Pray that the saints in eastern Washington would all experience Christ as the reality of all the offerings.
  • While we were here, the saints were burdened that we would blend with several of the saints in their homes. We visited over a dozen homes in one week, at times visiting two houses a day. Pray that the Lord would encourage all the saints we visited, and bring them all into the reality of the church life.

Morgan Hill/Monterey, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 10

February 12, 2018

Tonight (2/10), after a day of blending with the saints, we gathered together for a family barbecue time with a children’s meeting. Three new families attended, all of whom had come to a previous meeting. While the children enjoyed making tie-dye shirts and playing games, their parents were able to connect and get to know the local saints. All three families are looking forward to more events! Three young people, who happen to all be related and were contacted last semester, came as well, including four more of their relatives. The Lord surely has been blessing, as He steadily increases in Morgan Hill household by household!

Please pray:

  • For there to be a coordination among the saints in Morgan Hill to continue the children’s work;
  • For the continuation of the campus work at Gavilan College and for the formation of a club on campus, for which a student will present this Tuesday in front of a committee;
  • That the Lord would continue to uphold and strengthen the one accord among the saints in Morgan Hill as well as all of Northern California for His commanded blessing.

Today (2/11), marks the last day of the gospel trip in Morgan Hill. We enjoyed a glorious Lord’s Table meeting with saints from Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo. Many were able to overflow from their enjoyment of the past two weeks. We all truly sensed the Lord’s blessing!

Praise Him!

Final prayer burdens for Morgan Hill and Monterey:

  • For there to be a coordination among the saints in Morgan Hill to continue the children’s work;
  • For the continuation of the campus work at Gavilan College and for the formation of a club on campus, for which a student will present this Tuesday in front of a council;
  • For the saints’ labor at Cal State Monterey Bay and Monterey Peninsula College, especially that the Lord would thrust out more burdened families into the work.

Ottawa, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 11, 2018

The team arrived in Montreal this past Thursday! It was a very sweet and joyful 10 days in Ottawa and we have lots to share! In total we handed out approximately 750 tracts and 565 Bibles. On our last full day in Ottawa, we held multiple Bible studies at the two campuses. Many students came and they came open and hungry! At the last Bible study of the day we had over 11 new ones join us and many of them expressed that they would return the next week! The response was very encouraging. Then Thursday afternoon we drove to Montreal and blended in the homes for dinner.

Today we will start our first day of distribution in Montreal! Then in the evening we will have a gospel meeting.

Prayer burdens:*

  • The students will return for the next Bible study! It will be this coming Wednesday.
  • The Lord would bountifully supply the saints in Ottawa in the carrying out of the follow up!
  • The distribution of the Bibles at various metro stations in Montreal.
  • Many would be free to come to the gospel meeting.