Chico, CA/Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 9, 2018

There has been a wonderful gospel effort in Folsom in the last several days. All the saints are eager to spread the truth and shepherd the seeking ones into the church life. There have been Bible distribution tables at various public venues and a college campus every day since February 3. Many saints have taken time off work to join in the distributions, which has been very encouraging to the team. We have passed out 417 tracts, 97 Bibles, and six have prayed to receive the Lord.

Last night, we had a seminar at the Folsom Community Center, in which one Muslim student prayed to receive the Lord.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the saints to persevere in prayer and shepherding of new contacts, and that some could be added to the church life in Folsom.

Chico, CA/Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 5, 2018

Praise the Lord as the One who does above all that we ask or think!

On February 2, we wrapped up our time in Chico. The past week, we tabled two more days at Chico State and one day at a community college, Butte College. At Butte, we passed out 365 tracts and 33 Bibles. For our last 2 days at Chico State, we passed out 267 tracts and 43 Bibles. The Lord was truly sweet to us, especially in our last two days at Chico State. He faithfully brought many positive students whom we met on our first day of tabling back to the table. Each evening, we also invited contacts to a time of dinner and fellowship (pictured below), and we had three student contacts join us throughout the week. Although there are only about five saints in Chico, the trainees were continually impressed how they poured out for us and for the gospel. May the Lord gain remaining fruit in the church in Chico!

On February 3, we began our labor in Folsom. We joined 10-12 local saints and split into groups to table at various locations: an outdoor mall, a Walmart, a Sam’s Club, and a Farmer’s Market. We met many warm seekers and passed out 33 Bibles over two hours. We are also inviting those who take a Bible to a Bible Presentation this coming Tuesday on, “The Vision in the Bible.” May the Lord draw His loving seekers there!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the follow-up for the contacts in Chico and that the Lord would gain some as remaining fruit.
  • Please pray for the Lord to strengthen the local saints in Chico and for Him to burden some saints to migrate to Chico for the gospel.
  • Please pray for the follow-up for the contacts in Folsom and that many would be able to attend the Bible presentation this coming Tuesday.

Chico, CA Folsom, CA—Report 3.JPG

Chico, CA/Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

On the night of Sunday, January 28, a student contact from last year was baptized, and a lot of her family members were at the meeting hall to witness! There were about 30 total in attendance, about 18 of which were her family. It was a glorious moment, and many of her family members were touched. We hope that the Lord could bring this family into the church life!

Today was our first day of BfA tabling at Cal State University, Chico. Many students were open to the gospel, and many believers were open to fellowship. We passed out 180 tracts, 20 Bibles, 20 Basic Elements of the Christian Life booklets, and 3 students prayed to receive the Lord!

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the student that got baptized and her whole family could remain in contact with the saints and come into the church life.
  • For second appointments with the ones that left their contact info at the table today.
  • That the Lord would bring ones to the table this week that could be added to the church in Chico.

Chico, CA/Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Hallelujah for the Lord’s move in Redding! This weekend, our team started our gospel trip by staying with the saints in Redding, CA and participating in the gospel work here. There are only about a dozen saints here, most of whom are retired; but we were encouraged that several local saints came out to labor with us.

Today, we split into two teams composed of trainees and local saints: one team went door-knocking around the meeting hall and the other team went to have a Bibles for America table at a Trader Joe’s. We were encouraged that although many citizens in Redding are already Christian, there is a hunger for the ministry! Oftentimes, if we could get someone to read a couple footnotes with us, they were impressed by the Recovery Version and willing to take a free copy although they already owned many Bibles. Over two hours, we distributed 19 Recovery Version Bibles! Praise the Lord!

In the evening, we then joined the saints for a small group meeting and enjoyed dinner and sweet fellowship over chapter 10 in the book of Acts.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for all the Bible recipients, as well as those who were only willing to take a Basic Elements of the Christian Life booklet. May the Lord operate in them through the Word and the interpreted Word.
  • May the Lord continue to strengthen the saints in Redding and add young believers to His testimony here.

Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Days 12-15

February 10, 2017

Praise the Lord for all He has done and is doing in Folsom!

After our first day of door-knocking and tabling many saints shared that the people in Folsom seemed to be set, settled, and occupied and appeared to be very closed. However, at the conclusion of our time in Folsom, we realized that there are actually so many people who are open and seeking the Lord! The fields are white for harvest, the Lord just needs those who would cooperate with Him to go out and to feed these ones.

For the last few days of our gospel trip we focused on following up with all the contacts we had made during the past two weeks totaling to around 150. Although we still have many that need to be contacted, there were definite positive responses from some of the ones who had been contacted. Two students attending Folsom Lake College wanted to meet up on campus. Both appointments were very positive and the students were really open! The saints were able to minister Christ to them through the Word and the ministry. Additionally, both students brought a friend with them who also received a Bible during the appointment. Both students expressed a desire to meet again in a regular way.

On Thursday night, we had a small group/children’s meeting. Three new ones attended who had been contacted through door-knocking and tabling. One of the new ones, R, had also come last Thursday. It was a joy to see these new ones enter into the fellowship!

These past two weeks of labor in Folsom is just the beginning of what the Lord is doing. The care of these new ones step by step is a long-term labor. The local saints really need prayer to be strengthened and supplied to continually and regularly care for all of these new ones.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The saints would continue opening to the Lord and spending much time before Him, that His heart for Folsom and all these new ones would be duplicated in them.
  • That more saints and their homes would be open in a consistent way to contain the ones the Lord has blessed us with.

Folsom, CA—Days 12-15 B.jpg

Folsom, CA—Days 12-15 A.JPG

Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Days 10-11

February 6, 2017

Listen! Behold, the sower went out to sow. (Mark 4:3)

On Saturday (2/5/2017), around 55 saints participated in sowing activities in Folsom, with one team tabling at Walmart as well as several other teams door knocking in nearby neighborhoods. In the testimonies afterward, many of the saints shared that there were a lot of people who were not open but we are not discouraged! We just need to be faithful to sow the seeds, water the new ones, and the Lord will cause the growth! Although there were many who were closed, there were still some sons of peace! We contacted 49 people, gave out 28 Bibles, and 5 people prayed to receive the Lord!

Yesterday, we enjoyed the Lord’s Table in Folsom with around 50 saints and 20 children from all over California, from localities such as Modesto, Montebello, Sacramento and Millpitas. It was a very rich meeting! Much of the speaking was of the saints overflow and enjoyment of this past week’s GTCA activities!

For the remainder of the time, our attention will shift from sowing to following up with all the open contacts from the last week!

Prayer Burdens:

  • We would have the adequate follow up this week
  • Release the seeking ones to come to the home meeting on Thursday!

Folsom, CA—Days 10-11.jpg

Folsom, CA—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 3, 2017

Yesterday, we had a combined children’s meeting/small group meeting at one of the local saint’s home. It was really a cherishing time! We all ate dinner together and then the children went into another room and had their meeting while we gathered and had another meeting. We sang a few songs and after singing, “God has Called us for His Purpose”, it opened a way for a few saints to take care of the new ones by sharing a little about what it means for God to be fully processed and about our spirit!

After singing, we read through Hebrew 12 and then some shared on what they enjoyed. It was really supplying to hear all of the saints sharing including the new ones. One new one in particular, R, who was contacted earlier this week through door-knocking, entered right into the sharing and spoke on what he had been enjoying in the Word. He also opened up a pretty hard situation he had been faced with earlier in the day. After he opened it up, everyone spontaneously prayed for his situation. After the meeting was over, he stayed for a long time and just talked with saints and played the guitar with a college brother. It was so encouraging and refreshing to see this new one enjoying the Lord!

For the past few days, a few of the trainees as well as local saints have been sick and have been unable to participate in GTCA activities. Please pray for the continued binding of the enemy and covering of the saints health!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue binding the enemy and covering the saint’s health
  • Pray for the follow up and shepherding of those who we contacted this week

Folsom—Days 7-8.jpg

Folsom—Gospel Trip, Day 5

January 31, 2017

Today we had five teams preaching the gospel in local neighborhoods, as well tables set out at both Folsom Lake College and Walmart. After our gospel time, we had a time for each team to share testimonies. Each team seemed to have some really positive and encouraging contacts!

One in particular was a medical student, M, who moved from India last year. Right when the saints knocked on the door, he asked them to come in. As the saints were sharing with him about his spirit, he said that he wanted to learn more! They shared with him “The Mystery of Human Life” and he prayed the prayer boldly and without hesitation! He received both a Bible and Basic Elements of the Christian Life. He is open for a meeting and invited the saints to come back! Lord, keep M soft and open towards You!

The prayer meeting tonight was very sweet with sixteen saints, including four trainees, in attendance. There was a new one there who entered right into the prayer and even prayed in a strong way. It was very encouraging to see the saints organically shepherding her.

Prayer Burden:

  • Bind the enemy and cover the health of the trainees and local saints!

Folsom—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 30, 2017

Yesterday, the table meeting was in Folsom at one of the local saint’s home. It was a very refreshing meeting full of praise to the Lord with around 40 saints from Folsom, as well as from surrounding localities.

Today, several saints joined the team to pass out Bibles at some neighboring apartment buildings, as well as at Folsom Lake College. The saints were encouraged by the response from the students on campus, as well as from those in the apartments, who received the Bible. One student received a Bible and BfA literature and was excited to share it with his friends. Some were interested in having a Bible study with us, and one woman even said that she felt our coming to her was the Lord’s coming to her. Lord, keep growing as the seed in these ones!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Thrust out the shepherds! The saints would be faithful to contact, cherish and nourish the hungry ones.
  • Keep growing as a seed in H, T, R, and M!

Folsom, CA— Days 3-4.jpg

Folsom—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 28, 2017

Yesterday, all the trainees arrived in Folsom, CA. We had dinner with some of the local saints followed by a brief door knocking orientation and preparation for upcoming sowing activities.

Sowing activities started today, 1/28/17, with sixty-five saints participating. Sixteen teams went out door knocking in the surrounding neighborhoods and one team set up a table at a local Walmart. Overall, there seemed to be some good sowing! We gave out 21 Bibles, contacted around 75 people and had several who prayed to receive the Lord!

Lord, keep sowing in Folsom!

Prayer Burdens

  • There would be adequate follow up for those who were contacted today and they would receive proper care
  • The local saints would build up a habit and taste for contacting and shepherding people