Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 14-15

February 11, 2017

Feb 10, 2017, Friday:

Twenty-four saints joined the Lord’s move today. Ten saints set up the BfA table in front of the Walmart supermarket, received 21 contact information, gave out more than 20 Bibles. Another 14 saints continued the BfA/Christian on Campus table in the West Michigan University student center, received 15 new contact information, and gave out more than 20 Bibles.

At 6 PM, Christians On Campus held the Bible study seminar in the WMU student center, brother Tim Knoppe spoke the message about how to study the Bible, New Testament Recovery Version. There were 32 people including six new ones who participated in this seminar, and one Bible was given after the seminar.

Feb 11, 2017, Saturday:

Today is the last day of the gospel trip in Kalamazoo. 32 saints from Illinois, Michigan and Indiana joined the Lord’s move today. There are eight brothers and sisters who continued the BfA table in front of Walmart, gave out 26 Bibles, and 15 contact informations. And all the rest of the saints went door-knocking in three neighborhoods around the houses of Kalamazoo’s local saints. We estimate about 75 doors knocked on today. The FTTA trainees shared their testimony about the life in the training with the local saints in the evening blending meeting.

To sum up, in this gospel trip, the gospel team gave out 276 Bibles, and received 167 contact informations in Kalamazoo. We received 133 new contact information and 106 Bibles given out in South Bend.

BfA table outside the Walmart

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 12-13

February 9, 2017

In the recent two days, more and more saints from nearby localities arrived at Kalamazoo to participate in the Lord’s move. The gospel team continued the gospel work at West Michigan University and downtown Kalamazoo. The team was fully energized by the unceasing prayer, working in oneness and the excising of the Kingdom.

Wednesday, February 8th

Eleven saints set up the BfA Table in the West Michigan University campus, gave out 35 Bibles to the students, and received information for 22 contacts. Also, 10 saints preached the gospel by walking in downtown Kalamazoo, resulting in 13 new contacts and 24 Bibles being given out.

Thursday, February 9th

On the WMU campus, the saints continued the BfA/Christian On Campus table in the student center. Twenty new contacts were received and 35 Bibles were given out. Also 15 people, including 2 new ones participated the Bible study on campus.

In downtown Kalamazoo, due to the snow, we only received one new contact and gave out two Bibles. However, a considerable number of gospel tracts were distributed to the citizens.

Prayer Burdens:
This Saturday, more than 30 saints will join the gospel move in Kalamazoo. This will be the largest number of participation in this gospel trip. May the Lord bless all the saints who are coming, and cover every aspect of the gospel preaching on Saturday. May the Lord bless the local saints to build a relationship with the gospel contacts, practice the God-Ordained way to bear remaining fruit in the church life.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 9 - 11

February 7, 2017

The trainees moved to Kalamazoo, MI for the second part of this trip last Lord’s Day and enjoyed the Lord’s Table with the saints from Kalamazoo, South Bend and Grand Rapids.

Monday, Feb 6, 2017 The local saints took the trainees to have a brief visitation to West Michigan University and downtown Kalamazoo, which are the two venues that the gospel team will be spreading Bibles in this week. The gospel team prepared 334 Bibles, for the gospel move this week, on Monday evening.

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 The trainees and local saints formed two teams to spread the Bibles. Eight saints set up the BfA table at the student center of West Michigan University. The saints got 32 new contact information, and give out 32 Bibles. Six saints spread the Bibles in downtown Kalamazoo on foot and got 18 new contacts and give out 28 Bibles.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the gospel seminar on West Michigan University campus this Friday evening. May the Lord gain remaining fruit, especially the college students, through this seminar.
  • Please pray that Lord would strengthen the local saints in South Bend and build up the solid relationships with the gospel contacts in South Bend.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Days 9-11 A.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 9-11 B.JPEG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 4, 2017

February 3, 2017 The gospel team set up BfA Table in three venues, the Eddy Street Common outside the University of Notre Dame, the Flamingo supermarket, and the South Bend downtown. Also a group of saints attend their appointments with the college students in the IUSB campus. In total today we had five new contacts, and 7 Bibles were given.

At 6 PM this evening, the saints in South Bend held a gospel seminar at the conference room of the Martin’s supermarket near the UND campus. Brother Tim Knoppe from the church in Farmington spoke the message with the topic of “Unlocking the Bible”. About 43 people, including six gospel contacts attended this seminar.

February 4, 2017 Today is our last day of the gospel trip in South Bend. The team set up BfA tables at three venues, the Flamingo supermarket, Eddy Street Common near UND campus and downtown South Bend. Also nine saints went door-knocking on the community near the UND. Due to the weekend, the team didn’t have much positive response as last few days, but still gave out about 10 Bibles and knocked on about 50 doors.

This evening at 7 PM in the conference room of the Martin’s Supermarket near the UND, the FTTA trainees gave a fellowship and testimony to the local saints, especially to the young people about our experience in the Full-Time Training.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The gospel trip in South Bend is finished, but the Holy Spirit is still working in this city, especially the college campuses. May the Lord strength the local saints to continue their fellowship and shepherding with the people who we contacted in the past week.
  • May the Lord encourage the young people in the church life in this area to consecrate themselves to the Full-Time Training after the college.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 A.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 B.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 C.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 3-6

February 2, 2017

January 31, 2017

Today, we began laboring for Bibles for America in four different locations:

  • Indiana University South Bend— table set up in front of their library
  • University of Notre Dame— on Eddy Street (where the off-campus housing is located)
  • Farmer’s Market— we had a table set up
  • Flamingos— a Mexican market with a table set up as well

The Lord really blessed our laboring with the saints on each of these locations. We got a very positive response from each location. Specifically, IUSB got about 40 contacts and 33 of those were open to give us their information and attend a BfA seminar on Friday. There were 93 tracts given out and 11 Bibles received.

UND: 7 contacts and gave our 5 Bibles and 71 tracts. Farmer’s market: gave out 2 Bibles and 25 tracts. The two contacts were two different families, whom shared their information. Flamingo’s: 20 contacts, 3 Bibles were given out and 53 tracts were received.

February 1, 2017

The team paid more attention in the Indiana University South Bend campus. The students are very open to us and many of them gave us their contact information for future contact. We set up the BfA table at the same location as yesterday, in front of the library. Today, we had a total of 29 new contacts’ information, handed out 35 Bibles and 104 tracts were distributed. We also set up the table at the Downtown area and Eddy Street common near the University of Notre Dame:

Downtown South Bend: 3 new contacts, 5 Bibles and 95 tracts distributed. Eddy Street Common: 3 new contacts, 3 Bibles and 89 tracts distributed.

At our third venue, the farmers’ market, there was one contact made that received one Bible and one gospel tract.

February 2, 2017

The team continued the BfA table at three different venues: IUSB campus, Eddy Street common, and the Farmer’s Market.

IUSB: BfA table set up in front of the library, 33 new contacts, 43 Bibles and 13 tracts distributed. Eddy Street common: 5 new contacts, 12 Bibles and 3 tracts.

Prayer Burdens:

  • We feel that the IUSB campus is a rich fishpond for the gospel preaching. The local saints in South Bend and the ones from the surrounding cities are very encouraged with the positive response we have gotten from IUSB. There are open and seeking hearts on this campus! Hallelujah! We received the support and appreciation from both the students and the employees while we were on campus. May the Lord continue to bless this campus. Please pray that the local saints would be strengthened into their inner man and that the Lord would provide them with much grace in the coming weeks as they labor on the promising students and consider a campus work in IUSB.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s covering tomorrow. We will be holding a Bible seminar at 6PM, near Notre Dame University. May the Lord gain the seeking ones, especially the college students.

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-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 B.JPG

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 C.JPG

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 D.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 29, 2017

January 28, 2017

The FTTA trainees gathered with the local saints from South Bend, Kalamazoo and few nearby cities who will participate in the Lord’s move, at the meeting hall of the Church in Kalamazoo. The trainees had a wonderful blending time with the local saints, and we had a gospel trip orientation all together. The gospel team received hospitality in South Bend, IN after the orientation.

January 29, 2017

There were more than 40 saints from South Bend and surrounding localities who attended the Lord’s Table in Camp Ray Bird, a Christian retreat camp near South Bend. This is the second Lord’s Table in the history of South Bend since the church life started in 1995. May the Lord strengthen His testimony and His saints in South Bend. After dinner, we spent some time to get familiar with the tracts and BfA materials that we will be handing out this week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • May the Lord have a way in Norte Dame University, a campus with strong Catholic background. We can’t have a BfA table on this campus, facing strong withholding from the school’s administration. May the Lord continue to open the way in this campus, bind the enemy, and free His people from the religious bondage.
  • Pray that the trainees and the local saints have more blending with one another and become more familiar with the gospel materials.

Kalamazoo and South Bend, IN—Days 1-2.JPG