Laredo, TX—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 9, 2018

Thank you all for your faithful prayers. We believe the Lord has truly poured out His blessing on the TAMIU campus during the last two weeks of our visit. After our four total Bible study sessions on campus, we’ve realized that there are between 25-30 new students who have showed a high interest in continuing on with the club after we leave. After our last Bible study session, our main burden became for these students to be connected with the saints in Laredo.

During our last night in Laredo, the 3rd, we had a cookout gathering for all students at the ranch we were staying in and a total of 15 students came to this time, and seven of them got baptized!

During our two weeks stay, the Lord led approximately 40 to 45 students to be saved, nine students to be baptized and connected to the local saints in Laredo, and granted the saints a start of a weekly Christians on Campus Club meeting at the TAMIU campus.

Please continue to pray:

  • These newly saved and baptized ones would continue pursuing Him during the campus club meetings and church life meeting.
  • The Lord would strengthen and raise up more saints to shepherd these newly saved ones.
  • The Lord would thrust out more full-time serving ones to labor on this campus.

Laredo, TX—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 2, 2018

Hello, saints! Thank you all for your faithful prayers. The Lord has been very sweet to us and in our experience. As we mentioned last week, after passing out thousands of tracts on campus, we held two Bible study sessions and met many open, seeking students. So far, we have personally met over 200 students, a minimum of 55 people have prayed with us to receive the Lord, and one baptism.

This week, we’re planning to have two more Bible study sessions on campus, and praying for four more people to be baptized.

Please pray with us:

  • The Lord would bring many more seeking ones to these last two Bible study sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The Lord would arrange for three contacts to be saved before we leave.
  • There would be a definite final connection between some key students and local saints.

Laredo, TX—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 29, 2018

Thank you all for praying for us. We’ve had a great four days of labor and blending here. We’ve met many open students and the Lord has surely poured out His blessing on this campus. The main burden of the saints in Laredo is for increase, and the Lord has been leading us in meeting many open students.

Thus far, we have passed out approximately 3,000 Bible study invitation tracts, 179 students have signed up to attend this past Wednesday and Thursday sessions, and 59 new students have attended these sessions. We had 38 come the first time, and 21 new ones come the second time. Also, two sisters joined us from Austin on Wednesday (one of them was sick and couldn’t be with us the first few days). Their coming we feel was sovereign of the Lord because we needed more females due to high response from females on campus.

During the first session, we covered the purpose of God’s creation of man, and all attendees prayed with us to receive the Lord. So far, we’ve had close to 44 students receive the Lord, and we’re expecting a baptism of one student soon.

We’ll spend tomorrow blending with the saints, and Lord’s Day have arranged a cookout gathering of all very open and close contacts we’ve met to join this time at a local park, in view of connecting them with the local saints.

We’ll spend the next week continuing to pass out Bible study invitation tracts for Wednesday and Thursday, meeting new students, and blending with the saints.

May the Lord’s will be done on the A&M campus.

Please continue to stand with us:

  • The Lord will bless the time of gathering and blending of all the students during this Lord’s Day park cookout with the local saints.
  • The Lord will continue to lead us to all the sons of peace on campus next week.
  • The Lord will preserve and cause the very open contacts we’ve met so far to continue meeting with us next week.
  • The Lord will strengthen the student’s will and cooperation with the Lord for his baptism this Saturday.

Laredo, TX—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 24, 2018

Our first morning in Laredo, TX was this Lord’s Day the 21st. We had a great time of blending with all the saints during our love feast. Also spent our first coordination time. We briefly visited our campus site, and afterwards had dinner with the saints.

Today was our first day on the Texas A&M International University campus. We plan to table there everyday for the next two weeks. We will pass out our Bible study invitation tracts that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this and next week. Also, to make a good connection with the students.

So far, the Lord did beyond what we could think, we were able to give out 1300 invitation tracts, 60 students signed up to come to our Bible study times, and two very promising students prayed to receive the Lord with us.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the Lord would continue to pour out His blessing on this campus. Continue to soften, open, and prepare the students’ hearts for the Bible study sessions.
  • Please pray that these 60 students would come to our Bible study sessions, and be well connected with the local brother and sister students on campus.
  • Please pray for the Lord to give us some promising students to connect to the local saints in Laredo, and be brought into the church life here.