Lawrence, KS—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 29, 2018

Yesterday, we attended the Lord’s Table meeting in a home in Lawrence that was small, but very sweet. Afterwards, we stayed for lunch and continued fellowshipping with one another. In the afternoon, we went on the University of Kansas campus to preach the gospel. After passing out 56 tracts and four Bibles and contacting seven people, we had dinner with several regular contacts and one new gospel contact, another Brazilian Christian.

Today, we returned to the university campus after a time of fellowship and coordination in the morning. In total, we passed out 90 tracts and seven Bibles and contacted 11 people today, inviting many to join us for dinner. Ultimately, seven regular contacts joined us for dinner and we had a lot of sweet fellowship with one another.

One of our highlights was the dinner last night. We were so encouraged to see so many familiar faces and one new face. After an enjoyable time of singing and mutual fellowship, we proposed ending the time by going around the room and praying at least one sentence each, and each person did pray. We were also encouraged by the three Brazilian Christians who said that they knew at least 10 other Brazilians who they could invite to join us.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the home meeting this coming Friday. Pray that the three Brazilians would bring their friends.
  • Pray for all those who received tracts and/or Bibles, that they would read them.
  • Pray for three of our regular contacts (two brothers and one sister) to short-term in the FTTA.

This is our last day in Lawrence. Tomorrow, we will be driving to Lubbock, Texas, stopping by Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to blend with the saints.



Lawrence, KS—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Yesterday, we arrived in Lawrence, Kansas and attended a home meeting with several college students and gospel contacts. Today, we read a chapter of A Blessed Human Life and had a time of prayer, fellowship, and coordination for our gospel outing in the afternoon in Downtown Lawrence. We distributed a total of 101 tracts and four Bibles, and we contacted 25 new people. Then, in the evening, we had dinner with two regular contacts.

One of our highlights was the home meeting last night. We were so encouraged to see and meet so many different kinds of people. There were local saints, college students from the campus club, working saints, two Christian Brazilians, a Jewish student, a Christian from India, and an atheist. We were amazed at how the Lord brought us all together in the same place that night to fellowship with one another.

Prayer burdens:

  • A job for one of our regular contacts before the expiration of his visa at the end of March.
  • The atheist, who was formerly a believer but now doubts. Continued contact with the two Brazilians for the rest of their time in Kansas (four weeks).