Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 9, 2018

We arrived in Wilmington, Delaware on Lord’s Day (February 4), where we had a sweet time of dinner, fellowship, and blending with the saints in Wilmington, Delaware.

As trainees, we were asked to share a bit of our experiences in the training or the recent gospel trip, seeing as we are at the last end of the trip. Then the saints shared on the history of the church in Wilmington, and also their burden with us concerning the gospel outreach.

Yesterday (February 5), we had coordination in the morning as a team and with local saints. We then went to distribute Bibles and literature. We had four teams of about 4-5 saints. Three teams were set to contact students by being located on Main St, which was a central street that ran right through campus. One other team set up a table in front of a grocery store to contact the students, as well as those in the community. We found that there were many warm contacts that would like to be contacted further. Many were so happy to receive a study New Testament Recovery Version. We were able to distribute 58 New Testament Recovery Versions.

Today (February 6), we have split up our team of six. Three are traveling to Richmond, VA and then three are traveling to Pittsburgh, PA. Please pray during our time in our respective cities that we would be blent with the saints and be in one accord, so that the Lord would have a way to pour out His blessing.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the the Lord would increase in life and in number in the church in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • The saints would be encouraged and strengthened. To be burdened to continue to go out to the communities and college campuses to contact people for the sake of the gospel.
  • The Lord would raise up a group of vital students at the University of Delaware campus, and also release saints to labor and continue to reach out to all the warm contacts.
  • That the Lord’s hand would follow His Word, and that every recipient would open the New Testament Recovery Version or read the tract that they received.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 5, 2018

On Thursday Feb. 1, we had an opportunity to table at George Mason University during the day. Then in the evening we joined a college meeting with students and full-timer’s at George Mason University. We had such a sweet time of fellowship.

Our team arrived yesterday morning to Baltimore, Maryland. We had lunch and prayer with the local saints. Afterwards we visited Johns Hopkins University and distributed Bibles and tracts to students and even a few individuals from the surrounding community. We were able to pass out 33 New Testament English Recovery Versions in less than 30-degree weather. We also handed out 20 tracts.


  • We spoke to a student who was a Christian who at the time was reading through Revelation. We opened up the Recovery Version to Revelation 2:7, and the student was very impressed with the footnote about the Tree of Life and also the amount of footnotes that were there.
  • We spoke to another student, whom upon meeting said he had just started reading the Bible online because he had been seeking for direction but did not have a physical Bible. We gave him the Bible and spoke to him about Jesus being in his boat.

As a team we were really strengthened and encouraged with the conversations with students that we had even though it was very cold. They were willing to stop and engage in a conversation.

This Saturday we had coordination with the local saints and some saints that traveled from other areas in Baltimore to distribute Bibles in the community centers. One distribution team was at a grocery store and another was at a local farmers market. We distributed between the two locations 32 Bibles.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray that the Lord would go on and release what needs to be released for the saints to labor on the campuses in their retrospective cities. (George Mason University, Fairfax VA/ Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore/ University of Maryland Baltimore).
  • Please pray that the recipients of the Bibles would read the Bible, be open for further contact, and be connected with the saints in the area.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 2, 2018

On Wednesday, as a team we traveled to the DC area. We were joined by many local saints and some college students for a Bible and literature distribution. We set up two distribution locations. One was at the Brookland Metro station near a Catholic University, where there was much traffic of people from the community, as well as students. The second distribution location was on the outskirts of Howard University right outside the school’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore. We passed out Bibles, tracts and were able to have many meaningful conversations with many individuals and with many wanting further contact. This was the first time that anything had been done close to these campuses and we found that students and even ones from the community are very open.

At Howard University we distributed 60 English New Testament Recovery Versions and 4 Spanish Versions. At the Metro station we distributed 105 English New Testament Recovery Versions.

A highlight for our team we feel was being able to speak and have conversations with the Bible recipients. Having the opportunity to have conversations with so many different people in all different stages. We were touched and encouraged that the Lord’s Word will not return void, and His Word is able to meet every man’s case.

At the end of our day, we joined the prayer meeting of the church in DC. We we had some strong prayer for all the contact information that we received and all the recipients of the Bibles. Please pray that the Lord would really strengthen the saints here to continue going out into the community and to look to the Lord as to how to take care of all the positive contacts.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the saints would be encouraged and strengthened to keep going out in a regular way to allow the Lord to flow in the District of Columbia.
  • Please pray that the Lord would brood until there is life over all the ones contacted and that there would be a way practically to release the care and shepherding needed to bring the called out ones into enjoyment of Christ.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

Yesterday, as a team we had a chance to go to NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College), the Manassas campus, for two hours in the morning to pass out the Recovery Version New Testament with footnotes. Upon receiving contact information for follow-up, many students were grateful to receive a New Testament with footnotes. The students were so open at this campus and willing to get connected. We contacted 35 students and were able to give out 35 Bibles during our time there.

In the afternoon, we again went to the Metro station in the afternoon early evening to outreach to the community. We were joined by many local saints throughout the area who were so burdened to get the Bibles and literature into the hands of the many people who were bustling in and out of the metro station. We contacted 38 people and were able to pass out 40 Bibles as well as many tracts.

In the evening as a team we joined a home meeting and had such a sweet time of blending with the saints. Everyone at the meeting shared a one minute testimony which was really a testimony of how the Lord is really drawing men to Himself, He is after something in this universe.

Today, January 30, we had a sweet time of fellowship coordination in the morning with the full-time team serving in the area and then we went to the Manassas Mall-Plaza to outreach to the community. We were able to distribute 12 Bibles. Then later in the afternoon we went back to NOVA to connect with students and pass out more New Testament Recovery Versions. We were able to distribute 31 Bibles during our time at the campus. We have found that the students on this campus are willing and open to receive Bibles and would like further contact. The harvest is surely ripe! Please pray that the Lord would really thrust out the workers into the harvest.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the recipients of the Bibles would read the Bible, be open for further contact, as well as be connected with the saints in the area.
  • Please pray that the Lord would release the way to labor at NOVA, to meet the need of all the encouraging and positive students wanting further contact and fellowship.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Thank you for all your prayers. We arrived at our gospel trip destination early Friday afternoon. In the later afternoon we were able to prepare 500 Bibles to be distributed during our time here.

On Saturday, a team of six trainees (four sisters and two brothers) and also local saints, went to two destinations to pass out literature and free Bibles. The distribution venues were in the community at grocery stores as well as at a metro station. We were able to contact people and hand out a New Testament Recovery Version upon receiving contact information. Even a few that were contacted asked to be contacted further. We distributed 29 English Bibles, 8 Spanish Bibles

We also as a team joined the Young People’s meeting, in which many young people from the surrounding localities attended. As a team we shared a bit of our testimony of how we got to the training and our experience in the training with the young people, which we feel was a real highlight of the day. Many saints and college students attended, as well. It was really a sweet time of blending and an introduction to the saints here in Virginia, as well as Maryland.

Today, we met with the saints in Fairfax, Virginia for the Lord’s Table meeting. In the afternoon we had a sweet time of blending, fellowship and coordination with students and the full-timers serving at George Mason University for the upcoming events this week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the saints would continue to be strengthened and encouraged and burdened to be involved in the gospel outreach.
  • Please pray that the distribution venues that we are scheduled to table at would work out and that the Lord would have a way to reach the community.
  • That we would be blent together with the local saints and built up together in our time here.