Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2018

The Lord has really blessed our time of blending with the saints in Orlando and fruit bearing in the campuses. The spreading of the truth reached many students!

The sisters had two appointments today and both appointments were great! One of the students Karina was so happy to meet us and encouraged to see that there were other Christians around her to pursue the Lord with. She even shared how she enjoyed the Bible with the footnotes especially on Romans 8. K said that the footnotes helped her to understand her favorite chapter in the Bible.

We went to Valencia South Campus and while we were still setting up our table, students started showing up. They were coming one after the other! Among the local saints, there were also six saints who came to join us from out of town. Even though we were many tabling, the hands were not enough because the students were coming from everywhere. We were so excited to see that the students and staff from the campus were so interested in receiving the Bible. 95 Bibles were distributed and 88 tracts were also distributed!

We ran out of Bibles! Our last day on campus was a time of enjoyment and thanksgiving. Two new students TJ and Summer, whom we already had an appointment came to the college age meeting. They were so open and even shared during the meeting. The local saints were rejoicing for such a blessing of having the students over. The saints are entering genuinely into the gospel life serving and caring for the new ones.

Prayer burdens:
That the saints continue to rise up in the church in Orlando to continue the follow up That the local saints continue to shepherd and care for the new ones. That the students and local saints would be released from their schedules and have the time to come together to eat the word together. That the local saints would be strengthened in their inner man, in order to carry out the burden in the campuses.

Morgan Hill/Monterey, CA—Gospel Trip, Report 9

February 11, 2018

We had our final distribution and Bible study as a part of GTCA at Gavilan College today (2/8) and really sensed the Lord’s blessing. Ten came to the Bible study, most of whom were attending for at least the second time. Because of the open and informal style of the Bible study, many of the students’ needs are able to be met despite their various backgrounds and situations. Although, once the team of trainees leave, there will be fewer involved, the local saints’ exceeding dedication and willingness to continue to labor will surely meet the need of the seeking students in the coming weeks.

Today, we also had a children’s meeting at the Morgan Hill Library, where the Lord blessed even more abundantly. Three families that we contacted at a table last week came with their children, as well as five other families that just walked in upon finding out about the event. Twenty-eight children (including 18 new ones) participated, and many parents of the new ones eagerly sought details of future activities. Praise the Lord!

Please pray:

  • For the continued labor with one accord at Gavilan, especially that the Lord would bless the further follow-up and the Bible studies this semester
  • That the Lord would provide a way for the mothers in the church to carry out regular children’s meetings in the future; That the Lord would continue to bless the campus work and the children’s work in Morgan Hill and Gilroy for His testimony.

On Friday morning, we had a time of prayer and recap for the past two weeks of GTCA, after which we went to blend with some other GTCA teams. In the afternoon, we met with a couple students on campus simply to hang out and spend more time together. Recently we have been in contact with some student athletes, and there has been leading from the Lord to connect with them further. At night we had a meeting in a family’s home, where two students came: one from last semester and another who has just started coming to our Bible studies. We went through The Mystery of Human Life in Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and especially enjoyed the matter of the two spirits. Both of these new students enjoyed the dinner and fellowship, and were able to get more connected with the local saints.

Please pray:

  • For there to be a coordination among the sisters in Morgan Hill to continue the children’s work;
  • For the continuation of the campus work at Gavilan College and the formation of a club on campus, for which a student will present this Tuesday in front of a committee.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 11, 2018

On Tuesday, February 6th, we went to the University of Lethbridge again to have another Bible distribution. It was slower than the week before and we only gave out eight Bibles, but we are still encouraged with a couple of the contacts we made. That evening, we had another college meeting. Two previous contacts joined us and one of them brought her friend who had just moved to Canada from Mexico. He was so happy to have found a home environment with some saints who can speak Spanish, even though his English is very good. We found out that he had previously come into contact with the saints in Guadalajara, Mexico about eight years ago! The Lord hasn’t let him go!

Yesterday, February 7th, we spent the morning with the saints to fellowship and coordinate. In the afternoon we went to a young brother’s basketball game to encourage and support him, and then, after dinner, we joined the saints for the prayer meeting.

An encouraging report: the saints in Lethbridge rent a place to meet called the Multicultural Centre. Last Lord’s Day, after the love feast, a college student that works there was speaking with one of the brothers. Without him bringing up anything, she said, “What are you doing here, who are you? I need help too.” The brother faithfully took the opportunity to preach the gospel to her and she prayed to receive the Lord! We hope to see her again this Lord’s Day.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for our contacts here in Lethbridge, both on campus and in the community. The saints here have many contacts that they’ve been laboring on for some time now. Pray that the Lord would release some visitations before our time here comes to an end.
  • Please continue to pray for the initiation of the children’s work here in Lethbridge, as well as the contacts we make at the children’s meeting today (Thursday, February 8th).

Hamilton/St. Catharines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 11, 2018

In the past couple days we were able to preach the gospel at two branches of Niagara College, Welland and Niagara on the Lake, as well as distribute more Bibles at Brock University. Between the two days, we were able to pass out well over 400 tracts and over 40 Bibles. Additionally, three students were led to receive the Lord.

Today, we had the opportunity to blend with the local saints from St. Catharines and Hamilton. We visited various landmarks around the area including the Niagara Falls. Previous days were packed with activities, so today served as a good rest day for all the participants in the GTCA.

A couple hours ago, we received an incredibly encouraging email via Bibles for Canada from one of the Bible recipients at Brock University. In the email, the student suggests that he is genuinely seeking the Lord and would like to be baptized again. We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet up with this one in the near future and perhaps baptize Him at an upcoming table meeting. Hallelujah for the hungry ones that the Lord has placed in our hands!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that all 70 of the Bibles distributed at Brock University would be able to feed the students that received them.
  • Please pray for the weather in Southern Ontario, as our travel to visit saints in nearby cities may be hindered by heavy snowfall.
  • Please pray that all the participants in the GTCA will remain healthy and finish the gospel trip victoriously.

Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 11

February 11, 2018

Today, we headed down to one of the tri-cities, Pasco, and handed out 35 Bibles. In the evening, many of the saints from the eastern part of Washington came down to Richland to get ready for the upcoming blending conference. In the evening, we had a meeting where all the saints gathered to eat, and fellowship. Afterwards, we prepared sack lunches with all the saints, including the young people and children for the upcoming blending conference. The time was awesome!

Today, we attended a blending conference with about 120 saints in Eastern Washington. The speaking brothers covered material from the past winter training on Leviticus. In between the messages we had a time of lunch, and got to fellowship with several of the saints attending the meetings. The speaking was focused on experiencing Christ as the burnt offering and the sin offering, and it was very rich. Afterwards, we visited two saints in their homes in Richland. One of the families has been in the peripheral of the church life, so we hope that our visitation would have some profit and draw these saints to enter strongly into the church life.

Everett, WA West Richland, WA—Report 11a.jpg

Everett, WA West Richland, WA—Report 11b.jpg