Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 9, 2018

We went out door-knocking with the local saints and tabling both on the UC Davis campus with students and the local farmers market since Monday. We handed out 5 to 6 Bibles per day and flyers for a Bible seminar event happening tonight. We also joined the full-time team here and got to spend time with the students in their student activities.

One new student contact came to the BfA table and received a Bible this past week. He was then followed up by a student involved on the Christians on Campus club and has been coming to the meetings on a regular basis. Pray for many more seeking students!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for tonight’s, Wednesday Feb. 7, Bible seminar to be filled with seeking students and people from the community. Pray for the proper follow up with the seeking contacts at the event.
  • Pray for the Spirit of the Gospel to continue to burn in the saints in Davis. Pray that these weeks would not just be a gospel event but that the saints would continue to have a gospel living and prayer life.
  • Pray that the students in UC Davis would rise up to take care of the new student contacts.

Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 2, 2018

Yesterday, January 31, was the last day of going out on the gospel at the UNR campus. The day’s statistics included: 470 tracts, 52 Bibles, 141 free Bible offers, 49 contacted (30 seconds or more), and 4 prayed to receive the Lord. The highlight of going out on the gospel was the second appointments, follow-up with the students, and a home meeting with the new ones.

Two trainees had a follow-up appointment with a UNR freshmen. He was very open and has been texting the brothers since the first day he met them. Due to his schedule, he could not attend the meetings but was eager to meet up later where we read the first chapter of the Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Afterwards, he said he enjoyed the time and would like to bring his roommate. We will be reading the second chapter together next week. Later in the evening, two new international students; one from Ghana and the other from China joined our home meeting. Both were very positive contacts who are open to having appointments and plan on attending the Lord’s table.

Today, February 1, we had a wonderful time being built up humanly and spiritually at a saint’s ranch near Reno. During the meeting, a co-worker brother joined our fellowship and encouraged the saints in shepherding the new contacts. There were four words that were emphasized: Cover - to pray for the Lord’s covering in everything when meeting with a new one, from contacting this one, to opening the door, to leaving his house. We need to pray to bind the enemy over any resistance within us and them. We need to pray with the two’s and three’s that are around us. Listen - to learn how to listen and really hear what people are saying instead of just trying to accomplish our own agenda or work. We are here to take care of them through God’s love as God-men. We are co-workers with the Lord, cooperating with Him so He can reconfirm the deposit within them. Let God be God. Visiting people where they are is more effective than a big meeting. Believe - to believe the Lord is with us and with any appointments we have, that this is the Lord’s fruit. When we’re one with Him, we must believe that when we speak, God is speaking. Assignment - to encourage the ones being shepherded to read a portion of the word that would meet them where they are at, allowing the Lord to speak to them in the word and in the ministry.

Overall this first week in Reno went by too fast, and preaching the gospel with the saints has been a blessing. We were inspired by the whole church going out together to preach the gospel. It was so enjoyable to go out with the saints. The students on UNR are really open and seeking for Bibles studies. However, the local saints must now take the next step of shepherding the new contacts and the dormant saints.

Prayer Burden:

  • Pray for more saints to migrate to Reno to support the campus work.
  • Pray for a full time team in Reno to labor on the UNR campus.
  • Pray that the saints would be strengthened and supplied to follow up with all the positive contacts.
  • Pray that these contacts would receive the proper care and shepherding they need for their normal growth in life.



Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 1, 2018

Praise the Lord for His move in Reno! The saints in Reno are quite exercised and motivated as they joined the FTTA trainees to go out in one accord in the spirit of the gospel to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) to contact the students, distribute tracts, preach the gospel and give away Recovery Version Bibles. On at least one day, 88% of the saints were involved in the outreach here.

Yesterday (Jan 29) we set up three tables around campus and split the saints and trainees into three teams of about 4 to 7 saints. The majority of the students at UNR are very polite, respectful and open. Even if they refuse a tract, they thank us for the free offer. There were more interactions with people than simply handing out tracts. A few times, so many students came to the table that every saint was needed to care for them all. There was one student who just stood across from the table watching us. Later when we talked to him he simply said he liked to hear things about Jesus and we gave him a Recovery Version Bible. It was really hard to keep track of those contacted for more than 30 seconds.

One of many highlights in preaching the gospel was when a quiet female student came up to the table to learn about the Recovery Version. She listened to everything we said very seriously. Then she asked, “What is the difference between your church and other churches?” When we explained and then mentioned that we met in the homes, she was so happy and exclaimed that she would bring her friends tomorrow because we reminded her of her professor in China, “He was English but he used a Chinese Bible and he invited me to his house where his friends offered me food, love me and everyone shared about Jesus.” It sounded like she had touched the church life before in China. Whoever the Lord brought, He really led them to the table. There were many testimonies regarding the students’ openness toward their contacts, and a brother likened this campus to a koi pond full of hungry fish. In total, 60 Bibles were handed out and many follow-up contacts were responsive!

Today the 30th, we went out to UNR campus again to hand out Bibles and tracts. The weather was a little warmer than yesterday and more saints were able to join the time. Similar to yesterday, many students were contacted for more than 30 seconds. Out of 28 students who wanted further contact, 11 wanted to join a Bible study and three were open to come for dinner and fellowship. One of the many highlights in preaching the gospel was the way the older saints were going out on the gospel becoming an encouragement to the other saints. One sister says she literally cried because she was moved by the way the older brothers were tabling. They were like a real father caring for his children asking, “Hey son, what football team do you like?” The more they talked to the students, the more the students were opened. One brother illustrated that it took three brothers conversing with a student who initially did not want a free Bible to ending up being open to receive a Recovery Version Bible. Also, the sister who was touched by the love of the older brothers decided to support them by praying for incoming students who were walking towards the table, hoping they would be contacted by the brothers. One older brother testified that before she started praying, probably 1 out of 6 would receive a tract, but after she prayed, about 5 out of 7 would receive the tract and be opened to receiving a free Bible. The only thing that changed was the prayer. May the Lord gain some college students for the testimony of the church in Reno shining on this campus!

Prayer Burden:

  • Pray that in these weeks, this would just not be a gospel event or move but that preaching the gospel would be incorporated into the saints’ daily life, for the saints to have a prayer life and gospel living. Pray that the Spirit of the gospel would continue to burn in the saints in Reno.
  • Pray that the Lord would gain some solid, seeking students, captured by a vision of His economy, to be remaining fruit on this campus for His shining testimony. Pray that the homes would be filled with young fruit to be shepherded and nurtured for His increase and spread of the gospel at UNR.
  • Pray for more saints to migrate to Reno to support the campus work. Pray for a full-time team in Reno.



Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Praise the Lord for His wonderful move in Reno, Nevada! The saints had been praying to close a deal on a house property (campus house) that is close to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), about a 10 minute walk. The house is surrounded by a friendly neighborhood and close to a public park, about a 5 minute walk, often having some special events such as hot air balloon festivals. The public park is also filled with dog lovers as it is located right next to a spacious dog park. Through the prayers and the giving of all the saints around Northern California and other localities, the property was bought on time, two days before the full-time trainees arrived on Saturday 27th!

After the trainees arrived and had lunch with the local saints in the campus house, we were sent out with the saints to preach the gospel as volunteers for Bibles for America, either by door-knocking or going to the park. The saints said the trainees were an encouragement to them preaching the gospel, and the sisters were not afraid to go out for the gospel because the whole church was going out together.

One highlight of going out for the gospel that day was during the tabling at the park, we were simply presenting a Bible to a couple with children and the parents were not interested having a free Bible at first. However, their 9-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy had very excited expressions with bright smiles and seemed very interested in the free Bibles, and when we asked the parents if it was okay to give the Bibles to their children, the parents allowed us and we handed one Bible to each of the children. The moment was so precious because the children left joyously, so happy that they received a Bible! This just shows the Lord is the One doing the work.

Today on Lord’s Day the 28th, right after the Lord’s Table meeting and the prophesying meeting, almost all of the 39 saints attending, except three, went to go preach the gospel. Praise the Lord for the whole church going out together to preach the gospel! The majority of us went out to the same public park again, while a few stayed to go door-knocking in the campus house neighborhood. This day we had 29 contacted for more than 30 seconds, out of which 6 were interested in having second contact or a Bible study. Although not all the groups had positive results going out, they were encouraged that as the church, in one Body, they were able to bear fruit together and are willing to want to preach the gospel more.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for these nine, three couples and three young working saints, to have the proper follow-up and adequate shepherding care they need. Pray they would continue to have a seeking and open heart for the Lord and be able to meet with the saints.
  • Pray that in these weeks, this would not just be a gospel event or move, but that preaching the gospel would be incorporated into the saints daily life, for the saints to have a prayer life and gospel living. Pray that the Spirit of the gospel would continue to burn in the saints in Reno.
  • Pray for the neighborhood around the campus house to be opened for the gospel or that the saints would be able to make friends with the neighbors.



Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 28, 2016

These past two days were the final days we spent in Reno. The Lord really gave us a strong conclusion. During our six days in Reno, we passed out in total 1,015 tracts, 161 New Testament Bibles, and had 22 face-to-face appointments.

The past two days were highlighted by 10 face-to-face appointments with students at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Many students were open to know the truth and were willing to have further fellowship with us. One of the students was scheduled to meet for 30 minutes, but the fellowship was so enjoyable that the appointment ended up being an hour and a half.

Another freshman girl who was raised in a Christian family was very impressed hearing from our personal experience with the Lord and read the Basic Elements of Christian Life together with us.

At night, we continued to host UNR students in a home. We provided the students a home atmosphere and fed them with warm homemade food. After dinner, we sang hymns and shared our personal testimonies. All of the new students expressed a willingness to come back again!

On Thursday afternoon, the team and the local saints went out for a picnic, followed by a short hike. At the end of hike, we all felt we had been built together over the past week. When it was finally time to leave, we all wished we had more time together! In the past week, the Lord really inscribed the saints on our hearts!

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray the Lord will release the supply from the Body to care for the families and students in Reno.
  • Pray for the shepherding and perfecting of the students, so that they can be raised up to function in the church life.

Reno- days 5-6a.JPG

Reno- days 5-6b.JPG

Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 26, 2016

On the third and fourth day in Reno, we were tabling at the University of Nevada, Reno. The campus students were friendly and many received gospel tracts. We passed out 600+ tracts and gave away 101 New Testaments.

On the campus, we conversed with many students, who are in particular environments for them to know the Lord and to experience the Lord. We have been arranging appointments with the open students to connect to the local saints.

On Monday night, we invited the students to gather at a home near campus. One young man came and we had a cherishing dinner and nourishing time. He commented that he has never been in an atmosphere of singing and enjoying the Lord before. He felt he was helped by us to turn to the Lord.

Our sense is that many believers on the campus are limited in the objective knowledge and the subjective experience of the Lord.

Following the campus time, we meet at the campus house for reporting, coordinating, and praying. We treasure the fellowship in the Body so much, blending in a thorough way to match the Lord’s move and burden in Reno.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the local saints to be burdened and to be enlarged in their capacity to shepherd
  • Pray for the proper follow up with the open ones and the appointments help them to touch the Lord
  • Pray for the Lord to gain key ones in Reno

Reno, NV- Days 3-4.JPG

Reno, NV—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 24, 2016

Praise the Lord! Our first two days in Reno have been filled with door-knocking and tabling in the community. We passed out almost 300 Bible offer cards, 37 Bibles, and had 83 solid gospel conversations. Six even prayed with us!

The Lord’s Recovery is very small in Reno, but we have been so encouraged by the flood of support from the nearby localities. Many drive hours to join in our gospel outreach. It is surely the Lord’s Body that is bearing His move in Reno.

These past two days, we would go door-knocking earlier in the day then follow that with a time of testimonies. There were so many encouraging stories! One gentleman that we met was so happy to receive the Recovery Version and he expressed to us that he missed the mutuality of smaller church gatherings. We were reminded of how God desires for His people to meet house to house. Surely the Lord is recovering this!

On the Lord’s Day, saints from the Sacramento area traveled to Reno to enjoy the Lord’s Table and prophesying meeting together. It was a wonderful time of blending! Around 50 saints attended and it was the largest gathering of the church in Reno to date (the usual attendance is 15 saints)! Following that, we had lunch together and many stayed for another time of door-knocking in the community.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Of the 83 homes that were open to converse with us, we were able to have follow-up contact with only seven of them. Please pray that the ones who were open for more contact would stay hungry for the Lord and that we would be able to have further fellowship with them.
  • Tomorrow we will preach the gospel on the University of Nevada, Reno. Please pray that many seeking students would be caught and come into the enjoyment of the day-by-day church life that we have here.

Reno, NV—Days 1-2A.JPG

Reno, NV—Days 1-2B.JPG