Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2018

The Lord has really blessed our time of blending with the saints in Orlando and fruit bearing in the campuses. The spreading of the truth reached many students!

The sisters had two appointments today and both appointments were great! One of the students Karina was so happy to meet us and encouraged to see that there were other Christians around her to pursue the Lord with. She even shared how she enjoyed the Bible with the footnotes especially on Romans 8. K said that the footnotes helped her to understand her favorite chapter in the Bible.

We went to Valencia South Campus and while we were still setting up our table, students started showing up. They were coming one after the other! Among the local saints, there were also six saints who came to join us from out of town. Even though we were many tabling, the hands were not enough because the students were coming from everywhere. We were so excited to see that the students and staff from the campus were so interested in receiving the Bible. 95 Bibles were distributed and 88 tracts were also distributed!

We ran out of Bibles! Our last day on campus was a time of enjoyment and thanksgiving. Two new students TJ and Summer, whom we already had an appointment came to the college age meeting. They were so open and even shared during the meeting. The local saints were rejoicing for such a blessing of having the students over. The saints are entering genuinely into the gospel life serving and caring for the new ones.

Prayer burdens:
That the saints continue to rise up in the church in Orlando to continue the follow up That the local saints continue to shepherd and care for the new ones. That the students and local saints would be released from their schedules and have the time to come together to eat the word together. That the local saints would be strengthened in their inner man, in order to carry out the burden in the campuses.

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 9, 2018

We were really encouraged to testify the oneness of the Body even when we are functioning in different ways.

One trainee with a local sister had two appointments at Valencia College. During the first appointment, the student met with one trainee and one local sister. It was the first time that this local sister met a student for a one-on-one Bible study. She was so watered that she even said, “My dream came true!” She shared with us her burden for the students. She’s been wanting to go and labor on the campuses, but she did not know how. Now she is looking forward to follow up with the student.

Some of us in the team, including local saints, focused on the following-up of over 100 students contacted in the BfA table on all four campuses (Valencia East, Valencia south, Seminole and University of Central Florida). In our endeavors, we were able to schedule two more appointments for this week. May the Lord continue to gain His sons of peace in these campuses!

Meanwhile, four local brothers went to Valencia East College for Bible distribution. Among the local saints, there were also two brothers who came to join us from out of town. A total of 19 students received a Bible.

We ended our day blending and having sweet fellowship with local saints at a home meeting. Praise the Lord! He is moving in the church in Orlando. The saints are entering into the burden and actively functioning.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the students contacted would attend to the meeting on Thursday
  • That more saints would be burdened for the gospel
  • That the fellowship and coordination time would be for the building up of the body in one accord
  • That all the students contacted who received a Bible would open it and be supplied through the word

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 8, 2018

Today, we went to Seminole State. We distributed 34 Bibles and tracts. We also had two follow-up appointments on campus with four contacts from last week’s Bible distribution.

In the first appointment, we had two students. They met with one trainee and one local sister. They were very opened. At the beginning they thought that we were teachers and were going to teach them something. We told them that we are not teachers and that we all learn from each others’ experiences of the Lord Jesus. They were very happy to hear that and that they were able to share as well. They asked many questions about who we are. They would like to have a second appointment and get into the books of Exodus and Acts. We thank the Lord that they were successfully connected with one of the local saints.

In the second appointment, we also had two students. T, who was contacted last week at the table, also brought her friend. They met with two trainees. T is not a Christian but she is an open minded person. However, her roommate, S, is a Christian and even had a study Bible. T shared how her mom is a believer. She is very open and would like to come to the college age meeting. This will be a good opportunity to connect them with the local saints.

Also, there was a couple and their daughter from Iran visiting the school. The father was the only one who spoke English. He was very open. At the end, one of the sisters was able to led him to pray and receive the Lord. Praise the Lord!

One of our highlights today was to see the saints with us at the table. There were three new saints who have not been with us at the table for the past week. That was very encouraging. Through this gospel trip the Lord is stirring up the spirit of the saints to rise up and function here in Orlando.

Clemson, SC—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 6, 2018

During our week at Clemson University, we continued passing out Bibles and literature from a different spot on campus and experienced more positive interactions with seeking students. One excited freshman exclaimed when she met us, “I was just looking for a Christian club to join!” While door-knocking in nearby Simpsonville on day three, many doors and hearts were opened to us, including one family who had just moved into the neighborhood and started thanking the Lord for His timing in bringing us to their door.

Thank you Lord that eight new students attended the ice cream connect last week and three students showed up for the Bible study on Thursday. At the Bible study, a student came who received a flyer from campus because she was seeking for a Christian group. She enjoyed the time so much and even called the first song!

We also had the opportunity to go door-knocking with the saints in Simpsonville where we passed out over 200 tracts in two neighborhoods. We are praying that the Lord would add some more families to the church in Simpsonville as a result of the door-knocking and the radio station that plays the life-study of the Bible.

On our final day on Clemson campus we set up two tables, one on campus and the other off campus. Over the course of two hours, we passed out a total of 130 Bibles to very warm and interested students!

We are now in Athens, GA where we enjoyed a signing time with the students on Saturday, an enjoyable college meeting about witnessing on Sunday evening. On Monday, we joined the full-timers for a table on campus, where we passed out 32 Bibles and over 40 tracts.

Prayer burdens:

  • That there would be two remaining fruit for the club in Clemson to shepherd.
  • For good weather and lots of foot traffic for our second table on UGA campus on Tuesday.

Clemson, SC—Report 2a.JPG

Clemson, SC—Report 2b.JPG

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2018

The saints in Orlando have been laboring with us fervently during this week. They have a huge burden for the campuses, and we are so encouraged by their pattern. As we continue to pray the Lord has been answering our prayers by bringing seeking ones to our BfA table.

This morning after our time of enjoying the Lord together and coordination, we headed to Valencia South campus. Although we could not approach the students freely, the Lord persevered and brought many to our BfA table.

There was a student sitting around, and we asked him to take a picture for our team. We took the opportunity and offered him a free Bible. He was so open, that we had a Bible study with him on the spot. Right away, a team member and a local saint joined the student and had a Bible study with him next to our BfA table. They read Acts 6 with some footnotes, and eventually, the brothers led the student to pray to receive the Lord! Praise the Lord! We are looking forward for our next follow-up appointment with him.

At night we had a college-age meeting, and we had around 23 local saints. We had dinner together and shared about our experiences this past week. None of the students we contacted were available to go, but we were able to blend and get to know the local saints better. We had the opportunity to share with them about the burden for their campuses along with an update of the tabling at different campuses this week.

We were very encouraged to see that the local college age students are open and burdened for their campuses and willing to join us in the follow up work right away. The Lord is leading us to pray more for the students contacted and for the local saints to rise up in order to bless the locality with remaining fruit.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the follow-up with the students, that we would have appointments and they would come to the meetings (dinner on Friday 02/02 and Barbecue on Saturday 02/03)
  • For the local saints to rise up and continue to carry on the laboring on the campuses
  • For the fellowship, coordination and leading of the Lord at all times, for this is the first time in 4 years since the saints in Orlando have not had any campus work activities.

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

January 30 was our second day on campus. This time we went to Valencia East College, but we had no table there. When we got there they said we could stay at the free speech area, which was like an island surrounded by the streets where the cars pass to drop people off. People don’t walk in this area, so we put our own table by faith and we also made a sign saying ‘‘free study Bibles’’ once we were not allowed to reach out to people. By the Lord’s mercy some students came to the table and received a copy of the Recovery Version. Two of us went to pass out tracts in a different area and 41 were distributed in total. One of those who received a tract also received a Bible and another one was interested in having an appointment. Twelve students received a copy of the New Testament Recovery Version and gave their contact information. After that we had a rich home meeting with saints in Kassimmi.

On January 31 we went to UCF, one of the top largest campus in the US. Many students approached our table to receive a copy of the Recovery Version. Three of us went to distribute tracks at the free speech area and 513 tracts were distributed! After tabling for three hours, 55 received Bibles and most of them gave their contact information for further contact. Later at night we had a rich prayer meeting with the local saints.

Prayer burdens:

  • The release of the students to come to the college meeting on Thursday
  • That the students would be open to have appointments and one on one Bible studies
  • For the saints to ride up to be involved and encouraged with the appointments

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

Praise the Lord for the church in Orlando! This weekend starting from Jan. 27, we began our gospel trip by attending to a local saint’s home. We met with the local brothers and sisters and fellowshipped about the gospel work here. More than 25 saints attended, including young ones and children. The saints opened up their burden to labor in three major colleges in Orlando. These three colleges are some of the largest colleges in the whole country, with more than 150,000 students overall, these are great “fishing ponds.”

The next day we continued to blend with the saints and had a wonderful time of coordination and preparation for our upcoming BfA (Bibles for America) distribution/tabling on campus. After much prayer and fellowship with the local saints, today Jan. 29, the church in Orlando had their first tabling on a campus after four years. This was a great opportunity for us to go out burning in spirit to find seekers. The saints were very much encouraged and joyful! Three full-time serving ones from Atlanta, GA and six local saints joined us during Bible distribution. After two hours of laboring we contacted 35 students, each receiving one New Testament Recovery Version with Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Around 70 tracts were also distributed. After going over some features of the Recovery Version the students were interested in Bible study/college meetings and further contact.

During the evening time we had dinner with the local saints, enjoying the Lord and giving an update concerning the first day on campus.

Prayer burdens:

  • Follow-up with the students that were contacted
  • The local saints would join the follow-up with the students to establish connections
  • For the Lord to cover us and have a way during our time on the campuses, because of restrictions and limitations by the school administration

Clemson, SC—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Today was our first day on campus. Before our arrival at Clemson, the saints had been praying for official club status, which they obtained merely 36 hours before our distribution; hallelujah! As we went out on campus, the weather cleared up just in time for gospel preaching. Some saints started out in groups of two, while a few others remained at the table; both groups met quite a number of promising students. Two girls in particular told us how they had just been discussing that they would like to spend more time with the Lord, so they were happy to receive the timely Word. We met another contact in the cafeteria who didn’t have a free hand at the time to take a Bible, so she later came to the table to receive one. There was a steady flow of students coming to the table, so there is a definite hunger on this campus.

Pray burdens:

  • Pray for at least one or two solid contacts from this distribution.
  • Pray for six to come to our ice cream social on Thursday.


Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 3-6

February 8, 2017

It is not easy to put into words how the Lord is blessing His work here at Valdosta State University. Over the past three days, around 800 Bibles were passed out to students on campus. Though the majority were Christians and already had their own Bibles, they were still open to receive the Bibles we distributed. Also, many of these students have heard the gospel before and are solid in the truth. Yet they are hungry for more.

Although there is no club on campus, we got the opportunity to establish second appointments with several students. By the Lord’s moving, two students whom we met this week got baptized at the same time. The story behind this proves that it was of the Lord. In addition, a contact whom we met for the second time is open to joining a Bible school program in the near future and inquired about the Full-Time Training in Anaheim (knowing we go to school there). We pray that the Lord eventually will lead this new contact to the training!

The saints who are on the ground can testify that the wheel is moving in Valdosta. May the Lord as the Sovereign One arrange the environment to gain His lampstand in Valdosta.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord will raise up at least one family with a home in Valdosta to care for the hungry seekers in the area
  • May there be a strong follow-up of all the students contacted on the university

Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

February 6, 2017

The team has now transitioned from Clemson, SC to Valdosta, GA. We met with the church in Tallahassee to blend with the saints. The team, together with some local saints from Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville is laboring in the campus of Valdosta State University.

Today was our first day of sowing, and the students are open to receive the Bible and Christian books. Students are just coming to our table. Our target number of Bibles to be distributed today was 60 copies. But because of demand, we gave out 120 copies of Bibles today. The students are hungry for the truth! A few of them even asked if we have a church in the area or a club on campus. As of now, there is no club established on campus nor is there a family with home that has picked up a definite burden to be a container for students to come in. This is our desperate need.

The team will continue to distribute Bibles for the next two days. Moreover, we hope that we could establish second appointments with the students who are open and told us that they are willing to meet.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord will raise up at least one family with a home in Valdosta where the hungry seekers of the truth can find their nest.
  • That there will be second appointments within the next two days with the students whom we met on campus.

Valdosta, GA—Days 1-2.JPG

Clemson, SC—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 4, 2017

Our last activity on the ground was a snack time at a coffee place located along the university. Our main focus is toward the students whom we have met the past few days while tabling. Praise the Lord! Two students came for a second appointment. Also, the student who was baptized a couple of days ago brought her roommate and her friend to this time. We had a total of four new students who came!

Much more, one of the students who came to the snack time as a second appointment came for the home meeting that same night. The Lord answered our prayer concerning bringing 1-3 more students to the home meeting. The atmosphere was heavenly and full of life!

Currently, there are around six students who attend the home meeting every Monday night. Although we know this is the Lord’s blessing, we also acknowledge that the Lord will not give a burden that is beyond one’s capacity. There has been only one family existing in Clemson, who are taking care of the six students. However, after some fellowship, we hope that the Lord can lead a couple more families to this area to cooperate with His move.

Prayer Burdens:

  • May the new student contact at the home meeting as well as the regular students continue to be consistent in the home meetings.
  • May the Lord stir up a couple more families to move to Clemson for the Lord’s work in the area.

Clemson, SC—Days 7-8 A.JPG

Clemson, SC—Days 7-8 B.JPG

Clemson, SC—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

February 2, 2017

The heavens rejoice!:

“In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner repenting”— Luke 15:10

One of the students from Clemson University was baptized last Tuesday! She received the Lord a month ago and was consistent in participating in the weekly Monday meeting in a home. She has met several times this week in the home to blend with the team and with the local saints. In God’s time, she made a decision to take a complete step into God’s kingdom!

Sowing time in Simpsonville:

On Wednesday, we met with the church in Simpsonville (an hour away from Clemson) and participated in their gospel preaching. The team, together with some local saints, were divided into sub-teams and went to two neighborhoods and distributed BfA door hangers to every home. Our goal was to create an awareness of the local church to the people around the area and to spread the truth. There were several homes that we were able to get a conversation with and some showed interest in the truth and in meeting with us. We pray that the local saints in Simpsonville will be able to pick up the burden to follow-up with the homes who responded.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the newly baptized sister will strongly go on in the Lord and will be useful for His move
  • That the saints in Simpsonville will be able to follow-up with the homes who responded

Clemson, SC—Days 5-6.JPG

Clemson, SC—Gospel Trip, Days 1-4

January 31, 2017

A team of 10 trainees, with a few full-time saints, arrived in Atlanta last Saturday to participate in the gospel trip to Clemson, South Carolina and Valdosta, Georgia. The team went to Simpsonville (an hour away from Clemson) on Lord’s Day to meet with the saints there. This time was a great opportunity to be blended and knitted together with the local saints, as well as to coordinate together on how to labor this first week in Clemson.

On Monday, we went to Clemson University to sow seeds. One of our main goals is to raise up our own club on campus. Although everything is ready, such as the constitution, campus faculty, etc., we needed at least 16 students to do an initial sign up for the club to be established. Praise the Lord! On the first day, 35 students signed up!

Several months ago, a family moved to Clemson with the view to open homes for the students. As of now, they have been taking care of five students in their weekly home meeting. Both the team and the family felt that it would be good for the Lord to bring 1-3 more students whom we contacted on campus to participate in a home gathering in addition to the five students who meet.

Prayer Burdens:

  • To get the club approved to establish a presence on campus
  • To gain 1-3 more students to meet regularly in this home meeting

Clemson, SC—Days 1-4 A.JPG

Clemson, SC—Days 1-4 B.JPG

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 14 -15

February 8, 2016

We arrived in Gainesville on Lord’s day evening and had a time of dinner and fellowship with the college students at the sisters’ home. The students that attended the college meeting were mostly already meeting with the saints and the club and are very open and full of enjoyment, even overflowing with joy! We shared our experience in our college years and in the training to the students, due to the fact that a couple of them are praying to attend the training starting Fall 2016.

These two students are friends whose friendship “has been resurrected” according to one of them, and now they are pursuing together as companions towards the FTTA.

On Monday morning, we had coordination with the serving ones and went to University of Florida campus to pass out Bibles to the students. A few students accompanied us with an exercised spirit and a burden for the campus. Some trainees also joined the appointments with the students during this time. Our time at Gainesville ended at 1:30 PM, where the trainees all departed to go to three separate localities. We are assured that the Lord will continue to bless the labor on this campus.

Final Stats

• Flyers for bible study: 118
• Bibles: 50
• Contacted: 33

Prayer burdens:

  • For a corporate follow-up with the new contacts
  • For more students to be connected to the saints
  • For the Lord to strengthen His testimony in Gainesville

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 11-14

February 7, 2016

The last few days we have visited Tallahassee, Florida. Our time in Tallahassee has started with warm greetings from the saints. After we arrived in Tallahassee, we had an orientation relating to the schedule and the general direction of our labor here by brother Tim Seay and the saints in Tallahassee. The main burden of the church in Tallahassee is to gain remaining fruits from the campus work. The Lord has already prepared many families who are willing to open their homes to shepherd new ones. Also, the Christian club on campus at FSU has just started from Fall, 2015. On Thursday we were grouped into two groups rotating our labor on campus from 11am to 6pm. Each team had one hour at the table, one hour of roaming gospel, 45 minutes of reading and 45 mins of prayer. There were 37 contacts who are interested in college meeting on campus and the Bible study.

On Thursday night we had the college meeting. Twelve new students whom we met at the table or received a flyer came. The topic of truth was on companions. It was an engaging and impactful sharing for the students and many were actively overflowing after. Also, the new students were able to connect with the community saints who were there. We pray that the Lord would place a desire in these students to have companions in the Lord and to find them in the campus club.

On Friday, the Christians on Campus held the weekly Bible study on campus in the library. Before the Bible study began, many students were invited by flyer near the table set up outside the library. There were three new students and one student who has been regularly meeting with the club at the Bible study. We went through John 14 and enjoyed that the Lord has prepared a place for us by going through death and resurrection. Now as the Spirit, He abides in us and we abide in Him. The students appreciated even more that the temple of God has been enlarged to include all the believers as the Body of Christ!

There were several home meetings on Friday night, in which three new ones, and other current students who are part of FSU Christians on Campus joined. The three girls really enjoyed the fellowship, asked helpful questions, received the ministry and the word really well and even shared relatable experiences with the saints. Two of them even stayed an hour after the meeting finished just to talk! It was very encouraging to see these ones open to the saints. Praise the Lord for His move in Tallahassee!

Prayer burdens:

  • For some young full-timers to be released to serve here with the campus work
  • For a corporate follow-up with the new contacts and ones whom saints are caring for already
  • For current students to become more companionized with new contacts
  • Student contacts will attend the college conference in Athens and college training

Ft Myers, FL—Days 11-14a.jpg

Ft Myers, FL—Days 11-14b.jpg

Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

February 4, 2016

The Lord is moving and doing so much during our stay in Kennesaw. On Wednesday, after some enjoyment of the Lord and truth pursuit, we went on an outing together to Kennesaw Mountain for a brief look at the history of the American civil war and a short trek to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. During the evening, we fought the battle with the saints at the prayer meeting.

On Thursday, we were back on campus for another day of distribution, this time at the Marietta campus of Kennesaw State University. This was the very first gospel activity on the campus so our goal for the table was to just to get a feel for the campus. We found that the campus was quite open and the team had a lot of solid conversations and several signed up for further contact. We gave out 44 Bibles and over 100 gospel tracts.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Bibles and tracts sown on the KSU campuses this week. For the 37 students wanting further contact, for the proper and adequate follow-up

Huntsville-Kennesaw- Days 12-13a.jpg

Huntsville-Kennesaw- Days 12-13b.jpg

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 7-10

February 4, 2016

We arrived on Lord’s day night and headed out to Valdosta State University the following morning. We set up three tables at three strategic locations on campus and began tabling. The campus did not permit us to directly approach the students; nevertheless, with smiles and much prayer, we faithfully presented ourselves and the Bible at the tables. By the Lord’s mercy, the response we received from the students was way beyond our expectations. Many students eagerly approached the table to receive their free study Bible. They expressed their appreciation for what we were doing on campus and were open to have Bible studies with us.

The response was very positive even to the point where the students, through social media and word of mouth, brought many of their friends to receive the Bible; as a result, we ran out of Bibles by the first day. Hallelujah!

On the second day, the tables still had a constant flow of students with even four to six students at a time. We also had second appointments with students. Through these interactions, the Lord revealed the urgent need for some families and full-timers to take up the burden for the campus here. The students are so open and hungry for the truth; therefore, we desperately need those who can shepherd these seeking ones into the church life.

Our experience in Valdosta matches the essence of Matthew 9:36-38. The Lord within us was moved with compassion for the students. These students were like castaways in the world; they really needed someone who could shepherd them. This someone being Christ! Therefore, the Lord thrusted us out into His harvest at Valdosta where we could be one with the shepherding One to care for his lost sheep. Praise the Lord for His move in Valdosta!

Statistics (2/1-3)

Tracts: 110
Bibles: 147
Free Bible offers: 137
Contacted: 148
Prayed: 4
Second appointment: 18

Prayer burdens:

  • For two or three families to be released to migrate to Valdosta
  • For the follow-up with the new contacts
  • For a lampstand to be established in Valdosta

Valdosta- Days 7-10a.JPG

Valdosta- Days 7-10b.JPG

Valdosta- Days 7-10c.JPG

Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

February 2, 2016

Praise the Lord for his move in Kennesaw, GA! On Monday, the team got together with some of the local saints for a time of enjoyment and truth pursuit. Afterwards, we had a brief orientation regarding the activities for the week. We took a tour of the Kennesaw State University campus with one of the students, then we came back to our hospitality for rest. During the evening, we had dinner and blending in the homes of local families.

On Tuesday, we had our first day of distribution on the main campus at KSU. There was a lot of traffic and the students on the campus were very open to receiving a Bible, most of those we met were already believers. That evening, two members of the team had an appointment with a Bible recipient from the afternoon distribution. Most of the team went to visit an older couple living far away from the saints. We were really encouraged by the time of blending with the couple, the brother shared his testimony with us.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would continue to operate in the contact we had an appointment with from the distribution. Also for many more seekers on the KSU campus to find the saints.
  • The Lord would continue to encourage and grow in the saints in Kennesaw as the church is being raised up.

Kennesaw- Day 1a.jpg

Kennesaw- Day 1b.jpg

Kennesaw- Day 1c.jpg

Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 7-9

January 31, 2016

On Friday, the team went on a outing to blend with the saints in Huntsville. We went to visit the Huntsville’s Space Center. One of the new sisters from campus also came with us to blend with the local saints. She was very engaging with the team, local saints, and seemed to really enjoy the time.

On Saturday, we met up with the saints in the morning before leaving for Kennesaw. The saints gave us a list of prayer burdens for the saints in Huntsville, and we spent some time to pray together for the going on of the church in Huntsville. We landed in Kennesaw that evening. There was a campfire and dinner with the saints before going to our hospitality.

On Lord’s Day, we had an outing after the Lord’s table at Stone Mountain then went back to hospitality to rest for the upcoming week in Kennesaw.

Prayer burdens:

  • The migration of families to Huntsville. There are a few families considering moving to the area. Pray that these families would have the life and peace to follow the Lord’s leading.
  • The Lord would open up the right job positions for the saints in the area, and the best houses for the church life for the saints in the area.
  • The upcoming week in Kennesaw, GA. The Lord’s blessing this week.

Huntsville- days 7-9a.jpg

Huntsville- days 7-9b.jpg

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 30, 2016

Greetings from the church in Fort Myers! On Thursday a Bible study was held on the FGCU campus. In total there were seven new ones, one of which was a campus administrator. She was open and positive to the saints, we pray that the Lord would use this opportunity to open the door for establishing a campus club. The other students had positive responses and shared actively during the bible study.

On Friday the local saints and the trainees had appointments with the contacts we met during the week. The students were eager to exchange contact information with the local saints to schedule further appointments.

Through further contact we were able to invite students to the young people and home meetings on Friday and Saturday. Praise the Lord, three students who were also at the the Bible study came! They really enjoyed meeting and making a joyful noise with the saints. Lord, continue to connect these ones with the saints!

The saints in Fort Myers and the students have been written on our hearts, now we have a specific ones to place in our prayers for Fort Myers. It was a joy to blended, built up, shepherded and co-labor with these precious ones. Seeing each one function in their measure has been a pattern for us. Lord, continue Your work in Fort Myers.

Prayer burdens:

  • For the three new students to be brought into the church life.
  • For more students to be connected to the saints.
  • For a campus club to be established on FGCU.
  • For the Lord to strengthen His testimony in Fort Myers by burdening some for Fort Myers.





Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 28, 2016

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the team went to University of Alabama-Huntsville. The campus was very active with students as we gave out all of the Bibles that we brought. We gave out 140 Bibles and more than 450 gospel tracts under an hour and a half. There were many solid conversations as the team divided into gospel pairs to preach the gospel on campus. We also got appointments with two very open students on the campus. That evening, we had some time of fellowship in the saints’ home and a new couple, contacted in Birmingham and new to Huntsville, joined us for dinner and fellowship

Without access to Alabama A&M and after a great day of distribution at UAH the previous day, the team decided to go back to the UAH campus again Thursday afternoon for another day of distribution. Unfortunately, our stay on Thursday was short as the campus administration asked us to leave because we didn’t have permission. That evening, we visited a brand new family living in Athens, AL who opened their home to us. They cooked us dinner, then we had a time of singing and testimony from the trainees with a brief presentation of the FTTA. We were all very encouraged.

Prayer burdens:

  • The follow-up and continual contact with the two students we had appointments with on campus.
  • For the strengthening of the church in Huntsville and for something to be established on the campuses in the city.The Lord is able to do more than we ask or think.
  • For the Bibles that have been sown this week, that the Bibles would be opened and read.

Huntsville- Days 5-6A.jpg

Huntsville- Days 5-6B.jpg

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 28, 2016

John 4:36-38—36. He who reaps receives wages and gathers fruit unto eternal life, in order that he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. 37. For in this the saying is true, One sows and another reaps. 38. I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labor.

For the past couple of days we have been on campus, passing out Bibles, tracts and other ministry materials. The students and even the staff are open and just seeking for the Lord. The work on this campus is absolutely astounding! On Tuesday, we were able to have a few second appointments with some of the students that were contacted during the BfA distributions, Praise the Lord! They are seeking the Lord and it was just such a privilege to be able to dispense life and Christ to these ones.

With the saints continual labor, the Lord’s testimony is being strengthened here in Fort Myers at FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University). We have been enjoying our time here laboring with the saints. Many of the students are open about coming to Bible study and furthering their pursuit of the Lord. We pray that the Lord would continue to call these ones to Himself and release them to come to the Bible studies and appointments. The saints are burdened for a campus club to be established, but a campus administrator is needed to sponsor the club. So we pray that this one would be released!

Statistics (1/27)

Tracts: 948
Bibles: 53 Bibles & 2 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1
Contacted: 46
Prayed: 3
Second appointment: 2

Prayer burdens:

Campus Club would be established
Someone from the school administration would be released
Remaining fruit from the appointments
Two solid students

Ft Myers, FL—Days 3-4A.jpg

Ft Myers, FL—Days 3-4B.JPG

Ft Myers, FL—Days 3-4C.jpg

Fort Myers, FL/Valdosta, GA—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 26, 2016

Acts 26:18, “To open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.”

Praise the Lord saints, greetings from the church in Fort Myers, Florida. This morning, saints from Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa and Atlanta gathered for corporate morning prayer and coordination. It was encouraging to see the members of the body gathered for the spreading of the gospel at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU).

Because the community saints have been diligently laboring on campus, many of the university staff were familiar and supportive of the campus labor. Once on campus, we set up the Bibles for America table and divided into groups to preach the gospel and to pass out flyers and bibles.

One of our highlights on campus was the openness of the students. One of the groups contacted a student on the gospel and began fellowshipping about being an overcomer. One of the brothers shared about how being an overcomer is actually to be a normal Christian. The student replied how it reminded him about a book he had been reading, The Normal Christian Life. Praise the Lord that the seeds which have been sown are ready for harvest. The brothers have set up further contact with him.

We are looking forward to the next few days on campus, and are thankful to be able to cooperate with what the Lord is doing on FGCU. Please continue praying for the Lord’s testimony in Fort Myers.


Tracts: 774
Bibles sets: 82
Contacted: 84
Prayed: 8
Second appointment: 3

Ft Myers, FL—Days 1-2B.jpg

Ft Myers, FL—Days 1-2C.jpg

Ft Myers, FL—Days 1-2A.jpg

Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 25, 2016

On Monday, the gospel team got together for coordination in the morning then went off to Calhoun Community College campus in Huntsville for their first day of Bible distribution during the afternoon (12:30-3pm). The Lord was faithful as many students and locals were drawn to our table. The gospel team gave out 43 Bibles with Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, and over 150 gospel tracts. The team met a young freshman girl who was very drawn to our table, and hung around to talk to several of the team, she even took some tracts to give to her friends. That evening, the team had dinner, fellowship, and a time of prayer over those contacted with the local saints.

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, the team went to the main branch of Calhoun Community College in Decatur, AL. The Lord continued to bless us as we gave out 72 Bibles, and more than 200 gospel tracts. There were many open and warm doors on the campus, despite the rain conditions outside. That evening, one of the local families invited a family friend to dinner who had a Mormon background. We had a sweet time of singing, fellowship, and sharing about the Lord with him.

Prayer burdens:

  • The operating of the seeds sown on both Calhoun Community College campuses through the gospel table.
  • The visitation of a local family contact this Thursday that invited the team over for dinner and some fellowship.
  • The continual sowing of the seeds all over Huntsville as we continue to sow the riches of Christ. We hope to be on two more campuses this week.

Huntsville, Days 3-4A.JPG

Huntsville, Days 3-4B.JPG

Huntsville, Days 3-4C.JPG

Kennesaw, GA/Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 24, 2016

Praise the Lord for his move in Huntsville, AL and Kennesaw, GA! The gospel team of eight landed in Atlanta on Saturday, then went to the college meeting at the GA Tech campus on Saturday night. The trainees shared their testimonies to encourage the students after some sweet fellowship.

On Lord’s Day, after the Table meeting, the team got on their way to Huntsville, AL for the first half of the trip. In Huntsville, the team had dinner with the saints, learned a little about the history of the church in Huntsville, and considered the activities for the week. The team will be on four campuses: University of Alabama-Huntsville, Calhoun Community College-Huntsville, Calhoun Community College-Decatur, and Alabama A&M.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The opening of the administration at UAH and Alabama A&M, so that we can set up Bibles for America table in each campus.
  • The softening of the hearts of the locals and students we would contact this week through the gospel
  • Blending between the gospel team, and the local saints

Foto 24.01.16, 13 01 06.jpg

Foto 23.01.16, 17 17 40.jpg

Huntsville, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-5

February 6, 2015

We’ve been distributing Bibles on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus. We have given out 167 Bibles and 48 ministry books! Our table was set up near a crosswalk, where many students pass to get to the library. Several cars stopped, rolled down their windows, and requested Bibles! Lord, bless all the seeds sown. Many of the ones we encountered already had study Bibles. Our prayer for those who received a Bible is that they would dive into the footnotes to receive the rich life ministered.

Today we had a day of joyous overflow at Calhoun Community College in Huntsville. We distributed 125 Bibles, 24 Basic Elements of the Christian Life sets, and 27 ministry books! Six prayed to receive the Lord! Praise the Lord! One student joined us in a home meeting for singing and fellowship. She enjoyed her time so much that she is joining us for breakfast tomorrow and will spend the rest of the day with us! Pray to keep her heart soft and release her family from any anxiety.

Since we’ve been here, we’ve come to realize that the Lord has prepared a specific training for us in the Bible Belt. After encountering countless Christians here, we find that we are no longer merely preaching about who Jesus is, but more importantly, that He came that we may have life! We’ve had the privilege to learn how to preach a higher gospel and how to usher them unto the realization of their soul and spirit. Although this has exposed how inadequate we are, it has been a motivating factor to dig deeper into the truth and be more constituted with His word. Lord, increase your testimony in Huntsville, Alabama!

Huntsville 1.jpg


Fort Myers—Gospel Trip, Days 10-11

February 5, 2015

2/4/15: Today we went to the campus and had appointments with many of our contacts from last week and from Monday and Tuesday. We also passed out Bibles, other ministry books and tracts as well at the Bibles for America table.

The sisters on the gospel team set up appointments with their contacts but unfortunately they all got cancelled. However this caused them to go out on the gospel. During their time they ran into sons of peace and led four people to receive the Lord as their Savior! Although the day was initially discouraging for them it was a great encouragement for them and to us all!

Also, later on today one of the community saints had one of his high school friends baptized. This one came to the prayer meeting yesterday and also to dinner with the community saints and with the team. Through the saints praying and sharing, this one was able to receive the Lord and be baptized today! Praise the Lord!

2/5/15: Today we went to campus and had appointments with students on campus and also had a Bible study. In the Bible study there were five students on campus who joined us. In total we had about 18.

At the Bible study today we covered Acts 1. During this time the fellowship was sweet because we memorized the title of the book of Acts which directed the students to ask seeking questions about the one accord and the propagation of the churches and the Spirit.

Our burden is still for our contacts to be connected with the community saints. One way we plan to carry this out is a bonfire we have invited them to on Friday. Please pray for the fellowship and the connections

Some burdens are for our contacts to come to the Bible study tomorrow and to the bonfire on Friday. We would ultimately like for our contacts to be connected to the community saints and be remaining fruit for the Lord’s building. These events are just some of the ways we can get them connected with the saints. Please pray for this.

Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 8-9

January 31, 2015

Friday evening, our team split to join three home meetings. Another brother opened his home for the first time! Brother T joined the church life a year and a half ago but he had been studying the Recovery Version Bible even before he met us. He and the saints have been praying for his wife to be open to the saints. Being in his home was so refreshing. He had the entire evening organized in order to introduce his mother and wife to pray-reading, His mother enjoyed that we can enjoy the Bible as food, not just to attain spiritual knowledge. The unit of salvation is the household! Lord Jesus, gain this family!

We enjoyed blending with a young brother who has been meeting with the saints. He loves being with the saints and feels really comfortable with the saints. He connected with one of the new contacts and they exchanged numbers with plans to fellowship. It was great to see him entering into the labor of shepherding new ones!

Wrapping up our week in Birmingham, we went on a hiking trip and invited many of the contacts we had during the week. A total of 11 contacts joined us! The freshman student at UAB who we met earlier in the week joined us for hiking and spent the rest of the afternoon with us. Lord, thank you for all these ones! Continue gaining ground in their being!

In Birmingham, we distributed a total of 226 bibles and 24 ministry books. Out of 53 contacts, we had 11 appointments.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for these new ones and the follow-up appointments.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s move in Birmingham, that the Lord would burden some to migrate here. Every family in Birmingham opened their home, including 6 that opened for the first time. The life in the community saints is growing and fruitful, the harvest is also ripe on the campus yet the workers are few. There is a need for younger saints and families with a burden to shepherd the students.

Birmingham GT large.jpg



Fort Myers—Gospel Trip, Day 4

January 29, 2015

Today we went to the campus and had appointments with the students and sang songs on campus. In one of the appointments the brothers had an appointment with a freshman student. This one opened his situation to us and we were able to share the difference between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This one was open to what we had to say and opened his heart to the brothers and also to the Lord. Also tonight we have a YP home meeting with all of the saints.

Next week we plan to pass out Bibles and other ministry books on campus. Our burden currently is to connect the student contacts with the community saints. Please pray for this.

Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 4-7

January 29, 2015

These past four days we have had a table on the University of Alabama in Birmingham campus. A majority of the students on this campus already believe in the Lord and already have a Bible. Our prayer is that the ones who receive the Recovery Version study Bible would open it and read it! Pray that these Christians would come to the full knowledge of the truth and that the Word would be real to them! We have distributed 218 Bibles, 218 Basic Elements, and 25 ministry books. We’ve had 45 who have requested further contact and had appointments with five students from the table.

We met a freshman UAB student on Monday at the table. Earlier that day, he had accepted the Lord into his life and prayed that the Lord would guide him. While he was walking to class, he saw our table from across the street. He had decided that he wasn’t going to speak to anyone unless someone spoke to him first. A few minutes later, he received a Bible and gave us his contact information. That evening, he came to a home meeting and asked when the next home meeting would be. He came to another home meeting last night and really enjoyed the fellowship and singing. Lord, continue drawing this one! Pray that he would continue coming to the homes to be built up with the saints in Birmingham.

We are going on a hiking trip this Saturday and are inviting many of the new ones we’ve contacted during the week. Please pray for this time!

We’ve enjoyed gathering in the homes of two others who are new to the church life. These ones have been meeting with the saints in Birmingham and have opened their homes for the first time. Each made plans to invite neighbors, friends, and family members. Lord, thank you for these open homes! Please pray for household salvation of the four ones who’ve opened their homes.

Fort Myers—Gospel Trip, Day 3

January 28, 2015

Today we went to the campus again and had a Bibles for America table. Many students are coming to the tables. We have passed out around 65 Bibles in total. Also as a team we have gone out on the gospel to pass out tracts and other booklets such as Basic Elements of the Christian Life and have used them to preach the gospel. Most of the students whether believers or not are very open to us and to the ministry.

In one outing, two brothers went out and talked to a freshman with a Lutheran background. He is currently reading the book of Proverbs. We then asked him about Proverbs 20:27, which talks about the spirit of man which is the lamp of Jehovah and asked this student what this means. He didn’t know. By reading chapter 1 of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, we were able to explain the meaning of this verse as well as the three parts of man. This portion really fed and nourished this one.

Prayer burdens:

Tomorrow we will be having a Bible study at noon as well as three home meetings at night. We have over 90 contacts total and our goal is to have at least 30 come to the Bible study. Please pray for these times.

Fort Myers—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 27, 2015

These past two days we went out to the campus and set up a table. We also passed out tracts, Bibles and other ministry books. When interacting with the students, we in general found them to be all open and easy to contact. Yesterday a girl with a Catholic background prayed to receive the Lord. We have over 90 contacts total. Our goal is to try to invite them to the Bible studies and home meetings and to eventually connect them to the local saints.

Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

January 25, 2015

During our first evening in Birmingham, we joined the saints in a home meeting. The saints here regularly gather together in each others’ homes four times a week! Our team has enjoyed blending with the saints and entering into the labor of the saints in Birmingham. We’re getting a taste of the house-to-house church life in Acts. In the past three days we’ve already been in the homes of seven families! Several ones who are new to the church life in Birmingham are opening their homes for the first time.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of us joined an appointment to meet a sister who touched the ministry through the radio broadcast of the life-study messages. She is part of a non-affiliated group that listens to the life-study messages five times a week! She contacted LSM and was connected with the saints here. She loves the ministry and loves how it brings her to the Word and how its focus is Christ and the Church. Pray that she would be vitalized with the saints and enter into the daily church life!

In the evening, we met in three different homes. In each home, there was at least one new one. One of our highlights during this time was a sister who touched the church life this past summer and is burning in spirit, enjoying Christ! She invited us to her daughter’s birthday party, which included many of her relatives and friends, with the intention to share Christ with them all. We had a wonderful time of singing and fellowship. This was the first time she opened her home and the first time her husband met the saints. They are opening their home again this friday. Pray that the Lord would fully gain this household!

Prayer burdens:

  • Many ones the saints have been laboring on are opening their homes for the first time this week. Pray that these ones enjoy the fellowship and continue opening their homes to the saints!
  • Pray that we would establish contact with a few more families in the community.