Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 12

February 13, 2018

Today was our last day at West Richland. We had the Lord’s Table, and then had the third meeting of the blending conference. The speaking brother shared on the peace offering, and I believe all the saints where helped by the speaking. Afterwards, many of the saints testified and confirmed the word.

Later, in the evening, we visited two saints’ homes for dinner and fellowship. Praise the Lord for the saints in West Richland.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for all the Bibles we distributed in Washington, and the Lord’s Word would be sown into good earth.
  • Pray that the saints in eastern Washington would all experience Christ as the reality of all the offerings.
  • While we were here, the saints were burdened that we would blend with several of the saints in their homes. We visited over a dozen homes in one week, at times visiting two houses a day. Pray that the Lord would encourage all the saints we visited, and bring them all into the reality of the church life.

Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 11

February 11, 2018

Today, we headed down to one of the tri-cities, Pasco, and handed out 35 Bibles. In the evening, many of the saints from the eastern part of Washington came down to Richland to get ready for the upcoming blending conference. In the evening, we had a meeting where all the saints gathered to eat, and fellowship. Afterwards, we prepared sack lunches with all the saints, including the young people and children for the upcoming blending conference. The time was awesome!

Today, we attended a blending conference with about 120 saints in Eastern Washington. The speaking brothers covered material from the past winter training on Leviticus. In between the messages we had a time of lunch, and got to fellowship with several of the saints attending the meetings. The speaking was focused on experiencing Christ as the burnt offering and the sin offering, and it was very rich. Afterwards, we visited two saints in their homes in Richland. One of the families has been in the peripheral of the church life, so we hope that our visitation would have some profit and draw these saints to enter strongly into the church life.

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Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 10

February 10, 2018

2/7/18 Today we went to a park in Richland called Howard Amon Park, and we were able to pass out 28 Bibles. The brothers in Richland had a burden that we would visit some of the families and blend with them. In the evening time, we split up into two groups and visited two homes around the Richland area. Our experience at the saints’ home was very sweet. After dinner and fellowship we drove over to another saint’s home for prayer meeting. During the prayer meeting, some of the trainees went with a brother to visit some more saints. We feel that the Lord had an opportunity to release fellowship and blending through all our visits.

2/8/18 Today we began our day with coordination and fellowship. We then waited until 2pm and headed to a city called Walla Walla. We arrived at 3:15pm at met up with some Russia- speaking saints, and headed over to the downtown area. We were able to pass out 35 Bibles. Afterwards, we had a small group meeting at the Russian saints’ home. It was very sweet time of fellowship and singing, and we got to meet some of the children of this family and their friends.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the visited families; that the Lord would revive them and bring them fully into the church life.
  • Pray for the young Russian college students and their friends; that the Lord would be able to gain them during their college years.
  • This upcoming weekend we have a local blending conference for the saints in Eastern Washington. - Pray that the Lord would be with the speaking brothers as they release the Lord’s burden, and bring all the saints safely.

Total: 14 Basic Elements of the Christian Life 35 Bibles

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Everett, WA West Richland, WA - Report 10b.jpg

Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 9

February 9, 2018

Today, we had our last Lord’s Day and prophesying meeting with the saints in Everett. During the prophesying meeting, the saints expressed their appreciation of our team’s presence there the past week, and the blending that took place during our stay. We believe the Lord really had an opportunity to supply the members in this locality through this trip, and we too were supplied and refreshed by them. This was our last day in Everett before our departure the following day.

Today, we left Everett in the morning and arrived at West Richland in the afternoon. The saints received us at West Richland with a warm welcome, and then allowed us to settle down in our hospitality. In the evening, we gathered at a local saint’s home for dinner and fellowship. At this home, the saints have a small building connected to a garage where the saints meet throughout the week. We were able to meet some of the saints, fellowship, and enjoy the Lord together before the week began.

Today, was our second day in West Richland, and we went out to distribute Bibles in Kennewick, one of the tri-cities. We headed to the downtown area to see if we can reach the public. There were not that many people walking around, but there were cars driving by on the small main road. We set up our table close to an intersection, as we were standing close to the intersection, we began to ask people if they would like a Bible as they drove up to the stop sign, and some began to receive the Bibles. We continued to do this, and by the end of our time there, we passed out 30 Bibles and 5 Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Praise the Lord, His word was able to get into these ones’ hands.

In the evening, after a coordination time with the team, we went to visit the saints in two homes in Richland. In the first home, we had dinner and fellowship, and in the second home, we read some of the ministry and fellowshipped further. Praise the Lord for the house-to-house church life in Richland.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the Bible recipients. That they would open the Bible and be touched by the recovered truth.
  • Pray for the team, as we continue to go forth this week to preach the gospel and distribute Bibles. Some of our teams members got sick, and one of them is still recovering.
  • Pray that the Lord would thoroughly blend His Body together while we are here with the saints in Richland.

Bibles distributed: 30
Basic Elements of the Christian Life: 5

Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 2, 2018

We had our last BfA Bible distribution at Everett Community College today. From 11 to 1pm we had a meet and greet with some of the students we met throughout the week at the Student Union Building. Students were able to stop by, have snacks and pizza, and fellowship or ask questions about the Bible. Some of us stayed at the BFA table to continue the distribution, simultaneously. We certainly had sweet and intimate fellowship with some very genuine seekers of the Lord. In total eight students responded and came again to fellowship with us at during this time. While there we were able to connect some to the local saints.

After our corporate truth pursuit, the trainees split into two groups. One group went to have dinner and blend in a local saint’s home, and another group went to the church house to meet a couple of contacts for dinner at the church house. This student was one that we met on campus with his fiancé and this evening she came with her daughter to spend time with us. The sisters from the surrounding area (Olympia and Mukilteo) came all the way to bring the meal for us. We thank the Lord for the sweet supply and coordination in the Body.

As we got to talk to these contacts we realized that one of them lives right next door to where a local saint works. We really sensed the Lord’s sovereign arrangement in bringing them to us. We each continued to share our testimonies, and one of our contacts even shed tears when sharing hers because of Lord’s great love in seeking after us even though we are not worthy. We all realized that we are just “a sinner that toucheth Him.” We are those who love much because we are forgiven much. At the end, we were able to invite them to tomorrow’s home meeting as well.


  • 12 Bibles handed out
  • 4 Wanted further contacts
  • 10 Second Appointments (Second contact with our new gospel contact)
  • 1 Prayed!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the continual shepherding of this young couple, that they would be remaining fruit.
  • Continued contact and appointments with ones we met on campus, and at least two remaining fruits among these new ones.
  • Supply and strengthen the local saints to take care of the new ones even when the trainees are gone.
  • Continual blending and coordination between Everett and the saints from the surrounding area (Olympia and Mukilteo).



Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 2, 2018

Today we had another BfA Bible distribution at Everett Community College. The weather has been pretty cold, nevertheless the Lord has been faithful to send some seekers to our table. Today, we asked a student to take a photo for us and we ended up talking to him and his friend. Eventually they both received a Bible. We invited all the students that wanted further contact to our time on Thursday at the Student Union Building. This will be a time for getting to know one another and fellowship. We also invited a couple to our church house the same day for dinner.

Statistics from today at Everett Community College:

  • 9 Bibles handed out
  • 5 Basic Elements of the Christian Life booklets handed out
  • 7 signed up for further contact!

After truth pursuit, we drove to the house of a sister who lives in Standwood. There we had dinner, singing, and sweet fellowship. The saints also prayed for our times on Thursday and for our follow-up with contacts.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray that the students would be released to come meet with us on Thursday, for a time of fellowship, asking questions about the Bible, etc.
  • Pray that the couple that we invited would come to the church house on Thursday night and be gained as remaining fruit.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen and blend the saints in Everett and those who live in surrounding area (Standwood)
  • Pray for tomorrow’s final BFA distribution in Everett and that the Lord would cover the trainees and the local saints’ health.



Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 1, 2018

After prayer and coordination with some local saints, we had a BfA Bible distribution again at Everett Community College. We handed out 18 Bibles and had 8 recipients who requested further contact. Two of us trainees also had an appointment with a Seattle Pacific University freshman, who meets with the Church in Everett. We read the first few sections of A Blessed Human Life with her, and had some sweet fellowship about God being our inner content, particularly as our love, light, holiness and righteousness.

At the prayer meeting we prayed for the upcoming event on Thursday, a time of meal and fellowship with the contacts who are open. Some contacts have already confirmed with us that they can make it, and our prayer is that nothing would get in the way. We also prayed for migration of a young couple to Everett.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the follow up, especially that the Lord will release His seekers to meet with us on Thursday lunch or dinner.
  • Pray that the Lord would burden some to migrate to Everett.


Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 4

January 29, 2018

Today we had our first Bible distribution with a BfA table at Everett Community College. Before we went out, we had some time of prayer and coordination with the local saints. Then, we set up the BfA table in front of the Student Union and handed out Bibles to the students who were walking by. We were all really surprised at the openness of the students, and we had some healthy conversations about the Lord with several genuine seekers of the Lord.

Statistics from today at Everett Community College:

  • 17 Bible/Basic Elements booklets handed out
  • 2 Tracts passed out
  • 17 were contacted, given that the conversation lasted more than 30 seconds
  • 8 signed up for further contacts!

Later in the evening, we had a little bit of truth pursuit and fellowship. Afterwards, some saints from Mukilteo, a small suburb in Seattle, came to join us at the house we are staying in. There were over 10 saints and one college student and the time was a real encouragement to us all. The saints blended with us, and prayed for us. One of the saints felt this time was a real breakthrough in regards to blending. Another brother, a student at Everett Community College, said that he had been praying for the campus work at his college, and feels like the Lord has answered his prayers through sending us. Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the Bible recipients, that they would open the Recovery Version Bible and read it!
  • Pray for the follow-up the rest of the week with the students we contacted today.
  • Pray that the saints in Everett and Mukilteo would have more opportunities to be blended together.



Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 3

January 29, 2018

Today we participated in the Lord’s Table meeting in Everett with about 21 local saints and some visiting saints from the surrounding area. The table meeting was glorious, and we enjoyed the sweet blending with the saints regardless of difference in our locality, ethnicity, or age. Then we had the prophesying meeting from the HWMR, the Genuine Church Life, on the topic of the church life being the life of being headed up in Christ. Afterwards we had a love feast with the saints, which is something the saints in Everett do every week.

In the afternoon we did a short touring of downtown Seattle. Following we had dinner with a family in Seattle who attended the table meeting that morning. This couple also invited another family that lives in Seattle, and we had intimate fellowship in which we shared our training experiences.

Please pray for:

  • Our first day of Bible distribution tomorrow (01/29) at Everett Community College:
  • That the Lord would bless the trainees and the local saints with one accord.
  • That we would meet many sons of peace, and that we would have at least one remaining fruit this week.
  • Our appointment with a Seattle Pacific University student who meets in Everett on Tuesday, that the Lord would encourage her in her pursuit of the Lord.



Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 29, 2018

This morning we joined a mini conference in Bellingham hosted at a local elementary school. There were approximately 34 saints from Everett, Bellingham, and Seattle who attended this conference and the topic was on the “Vital Groups.” The saints are very burdened for the God-ordained way and to be vitally related with one another for the increase of the church.

In the evening time we headed to the church house and had a time with some local young people and college students, for dinner, fellowship and singing. There were four high school students, three college students, and two couples attending. In total there were 16 people, with two of the high school students being new. Both of the new ones were friends brought by a local high school brother and sister, with one being an unbeliever.

Some of the trainees got to speak to this high schooler concerning the eternity in man’s heart and God being the only One who could fill this void. Although he didn’t receive the Lord right away, we gave his friend, our high school brother, the free study Bible to give to him on the way home. May the Lord gain this one!


  • 1 Bible handed out.

Please pray:

  • That our high school brother would be able to give the Recovery Version Bible to his friend, and that his friend would receive the Bible, receive the Lord, and be gained as a remaining fruit.
  • That we would see these young people and college students again next Saturday for another time of gathering.
  • That we would be able to see these college students again sometime this week.
  • That the Lord would work out the practice of the vital groups among the saints in Everett and Bellingham.


Everett, WA/West Richland, WA—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Hallelujah for the church in Everett! Our team safely arrived here this afternoon. We first met all together at a beautiful house that the saints rented out for us. A full-timer from Seattle is staying with us here also. Then we all packed up in the van and drove to the church house in Everett where all the saints meet. Tonight we gathered there for dinner and fellowship as 12 local saints, one full-timer from another city, and four trainees.

During our fellowship, the saints asked some of the trainees to share their experiences being in the full time training, with particular interest in their experiences on gospel preaching and shepherding in the different gospel teams. The saints expressed a deep burden to gain the younger generation in Everett. They also shared the challenges they face in gaining the young ones here due to their work schedules, age, and lack of young people all together. Tomorrow we plan to join the saints by going to the conference in Bellingham for messages on the “Vital Group.” Then tomorrow night we will meet with the younger aged brothers and sisters who live in or near Everett.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The conference in Bellingham, that the Lord would speak a fresh word and that the saints in Everett would corporately see a vision of the Vital Group.
  • The meeting tomorrow night with the young people (high school/college) around this city, that the Lord would speak to these young people through the trainees’ testimonies.
  • More opportunities to fellowship with the saints in Everett and to enter into their burdens for increase.