These past four days we have had a table on the University of Alabama in Birmingham campus. A majority of the students on this campus already believe in the Lord and already have a Bible. Our prayer is that the ones who receive the Recovery Version study Bible would open it and read it! Pray that these Christians would come to the full knowledge of the truth and that the Word would be real to them! We have distributed 218 Bibles, 218 Basic Elements, and 25 ministry books. We’ve had 45 who have requested further contact and had appointments with five students from the table.

We met a freshman UAB student on Monday at the table. Earlier that day, he had accepted the Lord into his life and prayed that the Lord would guide him. While he was walking to class, he saw our table from across the street. He had decided that he wasn’t going to speak to anyone unless someone spoke to him first. A few minutes later, he received a Bible and gave us his contact information. That evening, he came to a home meeting and asked when the next home meeting would be. He came to another home meeting last night and really enjoyed the fellowship and singing. Lord, continue drawing this one! Pray that he would continue coming to the homes to be built up with the saints in Birmingham.

We are going on a hiking trip this Saturday and are inviting many of the new ones we’ve contacted during the week. Please pray for this time!

We’ve enjoyed gathering in the homes of two others who are new to the church life. These ones have been meeting with the saints in Birmingham and have opened their homes for the first time. Each made plans to invite neighbors, friends, and family members. Lord, thank you for these open homes! Please pray for household salvation of the four ones who’ve opened their homes.