Friday evening, our team split to join three home meetings. Another brother opened his home for the first time! Brother T joined the church life a year and a half ago but he had been studying the Recovery Version Bible even before he met us. He and the saints have been praying for his wife to be open to the saints. Being in his home was so refreshing. He had the entire evening organized in order to introduce his mother and wife to pray-reading, His mother enjoyed that we can enjoy the Bible as food, not just to attain spiritual knowledge. The unit of salvation is the household! Lord Jesus, gain this family!

We enjoyed blending with a young brother who has been meeting with the saints. He loves being with the saints and feels really comfortable with the saints. He connected with one of the new contacts and they exchanged numbers with plans to fellowship. It was great to see him entering into the labor of shepherding new ones!

Wrapping up our week in Birmingham, we went on a hiking trip and invited many of the contacts we had during the week. A total of 11 contacts joined us! The freshman student at UAB who we met earlier in the week joined us for hiking and spent the rest of the afternoon with us. Lord, thank you for all these ones! Continue gaining ground in their being!

In Birmingham, we distributed a total of 226 bibles and 24 ministry books. Out of 53 contacts, we had 11 appointments.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for these new ones and the follow-up appointments.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s move in Birmingham, that the Lord would burden some to migrate here. Every family in Birmingham opened their home, including 6 that opened for the first time. The life in the community saints is growing and fruitful, the harvest is also ripe on the campus yet the workers are few. There is a need for younger saints and families with a burden to shepherd the students.

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