The Lord has really blessed our time of blending with the saints in Orlando and fruit bearing in the campuses. The spreading of the truth reached many students!

The sisters had two appointments today and both appointments were great! One of the students Karina was so happy to meet us and encouraged to see that there were other Christians around her to pursue the Lord with. She even shared how she enjoyed the Bible with the footnotes especially on Romans 8. K said that the footnotes helped her to understand her favorite chapter in the Bible.

We went to Valencia South Campus and while we were still setting up our table, students started showing up. They were coming one after the other! Among the local saints, there were also six saints who came to join us from out of town. Even though we were many tabling, the hands were not enough because the students were coming from everywhere. We were so excited to see that the students and staff from the campus were so interested in receiving the Bible. 95 Bibles were distributed and 88 tracts were also distributed!

We ran out of Bibles! Our last day on campus was a time of enjoyment and thanksgiving. Two new students TJ and Summer, whom we already had an appointment came to the college age meeting. They were so open and even shared during the meeting. The local saints were rejoicing for such a blessing of having the students over. The saints are entering genuinely into the gospel life serving and caring for the new ones.

Prayer burdens:
That the saints continue to rise up in the church in Orlando to continue the follow up That the local saints continue to shepherd and care for the new ones. That the students and local saints would be released from their schedules and have the time to come together to eat the word together. That the local saints would be strengthened in their inner man, in order to carry out the burden in the campuses.