How to Prepare

Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourselves to participate in this burden for America:

Pray In order for the Lord to carry out an unprecedented move in America, much and thorough prayer is needed. Pray for the Lord’s move in America, specifically for people’s hunger and thirst to increase, the advance of the Lord’s testimony, and the raising up of churches across this continent.

Fellowship In addition to praying, begin to have fellowship with your group. You can fellowship about which city your group would be burdened for and begin to pray for that city.

Consecrate Remember also to consecrate yourself to the Lord. For the Lord to carry out an unprecedented move, there is the need for many consecrated people and vital groups. Pray to give yourself to the Lord for His eternal economy.

Read Be infused with the Lord’s burden and equipped to participate in His move by reading the recommended books on the Ministry Reading page on this site.

We have seen some newly baptized ones enter into the full realization of these truths within half a year. In Taipei, we first set up meetings in people’s homes, and then we combined three or four homes together as a group. Finally, we combined a number of groups together for a community meeting. These communities set up their own hall by renting a place. They set up their own meeting and an offering box. These new ones in the communities are the elders, the deacons, and the attendants who do all the functioning. I would like to see this repeated in all the cities in the United States. We do not want to see anything of degraded Christianity.