For the past few days the team in Guelph has been laboring on reaching out and following up on all of the contacts met at the table on the University of Guelph. There have been many second appointments on campus and the team has been very encouraged by the response of the students.

In addition to many follow up appointments on campus, the team has also spent a lot of time with the local saints, young people (YP), and college students. On Thursday night the team shared their testimony with the YP concerning how they pursued the Lord when they were YP. This was followed up by a question and response time by the YP.

On Friday night, the team shared their testimony with the college students concerning how they got to the training and what lead them to the training.


  • Tracts - 143
  • Bibles - 143
  • Contacted - 200
  • Prayed - 9
  • Appointments - 14
  • Visited - 4

Prayer Burdens:

  1. That the Lord would raise up a lampstand in Guelph in the near future.
  2. That the Lord would continue to grow in all of the saints, young people, and college students in Guelph.

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