On Wednesday, both universities were closed due to the weather. Regardless, we went to Western University and Fanshawe College, where we met students and handed out study Bibles. For these past 2 days, we have passed out 17 Bibles, and over 200 tracts. Four people called on the name of the Lord and one person got baptized. At Fanshawe, the saints met up with students to hand out Bibles and invite them to a seminar.

On Thursday morning, all the saints went door-knocking in London for an hour around the neighborhood of the hall. After 40 minutes of door-knocking, one team was invited into a home of a seeking Christians for some fellowship and prayer. She said she has been fasting and praying for London and recently told the Lord that she was looking for something more. The team invited her to a home gathering that evening in a home nearby and she came over for some sweet fellowship with the saints for about an hour.

One group of saints were invited to a home of the saints where they met a gospel contact for the second time. During the week, this gospel contact was invited to help the sisters cooking lunch at the hall. This time this new one was open to receive the Lord and was willing to be baptized.

Another two couples have been visiting local dormant saints and have been receiving a positive reception with saints inviting them back for more fellowship. Praise the Lord for His move in London.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord could recover more dormant saints through the visitations and shepherding
  • All 3000 invitations would be handed out by the 70 saints participating before the seminar on Saturday
  • The release of new and existing saints to attend the seminar