Airdrie, AB

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Airdrie, Alberta is a rapidly growing city located 15 miles north of Calgary. Over the past 10 years, a number of families and single saints from the church in Calgary have moved to Airdrie and the surrounding towns of Beiseker, Olds, and Strathmore for work, school, or the more affordable cost of living. There are now 14 families with 30 adults, 5 college students, 8 young people, and 22 children among these cities and towns, with the majority living in Airdrie.

For the past few years there has been a growing burden among the brothers to take responsibility for the Lord’s testimony in Airdrie. For three years the church in Calgary has been practicing meeting in three districts. All the saints from Airdrie were grouped together in District 1, along with a few other saints from the northwest of Calgary. This has given us an opportunity for building and blending. In fellowship with the brothers in Calgary, the saints branched out to become District 4/Airdrie in July 2019. Since September 2019, we have been meeting on Lord’s day in a rented facility in Airdrie. Because of the large number of Christian groups in Airdrie there have not been any facilities available to rent in the morning, so the Lord’s table meeting is being held in the late afternoon. The saints also come together for prayer meetings and several small group meetings. There is also a weekly sisters’ meeting.

The burden to establish the church life in Airdrie is in line with the goal to increase the number of churches in Canada to 50 over the next seven years. Many of the saints have family members, friends, and other contacts in Airdrie that they are burdened for.

Our current needs and prayer burdens:

Location, Climate, and Health

Airdrie lies on the outskirts of Calgary. Surrounding localities include Edmonton (the capital city of Alberta), which is 166 miles north of Airdrie. Vancouver, BC is 620 miles west, Lethbridge, AB is 150 miles south, and Regina, SK is 485 miles east. Airdrie is 178 miles north of the USA/Canada border. Average temperatures through the year range from 9°F to 74°F. Winters are cold and dry, but this is broken up by warm chinook winds, which come from the Rocky Mountains several times a month. The average annual snowfall is approximately 50 inches. Summers are warm and pleasant.

Universal healthcare coverage is publicly funded for all residents of Alberta. Within Airdrie there is an urgent care center and multiple primary care clinics. There are 5 large tertiary care hospitals in Calgary that provide service to Airdrie, including the Foothills Medical Center and the Alberta Children’s Hospital.


The population of Airdrie is approximately 70,000, up from 18,000 only 20 years ago. Airdrie is the 6th most populous city in the province of Alberta. It is largely a “bedroom community,” with almost 50% of the population working in Calgary. It has a large number of young families. The median age group is 35-40, over 30% of the population is under 20 years of age, and 83% of the population is under 65 years old. The racial makeup of Airdrie (2006 census data) is primarily Caucasian (94%). The remainder of the population is Aboriginal (3%) and other visible minorities (3%).


Airdrie’s job market is largely composed of work in trades, transport, farming, and oil- and gas-related industries. Other occupations include business, finance, and healthcare-related jobs. The unemployment rate is 6.4% (Jan 2019). The median annual household income in Airdrie is 110,000 CAD, which is above the Alberta median of 93,835 CAD. The average cost of a detached home in Airdrie is 354,300 CAD compared to 414,800 CAD in Calgary (based on 2018 market data).


There is an emphasis on outdoor activities in Airdrie. There are 1,200 acres of parks, 104 km of pathways, and 63 playgrounds. Parks are dispersed throughout the city, with no one being located more than 5 minutes from a park. The Rocky Mountains are only 90 minutes away with hiking trails, ski resorts, and other sightseeing opportunities. Winter activities are popular, including hockey, cross-country skiing, and tobogganing.


Although Airdrie does not have a college campus, there are several large post-secondary institutions in Calgary, including the University of Calgary (31,950 students), Mount Royal University (14,250 students), and SAIT (over 12,000 students). These are all within a 35-minute radius of Airdrie. Many students from Airdrie live at home while attending university.


Education is mainly delivered through the Public or Catholic School Divisions, both of which are publicly funded. Public schools are operated by Rocky View School District and Catholic schools are operated by the Calgary Catholic School Division. There is also a French immersion school (École francophone d’Airdrie) and several private schools, including Airdrie Christian Academy. Homeschooling is also permitted and is popular in the province of Alberta and in Airdrie. There is some financial support (~ $830 per student per year) from the government for the costs of homeschooling a child. A number of the saints in Airdrie homeschool their children.


Airdrie is only 19 minutes from the Calgary International Airport, which has service from the following airlines: United, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, WestJet, Air Canada, Hainan, KLM, British Airways, and AeroMexico, among others. Most people depend on cars for transportation, although there are some limited bus routes, including bus links to Calgary.

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