Burnaby, BC

The church in Burnaby began in 1988, with saints who had been meeting in Vancouver but lived in Burnaby. The locality was registered in 1990 and purchased a meeting hall in 1992. The weekly Lord’s Day attendance is 150 saints. There are nine Chinese-speaking small groups and three English-speaking small groups. About 15 brothers bear the responsibility to coordinate these small groups. The prayer meeting is separated by language, with 25-30 attending regularly. There are 15 children, 18 young people and 10 college students.

The City of Burnaby
Burnaby is a city in British Columbia, located immediately to the east of Vancouver. It is the third-largest city in British Columbia by population, surpassed only by nearby Surrey and Vancouver. It is located at the geographical center of the metro Vancouver area.

Burnaby has a strong and diversified local economy with clusters of companies in a range of signature industries such as information technology, wireless, biotechnology, life science, film, new media, education, environmental technology/services, tourism and professional services. It also has companies in stable industrial sectors such as light industry, warehousing/distribution, heavy industry, agriculture, and not-for-profits. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
Population – 232,755

Target Campus
Simon Fraser University – 30,000 students

Contact Person
Peter Wang
(604) 773-4343

Burnaby Reports