Pittsburgh, PA

Situation and Burden
The church life began in Pittsburgh with the migration of a few saints in 1983. From 1983 to 2006, the church in Pittsburgh was closely associated with the churches in the Midwest. With a change in the nature and practice of the meetings in 2006-07, and after fellowship with brothers including Benjamin Chen, 4 families and 3 older sisters, numbering close to 12 in all, began to meet separately in homes. Since that start, 3 of the families have moved away, and all of the students have graduated, leaving for other places.

The church has been maintained by the working saints here, the new ones gained off the campuses, and the church kids coming for school. The church entity was set up in 2017. Today, the church meets on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University for the Lord’s table with an average attendance of 30-35. In addition, saints gather in rented apartments for group meetings and in the homes for the prayer meeting.

The City of Pittsburgh
The second largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is roughly 74 miles to Morgantown, WV, 185 miles to Columbus, OH, and 245 miles to Washington, DC. Pittsburgh has adapted since the collapse of its century-long steel and electronics industries, and shifted to high-tech industries such as robotics, biomedical engineering, and healthcare. The largest employer in the city is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with 48,000 employees. Healthcare accounts for nearly 10% of the jobs in the region. It is home to 6 Fortune 500 companies. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
Population – 306,000
Median Household Income: $28,588
Racial Makeup: 64.8% White, 25.8% Black, 4.4% Asian, 2.3% Hispanic, 0.5% from other races and 2.3% from two or more races.

University of Pittsburgh – 28,649 students
Carnegie Mellon University – 12,569 students
Duquesne University – 10,364 students
Community College of Allegheny County – 18,913 students

Contact Persons
Andy Wang
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Tom Piccone
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