Richmond, VA

Situation and Burden
Prior to 2011, there were a few saints meeting inconsistently in Richmond, VA. A solid church life began in 2011 with the migration of some single saints and a few families. Labor also began at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) at that time with GTCA support. A handful of students were quickly gained, as the labor on that campus has continued until now. Other families have migrated to the city, adding to the roughly 30 saints meeting all-together in Richmond. Since 2012, the church has been meeting in a home immediately adjacent to the campus, which was purchased by the church in 2019.

The City of Richmond
The fourth largest city in Virginia, Richmond is roughly 44 miles west of Williamsburg, 66 miles east of Charlottesville, and 90 miles south of Washington, DC. It is the capital of the state of Virginia and has the following demographics: 50.6% Black or African-American, 40.8% White, 6.3% Hispanic or Latino, and 5.0% Asian. Richmond’s economy is primarily driven by law, finance, and government, with federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as notable legal and banking firms, located in the downtown area. The greater Richmond area is home to 6 Fortune 500 companies. For more information see City-Data Profile and Official City Website.

City Stats
Population – 227,032
Median Household Income: $31,121
Racial Makeup: 50.6% Black, 40.8% White, 6.3% Hispanic, 5% Asian, 1.8% from other races and 1.5% from two or more races.

Virginia Commonwealth University – 32,027 students
University of Richmond – 4,405 students
Reynolds Community College – 12,629 students

Contact Persons
John Hartke
(602) 625-0805

Erwin Tamayo
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