Highlights (February 5 – February 8)

Tuesday (February 5)
One sub-team visited the University of New Hampshire - Durham (flagship campus) and set up a BfA table there. The other sub-team visited Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and was able to have refreshing appointments with three students who have been meeting with a family nearby for the past few years.

Wednesday (February 6)
Rest day

Thursday (February 7)
We set up a BfA table at Manchester Community College again and a few saints from the community joined us. One student also received the Lord and is open for further contact! That evening, some got a chance to visit saints in New Ipswich, NH and others attended the first workplace seminar on the Peace of God.

Friday (February 8)
In the morning and afternoon, we had a solid time with some local saints to coordinate the follow-up plans for contacts made over the last two weeks. In the evening, there were three home meetings in and around Manchester. Generally, all the saints in the area gather at the same place on Friday nights, but the many home meetings in smaller numbers this week facilitated further blending among the saints.

Statistics (February 5 – February 8)

  • Bibles: 15
  • Ministry booklets: 12

Prayer Burdens:
Pray that there would be a smooth handoff of the contacts (community and campus) to the local saints over the next week, as well as properly aggressive follow up over the next few weeks.

Manchester, NH—Report 4.jpeg