Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 11, 2019

February 10th marked the end of the GTCA Burnaby gospel trip on a glorious note. We exceeded our goals of number of visitations and new SFU contacts. Total number of visitations in Burnaby reached 102 (222 visitations in the Greater Vancouver area including Vancouver, and Surrey) and there were 40 new open contacts at SFU (a correction from the last update). 90 Recovery Version Bibles were also distributed at SFU. Furthermore, out of this GTCA there has been an increased feeling of being in the family of God and that each one of us are being shepherded by the triune God as we visit and are being visited. The team is extremely thankful for the all the saints’ prayer, participation in events at SFU, giving of hospitality, and preparation of all our meals on top of caring for our needs.

Summary of Events:
February 9 We had an afternoon packed with visitations and more blending with saints in various church meetings in the evening.

February 10:
After the Lord’s Table, the GTCA team fellowshipped and shared testimonies as a continuation of the burden from last Lord’s Day— the need to be trained to be a normal functioning member of the Body, useful to the Lord. The emphasis was on parents prioritizing the pipeline for spiritual education (children’s work, young people’s work, college work to the FTTA), that the children would be raised up knowing God, getting a good education, and developing proper character. After this fellowship, there was an overflow of many positive testimonies from the saints in Burnaby on their experience of being visited and going out to visit saints and gospel friends.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The end of the GTCA gospel trip would not be an end, but a strong continuation of the day by day church life in the flock of God with much more visitations
  • The follow-up contact with the 40 positive seeking ones at SFU that they may become remaining fruit

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Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2019

Thank you for all your prayers, below is a brief update on the past two days.

12 new ones from the 2nd SFU welcome event 90 Recovery Version Bibles distributed in total (goal of 300) 5500 invitations distributed at SFU in total (goal of 3000) Approximately 50 open contacts at SFU (goal of 30) 84 visitations in total (goal of 100)

Prayer Burdens:
Saints to rise up and continue the visitations after the GTCA Follow-up contact of the approx 50 new ones from SFU

Summary of Events:
February 7 We ended our labour on the SFU campus with our second welcome event titled, “The Acceptable Year of the Lord”, with released singing, rich speaking, testimonies, pizza dinner, and a Bibles for Canada table. The Lord did above all that we could ask or think in bringing us 10 new contacts plus two new ones from last term. We sensed that these were sons of peace as they were open and seeking. The Lord also answered our prayers, in that the new ones that attended was an accurate representation of the population of Burnaby with many local Caucasians.

February 8:
We had a time of blending with some Chinese-speaking saints at a combined home meeting with a love feast for lunch, followed by a meeting filled with singing and overflow of enjoyment from the saints. We concluded the day with joining various Burnaby meetings including the Korean-speaking small group meeting, Chinese-speaking small group meeting, college meeting, and YP meeting.

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Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2019

Feb 5th, 2019
We had coordination in the morning concerning the tabling and some new ones we have been contacting. We also briefly went through the morning revival this week together along with all the verse references.

We had two tables in SFU during the afternoon time at two different locations among the campus for handing out Bible and gospel meeting invitations. We have handed out invitations and Bibles, and also met a few open ones who are seeking and interested in the gospel event on February 7. In the evening time, we joined the saints in Burnaby for the prayer meeting in the Burnaby meeting hall. We prayed about the entire GTCA and to really stir up an atmosphere in Burnaby concerning the burden for more visitation.

Feb 6th, 2019
Some of us joined the Bible study at SFU campus. There was one new student (student S), who has been coming to the Bible study consistently for the past two semesters and she brought a friend (student L) to the Bible study. It was very encouraging. Pray for more connection with the core students.

-1747 invitations and 23 Bibles distributed on SFU campus (Feb 5 to 7) -11 homes visited so far this week

Prayer Burdens:

  • More visitations among the saints, with an atmosphere of love
  • New students to come to the gospel meeting at SFU tonight (Feb 7) and remaining fruit after the gospel meeting
  • Specific students:
  • Student S- pray for regular appointment with full-timers
  • Student S- also for regular appointment and openness to receive the Lord
  • Student S- for coming to Bible studies on campus regularly, connection to the core students
  • Student J- positive contact

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 6, 2019

We joined the Burnaby saints at the Lord’s Table meeting in Burnaby meeting hall. After the Lord’s Table, we were given the opportunity to share about the full-time training. A lot of saints have had questions this past week concerning why we decided to be in the training and why the full-timers decided to drop their jobs to serve the Lord in a full-time way. We were able to share a brief explanation on the history, purpose and goal of full-time training. Two trainees also shared their testimony on how the Lord brought them to the training. The main purpose for this time is to convey the burden of being trained and cultivated into useful vessels to the Lord. There were some visitations in the afternoon, and during the evening time, we got to go to Vancouver to join the annual dinner for the senior saints (67 year old +). We had a sweet time blending with them and got to hear their and the rich inheritance of the Lord’s recovery.

Feb 4th, 2019
We were invited to one of the elder’s in Burnaby for a delicious lunch. We had a wonderful fellowship time with the saints and some SFU students. We had some visitations in the evening at the homes of the saints. We will begin distributing invitations on the SFU campus from Tuesday to Thursday. We are aiming to hand out 2500 invitations for the gospel event on Thursday evening. The title of the event is: “The Acceptable Year of the Lord.”


  • About 40 Bibles distributed on SFU campus
  • 42 homes visited last week
  • 6 homes visited today

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue to pray for the saints in Burnaby, that an atmosphere of sweetness and warmth would be brought in through all these visitations. Pray that this would not be merely a two-week event but visiting the saints would become our living.
  • Please pray that all 2500 invitations would be handed out at SFU and given to many sons of peace.
  • Pray for the follow-up of the 5 open new ones from last week’s gospel meeting on the Bread of Life, particularly the two graduate students from Iran to be open for further contact.

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Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

Jan 30th, 2019
Some SFU alumni and community saints joined the truth pursuit and coordination time in the morning. We had our last day of tabling on campus before the first welcome event. We tabled at two locations and finished handing out a total of 3,000 invitations to the welcome events over the past three days. Along with the event invitations, we offered free study Bibles to those that were interested. As a result, we handed out a total of 28 Bibles and we ended the day with visitations to the saints in their homes.

Jan 31, 2019
We had our first welcome event at SFU! The singing was released and the new ones were opened and their countenances were lifted through the singing. The focus was on John 6 where the Lord Jesus said, “I am the bread of Life.” The Lord had the way to release His speaking, and at the end, students who have not believe into the Lord were led to pray a prayer all together to receive the Lord. Some new ones were willing and opened their mouths to pray to receive the Lord. There were twenty-five at our welcome event including five new ones. All of them were open for further contact from our club members.

Quick Stats Report:

  • 3,000 invitations distributed for the welcome events at SFU
  • Total 25 attendees at the welcome event
  • 5 new contacts at the event
  • Total 31 Bibles have been handed out
  • Total 31 visitations to the saints

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the follow-up appointments and shepherding of the 5 new ones at the event and contacts from tabling.
  • Pray for more mutual shepherding and blending of the saints in Burnaby through visitations.
  • Pray the Lord would release more hungry seekers to receive the Recovery Version of the Bible.

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Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 30, 2019

We started our full schedule yesterday with truth pursuit and coordination in the morning. Then we went to the campus at SFU (Simon Fraser University) to hand out gospel meetings invitations and followed by visitations in the homes in the evening. We have three locations within SFU to hand out event flyers and Bibles. So far in the last two days, we have handed out 1787 event invitations and 7 Bibles.

As a correction to our previous report, the burden of the Greater Vancouver churches of visitation is not just to visit dormant saints, but all the saints, stirring up an atmosphere of visitations among all the saints to care for one another. In the visitation training sessions, the fellowship was that visitations can be done in many ways: writing to one another, hospital visits, going to memorial meetings, or wedding meetings, giving rides to the saints, etc. We should also rid our concepts of needing to have a big enough home or to prepare an elaborate meal. The focus of visitation is on the people, going to them to care for them.

Stats report:

  • 1787 invitations for the gospel meetings at SFU handed out (January 28-29) with a goal of 3000 invitations distributed
  • 7 Bibles handed out
  • On Monday, we had 8 visitations total in the homes of the saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The release of the Word of God, the testimony, singing and the atmosphere of the gospel event titled “I am the Bread of Life” on SFU campus this Thursday noon (January 31)
  • More saints would be open to being visited (total of 100 visitations during the GTCA)

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Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2019

We arrived yesterday at the Burnaby meeting hall and had coordination with local campus full-timers and responsible brothers for the GTCA Burnaby. After that, we attended a visitation training last night with around 200 saints from all over the Lower Mainland. It was encouraging to see so many saints who have a burden to go and visit. We have more than enough who signed up for visitation, so the brothers decided to have the Vancouver and Surrey saints visit the dormant saints in their locality. The rest of the localities were assigned to different groups to contact dormant saints in Burnaby.

We will hold two gospel meetings at SFU on January 31 and February 7. We will start handing out invitations and Recovery Version Bibles to seeking students in the next two weeks. We will also visit dormant saints in Burnaby with local saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Distribution of 3,000 Gospel Meeting invitations and Bibles at SFU
  • Two upcoming gospel meetings on SFU campus on January 31 and February 7
  • 30 new ones at SFU
  • 100 visitations to the saints in the Lower Mainland

We joined the young working saints’ meeting last night and overflowed from the previous visitation trainings (see picture below).

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