Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2019

On Wednesday, both universities were closed due to the weather. Regardless, we went to Western University and Fanshawe College, where we met students and handed out study Bibles. For these past 2 days, we have passed out 17 Bibles, and over 200 tracts. Four people called on the name of the Lord and one person got baptized. At Fanshawe, the saints met up with students to hand out Bibles and invite them to a seminar.

On Thursday morning, all the saints went door-knocking in London for an hour around the neighborhood of the hall. After 40 minutes of door-knocking, one team was invited into a home of a seeking Christians for some fellowship and prayer. She said she has been fasting and praying for London and recently told the Lord that she was looking for something more. The team invited her to a home gathering that evening in a home nearby and she came over for some sweet fellowship with the saints for about an hour.

One group of saints were invited to a home of the saints where they met a gospel contact for the second time. During the week, this gospel contact was invited to help the sisters cooking lunch at the hall. This time this new one was open to receive the Lord and was willing to be baptized.

Another two couples have been visiting local dormant saints and have been receiving a positive reception with saints inviting them back for more fellowship. Praise the Lord for His move in London.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord could recover more dormant saints through the visitations and shepherding
  • All 3000 invitations would be handed out by the 70 saints participating before the seminar on Saturday
  • The release of new and existing saints to attend the seminar

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 11, 2019

February 10th marked the end of the GTCA Burnaby gospel trip on a glorious note. We exceeded our goals of number of visitations and new SFU contacts. Total number of visitations in Burnaby reached 102 (222 visitations in the Greater Vancouver area including Vancouver, and Surrey) and there were 40 new open contacts at SFU (a correction from the last update). 90 Recovery Version Bibles were also distributed at SFU. Furthermore, out of this GTCA there has been an increased feeling of being in the family of God and that each one of us are being shepherded by the triune God as we visit and are being visited. The team is extremely thankful for the all the saints’ prayer, participation in events at SFU, giving of hospitality, and preparation of all our meals on top of caring for our needs.

Summary of Events:
February 9 We had an afternoon packed with visitations and more blending with saints in various church meetings in the evening.

February 10:
After the Lord’s Table, the GTCA team fellowshipped and shared testimonies as a continuation of the burden from last Lord’s Day— the need to be trained to be a normal functioning member of the Body, useful to the Lord. The emphasis was on parents prioritizing the pipeline for spiritual education (children’s work, young people’s work, college work to the FTTA), that the children would be raised up knowing God, getting a good education, and developing proper character. After this fellowship, there was an overflow of many positive testimonies from the saints in Burnaby on their experience of being visited and going out to visit saints and gospel friends.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The end of the GTCA gospel trip would not be an end, but a strong continuation of the day by day church life in the flock of God with much more visitations
  • The follow-up contact with the 40 positive seeking ones at SFU that they may become remaining fruit

Burnaby, Canada—Report 7a.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 7b.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2019

Thank you for all your prayers, below is a brief update on the past two days.

12 new ones from the 2nd SFU welcome event 90 Recovery Version Bibles distributed in total (goal of 300) 5500 invitations distributed at SFU in total (goal of 3000) Approximately 50 open contacts at SFU (goal of 30) 84 visitations in total (goal of 100)

Prayer Burdens:
Saints to rise up and continue the visitations after the GTCA Follow-up contact of the approx 50 new ones from SFU

Summary of Events:
February 7 We ended our labour on the SFU campus with our second welcome event titled, “The Acceptable Year of the Lord”, with released singing, rich speaking, testimonies, pizza dinner, and a Bibles for Canada table. The Lord did above all that we could ask or think in bringing us 10 new contacts plus two new ones from last term. We sensed that these were sons of peace as they were open and seeking. The Lord also answered our prayers, in that the new ones that attended was an accurate representation of the population of Burnaby with many local Caucasians.

February 8:
We had a time of blending with some Chinese-speaking saints at a combined home meeting with a love feast for lunch, followed by a meeting filled with singing and overflow of enjoyment from the saints. We concluded the day with joining various Burnaby meetings including the Korean-speaking small group meeting, Chinese-speaking small group meeting, college meeting, and YP meeting.

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6a.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6b.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6c.jpg

Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2019

On Lord’s Day, February 3, we arrived in London, Ontario at 5:30 pm to be welcomed by a room full of singing saints. We were overwhelmed by all the joyous expressions radiating from their faces. A number of families from southwestern Ontario also joined us. Afterward the trainees and full-timers gave their testimonies to all the saints. Many of the saints from London and surrounding towns expressed their desire to have saints visit their homes this week.

On Monday morning, we enjoyed listening to the testimonies of some of the first “typical Canadians” to be gained in southern Ontario in the 1970s. We were all very encouraged and inspired to once again consecrate ourselves to the Lord for His up-to-date move. Today, in southern Ontario the Lord is doing the same thing that He did 30 years ago—He is moving in many families in this area from a Mennonite background and gaining them for His recovery.

On Tuesday, we had our first day on campus and door-knocking in the neighborhood of the meeting hall. At Fanshawe College, we met many open and seeking ones. One of them expressed his desire to find a Bible study on campus but was unable to find one. We passed out over 50 tracts and 15 Bibles. We also had two college students pray to receive the Lord! With more emphasis on appointments, the saints had three appointments with the college students. In the neighborhood of the meeting hall, a team of saints went door-knocking in a townhouse complex where they were warmly welcomed by refugee families, predominantly from the Middle East.

On Tuesday evening, about 50 saints gathered for a glorious prayer meeting at the meeting hall in London to pray for GTCA and other prayer requests. Another team of five saints drove to Windsor to join the prayer meeting with the saints there and to visit three students at the University of Windsor.

Prayer Burdens:

  • At Western University and Fanshawe, core students and saints to rise up for the creation of a club for the Lord to move on these two campuses.
  • Many existing and new contacts to come to the upcoming seminar on Saturday, February 9th to find out the mystery of their human life.
  • The college students at Windsor to have continual follow-up from the saints in neighboring localities.

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2019

Feb 5th, 2019
We had coordination in the morning concerning the tabling and some new ones we have been contacting. We also briefly went through the morning revival this week together along with all the verse references.

We had two tables in SFU during the afternoon time at two different locations among the campus for handing out Bible and gospel meeting invitations. We have handed out invitations and Bibles, and also met a few open ones who are seeking and interested in the gospel event on February 7. In the evening time, we joined the saints in Burnaby for the prayer meeting in the Burnaby meeting hall. We prayed about the entire GTCA and to really stir up an atmosphere in Burnaby concerning the burden for more visitation.

Feb 6th, 2019
Some of us joined the Bible study at SFU campus. There was one new student (student S), who has been coming to the Bible study consistently for the past two semesters and she brought a friend (student L) to the Bible study. It was very encouraging. Pray for more connection with the core students.

-1747 invitations and 23 Bibles distributed on SFU campus (Feb 5 to 7) -11 homes visited so far this week

Prayer Burdens:

  • More visitations among the saints, with an atmosphere of love
  • New students to come to the gospel meeting at SFU tonight (Feb 7) and remaining fruit after the gospel meeting
  • Specific students:
  • Student S- pray for regular appointment with full-timers
  • Student S- also for regular appointment and openness to receive the Lord
  • Student S- for coming to Bible studies on campus regularly, connection to the core students
  • Student J- positive contact

Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 6, 2019

February 2
We held our seminar on the “Mystery of the Human Life” at the Vellore Village Community Center. We had seven new contacts come, and 65 attendees in total. It was an incredible time of mutual fellowship and learning with everyone that attended. A new seeking couple came who were very open to learn and enjoy the Lord with us.

February 3
We were split up into four different teams to go to the Lord’s Table in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, and Richmond Hill.

We began the evening with a love feast and orientation for all full-time and part-time participants. We had at least 17 full-time participants, including seven FTTA trainees and up to 50 part-time participants throughout the week. We were divided into six teams to go out to York University, Keele Campus and Seneca College, King Campus; door-knocking in the neighborhood of the Vellore Village Community Center where we held the Bibles for Canada seminar; Go-Train stations in Vaughan, and visitations of dormant saints in the area.

We handed out close to 5000 seminar invitations with tracts and 229 Bibles with tracts. We joined the Christian Students at York club for three afternoons of the week to distribute Bibles and invitations.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord may make His home in the hearts of the seven new contacts and that they will be open to receive further contact from the saints
  • The hearts of the people in the city of London be soft and open to the Lord
  • Stir up the local saints in London to participate in the gospel trip

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 6, 2019

We joined the Burnaby saints at the Lord’s Table meeting in Burnaby meeting hall. After the Lord’s Table, we were given the opportunity to share about the full-time training. A lot of saints have had questions this past week concerning why we decided to be in the training and why the full-timers decided to drop their jobs to serve the Lord in a full-time way. We were able to share a brief explanation on the history, purpose and goal of full-time training. Two trainees also shared their testimony on how the Lord brought them to the training. The main purpose for this time is to convey the burden of being trained and cultivated into useful vessels to the Lord. There were some visitations in the afternoon, and during the evening time, we got to go to Vancouver to join the annual dinner for the senior saints (67 year old +). We had a sweet time blending with them and got to hear their and the rich inheritance of the Lord’s recovery.

Feb 4th, 2019
We were invited to one of the elder’s in Burnaby for a delicious lunch. We had a wonderful fellowship time with the saints and some SFU students. We had some visitations in the evening at the homes of the saints. We will begin distributing invitations on the SFU campus from Tuesday to Thursday. We are aiming to hand out 2500 invitations for the gospel event on Thursday evening. The title of the event is: “The Acceptable Year of the Lord.”


  • About 40 Bibles distributed on SFU campus
  • 42 homes visited last week
  • 6 homes visited today

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue to pray for the saints in Burnaby, that an atmosphere of sweetness and warmth would be brought in through all these visitations. Pray that this would not be merely a two-week event but visiting the saints would become our living.
  • Please pray that all 2500 invitations would be handed out at SFU and given to many sons of peace.
  • Pray for the follow-up of the 5 open new ones from last week’s gospel meeting on the Bread of Life, particularly the two graduate students from Iran to be open for further contact.

Burnaby- Report 4a.jpg

Burnaby- Report 4b.jpg

Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

The six teams are continually going strong to spread the gospel to the different campuses and neighborhoods. Throughout the week, some teams have been going to the University of Toronto-Mississauga and McMaster University, York University, and Seneca College. We’ve been having Bible studies and appointments in all the colleges with existing and new contacts. With the seminar coming up, the teams passed out over 3,086 invitations, 270 free Bibles. In addition, 11 people prayed to receive the Lord!

Yesterday, we went to home meetings. With many children, the trainees held their own miniature neighborhood children’s meeting. It was an ecstatic time with all the saints praising and enjoying the Lord together.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That at least 50 new ones would come to the seminar on this Saturday!
  • The weather this coming Saturday for the seminar would be warm to not hinder anyone from coming
  • All those who have been contacted would be open for further contact

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

Jan 30th, 2019
Some SFU alumni and community saints joined the truth pursuit and coordination time in the morning. We had our last day of tabling on campus before the first welcome event. We tabled at two locations and finished handing out a total of 3,000 invitations to the welcome events over the past three days. Along with the event invitations, we offered free study Bibles to those that were interested. As a result, we handed out a total of 28 Bibles and we ended the day with visitations to the saints in their homes.

Jan 31, 2019
We had our first welcome event at SFU! The singing was released and the new ones were opened and their countenances were lifted through the singing. The focus was on John 6 where the Lord Jesus said, “I am the bread of Life.” The Lord had the way to release His speaking, and at the end, students who have not believe into the Lord were led to pray a prayer all together to receive the Lord. Some new ones were willing and opened their mouths to pray to receive the Lord. There were twenty-five at our welcome event including five new ones. All of them were open for further contact from our club members.

Quick Stats Report:

  • 3,000 invitations distributed for the welcome events at SFU
  • Total 25 attendees at the welcome event
  • 5 new contacts at the event
  • Total 31 Bibles have been handed out
  • Total 31 visitations to the saints

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the follow-up appointments and shepherding of the 5 new ones at the event and contacts from tabling.
  • Pray for more mutual shepherding and blending of the saints in Burnaby through visitations.
  • Pray the Lord would release more hungry seekers to receive the Recovery Version of the Bible.

Burnaby- Report 3a.jpg

Burnaby- Report 3b.jpg

Burnaby- Report 3c.jpg

Burnaby- Report 3d.jpg

Burnaby- Report 3e.jpg

Burnaby- Report 3f.jpg

Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 31, 2019

We have been divided into six separate teams consisting of trainees, full-timers, and local saints. The goal is to invite new and pre-existing contacts to a seminar on Saturday, February 2 on the topic of the “Mystery of your Human Life”. With 5,000 invitation printed, all the saints are extremely burdened for this seminar. The six teams are stationed in numerous locations including York University, Seneca University, three different Go train stations, and fresh neighborhoods to door-knock. Even with the snowstorm, all the saints jubilantly praised the Lord while spreading the high gospel!

One brother recounted an experience that while at York University, his team met a student who was an atheist. When his team handed him a gospel tract, he became closed to them. However, one of the sisters in the group said, “Do you know what the purpose of your life is?” As he began to ponder on this statement, we then started to preach the gospel to him, and it was not long before he received a free Bible from BfC.

We have passed out over 350 tracts/invitations, 15 Bibles, have helped 2 to pray to receive the Lord, and have had 1 appointment.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord bless York University, Seneca University, the Go train stations, and so many homes to be open for the incoming seminar for His word to be spoken.
  • That the Lord may cover the weather during this trip.
  • Pray that the contacts on the campuses and in the communities will be followed up and be brought to the seminar.

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 30, 2019

We started our full schedule yesterday with truth pursuit and coordination in the morning. Then we went to the campus at SFU (Simon Fraser University) to hand out gospel meetings invitations and followed by visitations in the homes in the evening. We have three locations within SFU to hand out event flyers and Bibles. So far in the last two days, we have handed out 1787 event invitations and 7 Bibles.

As a correction to our previous report, the burden of the Greater Vancouver churches of visitation is not just to visit dormant saints, but all the saints, stirring up an atmosphere of visitations among all the saints to care for one another. In the visitation training sessions, the fellowship was that visitations can be done in many ways: writing to one another, hospital visits, going to memorial meetings, or wedding meetings, giving rides to the saints, etc. We should also rid our concepts of needing to have a big enough home or to prepare an elaborate meal. The focus of visitation is on the people, going to them to care for them.

Stats report:

  • 1787 invitations for the gospel meetings at SFU handed out (January 28-29) with a goal of 3000 invitations distributed
  • 7 Bibles handed out
  • On Monday, we had 8 visitations total in the homes of the saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The release of the Word of God, the testimony, singing and the atmosphere of the gospel event titled “I am the Bread of Life” on SFU campus this Thursday noon (January 31)
  • More saints would be open to being visited (total of 100 visitations during the GTCA)

Burnaby- Report 2a.jpg

Burnaby- Report 2b.jpg

Burnaby- Report 2c.jpg

Vaughan/London, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2019

As a prelude to our GTCA in Vaughan and London, the team visited the church in Toronto. The sisters went to uptown Toronto and the brothers downtown Toronto to a Friday night meeting. At the meeting, there were numerous college students from the University of Toronto and York University.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord may continue to gain and dispense Himself into the college students in Toronto.
  • That the Lord may cover the entire team during this trip; the weather is a lot colder than expected
  • The Lord may open up suitable venues in Vaughan and London for all the saints to contact seekers, and to distribute the Bible so that the truth in the Word may be released to the sons of peace.

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2019

We arrived yesterday at the Burnaby meeting hall and had coordination with local campus full-timers and responsible brothers for the GTCA Burnaby. After that, we attended a visitation training last night with around 200 saints from all over the Lower Mainland. It was encouraging to see so many saints who have a burden to go and visit. We have more than enough who signed up for visitation, so the brothers decided to have the Vancouver and Surrey saints visit the dormant saints in their locality. The rest of the localities were assigned to different groups to contact dormant saints in Burnaby.

We will hold two gospel meetings at SFU on January 31 and February 7. We will start handing out invitations and Recovery Version Bibles to seeking students in the next two weeks. We will also visit dormant saints in Burnaby with local saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Distribution of 3,000 Gospel Meeting invitations and Bibles at SFU
  • Two upcoming gospel meetings on SFU campus on January 31 and February 7
  • 30 new ones at SFU
  • 100 visitations to the saints in the Lower Mainland

We joined the young working saints’ meeting last night and overflowed from the previous visitation trainings (see picture below).

Burnaby- Report 1.jpg

Hamilton/St. Catharines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 20, 2018

Our time in St. Catharines concluded with another visit to the saints in Aylmer. This time, the trainees and a couple local saints were able to spend the night with the families in the area. Corporately, we had a sweet time of singing and fellowship over a week in the Holy Word for Morning Revival titled, “The Original Condition of the Church, the Degradation of the Church, and the Recovery of the Church.” The feeling amongst the trainees was that this fellowship was very timely for the saints that had recently departed from the Mennonite religion. Following that time, we were able to have further fellowship in their homes that continued late into the night. It was truly a blessing to enjoy the unique portion of Christ that these members offered.

Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, it was difficult for some of the trainees and saints to make it to the joint table meeting in Hamilton on Lord’s Day. However, the time was still very sweet with testimonies of what the Lord had done the past week. Undoubtedly, the saints in Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Aylmer have been inscribed in the hearts of the trainees.

May the Lord continue to bless His marvelous work in Southern Ontario and may the saints continue to press on in a strong way!

Final Statistics:

  • Tracts distributed: 980
  • Bibles/Rhema Literature distributed: 169
  • Salvations: 5

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the proper follow-up and shepherding of the students that were contacted at Mohawk College, McMaster University, Brock University, Niagara College-NOTL, and Niagara College-Welland.
  • Please pray that the saints in Aylmer and the surrounding regions would continue to be blended with the saints in the nearby localities.
  • Please pray for the proper and normal growth of all the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 8

February 13, 2018

The last days of our gospel trip here in Lethbridge were very busy and full of enjoyment! On Thursday, February 8, we had another neighborhood children’s meeting. Because of a snow storm that came in, we had less children show up, but there were still three neighborhood children and four of our own children. We had a really fun time with them and sang songs and told a story about God’s creation. After the dinner, a couple of us went with some saints to visit a family they have been in contact with for a while. We had a very encouraging time of singing and the mother of this family told us that she enjoys these visits more than she enjoys their own assemblies with their church! We were so encouraged!

On Friday evening, February 9, brother Greg Spencer spoke to the saints concerning inoculation. We also watched a video about M. E. Barber that was so encouraging. We have a rich history in the Lord’s Recovery and we need to realize that we are standing on the shoulders of so many loving seekers that went before us!

On Saturday, February 10, we spent the whole afternoon with the young people. We went to the university gym and did some rock climbing and played basketball. The young people had a really good time. Then, after dinner, we had some fellowship to encourage the young people regarding service and getting a good education. Later, when we prayed in twos and threes, two young sisters prayed that the Lord would help them with their grades in school so that they can go to the Full-Time Training!

This morning, Lord’s Day, February 11, we had our last table meeting and prophesying meeting here with the saints in Lethbridge. Many saints came from Calgary (3 hours away) to enjoy the meeting and a love feast together with us. The prophesying this morning was a glorious culmination of the Christ we have all been enjoying over the past two weeks. In the afternoon, we had an encouraging word concerning our need for a vision of the recovery, the universal church, and the local church.

After our time in the afternoon, some local saints from Lethbridge went to visit a brother in Coaldale, whose wife was not yet saved; there was a young boy staying at their house. The saints preached the gospel to them and both the brother’s wife and the young boy got saved. The saints also gave the boy a Bible. Praise the Lord!

Overall, we have had a wonderful time here and we are sad that it has come to an end so quickly! But we are so happy to have had this opportunity to be built and blended together with the saints in Lethbridge and to labor in the word and on the gospel together with them.

Praise the Lord for a glorious two weeks!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the saints to continue to be strengthened and encouraged in their pursuit of the Lord, both personally and corporately.
  • Continue to pray for the children’s work in Lethbridge, that the Lord will have the way to gain many more families through neighborhood children’s meetings and that our own children will be preserved to become useful vessels in the Lord’s Recovery.
  • Please pray for the young people and college age in Lethbridge. Pray that the college students would rise up for the gospel work on the campus, and that there would be the opening for a club on campus.
  • Finally, please pray for an increase in blending and building among all the local churches in Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge).

Ottawa, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 11, 2018

The team arrived in Montreal this past Thursday! It was a very sweet and joyful 10 days in Ottawa and we have lots to share! In total we handed out approximately 750 tracts and 565 Bibles. On our last full day in Ottawa, we held multiple Bible studies at the two campuses. Many students came and they came open and hungry! At the last Bible study of the day we had over 11 new ones join us and many of them expressed that they would return the next week! The response was very encouraging. Then Thursday afternoon we drove to Montreal and blended in the homes for dinner.

Today we will start our first day of distribution in Montreal! Then in the evening we will have a gospel meeting.

Prayer burdens:*

  • The students will return for the next Bible study! It will be this coming Wednesday.
  • The Lord would bountifully supply the saints in Ottawa in the carrying out of the follow up!
  • The distribution of the Bibles at various metro stations in Montreal.
  • Many would be free to come to the gospel meeting.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 11, 2018

On Tuesday, February 6th, we went to the University of Lethbridge again to have another Bible distribution. It was slower than the week before and we only gave out eight Bibles, but we are still encouraged with a couple of the contacts we made. That evening, we had another college meeting. Two previous contacts joined us and one of them brought her friend who had just moved to Canada from Mexico. He was so happy to have found a home environment with some saints who can speak Spanish, even though his English is very good. We found out that he had previously come into contact with the saints in Guadalajara, Mexico about eight years ago! The Lord hasn’t let him go!

Yesterday, February 7th, we spent the morning with the saints to fellowship and coordinate. In the afternoon we went to a young brother’s basketball game to encourage and support him, and then, after dinner, we joined the saints for the prayer meeting.

An encouraging report: the saints in Lethbridge rent a place to meet called the Multicultural Centre. Last Lord’s Day, after the love feast, a college student that works there was speaking with one of the brothers. Without him bringing up anything, she said, “What are you doing here, who are you? I need help too.” The brother faithfully took the opportunity to preach the gospel to her and she prayed to receive the Lord! We hope to see her again this Lord’s Day.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for our contacts here in Lethbridge, both on campus and in the community. The saints here have many contacts that they’ve been laboring on for some time now. Pray that the Lord would release some visitations before our time here comes to an end.
  • Please continue to pray for the initiation of the children’s work here in Lethbridge, as well as the contacts we make at the children’s meeting today (Thursday, February 8th).

Hamilton/St. Catharines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 11, 2018

In the past couple days we were able to preach the gospel at two branches of Niagara College, Welland and Niagara on the Lake, as well as distribute more Bibles at Brock University. Between the two days, we were able to pass out well over 400 tracts and over 40 Bibles. Additionally, three students were led to receive the Lord.

Today, we had the opportunity to blend with the local saints from St. Catharines and Hamilton. We visited various landmarks around the area including the Niagara Falls. Previous days were packed with activities, so today served as a good rest day for all the participants in the GTCA.

A couple hours ago, we received an incredibly encouraging email via Bibles for Canada from one of the Bible recipients at Brock University. In the email, the student suggests that he is genuinely seeking the Lord and would like to be baptized again. We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet up with this one in the near future and perhaps baptize Him at an upcoming table meeting. Hallelujah for the hungry ones that the Lord has placed in our hands!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that all 70 of the Bibles distributed at Brock University would be able to feed the students that received them.
  • Please pray for the weather in Southern Ontario, as our travel to visit saints in nearby cities may be hindered by heavy snowfall.
  • Please pray that all the participants in the GTCA will remain healthy and finish the gospel trip victoriously.

Ottawa, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 9, 2018

Days’ Activities
This past Monday, we started focusing on follow-up! The team met at our hub in the morning to touch the Lord and then we headed to campus to see if we could meet with any of the contacts for appointments and Bible studies. We also had one trainee go with a sister to visit a mother and her son. For dinner we blended with the saints in the homes.

On Tuesday, we continued with the follow-up, splitting into two teams to meet with students from University of Ottawa and Carleton. In the evening, we gathered at Carleton Heights Community Centre for dinner and the prayer meeting! We prayed for the follow-up, the upcoming Bible studies, the local saints and students, as well as the purchase of the meeting hall and the upcoming International Chinese speaking conference.


  • At one home visit to see a sister who has not met in a while, the trainee and visiting saint were encouraged by the family’s 8 year old son. The mom said that every Lord’s Day her son asks if they are going to the Lord’s Table. At the end of the visit, the mom asked her son if they should go to the Lord’s Table this week! Pray that the Lord would usher this family back into the church life.
  • The total amount of Bibles distributed so far is ~553 Bibles!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The purchase of a meeting hall in Ottawa. That through this process the Lord would gain the genuine oneness among the saints.
  • The Lord would release follow-up of many contacts on the following three campuses: University of Ottawa, Carleton, and Algonquin College.
  • The Lord would bountifully supply the local saints to labour in one accord with Him.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 9, 2018

On February 5, we had a wonderful time of coordination and fellowship with the saints here in Lethbridge. Towards the evening, we met with a sister to coordinate for a neighborhood children’s meeting that will be in Coaldale (near Lethbridge) on Thursday. After dinner, we met with the young people and played some games and spent the time to get to know them better. We all feel the time was very profitable and the young people really enjoyed it too. We really enjoyed spending extra time to really get to know the young people here. There are about 23 young people ranging from junior high to college age here in Lethbridge (and in the area) and we are becoming more and more burdened for them.

Prayer burden:

  • Please pray for the upcoming neighborhood children’s meeting this Thursday! The saints who were going to host it had an emergency come up in their family and are now unavailable. Pray that the enemy will have no ground and that many of the children’s friends will still be able to make it even with the last minute change.

Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 9, 2018

Today, we had a Bibles for Canada table on the University of Waterloo campus. The team was on this particular campus two times before without a table, each visit resulting in 23 Bibles distributed. Today was the first time we had a table and we ended the day having distributed 91 Bibles and about 150 tracts. Although it was midterms season, many students were willing to take the time to talk to us. A majority of the recipients were shared at least one verse with footnotes to show them how to use this free study Bible. A verse that was often shared was Phil. 4:6-7, on anxiety, peace, and how we can pray even while studying for midterms.

There was one appointment at the University of Guelph where two sisters met with a student there. The time was spent getting to know one another humanly and connecting her with a local sister. At the University of Waterloo there was one appointment where a newly saved contact was introduced to a local brother who also works on campus, which was followed by a mini Bible study.

Later on, we joined the Christians on Campus Bible study where we went over Gal. 5:1-6, followed by pizza and fellowship. Although there were many new faces, there were many good questions and mutual discussion about being freed in Christ.

There was a misconception that this campus was hard to breakthrough in. However, we were wonderfully corrected because of how open and seeking many of the students were. Jesus is Lord on this campus!

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray that the current students would be richly supplied and vitally built up
  • Pray for further connection of the contacts to the local saints and existing students
  • Pray that the great Shepherd would shepherd the saints and through the saints
  • Pray that the Lord continues to preserve and operate in each contact
  • Pray that the Lord would brood over and reveal Himself to the contacts through the word
  • Pray that the ones who just received tracts would order a Bible online
  • Pray for the enjoyment and continuation of the Bible studies on campus
  • Pray for remaining fruit

Kitchener, Ontario—Report 6.png

Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 9, 2018

On Tuesday, February 6th, during coordination we pray-read Acts 4:31: And when they had so besought, the place in which they were gathered was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

Afterwards, two sisters on the GTCA team went to Conestoga College where they met a contact who prayed to receive the Lord. The rest of the GTCA team went to Wilfrid Laurier University to distribute Bibles on a one-on-one basis. Later in the afternoon we had rest, dinner, and fellowship at homes of local saints followed by the prayer meeting. 34 Bibles and 23 tracts were distributed.

On Wednesday, February 7th, during coordination, we enjoyed the matter of abiding in the vine and that apart from Him, we can do nothing. We were joined with one local sister to go out to the University of Guelph. There we continued the one-on-one Bible distribution and had three appointments in which the contacts were both receptive and encouraged. Later we went to another local saint’s home for rest, dinner, and fellowship. 20 Bibles and 25 tracts were distributed.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for our contacts to be properly connected to the local saints.
  • Pray for the table at the University of Waterloo for Thursday, February 8.
  • Pray for the weather on Friday.
  • Depending on the weather, we may not be able to meet with the contacts we met last week at Conestoga College for follow-up.

Windsor, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 8, 2018

On Saturday, was the BfC seminar in Windsor. We had five new contacts attend, one who received a Bible at the seminar. Overall, throughout the week we contacted 153 people, 149 of them received Bibles. 280 tracts were handed out and 19 contacts prayed to receive the Lord. Three contacts had second appointments and three families were visited, two of those families were visited twice.

Our time in Windsor was so enjoyable! Also, on Saturday we had a blending time with the young people and college students. Saints from Leamington also joined. Many of those who participated in the Bible distribution, both the team and the local saints, shared on their experiences that they had this week. On Lord’s Day, a positive contact named A joined the Lord’s Table. He is very open to the saints.

This week we will be tabling at University of Toronto St. George campus and University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

Please pray for many open hearts, that the word of God would reach many students. Also please pray for the follow-up with the contacts in Windsor by the local saints this week.

Praise the Lord for what He’s doing in Southern Ontario!

Windsor, Ontario—Report 3.JPG

Windsor, Ontario—Report 3b.jpeg

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2018

In the morning we went to the Lord’s Table meeting. Nine young brothers from Calgary joined us in Lethbridge and it was very encouraging! After the Lord’s Table meeting we had a love feast together with the saints, and then in the afternoon we went to a museum called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, near Fort McLeod, with some of the young people from Calgary.

We really enjoyed spending time with some of the local saints from Calgary. We hope and pray for more blending between the saints in Calgary and the saints in Lethbridge (particularly the young people), as they are only two and a half hours away.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the Bible distribution on the University of Lethbridge campus on February 6th.
  • Please continue to pray for the young people here in Lethbridge, that they would get a taste of their spirit and begin to really enjoy the Lord in their young people’s meetings.

Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 8, 2018

Last week, the GTCA team distributed 210 Bibles over four university/college campuses. We had many open contacts who gladly received the free Bibles and we are making plans for follow-up this coming week. Currently we have about 1-5 contacts we are meeting for each campus this week.

Last weekend, the team drove out to southwest Ontario to meet the saints there at a community center. This group of saints recently came into the church life, coming out of Mennonite colonies and Christian denominations. On Saturday night, the trainees from the St. Catherine’s team joined us as well for some dinner, singing, and testimonies. It was amazing to hear what the Lord has done there in these saints’ lives. The Lord’s ways are certainly higher than our ways. Afterwards, the Kitchener team took hospitality in three of the families’ homes. Spending time with these saints in their homes was very sweet and intimate and we can tell how hungry and sincere they are.

The next morning, we had a singing and sharing time. It was organic and full of life. Afterwards we had a love feast together and got to know some other families. The team couldn’t stay much longer however, and left after lunch, even though the saints stayed longer for their prophesying meeting. We all left feeling fed and satisfied physically and spiritually. We are praying for them, that the Lord will continue to bless them and grow in them.

On Monday, the team went to University of Waterloo for some more Bible distribution. We made the same amount of contacts we had the first time we went to UW with a total of 23 Bibles given away via one-on-one contact (no Bibles for Canada table). One female student was saved and we are praying she will get connected to the Chinese speaking saints here.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the students’ responses when following up
  • Pray for the establishment of the appointments
  • Pray that the students will be open to be connected further after the first appointment.
  • Pray for students, who were not willing to give their contact information, would contact us
  • Pray the seed will grow and the local saints will pick up the burden to care for the open ones
  • Pray for the saints in Southwest Ontario, for their going on in Him

Kitchener, Ontario—Report 4a.jpg

Kitchener, Ontario—Report 4b.jpg

Hamilton/St. Catherines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 8, 2018

We spent two days traveling to different cities throughout Southern Ontario to visit saints from the Mennonite background. The trainees were joined by many local saints from Hamilton and St. Catharines. We discovered that these saints are incredibly seeking and very hungry for the truth. Upon our arrival to the meeting place, we promptly sat down and began meeting in a very organic way. Spontaneously, saints would stand to share their testimonies after an extended time of singing. We were incredibly happy to have the privilege to hear the touching testimonies that these saints shared.

Today, we distributed 36 Bibles along with over 100 tracts at Brock University in St. Catharines. Additionally, two people prayed to receive the Lord at the table. Historically, it has been very difficult to acquire a location to distribute Bibles at Brock University. However, the Lord really prepared the way as we were able to find a seeking believer within the campus administration who arranged for us to have a very good spot for the distribution. During the distribution, it was very encouraging to see many students staring as they walked past the table, only to return and inquire about a free Bible.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for more blending between the Mennonite saints and the other saints of Southern Ontario and that the Lord would continue to usher these saints into their organic function in the Body.
  • Pray for the proper follow up of all the students that we met in the first half of the trip in Hamilton at Mohawk College and McMaster University.
  • Pray that the Lord would be able to gain a beachhead on Brock University by gaining key students through the Bible distributions.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 5, 2018

On February 1, we had another full day with the saints in Lethbridge! In the morning we had our coordination and a short storytelling workshop with the saints. In the afternoon, we worked together with one of the moms to prepare for a neighborhood children’s meeting at her house that evening. Her children both invited their friends and the saints brought their own children too. We had a wonderful time with the 18 children who came and a couple of the neighborhood moms wanted to know when we would do this again! After dinner, a couple of us went to visit some gospel contacts in their home.

Highlight: Our highlight was the neighborhood children’s meeting. We are very hopeful and excited for the children’s work here in Lethbridge!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for some saints to really pick up a burden for the children’s work and to carry out regular neighborhood children’s meetings.
  • Please pray for the 10 neighborhood kids (and their families) who came to the neighborhood children’s meeting.
  • Finally, please continue to pray for the contacts we met on Wednesday at the University of Lethbridge, particularly for the ones who are open for further contact.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2018

In the morning we had a coordination meeting with the saints. After enjoying some verses and some strong prayer, we went to the University of Lethbridge for a Bible distribution. We gave out 28 Bibles, as well as some ministry books and tracts. Because of the University’s policy, we are not allowed to approach the students, but rather let them come to us. This made distributing a little difficult, but it also meant that the ones that came to the table were quite open and genuinely interested. We were there from 10am until 4:30pm. After dinner we all went to the prayer meeting.


  • Distributing Bibles with the saints and students at University of Lethbridge, praying with the saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That many of the Bible recipients would want further contact and that they would be open and available to come to a church event on Friday evening (February 2nd).

Hamilton/St. Catherines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 3, 2018

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day at McMaster University distributing Bibles in the student center. At the end of the day, we distributed a total of 54 Bibles. We were able to have many conversations with the seeking ones that approached our table. We felt that our time at McMaster University was really covered by prayer because of the strong, positive response from the students. Of the ones we contacted, two of them were able to attend a love feast that we held at the home of one of the saints nearby the campus. The burden of this time was to get these new students connected with the local students and saints. The evening was filled with singing and overflow of enjoyment from the students.

Today, though no Bible distribution took place, we had the opportunity to follow up on some of the key contacts that we met from Mohawk College and McMaster University. We were able to meet up with a good number of students for second and even third appointments. Some of the ones we met today were able to come to a small group gathering in Hamilton. During the time, we had a time of sweet fellowship in mutuality with many of us testifying of how the church life is truly our home. May the Lord gain what He is after in these two campuses!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the proper shepherding and care would be rendered to these new student contacts.
  • Please pray that the Lord would be able to gain key students within Mohawk College and McMaster University so that He could have a beachhead on these campuses.
  • Please pray that the Lord would thrust out some to migrate to Hamilton, particularly younger couples and families, to meet the need of taking care of the new college students.

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

In the morning we came together for coordination at one of the saint’s house. After the coordination meeting, we had a mini workshop for a neighborhood children’s meeting, which is taking place this Thursday, February 1. Then in the evening, there was a college meeting at a saint’s house. We had a short time of singing, then we read through John 5 and had a short time of fellowship, after that we gave a short testimony of how we got to the training and some of our experiences in the training.

Having a neighborhood children’s meeting workshop with some of the local saints. Spending time with the college students and sharing our experiences of coming to the training and being in the training.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the neighborhood children’s meeting tomorrow (February 1). Pray that many children would come and that the saints would be encouraged to carry out regular weekly NCMs.
  • On Friday, February 2, we are having a dinner and a time of fellowship with the saints. We are also inviting some of our contacts to this time. Please pray that our contacts would be free and willing to come and that they would receive something living and fresh!

Windsor, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were at the University of Windsor passing out Bibles. Thursday was our last day here. Overall, during all three days here at U of W, we contacted 150 people, 146 of them receiving Bibles, while four others received ministry books. While handing out Bibles we also were advertising for a BfC seminar this Saturday on the topic, “The Bible—A Romance of a Universal Couple.” Many showed interest in coming

On Wednesday, our team and some local saints had the opportunity to blend with the saints in Leamington, ON, a city about 40 minutes away from Windsor. The saints in Leamington were so sweet. Although there are only two families there, they are pursuing the Lord and very open to blending with the saints.

On Thursday, three groups of three or four went to three different places, one team returned to Leamington for more blending and fellowship, another team went to London to visit the saints there, and the last team blended with some of the local Chinese speaking saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue to pray for the seminar on Saturday, that many BfC recipients would be able to make it to the time.
  • Pray for more blending and building up between Leamington and Windsor Continue to pray for the health of all the ones on this trip.




Windsor, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

Greetings from Windsor, Ontario! Our time with five local saints from Toronto arrived here on Lord’s day evening. Since then we have been eating joyously, blending with the saints thoroughly, and exercising our spirits fervently. It is such a blessing to be on this trip.

On Monday, we set up a BfC table at the University of Windsor and contacted 34 people, handing out 31 Bibles. On Tuesday we had three groups of saints (local saints and trainees) for visitation or gospel preaching.

Prayer Burdens:

  • We will be tabling on Wednesday and Thursday while also advertising for a BfC seminar on Saturday. Please pray that many more students would be open to receiving the Bible.
  • Pray for the seminar on Saturday that many BfC recipients would be able to make it to the time.
  • Pray for the health of all the ones on this trip and that we would get the proper rest we need.

Praise the Lord for what He’s Windsor!


Ottawa, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

Hello saints! Here is the gospel report from Ottawa on the last two days.

The day’s activities:
January 30— This day we split into four teams. Two teams at Carleton University and two teams at the University of Ottawa! To our surprise, many of the students at the University of Ottawa asked for a French Bible! We handed out 38 French New Testaments and 47 English. At Carleton University we handed out 39. We ended the day with prayer! Local saints and the team met to eat dinner and pray for the gospel trip. A few saints and trainees were also able to share their experiences. It was such a joy to be able to pray with the saints for what the Lord is doing in Ottawa.

January 31— On the 31st all teams went to Carleton University. We held our first Bible study and it was very sweet! Four contacts came (3 students, 1 staff) and we read the first chapter of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, volume 1. It was a watering to all of us. Please continue to pray for these students! We also handed out four French New Testaments and 111 English New Testaments. In the evening we split up to blend with the saints in their homes for dinner.


  • After attending the Bible study, one contact could not stop saying how much we have touched her heart. Although she has read these passages before, what we were speaking to her was new and attracted her very much.
  • Another student said coming to the Bible study was the best decision she has made.
  • We have also been encouraged by the response. People would walk by the table, stop and stare, and walk again. But eventually they would turn around. Even though some of them were almost out the door they would walk back to the table and ask for a Bible! We are really seeing that deep inside each person God has placed eternity.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would gain students who would pick up the burden and continue the campus work at Carleton University.
  • The purchasing of a meeting hall in Ottawa. That the Lord would keep the saints in the oneness and in the one fellowship.
  • The Bible seminar this coming Friday. The Lord would release many to come and that the local saints would have the opportunity to form many connections with the new contacts.
  • For the air to be clear and for open fellowship with another Christian group on campus who in the past have openly attacked us.

Ottawa, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

Today was our first day on campus! The trainees, local saints, and supporting saints from Montreal and Toronto gathered at a brother’s house located close to Carleton University. We started off by enjoying the Lord! We realized we could not go to campus unless we touched the Lord that morning. We then split into two teams, the first team heading to Carleton University to table, and the second team staying at the home (our hub) to take care of some practical needs.

After lunch, the teams switched and the BfC info cards were inputted into a google spreadsheet. In the late afternoon, we all gathered together at the home again to share our experiences on the gospel. For dinner, all the saints blended in several homes. What a sweet beginning in Ottawa!

One student prayed to receive the Lord! After praying she said she felt at peace and was very open for appointments. Another student was impressed by the Recovery Version. After mentioning that he had several Bibles of his own, he asked to look at some verses in the NT Recovery Version. The first verse was Romans 10:13 and Ephesians 3:20. We didn’t have to say anything! The Word and the footnotes spoke for themselves. After reading the Bible the student was impressed by the way the verses were translated and the accompanying footnotes.

We also had a very open couple come by! They are visiting scholars from China and are seeking ones after meeting a friend who is a pastor. They asked if they could meet with us and then if they could also bring their children!

In total we handed out 100 Bibles, 98 English and 2 French.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The follow-up: students contacted on the 29th at Carleton University would be available for appointments this Wednesday!
  • Many more students would pray to receive the Lord! (We had one student pray to receive the Lord today)

Lethbridge/Calgary, AB—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

In the morning we came together for coordination. Then in the afternoon we went door-knocking with the local saints. There were four teams that went door knocking. We were able to give away some tracts and a few Bible. After going door-knocking, we went to visit a family who lives in the country. They are a new family in the church life who moved here from Bolivia.

Highlights: Our highlight was spending time with the new family in their home. This gave us the opportunity to blend with other saints and spend time with their children. We were able to have a singing time with around 10 children ages 4 to 14.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for our neighborhood children’s meeting this Thursday (February 1), that the parents would be encouraged to start having neighborhood children’s meetings, and that the saints’ children’s friends would want to come.
  • Pray for the Bible distribution tomorrow (January 31) at the University of Lethbridge.
  • Pray for the saints, that they would be encouraged to enter into the practice of the God-ordained Way.

Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 2, 2018

After prayer and coordination with the GTCA team in the morning, we departed for the University of Guelph, where we had a Bibles for Canada table. We distributed 100 Bibles and about 150 tracts, along with about 30 ministry books and booklets. We made solid contacts that we will be following up with and setting up appointments. Afterwards we went to a local saint’s home for dinner and fellowship.

This was the first time there was a BfC table at the University of Guelph and we were very well received. The strategic location paired with the general openness of students paired well for the word to go out. Thank you saints for all the prayers!

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the students’ responses when following up.
  • Pray for the establishment of the appointments.
  • Pray that the students who were not willing to give their contact information would contact us.
  • Pray the seed will grow and the local saints will pick up the burden to care for the open ones.



Hamilton/St. Catharines, ON—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

Upon our arrival into Hamilton, we were warmly welcomed by the local saints who opened their homes to us for the next week. That evening we were able to meet some of the young people in the Hamilton area during a time arranged specifically for the young people. We had a wonderful time singing love songs to the Lord and sharing our experiences based on the stanzas of the hymns. We were very much encouraged by the young people’s exercise and willingness to participate in the meeting.

In the following days we met up with many of the other saints in Hamilton during mealtimes and small group meetings. We were especially impressed with what the Lord has done within these saints, as we were able to hear some of their testimonies during these times. The genuine hunger and seeking of the saints sparked much fellowship, and we have been shepherded and encouraged by the rich portion of Christ that the saints here possess.

We were able to spend some time meeting students at Mohawk College, one of the local colleges with an enrollment of over 30,000 students. We spent the afternoon contacting the students in the cafeteria and throughout the campus. Our initial impression of these students is very positive, as many were quite willing to receive tracts and engage in conversation with us. We are hoping that a good number of the students contacted would be able to attend a love feast with some of the local saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the continued blending and mutual shepherding between the local saints in Hamilton and the visiting trainees and saints.
  • Please pray that the students contacted at Mohawk College could meet again for a second appointment and attend the love feast.
  • The Lord would thrust out some to migrate to Hamilton, particularly younger couples and families, to meet the need of taking care of the new college students.

Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 1, 2018

Yesterday morning (January 30), we came together at a home where we had strong prayer and coordination. Afterwards five trainees, two saints volunteering with the GTCA, four local saints, and two students went to Wilford Laurier University to distribute Bibles. We set up a BfC table and were able to make some solid contacts with students there. We distributed 43 Bibles, more than 70 tracts, and some more literature.

Later the team went to a local saint’s home for dinner and fellowship followed by the prayer meeting at the new meeting hall. There we prayed for all those who received the Bible, the contacts we made that we will potentially meet for a second appointment, and for the upcoming days of Bible distribution.

This morning (January 31), the GTCA team (five trainees and two volunteers) had coordination, packed our bags with Bibles and tracts, and departed for a few hours of Bible distribution at the University of Waterloo. We did not have a table there, so we split up into two teams to contact students in strategic locations. Today we distributed 23 Bibles, about 70 tracts, and some more literature. Three students prayed to receive the Lord and some more were open for further contact. Later on we had rest, dinner, and fellowship about the day’s labor at a home.

Our highlight was the prayer meeting, where we were able to pray for the Lord’s move here in Kitchener/Waterloo. We shared about how encouraged and impressed we were of the history here and how the saints we read about in our orientation binders were sitting right next to us in the prayer meeting. All of the times of getting to know the saints here has been so rich and touching to see how the Lord can do anything to get what He’s after.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Bibles that were distributed would be opened and enjoyed by the recipients
  • The proper follow-up of the open and hungry ones and for second appointments to be established
  • The Lord would go before us and set apart His chosen ones at the University of Guelph and Conestoga College.



Kitchener, Ontario—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

The Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph team arrived to Toronto on Friday, January 26, and have been blending and getting oriented for the GTCA here with two other teams for the weekend.

On Lord’s Day, January 28, we had the table meeting in Toronto and departed for Kitchener afterwards. That evening we attended a love feast where we were able to blend and familiarize ourselves with the history of the Church in Kitchener.

On Monday, January 29, we had a GTCA orientation that extended into the history of the churches in the area. We also went on a drive-through campus tour of the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University, followed by a quick look at the meeting place and property that was recently acquired. The team here consists of five trainees, two serving ones from different localities in Canada, and two local saints.

Although we stayed in most of the day, our highlight was beginning the day with strong prayer, learning about the rich history of the area, particularly the history of the saints with a Mennonite background, and sharing our past experiences out on the gospel.

Please pray for:

  • The Bible distribution this week on the campuses: Wilford Laurier University, the University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, and Conestoga College.
  • The distribution and contact goals for this GTCA in Kitchener to be met, such as: 1) 2,400 tracts 2) 600 Bibles 3) 1,000 initial contacts 4) 25 unbelievers saved
  • This will be our first time having a table on the University of Guelph campus so we are requesting prayers for a positive atmosphere and that we will leave a good impression with the university.



Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 14-16

February 12, 2017

These past two weeks have flown by and we have reached the end of the sowing trips to Ottawa and Laval. In one of our readings for this gospel trip, we read this quote from Brother Lee (Three Aspects of the Church: the Course of the Church):

When a person is graced with being part of one of God’s special moves on this earth, it is the greatest blessing of his life. God’s move makes an impression that he will never forget, and it becomes an unending source of supply to Him

I think we can all testify that participating on this trip has been a blessing and has left us with an impression that we will never forget. Thank you saints for laboring in coordination with us and sending us your much needed prayers. We really felt covered under the prayers of the saints.

Gospel Outreach:
On Friday morning during our coordination time, many saints shared concerning their experiences of passing out Bibles in the metro stations. The reports were very encouraging.

  • At Station Mount Morency, one contact joined us to pass out free Bibles. In addition, we met a sister who had read Brother Watchman Nee before. She was really excited to meet us and this Saturday, she came to the seminar.
  • At Station Henri-Bourassa, we met an evangelist brother and we were able to have sweet fellowship with Him. He heard that God needs a counterpart and we are to be His counterpart. In order for us to be His counterpart, we need to match Christ in life and nature. He realized that the bride was not ready and he needs to allow Christ to spread in him from his spirit, to his soul, and to his body.
  • At Station Cote-Vertu, we met a fellow believer who initially didn’t want to leave his contact information. That evening, he called us and asked if he and his wife could get a ride to the seminar.
  • At station Cartier, we met another brother who was seeking for a church and we exchanged contact information and invited him to come to the Bible seminar and Lord’s Table meeting. In addition, one Muslim contact heard about the three parts of man and called on the name of the Lord to receive Christ into him.

Praise the Lord for all these contacts!

On Saturday, many of the local saints, including young people and college students, joined us in distributing Bibles at the metro stations. We were very encouraged to see the young people, college students, and local saints participate in the labor. Actually, we passed out the most amount of Bibles on that day, 340 Bibles in total. Praise the Lord, we can labor together in coordination and a threefold cord is not easily broken (Eccl 4:12).

The following night, we had 12 new ones join us at the Bible seminar. The topic was the Spirit who is All-Sufficient. The new ones heard about God’s economy and that God’s economy is to dispense Himself in Christ as the Spirit into his children. After the presentation, we broke up into five different groups: two English groups, two French groups, and one Spanish group. Many new ones heard about calling on the name of the Lord and reading the Word as ways to receive this Spirit who is all-sufficient. Oh Lord Jesus! Oh Seigneur Jésus! Oh Señor Jesús!

On Lord’s Day morning, two brothers gave an encouraging report concerning the labor in Ottawa and the labor in Laval. This was a great encouragement to the saints. One of the contacts that we met also came to the Lord’s Table meeting. During the table meeting, he offered many prayers and many praises to the Lord. During the love feast afterwards, we connected him with some of the local saints and found someone who could bring him from Laval to the meetings. Lord, may you gain this one as a key one for your building here in Laval.

Final Stats:

  • Tracts: 6,352
  • BfC Bible Offer Cards: 2
  • Bibles: 2,177
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 2,176
  • Other BfC Ministry books: 772
  • Contacts >30 seconds: 2,105
  • Prayed With: 47
  • Second Appointment: 40
  • Visited: 7

Praise the Lord for 2,177 Bibles, 2,176 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, and 772 ministry books!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would strengthen and supply the saints in Ottawa and Montréal to follow up with the contacts.
  • The Lord would bless all the Bibles and ministry materials given out and that the recipients would come to the full knowledge of the truth
  • The Lord would gain the key ones in Ottawa and Laval to strengthen His testimony in these localities.

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 14-16 A.jpg

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 14-16 B.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 14-16

February 12, 2017

We arrived in Edmonton on 2/10/17 and had lunch with the saints. After lunch, we went to the University of Alberta and had a meeting with local saints including students in the University of Alberta. The saints were able to fellowship about their burden for the campus work at the University of Alberta with the team to gain more students and bring them fully into the church life. After the fellowship, the team with the local saints including students went out to two train stations near the campus and distributed the gospel tracts. 204 gospel tracts were distributed and we found out that a lot of people were interested and read while waiting for the next train. In the evening, the team was able to join the weekly college student meeting and fellowshipped about the spirit as a receiving organ. Many students were able to share their portion and enjoy the fellowship.

We also had the meeting with local saints in the morning at the meeting hall on 2/11/17 and also had an opportunity to have a conference call with the GTCA team in Abbotsford and brother Robert Lim. Each team shared about their GTCA gospel trip experiences in Canada and all were encouraged. After the call, we prayed for the Lord’s move in Canada and the college conference in Edmonton with local saints. During the day, four teams of saints who are composed of trainees and local saints visited some saints who need encouragement including dormant saints. We also had three meetings in the evening including Young People’s meeting, Chinese speaking home meeting, and English speaking home meeting.

There will be the first college conference on Feb 18-19 and this will be held in Edmonton. There will be about 65 students signed up from different localities such as Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton. Praise the Lord for His move in college students in Canada.

We thank the Lord for this GTCA gospel trip opportunity from 1/28/17 to 2/12/17. We were able to see how the Lord has been moving in North America. May the Lord continue to spread and increase in North America as well as all over the world for the building up of His Body, the preparation of His bride and bringing in His kingdom.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would gain what He is after during the first college conference in Edmonton, AB from 2/18-2/19 and release all the students to see the vision and be governed by the vision.
  • Campus work would prevail in the University of Alberta by strengthening the core students and the new local Canadian contacts would be brought into the church life.
  • The Lord would release the blending among the churches in Alberta Canada.

Lethbridge, AB—Days 14-16.JPG

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 14-15

February 11, 2017

The Lord is sovereign. Abbotsford was not equipped to handle the record-breaking snowfall, but He arranged for it to come, at this time, for a reason. We often found ourselves asking each other what to do, after activities had to be canceled, one after another. And tonight, at our overflow meeting in Surrey, one of our brothers asked us, “What did He want us to do? He wanted us to STOP. He wanted us to pray. He wanted us to fellowship with Him and with one another. He wanted us to care for the growth in life in the worker, instead of just the work.”

Through these past two weeks, the Lord has reminded us that the building up of the Body is intrinsic. Although we might not have been able to outwardly do as much as we planned, the Lord was working Himself deeper into us. And in fact, some of our highlights have been the unscheduled prayer and fellowship we got to have with our hospitality on the days we were snowed in. His ways are higher than our ways.

Last night, we had our long-awaited gospel meeting. Two were saved and two were baptized! Sister J and her mother have been praying for the past 10 years for her father’s baptism, and last night their prayers were answered! Another contact, brother J, is a student from Brazil who met the saints through his homestay. After witnessing the two baptisms, he was moved to tears and prayed to receive the Lord. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The precious saints in Abbotsford to continue living a GTCA life!
  • The Lord to gain a lampstand in Abbotsford for the building up of His Body!

Abbotsford, BC— Days 14-15.png

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 12-13

February 9, 2017


Thank you so much for your prayer. We can really testify that the Lord has been able to move in the metro stations in Laval these past few days. It seems that the barrier between us and the citizens of Laval has been reduced. The people are more open to speak with us and willing to take a tract, a ministry book or a Bible. In addition, the Lord has brought us in contact with many sons of peace. We have led some new ones to pray and we have also met other seeking Christians.

At one station, we met a Christian evangelist who saw that he needed to allow the Lord to spread from his spirit into his soul and into his body. He also saw that one way to allow the Lord to spread is to read the Word. At another station, we found a Christian who is currently seeking a church. We exchanged contact information and gave him the address of the home meeting in Laval this Friday.

We hope to find many more sons of peace in the next few days. The Lord has also been sanctifying the atmosphere. At some of the stations, the Jehovah Witnesses have not been present the last few days. The Lord has been able to move in the people of Laval. May we all continue to labor in our prayer to “lay the tracks” for the Lord to move in Laval.


This Thursday, the four saints that stayed behind in Ottawa, gave us a report of the follow-up labor on the campuses this past Monday through Wednesday. The report was very encouraging!

On Lord’s Day evening, the saints fellowshipped with the local brothers concerning the follow-up. These brothers were so eager to find out what to do and how to care for these contacts. The fellowship was that they could not practically care for 500 contacts but each one could find one or two to care for. On Monday, we had a drop-in Bible study from 9:30-4 at Algonquin college. In total, seven people dropped by to read the word and enjoy the Lord.

On Tuesday, we spent the day at Carleton University. We had a room booked in the library from 12-4. During this time, one Christian sister from Egypt joined us. Although there was a fire alarm that forced us to evacuate the building, this sister still remained with us and continued to fellowship with us. We had a lot of fellowship with her regarding the Triune God. This fellowship, eventually led her to experience the Triune God by calling on His name. Some of the local saints joined us for this time at Carleton University and they were encouraged. They realized that shepherding is not too difficult. They can book a room and bring their Bibles, and then have a Bible study with the contacts.

On Wednesday, we first went to University of Ottawa in the morning. Initially, we did not have a room booked. However, we went in faith and we found an empty room in the library. Three students came and we had a Bible study for 50 minutes. Initially, a group who had reserved this room came to kick us out. However, they saw our enjoyment of the word and decided to let us stay for 50 minutes. During this time, one student prayed to receive the Lord and was filled with joy. This one found the meaning of his human life! He even joined us in the afternoon Bible study at Carleton and wants to come to the home meeting this Friday. One student also helped us to book a room at the library for next week.

At Algonquin college, we had one student come to the Bible study. We enjoyed reading John 2 with him and fellowshipping with him. He really enjoyed the time, mentioning that before, he didn’t have anyone to talk with about the Lord and the Word of God. This one then booked a room for us at Algonquin for a Bible study next week.

Now, we have a room reserved for a Bible study at every campus. Praise the Lord!

Current statistics:

  • Tracts: 4,903
  • BfC Bible Offer Cards: 2
  • Bibles: 1,581
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 1,581
  • Other BfC Ministry books: 721
  • Contacts >30 seconds: 1,511
  • Prayed With: 45
  • Second Appointment: 25
  • Visited: 7

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would bring the seeking ones to the metro stations and to the seminar this Saturday
  • The Lord would continue to clear away any hindrances: hindrances in us, hindrances in the people of Laval, hindrances due to language, and hindrances due to culture.
  • The Lord would strengthen the local saints to follow-up

John 10:2-4 “But he who enters through the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he puts forth all his own, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 11-13

February 9, 2017

We are full of thanksgiving and praising to the Lord for the pouring out of His blessing to the saints in Lethbridge. May the Lord continue to supply the saints in Lethbridge abundantly.

One newly saved sister was invited to one of the corporate morning revival times. While we were enjoying a hymn together, she asked a question. Each saint shared their portion and enjoyed related verses together with much overflowing. She appreciated being with the saints so much and the next day she invited the saints to her home. After having a home meeting at her house, her whole family joined the GTCA overflowing meeting.

During the GTCA Lethbridge overflowing meeting, both visiting saints and local saints testified that the Lord is moving in Lethbridge. We all were very shepherded by one another’s portions. Visiting saints, including trainees, were very thankful to the Lord for the brotherly love that the church in Lethbridge has, as well as for the simplicity of their heart for Christ and the Body in practicing the God-ordained way.

Now we are on the way to Edmonton, AB and we visited saints in Calgary. We also had an opportunity to share our experiences in Lethbridge with the saints in Calgary. With the saints in Calgary, we prayed for the church in Lethbridge and we all were encouraged to continue to pray and visit the saints in Lethbridge.

We will visit saints in Edmonton tomorrow (2/10/2017) to participate in the Lord’s works in this locality. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The saints in Lethbridge to go on in the Lord with much prayer and blending with saints in other localities
  • Gaining the maximum benefit for the Lord’s works in Edmonton, AB during the trip

Lethbridge, AB—Days 11-13.jpg

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 11-13

February 9, 2017

The Lord has been answering our prayers in Abbotsford, in His way and in His timing.

This morning, we enjoyed S.S. 7:11, “Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the fields; / Let us lodge in the villages” and Hymn #206, “O I am my Beloved’s, And my Beloved’s mine … I stand upon His merit; I know no other stand.” For various reasons, our natural strength has begun to run low, and today we acknowledged that we have no qualification to be here in the fields of Abbotsford other than the Lord’s merit. Praise the Lord that we are His, and He is ours!

On Monday night, what with all the changes in weather and corresponding changes in schedule, we felt it necessary to keep continuous watchful prayer from 7-10pm. Several of us prayed with our hospitality and the time was very enjoyable. After our night of prayer, our team was finally physically reunited (following several snow days of Skype coordination), and we have since been able to resume our door-knocking activities. Any difficulties we’ve come across have made our conversations with open ones even more precious.

Today, after distributing tracts and Bible seminar invitations at local businesses, we met seven new ones at our Bible seminar! We are very encouraged by their seeking hearts. Two of them, contact C and contact D, are coming to the gospel meeting this Saturday! Thank You Lord! Please pray for Him to bind any last-minute distractions/ cancellations.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The new contacts and recipients of our free Bibles and ministry materials
  • The gospel meeting this Saturday

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 11

February 7, 2017

We wanted to send a short update of the gospel work in Laval. Today was the first day of Bible distribution. We are distributing Bibles at 4 metro stations: Cartier, De La Concorde, Montmorency, and Henri-Bourassa. Because we are in the French-speaking portion of Canada and we are passing out Bibles at metro stations instead of universities, the Bible distribution has been a little more difficult. We feel that we need the prayers of the saints to remove the barriers between us and the people of Laval.

In our prayer meeting tonight, we realized that this week is a fresh start and we need to forget the things which are behind. This includes both our successes and our failures. We also realized that we should not depend on our methods but we should trust in the Lord and exercise our spirit.

I would like to share an encouraging story with you. At one of the metro stations, we had an encounter with one of the metro staff, who forced us to move to a different location in the metro station. Initially, we were rattled and timid after the encounter. However, as we turned to our spirit and enjoyed the Lord, we were strengthened again to distribute tracts and ask commuters if they would like a free study Bible. Despite the difficulties, we were still able to pass out a good number of French Bibles. This reminded me of Acts 14:19-20, “But Jews from Antioch and Iconium came there; and having persuaded the crowds, they stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, supposing that he was dead. But as the disciples surrounded him, he rose up and entered into the city. And on the next day he went out with Barnabas to Derbe.” Hallelujah for the resurrection life!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would remove any barrier between us and the citizens of Laval, specifically the language and the cultural barriers
  • The Lord would supply the team with sufficient grace and build us up together
  • The Lord would sanctify the atmosphere at these four metro stations. There are also Jehovah Witnesses tabling at many of these stations.

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 6, 2017

Thank you so much for praying for us! We had the glorious first Lord’s Table in Lethbridge on 2/5/17. It was full of enjoyment and praises to the Lord. There were about 100 saints total including saints visiting from Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, and Regina, SK. All of the saints were very joyful for the first Lord’s Table after a number of years of fellowship and prayers. In the prophesying meeting, there was a rich overflow of life and many saints felt encouraged to freely share their enjoyment of Christ. Several saints who had never prophesied in a meeting before also shared their portion with “a little power” (Rev 3:8).

The next day, we had several appointments with new contacts. Some local saints and students were able to join us. Two of the new contacts joined a college meeting and got connected with the local college students in Lethbridge. There were also neighborhood children’s meetings and home meetings with new ones at two homes. We all enjoyed spending time together with much singing and fellowshipping.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Local saints to continue to enjoy the Lord day by day and house to house for the normal growth in life after the first Lord’s table
  • Continue to have follow-up appointments with new contacts and connect them with local saints and companionize them with local college students
  • Inoculate the new contacts and our own young people and college students

Lethbridge, AB—Days 9-10 A.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 9-10 B.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 9-10 C.jpg

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 8-10

February 6, 2017

As one of our brothers shared on Lord’s Day, we’ve been dealing with many changes in our weather, but there are no changes in the direction of the Lord’s move today!

Over the past few days, Abbotsford has experienced record-breaking snowfall. On Saturday, we had 20 cm of snow; the previous record was 7.6 cm in 1957. The enemy may be trying to frustrate us, but as another brother reminded us, that just means we must be doing something right! We are learning to be flexible: to ensure safe travels, we moved the gospel meeting to next Saturday (2/11), instead of door-knocking this past weekend (2/4-2/5), we have been following up with contacts who previously received free Bibles and ministry materials through phone calls, and when the snowfall made travel too difficult/dangerous, we coordinated, read, and sang songs together over Skype.

Today (2/6), we were able to resume door-knocking activities! We knocked on 69 doors and distributed 61 tracts. In the responses of all our contacts, there have been varied levels of openness, but we are encouraged by our conversations with His precious seeking ones.

Highlights of our trip have included our time blending with the local saints. There has been much mutual shepherding, strengthening and encouragement, for the building up of the Body. On Saturday night (2/4), we re-watched Message Two of the Thanksgiving Conference. It reminded us that He is doing only one work today, the work of the building of the Body of Christ. Hallelujah for the Body, the masterpiece of God!

GTCA-Abbotsford First Week Statistics:

  • 572 doors knocked and tracts distributed
  • 171 recipients of the Bible and ministry books
  • 112 recipients are open to receive further contact
  • 3 prayed to receive the Lord
  • 3 new ones came to our seminar
  • 219 follow-up contacts from this year and last year

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would personally draw many to the seminar this Thursday at the Clearbrook Library.
  • The Lord would cover every detail of the gospel meeting this coming Saturday, have a free way to flow, and release the salvation of our friends and gospel contacts!
  • The Lord would operate the willing and the working in all of our follow-up contacts for their “much more” salvation.

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 6, 2017

Greetings from the saints in Montréal and Laval, Quebec, Canada! This past Lord’s Day, most of the GTCA Ottawa/Laval team traveled two hours to arrive in Montréal and Laval in the French-speaking portion of Eastern Canada. Two trainees and two serving ones stayed behind in Ottawa to continue the follow-up with our contacts. They will join us in Laval on Wednesday. Laval is a Canadian city north of Montréal and we will be distributing Bibles in the metro stations there this week.


This past Lord’s Day, during the prophesying meeting, many shared concerning their experience from this past week. For many, this was their first time giving out Bibles. We were all encouraged to hear how they experienced the supply from the Lord and the supply from the other members. Even one high schooler, who is not saved, testified of being happy after passing out one Bible. Others testified of appreciating the Body in the labor. We had many different languages represented in the labor: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish and Ukrainian. Some could not speak English or French, but were still able to function by passing out tracts and bringing students to the table. Some saints would pass out tracts, others would stand at the table and greet the students, and others would show the students how to use the Bible. It was a labor in the Body and in coordination. It reminds me of 1 Cor 14:31, “For you can all prophesy one by one that all may learn and all may be encouraged.”

Today the Ottawa team continued the follow-up labor. We had a drop-in Bible study from 10am to 3pm at Algonquin College. In total seven students stopped by to enjoy the Word of God with us. We went through various topics of the Bible to meet each one’s need. The students responded very positively and many are interested in attending a regular weekly Bible study. We plan to have one at 2pm to 3pm this Wednesday. In addition, we visited two families. Lord, gain these families for your testimony in Ottawa!


On Monday, we spent the bulk of the day touring Montréal. We visited the top of Mount Royal and saw an overview of the city. We also visited old Montréal, downtown and McGill University. We are now more familiar with the area and ready to begin Bible distribution tomorrow.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would bless the drop-in Bible studies and nourish the students with the Word
  • The Lord would bring the contacts to the Bible Study at Algonquin this Wednesday
  • The Lord would gain these two families for the Lord’s testimony in Ottawa

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 9-10 A.png

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Days 9-10 B.JPG

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 4, 2017

Have you found your human spirit? It is connected to your mouth. Hallelujah, Oh Lord Jesus! That is the way to let it out! On Saturday, Feb 4, many contacts found their human spirit and received the living God into their spirit! On Friday, many college students drank from the fountain of living water. Here are some verses that we have been enjoying these past few days:

  • John 4:13 “Jesus answered and said to her, Everyone who drinks of this water shall thirst again,
  • John 4:14 “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall by no means thirst forever; but the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into eternal life.
  • John 4:24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.

Also, there has been several opportunities for blending among the saints. On Wednesday night, three sisters visited a family to spend time with their son who is 4 years old. The sisters and the other saints also fellowshipped concerning their experiences of the children’s work and shared their burdens. On Thursday night, several trainees and college students visited three young people and their families. The young people consists of one 9th grader, one 11th grader, and one 12th grader. After dinner, they engaged in a variety of activities including talking around the table, playing board games and ice skating in front of the house. On Saturday morning, the saints went ice-skating on the Rideau Canal or toured the Winterlude festival in Ottawa.

Current statistics:

  • Tracts: 2,509
  • BfC Bible Offer Cards: 2
  • Bibles: 1,025
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 980
  • Other BfC Ministry books: 642
  • Contacts >30 seconds: 956
  • Prayed With: 37
  • Second Appointment: 8

Praise the Lord for over 1,025 Bibles sown in Ottawa! On Friday we finished our last day of Bible distribution and we had several appointments with contacts. By the Lord’s covering, we were still able to distribute Bibles at Algonquin university. Thank you dear saints for your prayers to keep this campus open. Lord, may your word continue to run at all three campuses!

That Friday evening, we gathered at a local community center with the college students and two new ones. We thoroughly enjoyed singing many songs concerning drinking the Lord. We also read the 1st chapter of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol 2 concerning the matter of pray-reading. Lord, may the college students learn to pray-read Your word in the morning!

On Saturday evening, Bibles for Canada had their Bible seminar concerning the Key to Experiencing Christ - the Human Spirit. Nine new ones came to this time and heard about our human spirit and how it can be used to contact God. During the break-out session after the presentation, several new ones prayed to receive the Lord.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would bless the Bible studies next week
  • The Lord would strengthen and supply the saints to follow up with the positive contacts
  • The Lord would guard the new ones and usher them into the church life

Ottawa, ON—Days 7-8 A.JPG

Ottawa, ON—Days 7-8 B.jpeg

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 6-8

February 4, 2017

We went out set up the BfC (Bibles for Canada) table at University of Lethbridge and we distributed 52 Bibles and received contact information for 14 contacte, twice as much as the last two days in campuses. Local saints and college students participated and it was a great experience for the saints and students to have the spirit of gospel preaching. We plan to follow up with the new contacts by phone and make face-to-face appointments with them. Thank you saints for your prayers!

One of the new contacts came to the Bible seminar and the local students spontaneously functioned to take care of the new one. He is found to be a seeking one and was very happy to, “meet believers who strongly rely on God.”

The trainees prepared for the young people and college students’ meeting and shared about developing intimate fellowship with the Lord by redeeming the time to become consecrated ones. About 40 college students and young people came and enjoyed and functioned in the meeting by encouraging one another. We also had an opportunity to have a sweet time with the students, having morning revival together and had an outing together for blending.

The local saints have been very encouraged by visiting saints from Calgary and other localities, feeling that we all are one Body. Meetings at the local saints’ homes with new ones are being held almost everyday and all the meetings have been very living and enjoyable. Before having the first Lord’s Table on February 5th, 2017, all the saints got together for fellowship with visiting responsible brothers about the Lord’s Table meetings.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The first Lord’s Table in Lethbridge and the local saints to continue steadfastly in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles in the breaking of the bread and the prayers (Acts 2:42).
  • Gaining 14 contacts from the Bible distribution as remaining fruit for the testimony of Jesus in the church in Lethbridge.
  • Normal growth in life among the young people and college students in the church in Lethbridge

Lethbridge, AB—Days 6-8 A.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 6-8 B.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 6-8 C.jpg

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 6-7

February 3, 2017

Praise the Lord for living water in Abbotsford!

Snow to shovel through has piled up on our driveways, but “waters to swim in will meet our every need.”

On Thursday, 2/2/17, in our pursuit of truth through our corporate reading of The Exercise of the Kingdom for the Building of the Church, we had a very watering time of fellowship about the denying of the self for the building up of the Body. We say “no” to the self and “yes” to the spirit! Later, we spent the afternoon/evening at the University of the Fraser Valley, distributing free Bibles and ministry materials, and holding seminars on The Mystery of Human Life and The Mystery of God’s Full Salvation. We were especially encouraged by the openness of three new ones who came.

Today, 2/3/17, we had enjoyable experiences door-knocking. Please pray for D to come to the seminar next week! Tonight, although the weather conditions made travel extremely difficult, local saints gathered to feast on the Lord together. We spent the night singing unto Him. Meeting with the saints is truly the greatest joy on earth.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would water the seeds sown in the new ones who came to our Bibles for Canada seminars, and to release many more to come to the seminars next week!
  • The Lord would bless our gospel meeting tomorrow night with His presence, cover all the travels through the snow, and release our contacts’ full salvation.

Abbotsford, BC— Days 6-7 A.png

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

February 2, 2017

After four days of sowing on the college campuses and in the community, the Lord has blessed us with many positive contacts and many Bible recipients. Now we are focusing more on the shepherding and follow-up with these positive contacts. On the one hand, one burden is to distribute the Word of God to the community. On the other hand, our view and our goal is to gain remaining fruit. We predict that by the end of this week, we will have passed around 1,000 Bibles. Of these 1,000 recipients, if the saints in Ottawa had 10 solid positive contacts to shepherd, then this sowing trip will be a success. To gain 10 such ones, we need adequate follow-up with our positive contacts and much and thorough prayer. Lord, may you gain at least 10!

These four days of labor have also tested our endurance. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed coming to the Lord in a fresh way morning by morning to be revived and strengthened. Here are some lines from some hymns that we have enjoyed.

Hymn 554:
“I come to his presence afresh… And He speaks to me and reveals to me all His riches for me today; and with sweet delight I partake of Him, My hunger has passed away… And I drink of Him for my every need, my thirsting has passed away”

Hymn 521:
“I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast shown, and I begin to see, What Thou canst be to all Thine own, What they may be to Thee; If only they will yield Thee all, And trustingly obey Thy call”

Gospel Outreach:
The current statistics are as follows (numbers are still in flux):

  • Tracts: 1,895
  • BfC Bible Offer Cards: 2
  • Bibles: 840
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1: 69
  • Other BfC Ministry books: 545
  • Contacts >30 seconds: 779
  • Prayed With: 19
  • Second Appointment: 9

We also have 73 very open positive contacts and 187 additional positive contacts. Many saints are beginning to have appointments with these contacts and we hope to have more appointments on Friday. On Saturday evening, we will host a Bible seminar from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM with dinner included. The topic will be: the Key to Experiencing Christ - the Human Spirit. After a presentation on this topic, we will place the contacts in smaller groups and shepherd them according to their needs. Seminar invitations will be sent out to these contacts tomorrow. May many touch their human spirit on Saturday!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would keep Algonquin College open for Bible distribution and Bibles for Canada would maintain positive relationships with other campus ministries
  • Our contacts would respond to our texts and emails for appointments and they would touch Christ in these appointments
  • The Lord would bless the Saturday seminar and the Lord would be our wisdom in shepherding the contacts during the group time.

Behold the Sower went out to sow and some seeds fell beside the way, others fell on the rocky places,and others fell into the thorns, However, some fell on the good earth and yielded fruit (Mark 4:3-8). Lord, may some seeds fall on the good earth this week!

Ottawa, ON—Days 5-6.jpg

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 4-5

February 1, 2017

On Tuesday, 1/31/17, many wonderful local saints joined us in our labor for the gospel. We divided into two groups, one went door-knocking, while the other went to the University of Fraser Valley campus to distribute free Bibles and ministry materials, and to inform students about our upcoming seminars. Later, after our prayer meeting, we made a list of contacts and friends we’re burdened for to come to our gospel meeting this Saturday, and we’ve been praying for them by name.

Yesterday, 2/1/17, we continued door-knocking, and there were several very encouraging contacts. Two prayed to receive the Lord! Praise Him! We also made three home visitations, and it has been sweet to be able to pray for the families’ situations specifically.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would bless our upcoming Bibles for Canada seminars with His presence
  • The Lord would release many gospel contacts to come to our gospel meeting this Saturday
  • The saints we visit would be comforted and encouraged by the Christ us

Abbotsford, BC— Days 4-5 A.png

Abbotsford, BC— Days 4-5 B.png

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 4-5

February 1, 2017

We went out to set up the BfC (Bibles for Canada) table at both Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge for one day in each places. We distributed about 45 Bibles as well as 95 Mystery of Human Life tracts and 40 spiritual books in total. It was very encouraging to see students who were open to receive the Bibles and some left their contact information for future appointments. We invited those who were interested to a Bible seminar on 2/2/17 for students. We also had a time of fellowship in which saints were encouraged to participate in campus work to gain freshman students through coordination with other saints and students.

We also had several home meetings with local saints and new ones and all meetings were very encouraging and enjoyable. Local saints and new ones in Lethbridge are mostly composed of saints who are from Mexico, Belize, and Bolivia with German Mennonite background. Saints speak low German as their primary language and English as their second. We labored together with local saints to shepherd new ones, children, young people, and college students in the meetings.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Gaining local Canadian students especially freshman students on campuses through the vitalization of the saints and college students
  • Seeking ones to attend the Bible seminar on 2/2/17

Lethbridge, AB—Days 4-5 (1).jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 4-5 (2).jpg

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 31, 2017

We just completed our first two days of Bible distribution. The response from the university students and the citizens of Ottawa portrays their genuine hunger for the Word of God. At many locations, right after we finished setting up the tables, people approached our tables inquired about the free study Bible. Lord, may your word run in Ottawa!


Exercise of the Kingdom for the Building up of the Church
During the gospel trip, we are also reading the above mentioned ministry book. Here are a few highlights from our reading:

“We need the revelation that the very Jesus in whom we believe for salvation is the Christ, the oil upon us for functioning, and the Son of the living God, the water within us for life.”

“Forget about what you are or what you can do, and remember that you have received the Son of the living God into you as your life and that you have been attached to the anointed One. Because you have been attached to Him, the ointment upon Him is flowing down to you.”

Reports at the prayer meeting:

This past prayer meeting, the gospel trip participants shared testimonies from the past two days of Bible distribution. Many testified of positive contacts with students and community members including, eagerly receiving the Bible and the ministry, calling on the name of the Lord, desiring to join the Friday-night college meeting, and even setting up appointments later in the week.

Gospel Outreach:

University of Ottawa:

  • At this Bilingual university, we have passed out many English Bibles and even some French Bibles. The demand for the French Bible surprised many of us and has highlighted the need of the French speaking students
  • In addition, most of the ones we passed the Bible out to are interested in a Bible study. However, there is currently no club at this university. May the Lord pave the way to have a Bible study at the University of Ottawa

Carleton University:

  • Our college students attending Carleton University have been faithfully supporting the labor, helping with setup, providing snacks, and helping with break-down.
  • Tomorrow, we will be having 3-4 appointments with new contacts. May the Lord bless these appointments.

Algonquin College:

  • Students are constantly visiting the BfC table and there is barely enough time to write down details concerning the persons on the contact card before addressing another student.
  • For many, this was the first time they had seen a Bible distribution and many have expressed their interests in attending a Bible study. Some are even planning on coming this Friday to the college meeting.

Transportation Station:

  • At Billing Bridge Station, saints handed out 26 Bibles and 116 gospel tracts in one afternoon. While only some receive a Bible, most express their gratitude for the Bible distribution
  • At another transportation station, the saints were kicked out by two station workers who refused to look at the confirmation email from Ottawa’s transportation department confirming our permission to distribute Bibles. This shows that Satan is trembling. May the Lord bind his enemy and release the way to distribute Bibles at this transportation station.
  • The response from the Bible distributions indicates that the harvest is great. However, the workers are few. Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest that He would thrust out workers into His harvest (Matt. 9:37-38).

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would cover the Friday night college meeting and Saturday Bible seminar and that the ones invited would be able to come
  • The Lord would be our wisdom in following up with the promising contacts
  • The Lord would supply the community saints to participate in the follow-up labor after the Bible distribution
  • The Lord would encourage the saints to pray and adequately coordinate to shepherd the new ones

Ottawa, ON—Days 3-4 A.JPG

Ottawa, ON—Days 3-4 B.jpg

Abbotsford, BC— Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

January 30, 2017

On Saturday night, 1/28/17, the Lord brought us all safely to Langley, where we first met the Fraser Valley saints. Together, we enjoyed dinner and fellowship on the direction of the Lord’s move today.

Yesterday, 1/29/17, we met for the Lord’s Table meeting in Abbotsford. We enjoyed the reality of the fact that he who prophesies builds up the church, His Body, the fullness of the One who fills all in all! We then spent the afternoon in Surrey for a GTCA orientation / Bibles for Canada workshop, which gave us practical fellowship on contacting and shepherding.

Today, 1/30/17, was our first day of coordination, team prayer, and door-knocking! With four groups of 18 local saints, trainees, and serving ones, and with the practical service of many other local saints, we gave out 164 tracts and 5 Bibles. Several people we met were interested in coming to our free seminars (e.g. on the Mystery of God’s Economy, the Mystery of God’s Full Salvation). One person prayed to receive the Lord! Hallelujah! Tonight, we split into a number of small groups to visit local saints. Our time blending with saints was wonderfully sweet.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would gain His lampstand in Abbotsford for the building up of His Body
  • The Lord would release many contacted today to come to the upcoming Bibles for Canada seminars
  • The Lord would cherish the dormant saints through our visitations

Abbotsford, BC— Days 1-3.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

January 30, 2017

Praise the Lord for His move in Lethbridge, Canada! We have arrived here three days ago on January 28. We were very warmed by the saints’ welcoming and caring for us. We definitely feel that the saints have been preparing and praying for this trip.

On the last Lord’s Day, the brothers had fellowship with the local saints concerning fruit-bearing and two problems of barrenness and aging. Many saints were touched by the fact that we can be perfected by perfecting others in fruit-bearing.

There are many children and young people in Lethbridge. The total number coming to the meetings is 83 and about 50% of them are children and young people. There are also nine college students from Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge. The saints are burdened about raising up this young generation and their normal growth in life. Saints are coordinating for the meetings to meet this need including college student meetings and neighborhood children’s meetings.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Encouraging healthy fruit-bearing life among the saints
  • The first Lord’s Table meeting at Lethbridge on 2/5/2017
  • Children’s meeting and shepherding time for young people and college students throughout the trip

Lethbridge, AB—Days 1-3 A.jpg

Lethbridge, AB—Days 1-3 B.jpg

Ottawa, ON and Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 28, 2017

Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! Today was our first full day in Ottawa. By the Lord’s grace and covering, everyone was able to arrive safely and in a timely manner to Ottawa last night. After we arrived, we enjoyed a wonderful time of feasting and blending at different small group meetings.

During the Lord’s day meeting this morning, we heard two encouraging speakings:

  • According to 2 Peter, we have all been allotted a portion of faith and we need to exercise this faith so that the virtues listed in 2 Peter may be developed. The ultimate consummation of these virtues is love and this love is the church.
  • To participate in this gospel trip, we need much prayer. This prayer has two aspects: individual and corporate. In the individual aspect, we need to pray personally to confess our sins. Our confession will lead us to be filled in spirit. In the corporate aspect, we put on the whole armor of God, which is our uniform to exercise authority over Satan and the demons. Even though some may not be able to physically participate in the Bible distribution, all of us need to redeem the time to pray. Our prayer will pave the way to bear remaining fruit.

After the prophesying meeting, we had a love feast together with the saints visiting to participate in the Bible distribution and the local saints in Ottawa. Praise the Lord for the mutual blending and encouraging fellowship among the saints.

As the snow was falling in the afternoon, we toured downtown Ottawa. We visited the parliament building, and we drank coffee and ate Canadian pastries in a bakery. As we were waiting for our pastries, we handed out a gospel tract to a guitar player in the street. Hallelujah, even in our touring, we can have a gospel living!

Gospel Outreach:
Tomorrow will mark the first day of our Bible distribution. We will be targeting three universities and three transportation stations:

  1. University of Ottawa
  2. Carleton University
  3. Algonquin College

  4. Billings Bridge Station
  5. South Key Station
  6. Baseline Station

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would bless the Bible distribution at these locations and that we would gain seeking contacts open to further appointments
  • The Lord would bring our team and our sub-teams into the one accord
  • The Lord would strengthen and supply the local saints to participate in the gospel outreach and to pray individually and corporately



Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 13-15

February 7, 2016

The last few days of our gospel trip were spent distributing, door-knocking, and following up on the warmest doors and contacts who requested for small group fellowship. Despite the cold and rain, many saints still came to help labor together with the full-time team and trainees. Though our fingers were numb and our toes wet, our spirits were burning and it was a glorious time of going out with the Lord in the nearby neighborhoods.

Our last seminar on Saturday had the lowest attendance of all our seminars, yet the Lord still brought some solid seeking ones, as well as one who saw our table just before we were about to close. He was seeking a group to meet with while visiting the area for the next two months. He attended the table meeting the next morning and said it was “awesome”.

On Saturday evening, we concluded with a wonderful overflow meeting where saints from all the surrounding churches came to listen and testify of what the Lord had done these past two weeks. Many of those who participated shared concerning the hunger and dissatisfaction of many believers whom we met and their openness to meet and fellowship.

It seemed that the Lord had specifically prepared some who were ready to be contacted by us to be shepherded and to be fed. Many praised and thanked the Lord for the privilege of laboring in coordination with Him to be one with Him in His move. Some of the local saints expressed their desire to help with the follow-up after the overflow meeting concluded.

We praise the Lord for what He has done, is doing, and will do in the Fraser Valley area. We look to the Lord in how to go on after these past two weeks of labor. Our prophesying meeting on Lord’s day ended fittingly with prayers that the Lord would duplicate His heart in us to be His Samuels caring for His interest, move, and enlarged expression for the temple church life.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would encourage and strengthen the local saints to rise up to function according to their measure in following-up and caring for the 40 contacts who were the most open.
  • A regular appointment would be established with the 6 contacts who have already had a second appointment with the saints.
  • The Lord would gain young, local Canadians as remaining fruit for His proper testimony here in Abbotsford, as well as the entire Canada.

Abbotsford- days 13-15a.png

Abbotsford- days 13-15b.png

Mississauga, ON—Gospel Trip, Days 13-15

February 6, 2016

Praise the Lord for His move on this earth! We feel that it is such a blessing and privilege to be able to participate in the gospel labor in Mississauga. On Thursday and Friday, we had our last two welcome tables on the UTM campus. Our main focus this week was to set up appointments with our contacts, and to bring the local saints into the labor. To strengthen the threefold cord (especially the community saints), we had an open home meeting on Friday night and a Bible seminar on Saturday night. The turnout of students and local saints was quite extraordinary. Our prayer and aim is that our sowing these two weeks would result in a long term labor of the Body to shepherd the new ones and bear remaining fruit.

Over the course of laboring on the campus for the past two weeks, we realized that the campus has been saturated with tracts and Bibles. UTM is not a large university, with only about 12,000 students. We’ve passed out close to 8,000 tracts and 500 Bibles on campus these two weeks. This means that 2 out of every 3 students have received a tract, and 1 out of every 24 students have received a Bible! As a result, our daily Bible studies on campus have been filled with hungry and seeking students. This Saturday, we had a wonderful seminar on the Diving Romance in the Bible. There were many new students and also many returning ones from the last Bible seminar. At the end, the time for sharing was fully occupied by the new contacts! From their sharing, we could see that they’ve really gained something solid in their being. Praise the Lord! He can do above all that we ask or think.

These past days, we distributed roughly:

Tracts: 1,258
Bibles: 131
Contacted: 134
Prayed to receive the Lord: 0
Scheduled second appointments: 14
Regular appointments: 2

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the local saints in Mississauga with regards to following up in shepherding the new contacts.
  • Please pray for five families and five remaining fruit in Mississauga by this Spring.

Mississauga- Days 13-15a.JPG

Mississauga- Days 13-15b.JPG

Mississauga- Days 13-15c.JPG

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 14

February 6, 2016

Praise the Lord for His move in Laval! The Lord blessed our final day of the gospel trip as we headed to the Metro stations with many of the saints for our final Bible distribution for the two week trip. We passed out 722 Bibles (532 French, 188 English, and 2 Spanish) and 1,470 tracts bringing the two week total to 3,338 Bibles (2479 French, 842 English, and 17 Spanish) and 8,893 tracts. Many seeds have been sown in the past two weeks and now we look to the Lord to cause the growth.

The Lord also poured out His blessing on the seminar on Saturday night. He brought 25 contacts who were open, hungry, and seeking! After some speaking on the Bible as the living word of God, we broke up into groups to enjoy John 17 together. It was a wonderful time of enjoying God’s word together and fellowshipping with one another. All of us, both new ones and saints, really enjoyed the time. One new one even said that “she was home.” Praise the Lord that He is drawing His seekers! We realize that the labor is far from over and will continue to keep Laval and the saints in Montreal in our prayers. Our hope and prayer is that one day there will be a bright shining lampstand in Laval! Praise the Lord that He is able!

Prayer burdens:

  • That many saints would rise up to take care of the new contacts, especially the 32 who came to the Bible seminars.
  • That some would be gained as remaining fruit for the Lord’s testimony in Laval.
  • That the Lord would continue to draw His seekers in Laval and gain key homes in the area.

Laval- day 14a.JPG

Laval- day 14b.JPG

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 13

February 5, 2016

Because many have received Bibles these past two weeks, we spent the early afternoon enjoying the Lord together while packing Bibles. After the 500 French Bibles were packed, we headed to the Metro stations once again. Around 200 Bibles were distributed and over 1,000 tracts were given out. Many who had seen us from previous days or had previously received a tract from us, approached us to ask for a Bible or to get a Bible for a friend or family member. Praise the Lord that He is stirring up a hunger in Laval and that many are receiving His word!

The evening was spent in various home meetings in the English, Chinese, and French speaking districts. We had a very enjoyable time with the saints feasting on the Lord together. Saturday is the final Bible distribution for this GTCA trip and we pray that the Lord will really bless our time in the Metro stations and that many would come to the seminar in the evening.

Prayer burdens:

  • That many open ones would be released to come to the Bible seminar Saturday night.
  • That the Lord would bless the seminar with Himself and that many would enjoy the speaking.
  • That many more hungry ones would receive a Bible at this trip’s final Bible distribution.

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 11-12

February 4, 2016

February 3rd, 2016 Today was the second day of distribution at the University of Fraser Valley. While two teams distributed in the morning and afternoon shifts, several teams of saints went out to door-knock in the neighborhoods while another team of saints spent the day calling all the most positive contacts from the past few days of labor. The day ended with some saints visiting a brother who has not been meeting for a while, while others spent the evening singing and fellowshipping with another local couple. Both times were very good and a strengthening to the local saints.

February 4th, 2016 Today was the last day of distributing at the University of the Fraser Valley and the first day of distribution at the Walnut Grove Community Center. We also had two Bibles for Canada seminars at UFV. Quite a few came to the seminars, and among these were some very seeking believers.

One man came to the first seminar through contact with some local saints about a week ago. He specifically told us that he does not belong to a denomination, that he does not want religion, and he is looking for those who are really seeking the Lord. He said that he wants ‘reality’ and enjoyed speaking with some brothers.

When asked if we could visit him, he said that his home is open for us to visit without any hesitation. He had heard about Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, as well as the negative speakings concerning them. However, he essentially said that he does not care what others said if he, through reading by his own discernment, was nourished and fed through their writings. We believe that the Lord is calling some in this area out of the sheepfold and into the flock.

Current statistics:

Tracts distributed: 1,590
Bibles handed out: 150
Ministry books given: 135
Prayed to receive the Lord: 7
Visited at their home: 5

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would finish what He has begun in the seeking local Canadians and bring His children home through the shepherding of the local saints.
  • The proper follow-up and connecting the most positive contacts to the local saints before the trainees and full-timers leave after GTCA.

Abbotsford- Days 11-12.png

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 11-12

February 4, 2016

Over the past two days, the team has been going to the Metro, door knocking and door hanging, and following up with contacts. It has been an enjoyable time laboring with the saints, and we are grateful for the privilege to participate in His move in Laval.

There is a hunger in Laval that only the Lord can satisfy. In the Metro stations and through door knocking, over 2,000 tracts were distributed and nearly 600 Bibles were given away over the course of two days. Many homes have also received door hangers and Bibles in Laval. Some have even called and emailed requesting more Bibles or more information about Bibles for Canada.

There has also been much follow up with the contacts who had previously left their information with us. These times have been very profitable and have helped us find those who are really seeking. During one appointment today, a girl who had a Buddhist background prayed and received the Lord! Our prayer is that there would be many more experiences like this one.

Prayer burdens:

  • That many open ones would be released to come to the Bible seminar this Saturday.
  • That there would be more opportunities for face to face contact with those who are seeking.
  • That some homes in Laval would warmly receive the door hangers and be gained for the Lord’s purpose there.

laval- days 11-12 a.jpeg

Laval- days 11-12b.jpeg

Mississauga, ON—Gospel Trip, Days 10-12

February 3, 2016

On Monday, the trainees and the local saints took a trip down to Niagara Falls. We got to see one of the world’s largest waterfalls; we even got to tour behind the falls! That evening, there was a blending time with the saints from St. Catherines, Ontario Canada. We were able to share our enjoyment from the past week’s GTCA activities. Tuesday and Wednesday, we continued to table at UTM, but this time, we had a location in the student center right in front of the food court. The Lord really blessed us, because this location has one of the highest amounts of foot traffic on campus.

The coordination among the saints each morning has been wonderful! The local saints testified that this gospel trip created many opportunities for the surrounding localities to be built up together. There has also been an increasing number of contacts from last year coming for Bible Studies or one on one appointments. This week, in addition to the continued sowing, our burden has shifted to contacting the new ones, followup, and appointments. The students are open!

John 4:35b— “Behold, I tell you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are already white for harvest.”

These three days, we distributed roughly:

Tracts: 1291 Bibles: 126 Contacted: 151 Prayed to receive the Lord: 1 Scheduled second appointments: 2 Regular appointments: 2

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the enemy would be bound, mostly in terms of the opposition from the other clubs and certain professors.
  • Please pray for club status at the UTM campus. The student council has been slow to process our application.
  • Please pray that the Bible studies and distribution tables would attract more and more genuine seekers of the Lord.

Mississauga- Days 10-12b.JPG

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 10

February 2, 2016

This week our burden has shifted from sowing seeds to following up with contacts and getting more face to face time with open ones. Today, two subteams went to the Metro stations to hand out Bibles while the other two subteams went door hanging and door knocking. The Metro teams passed out 256 Bibles and over 700 tracts! The door knocking and door hanging teams passed out door hangers in a neighborhood in Laval and four homes received Bibles. We ended the day by praying with the saints from two districts who joined us in Laval for the prayer meeting.

A highlight from the day was an with a student during the Bible distribution. One student in the Metro declined a Bible but then responded to the question, “What would you say is the meaning of your life?” We explained to him that actually he was made with a human spirit to contact and contain God and that only God can satisfy him. He called on the name of the Lord (Oh Seigneur Jésus!), read through the tract with us, and prayed to receive the Lord. Now he is open to join us for a Bible Study! Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would gain key homes in Laval for His testimony there.
  • That the Lord would release some contacts for further fellowship and appointments this week.
  • That the Lord would be our wisdom in how to follow up and shepherd the contacts we have.
  • That the local saints would pick up the Lord’s burden to shepherd the contacts after this week is over.

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 2, 2016

Monday, February 1st, 2016 Today the trainees spent a day of blending and sight-seeing with the full-time team. We started the day with a dim sum brunch, then we spent the day at Whistler Mountain before driving to a couple’s home in Surrey to have a meal. The leading brothers there shared the history of the churches and the saints in this area, and also their burden concerning the situation amongst the saints and the Lord’s testimony here, including Abbotsford.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 Today was the first day of distributing at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). The response was overall very positive, with a very favourable professor who was very excited to see us there, as well as a few very open local students. A total of 13 Bibles were given out. There have also been very positive contacts from our phone call follow-up. The Lord has also been stirring up in several local people who are dissatisfied with Christianity to come see us in the venues.

In the evening, five saints visited the father with his five children who came to the seminar. The time was full of sweetness and enjoyment that touched and impressed both the family and the saints very much. The father said that he had never invited others to his home before, and that at first the visit was a little strange, but he gradually realized that this was of the Lord and was full of gratitude for the visitation. His children also enjoyed the presence of the saints and each one that they loved them and gave each one a hug before the saints left. They are tremendously open and wanting to see the saints again. The saints will have dinner with them next Monday.

Prayer burdens:

  • The ongoing follow-up with this family, as well as the other positive contacts, would result in the connection between the new ones and the local saints for long-term care and labor.
  • The Lord would bring local Canadians who are seeking and ready to be brought into the church life to the venue and seminars at UFV.

Abbotsford- days 9-10a.png

Abbotsford- days 9-10b.png

Abbotsford- days 9-10c.png

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 9

February 1, 2016

Over the past two days, the team split up into two groups to visit saints in nearby cities. One group went to Ottawa to blend with the saints there and the other group went to Quebec City to visit a family there who was hungry for fellowship. Both groups had a sweet time enjoying the Lord with the other members of the Body.

After having the Lord’s table with the church in Ottawa, we enjoyed a love feast with the saints. A group of saints, young people, and trainees then had a time of blending as we skated on the Rideau Canal. The evening was spent in a couple’s home with many of the local saints for dinner and fellowship. Many shared their experiences in Ottawa and the burden for the college work there.

Meanwhile in Quebec City, a group of trainees, students, and serving ones went to visit a family that resides there. The meeting was one of mutual encouragement and fellowship as we shared what life is to each one of us in our experience. While sightseeing in the city, we enjoyed blending with one another and preached the gospel by handing out gospel tracts.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would continue to bless the saints in Ottawa and Quebec City and that they would remain in fellowship with all the saints.
  • That many more would be open to receive Bibles and tracts and many seeking ones would be released to come to this Saturday’s seminar.
  • That the Lord would cover the team’s health and strengthen their whole tripartite being as we continue to pass out Bibles this week.

Laval- Day 9a.jpeg

Laval- Day 9b.jpeg

Mississauga, ON—Gospel Trip, Days 7-9

January 31, 2016

This weekend, we divided into three teams and went to the flea markets and supermarkets to pass out Bibles. It was a good experience for all of us, because we got a chance to speak to a different age group. On campus, it was mostly students around early 20’s but at the markets, the age range was anywhere from children to teens and 40+. We met and had fellowship with a lot of older Christians.

There was another YP meeting on Friday, and the we were able to share with them our experiences of going on this gospel trip.

Many of the ones whom we’ve contacted at campus or at the markets were able to attend the Bible seminar today. There was a message on Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bible followed by a presentation on using the features of the Recovery Version. We were able to get into 1 Thessalonians 5:23 with footnotes, and many new ones shared their enjoyment afterwards.

These three days, we distributed roughly:
Tracts: 2344
Bibles: 370
Contacted: 239
Prayed to receive the Lord: 6
Scheduled second appointments: 5
Regular appointments: 1

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for a shining golden lampstand to be established in Mississauga this Spring.
  • Please continue to pray for the hungry ones to come to the Bible studies on campus and for some to come to the next Bible seminar.
  • Please pray that the enemy would be be bound, because there have been signs of the enemy’s attacks. (health conditions, negative contacts, theft of personal items, etc.) Matt 18:18 - Truly I say to you, Whatever you bind on the earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on the earth shall have been loosed in heaven.

Mississauga- days 7-9a.JPG

Mississauga- days 7-9b.jpg

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

January 31, 2016

January 30th, 2016

Today was our last day distributing at the Pacific Agricultural Show. There were over 60 Bibles handed out, with quite a number of ministry material to many open, warm, and grateful people.

There were over 40 saints from the surrounding churches that came to help door-knock in the surrounding neighborhoods. Among those who came were high school students to middle-aged saints, and such a time of blended coordination, prayer, and labor was truly an encouragement and strengthening to those who participated, despite the cold weather and rain.

January 31st, 2016

After the Lord’s table and prophesying meeting in the home of a family in Abbotsford, the saints, trainees, and full-timers had a quick lunch before heading to the Clearbrook Library to have our first two seminars for Bibles for Canada. Both sessions were attended by roughly 15 to 20 new ones each.

Many of those who attended the seminars expressed their appreciation of the spoken word. One of them was a young father who brought his three children to the session on The Mystery of Human Life. The father recently had a genuine turn to the Lord, and he and his 13-year-old son were very attentive during the message. The son of the young father was later led to pray with one of the saints, and the father was full of joy. The saints will be visiting his home this coming Tuesday night at 7pm.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the positive contacts from these past few days would remain soft, open, and warm for further contact and follow-up.
  • The visitation of this young father and his children at his home would be full and rich with the Lord’s presence. Also, that this visit on Tuesday would be the the first of many for long-term care and regular appointments.
  • The strengthening of the local saints to be one with the Lord in going out to contact, follow-up, and care for these ones whom the Lord has brought into contact with us.

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 8

January 29, 2016

Praise the Lord for today’s Bible distribution! Today the team and many local saints went out to four Metro stations and to a flea market in Laval for a mass Bible distribution. The Lord really poured out His blessing during this time as we distributed over 510 Bibles and 800 tracts! This brought our total number of materials distributed to over 1,440 Bibles and 2,800 tracts for the week. The team has had a wonderful time blending, praying, and co-laboring with the saints. Praise the Lord He is moving in Laval!

Tonight was the seminar for the contacts that we met throughout the week. Following dinner, there was a presentation in both French and English on the mystery of human life in which we saw God’s plan, man, man’s fall, Christ’s redemption for God’s dispensing, man’s regeneration, and God’s full salvation. Afterwards, we split up into small groups to discuss what we had heard and enjoyed and asked further questions about what was shared. It was a sweet time of enjoying God’s word together.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would touch the recipients using all the Bibles and tracts that were distributed.
  • That the word spoken tonight would continue to operate in those who attended the seminar and that they would desire further fellowship with the saints.
  • Many more would be released to come to next Saturday’s seminar.

Laval- day 8a.jpeg

Laval- day 8b.jpeg

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 29, 2016

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Today was the first day of our distribution venue at the Pacific Agricultural Show. The traffic was much greater than the previous venues, and the contacts we have had so far have been very positive. There have been many hungry and seeking Christian farmers come to our table, including some who have read and appreciated the books of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Our impression is that these people are very simple, pure, and hungry for the real food.

Local saints from the surrounding churches have taken days off of work to come and help door-knock with the trainees and full-timers. There have been several warm doors in the neighborhoods. The local saints were also strengthened and supplied through the visitation of their homes in the evening.

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Our second day of distribution at the Pacific Agricultural Show continued to be filled with encouraging contacts. One man said that he appreciated how we emphasized our experiencing Christ rather than the doctrinal knowledge of Him. Others have been very impressed with the content of the footnotes, as well as the other literature available for them.

It has been a joy to be able to share the riches of the ministry to these ones, and the saints here have been both encouraged and refreshed by the positive interactions at the venue and through door-knocking. The day ended with the trainees and full-timers joining the various YP, college, and young-working saints’ meetings in the homes in the area.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would attract some young, local Canadian sons of peace to the venues to become remaining fruit for the church life.
  • Many of the positive contacts would be bothered and released to attend one of the seminar sessions this Lord’s day afternoon at 2pm or 3pm.
  • The local saints would continue to be encouraged, refreshed, and strengthened to press on to stand as the Lord’s testimony here through the visitation and labouring together.

Abbotsford- Days 5-6a.png

Abbotsford- Days 5-6b.png

Abbotsford- Days 5-6c.png

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 6-7

January 28, 2016

This morning in our truth pursuit, we enjoyed Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Because Montreal and Laval are cosmopolitan cities, we have the opportunity to preach the gospel to all the nations. Praise the Lord we can reach many and help bring the Lord back!

Over the past two days, we have continued Bible distributions at the Metro stations and have met many hungry ones here in Laval. Over these two days we’ve passed out a total of 486 Bibles (369 French, 111 English, and 6 Spanish) and 1280 tracts. One team even ran out of Bibles to hand out! We’re very thankful that the Lord has blessed these distribution times.

The evenings have been spent with the saints in their homes sharing testimonies, praying, singing, and fellowshipping together. It has been a very sweet time of blending and these times have really supplied the trainees for the labor with the saints.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would continue to pour out His blessing on the Bible distribution on Saturday as we head to the Metro and the flea market in Laval.
  • That many local people would be released to come to the seminar on Saturday and would come open and hungry.
  • That all the saints would enjoy the Lord during the distribution and magnify Christ as they contact the people.

Laval- days 6-7b.jpeg

Laval- days 6-7b.jpeg

Mississauga, ON—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 28, 2016

Every day is full of blending and laboring with the local saints! Every morning and afternoon, we gather to pray, coordinate, and enjoy the Lord together. Yesterday night was the prayer meeting in Mississauga, and we were able to hear a bit of the history of Mississauga from the saints. Many families have migrated here recently, with a burden for the Lord’s move.

These past two days, we had tabling and Bible studies again at the UTM campus. Overall, the results were very positive. Around the same amount of tracts and Bibles were handed out each day. On top of that, more and more students are attending the Bible studies due to contacting us at the table and receiving a free Bible. We were able to meet quite a few Muslim students from the Middle East who are interested in knowing more about the Bible. Many of these students are Egyptian or Syrian and are able to speak Arabic. We were able to give them Arabic tracts, The Mystery of Human Life.

These two days, we distributed:

Tracts: 2,269
Bibles: 132
Contacted: 193
Prayed to receive the Lord: 8
Scheduled second appointments: 5
Visited in their home: 1

Prayer burdens:

  • Please continue to pray for the hungry students to come to the Bible studies for fellowship.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s blessing in the follow-up contact.
  • Please pray that many of the Muslim students who received a Bible would seek further fellowship.

Mississauga, ON—Days 5-6B.JPG

Mississauga, ON—Days 5-6C.JPG

Mississauga, ON—Days 5-6A.JPG

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 5

January 27, 2016

Praise the Lord that His word is spreading in Laval! Today, the team split up into subteams again and headed to three separate Metro stations to hand out Bibles. We met many who were seeking His word and passed out a total of 216 Bibles (174 French, 40 English, and 2 Spanish) and at least 460 tracts. Our prayers have been that not only many more would receive Bibles, but that they would also read them and allow the Lord’s word to operate in them.

The night was spent in the homes of the saints for dinner and blending. Our time was very enjoyable as we fellowshipped, shared testimonies, and prayed for one another. We left feeling not only physically satisfied but spiritually as well. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to blend with the saints here in Montreal and has been a great encouragement to the trainees.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would bless the Bible distributions for the rest of the week and that many more locals in Laval would receive a Bible.
  • That the Lord would release those who were interested in the Bible seminar and that all those who gave their contact information would receive the adequate follow up.
  • That the local saints and trainees would continue to enjoy the Lord as they continue to pass out Bibles and distribute door hangers.

Laval- Day 5A.jpeg

Laval- Day 5B.jpeg

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Day 4

January 27, 2016

Today was our last distribution day at Cottonwood Mall, and we had higher traffic than we’ve had previously. We distributed ten Bibles (21 total at the mall), mostly to typical Canadians who were very warm and receptive toward our work there. The teams that went out door-knocking met several open persons, praying together with one, and gaining interest in some to attend the upcoming BfC seminar. Beginning tomorrow we will have our first venue at the Pacific Agricultural Show (PAS), the largest exhibition event for agricultural equipment and technology in the province.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would continue to brood over this area and bring to us the sons of peace He has already been working in, especially at the PAS.
  • The shepherding and strengthening of the local saints through the visitation of their homes.

Mississauga, ON—Gospel Trip, Days 1-4

January 26, 2016

Our trip started out this weekend with a tour of downtown Toronto, as well as a tour of the tabling sites and venues. In the young people’s meeting this past Saturday, the trainees were able to fellowship with the high school and college age students and share the experiences of being in the Full Time Training. On top of reaching out to the unbelievers on the campuses and at the supermarkets, our burden is also to blend with, strengthen, and encourage the saints in Mississauga and in the surrounding localities.

Today was our first day passing out Bibles at the University of Toronto - Mississauga campus (UTM). This past Lord’s Day, the saints in Toronto helped in packaging over 1,000 New Testament Recovery Versions in 45 minutes. It is a joy for us to pray and labor with the saints in the surrounding localities. UTM is a very diverse school, which makes it a great fishing pond for students of all nationalities. We’ve handed out Bibles to Caucasians, Africans, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and also Middle Eastern students. There was one girl who came up to the table holding a tract in her hand saying, “I read this, I read this!” We could tell from her eyes and speech that she was desperately seeking the truth. She came to the table on her own after being impressed with the tract.

Today, we distributed:

Tracts: 1,078
Bibles: 64
Contacted: 74
Prayed to receive the Lord: 1

The people are open! Please continue to pray for the Lord’s move to Mississauga.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the young people in Toronto, that they would pray to the Lord considering going to the FTTA.
  • Please pray for the weather to be not too severe in order to maximize the foot traffic and to facilitate our contact with people (i.e. no blizzards, not too much snow).
  • Please pray that the tract/Bible recipients would have a hunger for the Word and would come back to us for appointments, Bible studies, or further contact.

Mississauga, ON—Days 1-4A.JPG

Mississauga, ON—Days 1-4B.JPG

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 4

January 26, 2016

Today, following truth pursuit in the morning, three subteams made up of trainees and local saints headed to three Metro stations in Laval to hand out Bibles and tracts. For two hours, the teams met many local people and gave out around 200 Bibles. Many of us were encouraged to meet locals who are both hungry and seeking the word. Praise the Lord that His word is going out in Laval!

The early evening was spent going around neighborhoods in Laval to distribute door hangers containing gospel tracts and invitations to this Saturday’s seminar. Despite the rain, around 500 homes and apartments received the door hangers. Later in the evening, we fought by way of prayer in the prayer meeting that all the recipients of today’s Bibles, tracts, and door hangers would read what they had received and some seeking ones would seek further fellowship.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the recipients of the Bibles and door hangers would read the material they have received and many would seek further contact.
  • That those who received the invitation for the Bible seminars would be released to come to the seminar this Saturday and next Saturday.
  • That the local saints and trainees would be strengthened into their inner man as they continue to distribute Bibles at the Metro stations tomorrow.

Laval, QC- Day 4A.jpeg

Laval, QC- Day 4B.jpeg

Abbotsford, BC—Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

January 26, 2016

January 24

After arriving on Saturday , the team of 8 trainees joined the saints from various districts in the area for a combined table meeting in Surrey. There was a rich love feast where the trainees were able to blend with some of the local saints, followed by an encouraging orientation meeting with over 150 saints from all the churches in the Greater Vancouver area. We ended the day with dinner at a family’s home before going to our respective hospitality’s homes.

January 25

We began the day by gathering in a home and having personal morning time, then a corporate time of enjoyment with prayer and singing. We then had practical fellowship concerning the schedule, the venues, and contacting others. Teams of saints went out to a venue at Cottonwood Mall to distribute Bibles while others put together packages containing seminar invitations and a tract. They then went to give them out while door-knocking in nearby neighborhoods.

The day ended with dinner all together in a home, then a group of local saints and trainees visited a new family’s home. It was a wonderful time, the family was very open, and the husband said he is planning on joining one of the seminars this coming Lord’s day.

January 26

A team of full-timers, local saints, and trainees started the day early by manning a venue at the nearby Abbotsford Airport at 7:30am. Those who remained had another time of personal and corporate morning revival, followed by a truth pursuit session of The Up-to-Date Presentation of the God-Ordained Way and the Signs Concerning the Coming of Christ.

Teams went out to door-knock and also to distribute at Cottonwood Mall in the afternoon. We then gathered together for dinner in a host family’s home for dinner. This was followed by an awesome prayer meeting where the saints gathered in the basement to forget themselves and to be one with the Lord and what is on His heart concerning Abbotsford. Names of dormant saints and new ones were spontaneously made mention of to the Lord in a strong way.

Prayer burdens:

The ones whom the Lord is seeking would come into contact with the saints in these venues and through door-knocking. The strengthening of the local saints through visitation, especially those not meeting regularly. The positive experiences of the local saints in going out to preach the gospel door-to-door.

Abbotsford, BC- Days 1-3A.JPG

Abbotsford, BC- Days 1-3B.jpg

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Day 3

January 25, 2016

We started off the day with some singing, praying, and coordination for the day’s activities. Donning our Bibles for Canada t-shirts with tracts and Recovery Version Bibles in hand we headed for Laval. We went to the Montmorency Metro station to get a small taste of what the Bible distribution for the rest of the week will be like. We talked to a good number of local people, handed out tracts, and gave away a handful of Bibles in both English and French.

The evening was spent in the homes of the local saints for the young people and college coordination times. Half of the team joined the young people serving ones and the other half the college servings ones. Both groups had a sweet time of coordination and prayer while entering into the burden of the ongoing work with the young people and college students.

Prayer burdens:

  • That many of the local people in the Metro stations would be open to receiving a Bible during our distribution, and that many would sign up for the Bible seminar this coming Saturday.
  • That many homes would warmly receive and read the door hangers that will be distributed to neighborhoods in Laval tomorrow afternoon.

Laval, QC—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 24, 2016

Praise the Lord for His move in Laval! After arriving in Montreal on Saturday, we joined the college students that evening for their college meeting. Together we enjoyed Philippians 2:15-16 and saw that to shine as luminaries in this dark and corrupt world, we need to be saturated with His word of life.

Today, we joined the church in Montreal for the Lord’s Table and prophesying meetings, which included English, French, Chinese, and Spanish speaking saints. Following a love feast, we spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the local saints while touring Montreal. We then headed to Laval to have dinner at a local saint’s studio and had a time of sweet coordination and prayer for the rest of the week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord could reach many through the Bible distributions at the Metro stations starting tomorrow (1/25) and continuing throughout the week.
  • That the Lord would release many local saints to join the trainees and serving ones in the Bible distributions and door hanging this week.

Mississauga, Canada—Gospel Trip, Days 8-10

February 3, 2015

On Lord’s day we went to the Lord’s table meeting in Brampton. It was a wonderful time of blending. The local saints were really encouraged because so many other localities came to the meeting and they haven’t had such a blending meeting in a long time. We enjoyed that the Lord is recovering us to the proper diet, one of eating the Lord as our real food, only He satisfies. Many times we think we have to do something for the Lord, but He just wants us to eat Him (Gen 2:8-9). We shared with the saints a report on how the students at University of Toronto at Mississauga have been quite open to us on campus. We are sharing the eatable and touchable Lord Jesus with them and there is a sense that the atmosphere amongst the student body is changing. We heard that prior to last week’s tabling and distribution, the Christian students on campus were more “dormant,” but they are gradually becoming more bold to speak about their faith. We encouraged the saints to participate in this labor in whatever capacity they can, and the most necessary and effective way is to pray.

In the afternoon, the teams went door knocking for an hour in some local saints’ neighborhoods. One brother shared with us that during this hour, he developed a very strong burden to save his neighbors because he saw the need for increase in the church. But because he knew he couldn’t do it by himself, he really appreciated the support of the other members of the Body, every member has a function!

In the evening it started to snow really hard and we weren’t sure if our gospel contacts would be able to make it for the BfC seminar but there was a big turnout. The local saints and serving ones ended up having to stand during the meeting because there were so many new ones that we ran out of seats. The seminar covered the history of the Word of God, beginning with how the Bible was formed and the recovery of Christian truths that have been lost or misinterpreted throughout the past two millennia. During the seminar, some of the trainees took care of the children, coloring and drawing pictures with them. One grandma told her grandson, “This is what the Lord Jesus’ children’s meeting is like, do you want to come back?” He told her that he really liked spending time with the brothers and did want to come back!

On Monday, the full-timers took the trainees out for some sightseeing in downtown Toronto. We went to the aquarium and saw the wonders of God’s creation in the ocean. We were all glad that the snowstorm didn’t prevent us from going out because it was really nice to spend time with the whole team, to be built up with one another.

On campus Tuesday, it seemed to start out slower than the past week because Friday was very, very busy at the table and in our Bible study room. But God operates in an unseen realm, so outwardly it might be slow but inwardly we know that the Lord is still moving. This slow day made us more desperate before the Lord, to pray for Him to open up more college students and even arrange their circumstances so that they would have the desire and see the need for them to receive the Lord Jesus and His Word. May He continue to draw more college students to Himself as the One who can satisfy all their needs! Praise the Lord, He is a living and moving God!

Mississauga, Canada—Gospel Trip, Day 5

January 29, 2015

This morning was not a morning like any other, rather it was a morning of mistakes, frustration, and disappointment. We also knew that Fridays are normally the slowest day on campus and were not expecting much. However, while the outward situation seemed to be less conducive to a profitable day on campus than the past week, we prayed ourselves into the Spirit and by the end of coordination I truly believe that members of the team felt fully empowered to cause loss to Satan’s kingdom. Beginning from the setup of our table, we had a constant stream of students asking for Bibles, receiving tracts, and signing up for the UTM club. In addition, at least five students received the Lord at the table.

The room we booked in the Student Centre all week was placed quite strategically across the hall from a Bible study led by ‘Power to Change.’ When their meeting ended, four members saw the sign on our door for “drop-in Bible hours” and proceeded to join us for lunch. We were wary of them, as they have caused severe problems and persecution on other campuses in the greater Toronto area, but with four saints and four ‘Power to Change’ members, we began to expound the four laws seen in Romans 7 and 8. The students were both encouraged in their Christian walk and enamored by the level of truth contained in the footnotes of our Recovery Version. Beginning with a silent astonishment, the atmosphere grew to one of sincere admiration as each one was thoroughly grateful to have attended our nearly 50 minute Bible study. In addition, one of the students was actually roommates with another contact from Tuesday, who had been one of our warmest contacts and eager to join the Bible seminars we are holding in the community.

As the day progressed, no less than seven new ones came to our drop-in Bible study hours and with each new soul entering there was a distinct sense that their spirits were being nourished. As time rapidly approached 2:00 PM, we were then met by the member of another club who had claimed they had booked the room. After reviewing our contract, we then realized that the room had not been booked at all. It was truly the Lord’s mercy that we had possession of the room the entire day, as it was our busiest, and also His sovereignty that we were asked to vacate the room early. Had we not been asked to leave earlier than expected, we would not have checked the contract, and therefore, not been cognizant of the fact that the Lord completely and mercifully covered our human error regarding booking and gone on to pour out even greater blessings and intensified grace on our most successful day in contacting new ones at UTM.

In total we gave out 76 Bibles today, the most of any single day this week. In short, our God is a God of resurrection, bringing us out of our death situations in the morning to deeper experiences of His life throughout the day. Furthermore, our God is a God of blessing, fully covering all our shortages, fully filling all of our lack, and continuously blessing the saints as long as they are in one accord and remain joined to their ascended Head in fighting for His interests. May the Lord gain a shining lampstand in Mississauga, and may He do it through earthen vessels who depend on the excellency of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, those who have no confidence in themselves but on God who raises the dead.

Mississauga, Canada—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 28, 2015

On Tuesday, we started our first day of Bible distribution at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Our schedule is 9:00-10:00 AM for corporate time on campus, and 10:00-3:00 for Bible distribution. At night, we went to the nearby city Brampton, for the prayer meeting.

On Wednesday, the school moved our table to a new location due to a campus event, but praise the Lord, plenty of students still came to the table. Two of the team members went to meet some newly saved local saints, and the simple visitation became a four hour appointment. The day was very encouraging because we had our first student come to our Bible study. Later that evening, we joined the Mississauga local saints’ prayer meeting. There were approximately 15 local saints who joined us. A brother and a college age saint went to visit a brother who was carried away during to the turmoil. The visitation was quite profitable and yielded a very positive response.

On our second day on the campus at UTM, some students began to approach us before we even finished setting up the table. Two of them already owned their own Bibles, but received Recovery Versions after we explained all of the features to them.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray to gain the UTM campus for the Lord’s move in Mississauga.
  • Pray that there will be more students attending the Bible studies and having appointment with us.
  • Pray for more visitation to the local saints, especially the weaker ones, and for them to be fully recovered.
  • Pray also for more open homes.

Mississauga, Canada—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 26, 2015

We had a really sweet Lord’s table with the saints in Toronto. We shared our experiences and enjoyment in the training followed up by fellowship regarding the radio program in London. The saints were really touched by the Lord’s move in Europe and have the feeling that the GTCA in Mississauga is for North America, that North America is for Europe, and that Europe is for Israel, ultimately for the New Jerusalem and the Lord’s return! The Lord’s table was concluded by some fellowship, which encouraged the saints to get a continual supply from the Lord, perfection from the Body, ultimately for the goal of fruit bearing and the building up of the Body of Christ.

After the rest in Toronto, we moved to Mississauga and had a love feast with the saints in Mississauga and surrounding localities. We went through the schedule for the two weeks in Mississauga and a brief introduction of the saints we would be coordinating and fellowshipping with these next 2 weeks. We had a love feast in Toronto for lunch and the saints were on fire and really exercised. We were really encouraged to see how happy they were that we were here.

For dinner in Mississauga we met the saints there. We experienced how the saints truly pour out everything they have for us. We just feel the Lord is really blessing our team by adding so much more supply through the Body. We have seven part/full time local volunteers who will join us. One of the brothers even took two weeks off just working with us, and also a brother took a week break from Dallas, TX to labor and blend with us.

Prayer burdens:

  • For the Bible distribution and spread of the gospel to the seeking ones in Mississauga.
  • For the Lord to warm the hearts and restore the first love of some of the saints carried away in the turmoil.