Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 10

February 11, 2019

Yesterday, we had a Bible distribution at Dunn Loring metro station from 3-5pm. We gave out 26 English Bibles, 23 English Basic Elements of the Christian Life, 44 tracts and had 16 sign ups. This was our last Bible distribution of this gospel trip. The weather was cold, but it was a sweet time having four local saints join us for this Bible distribution.

We ended our day in two different homes, and as always it was so sweet to blend with the saints and to hear their testimonies.

Today, we had a full day of sightseeing in DC. The highlight was visiting the Bible Museum with the saints.

Tomorrow, we will be heading home after the table meeting. We thank the Lord for what He has done in the past two weeks, and thank you saints for all your prayer and supply. We had such a wonderful experience laboring here with the local saints, and really felt like we had a foretaste of serving life.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the proper follow-up of all the Bibles recipients from our Bible distributions at VRE Manassas, NOVA Manassas, Manassas Mall, GMU, GWU, Silver Spring station in Maryland and Dunn Loring metro station
  • For the establishment of a home meeting and a golden lampstand in Manassas

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Morgantown, WV—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 8, 2019

Total Statistics:

  • 80 Bibles distributed
  • 2200 invitation cards distributed
  • 66 contacts
  • 19 students willing to have Bible study
  • 2 prayed to receive the Lord

Prayer Burdens:

  • Strengthening of core students
  • Gain new students for the club through the contact list (66 contacts, 19 willing to have Bible study)
  • Establish regular Bible study
  • Connect students to the homes (4 open homes in Morgantown)

Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University)
Tuesday (2nd half): We had a wonderful time of blending with the saints in Pittsburgh for dinner and the prayer meeting.

UPitt - 4 Bibles; 6 contacts; 831 gospel tracts distributed CMU - 2 Bibles; 3 contacts; 200 gospel tracts distributed

Prayer Burdens:

  • The opening of homes for the shepherding of saints and students
  • That the saints would be strengthened into the inner man and empowered in the Lord
  • That the Lord would gain local students on both campuses and that they would come to the Friday night dinner and Bible study

Morgantown, WV—Report 4.jpeg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 9

February 8, 2019

Today we had BfA distributions at George Washington University (GWU) in D.C and Silver Spring station in Maryland.

Our distribution at GWU was from noon to 1pm, where 19 Bibles were given out and 11 contacts were given to us. Our distribution at Silver Spring station was from 1pm to 4pm, where 75 English Bibles, 25 Spanish Bibles, 62 English Basic Elements of the Christian Life, 8 Spanish Basic Elements of the Christian Life and 74 tracts were given out. It was really a sweet and encouraging time, especially because more than 10 local saints joined us for these distributions. We praise and thank the Lord for all the seeds that were sown today. We ended the day by joining a home meeting with a family in D.C.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would release the proper follow-up and shepherding for all the sign ups from these Bible distributions, and some would be added to the church
  • That the Lord would bless our Bible distribution tomorrow at Dunn Loring metro station from 3pm to 5pm

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Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 8

February 8, 2019

Today we had our distribution at George Mason University. We distributed 28 Bibles, 10 tracts, 8 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and 26 contacts signed up. Following the distribution, we attended the weekly Christians on Campus Bible Study at 4:30PM. More than twenty students attended! During the spring semester the students will be covering the second half of John. In the evening, we attended our last prayer meeting of this gospel trip. May the Lord continue to bring these students week after week to reveal God’s desire and way to have His building.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For our BfA distributions tomorrow. Our current plan is to distribute Bibles at George Washington University and Silver Spring station. May the Lord gain remaining fruit through this time.
  • That the Lord would bless and gather the saints and new ones for the first home meeting in Manassas on Friday night

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Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 6, 2019

Today we had our Bible Connect event at NOVA Community College in Manassas from 2-4pm. Three students came. Our goal for this time was to build relationships with the students and to show them how to properly use the New Testament Recovery Version. We read Matthew 1:1, John 6:16-21, and Hebrews 12:1 with the corresponding footnotes. Although this was our last day at NOVA, we hope that the labor on this campus will not stop but that the workers, the full-timers and local saints, would be thrust out to continue caring for the students contacted.

We ended our day with a home meeting. After we enjoyed a meal together, we sang and read Life Study Message 26 of Ephesians. It is a great blessing to be part of the household of God! Tomorrow, we will distribute Bibles at GMU and will have a Bible study afterwards with the students.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the students who came to our Bible Connect event would remain and continue to be shepherded
  • That the Lord may gain more students at GMU as remaining fruit to be added to the church through our Bible distributions tomorrow

Manchester, NH—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 5, 2019

Saturday (February 2)
Saints from Manchester and nearby churches, along with the FTTA and FTTA-XB trainees, tabled at the Mall of New Hampshire (Manchester) and Steeplegate Mall (Concord). We met a Spanish-speaking mom and her daughter at the mall, both of whom came to the BfA seminar later that evening, along with the mom’s sister in the Lord and her children. They are hungry for the Word and very open to further contact.

Lord’s Day (February 3)
A few young families came to the Lord’s Table, one of which met with the saints a few times within the last week. Some of these families traveled quite a distance from other parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts to visit. Also, the Lord used the children to wonderfully blend these families together.

In the afternoon, four teams of saints went out door-knocking and 1 contact prayed to receive the Lord! In addition, 3 solid contacts were made and 1 team was able to enter into a home for further fellowship.

Monday (February 4)
We handed out a total of 256 workplace seminar invitations downtown this morning as people were trickling into work, as well as during lunchtime. This marks a total of ~515 seminar invitations for 3 workplace seminars that will take place on Thursday and Friday of this week.

There was a seminar in the afternoon at Manchester Community College (MCC) with 2 students from MCC and 2 students from Concord Community College (NHTI). All 4 want to start Bible studies and appointments on their respective campuses with us.

  • Statistics
  • Bibles: 73
  • Ministry booklets: 29

Prayer Burdens:

  • Two sub-teams will be going to Dartmouth College (Hanover, VT) and the University of New Hampshire (Durham, NH). Pray that the Lord will draw seekers to the BfA tables and the local saints in these areas will be strengthened and supplied.
  • There would be remaining fruit issuing from the 3 workplace seminars taking place this Thursday and Friday. There are ~10,000, predominantly young professionals, working in a ~1 mile strip of renovated mill buildings.
  • Visitations will continue to encourage, supply, and blend the saints and positive contacts in Manchester and its surrounding areas.

Manchester-Report 3.jpg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 5, 2019

Yesterday, we enjoyed the Lord’s Table and prophesying meeting with the saints in Fairfax and were so happy to witness a student from GMU’s baptism afterward! It was wonderful to be there with many of the other college students and young people in Fairfax.

Today, we had another Bible distribution at NOVA Manassas, distributing 58 Bibles, 20 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and more than 75 tracts. Two students prayed with us to receive the Lord! We were also able to distribute 68 flyers inviting students to the Bible Connect event tomorrow (2-4pm). Please pray that many of these students would have their schedules free to join us.

This evening, we joined the local saints for the first prayer meeting in Manassas! This time was very organic and spontaneous, and we were touched by the saints’ exercise of the spirit and burden for this area! One prayer burden from this time was for a home meeting to be raised up in Manassas. There are saints living in Manassas, but no home meeting there yet.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For students at NOVA Manassas to attend our Bible Connect event tomorrow, so the Lord may have a way to speak to them and gain them
  • For the Lord to move in the saints in Manassas to raise up a home meeting

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Manassas- Report 6b.jpg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 4, 2019

Today, we had the opportunity to participate in two wonderful gatherings. The first was a Community Bible Seminar & Luncheon organized by a brother who meets in Fairfax. Over the last year, this brother began to publish articles of the ministry in a local magazine, Lifestyle, that goes out to residences and local businesses in the towns of Haymarket and Gainesville, which are newly developed areas bordering Manassas. Through the monthly publishing of these articles, the brother was contacted by a local businessman’s Bible study group and began to meet with them on a weekly basis. The second to last issue of the magazine invited readers to attend a Bible Seminar and Luncheon, which happened today. There were more than 20 in attendance, including saints and those who were contacted through this publication and through the men’s study group. The topic for this seminar was “The Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation.” It was encouraging to be at this event and to see some of the “reaping” from the ministry. We were even able to speak & give Bibles to the staff who served our lunch! This was a new experience for us and we learned a lot from seeing the saints’ endeavor to reach people in new ways.

Tonight, we had dinner and a blending meeting with the young people from D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland at the meeting hall in Dunn Loring. After singing together, we each shared our testimony with the young people and their parents, then opened the time for questions regarding the training. May the Lord win the heart of each young person for His purpose!

Prayer Burdens:

  • For A’s baptism tomorrow. She is a GMU student contacted through the club.
  • That the Lord would gain more local Christians through the ministry publications and that some of them would be brought into the church life
  • For our distribution on Monday at the NOVA Manassas campus
  • That the NOVA students contacted would be free to attend our connect event on Tuesday, especially the three who came last Thursday

Manassas- Report 5.jpg

Morgantown, WV—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

On Thursday and Friday, the team planned on handing out one thousand invitation cards per day, with Bible distribution at the table. However, all three campuses nearby, i.e., West Virginia University, Fairmont State University, and Pierpont College, suspended classes because of extreme cold and snow. The team spent the downtime following up with the contacts that have been gathered during the first three days of campus work and preparing the materials for the conference.

Today, we started our BfA conference with saints from Wilmington, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and other surrounding localities, including two WVU students who responded to the invite.

We enjoyed the first three sessions of the BfA conference on life, the Word of God and Christ. We enjoyed the blending among the localities— the biggest such blending in West Virginia history.

Prayer Burdens:
That more students would respond to the invite and attend the last session on Lord’s Day That students would respond to our follow-up appointments on Monday To connect the students who attended the conference to a home Our labor on the campuses in Pittsburgh next week

Morgantown- Report 3a.jpeg

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Morgantown- Report 3c.jpeg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 3, 2019

This afternoon we had BfA outreach in two different places: the Manassas Mall and the VRE station in Old Town Manassas. At the station, there were not many people outside due to the cold weather and snow, but we were able to speak to several people and passed out 5 Bibles. Two local sisters joined us at the mall, where we were not able to openly display the Bibles, but had meaningful conversations with those we contacted. All in all, we handed out 10 Bibles, 3 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and around 5 tracts.

In addition, we will have a BfA Bible Seminar tomorrow afternoon. The goal of this time is to reach people in the Haymarket/Manassas area who have been reading ministry excerpts published in a local community magazine.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Bible recipients from today would read the Bibles they received and have further contact with the saints
  • That the Lord would use the BfA Bible Seminar tomorrow to gain those who attend
  • That the Lord would keep us healthy and strong in spirit

Manassas- Report 4a.jpg

Manassas- Report 4b.jpg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

Today, we had a BfA connect event on the NOVA campus in Manassas at 2pm. The Lord answered our prayer by releasing a room just a few hours before the event. It was an encouraging time as 3 out of 45 Bible recipients showed up at the event! We are going to have another BfA event next Tuesday (2/5/2019) at the same venue on the NOVA campus in Manassas. The three who showed up today indicated their interest in coming again next Tuesday!

Tonight was the first college meeting of this semester for the students at George Mason University (GMU). The subject of the college meeting for the semester is the “Crucified Christ”. Around 14 students turned up and we read portions of the ministry and also sang and enjoyed the Lord together!

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the Lord to release more to come to the BfA connect event on the NOVA campus in Manassas next Tuesday (2/5/2019)
  • For the students at GMU to know the Lord as the crucified One so Christ’s life can flow out of the students!

Morgantown, WV—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 31, 2019

For the past two days, the team labored in West Virginia University. The weather was freezing and we could not get permission to table inside the building, because we have no official club on campus (part of prayer burden), so we had to table outside, taking shifts every 20 minutes. We had a good number of students who stopped to claim a free Bible or even just ask if there are Bible studies on campus. Teams continued to distribute invites while others manned the table. We had a chance to get some contact information; others were in a rush due to the cold.

Yesterday, a professor came to talk to one of the brothers distributing cards and said that he was impressed of what we were doing despite the cold and that he would be willing to sponsor the Christian Club on campus. The sisters talked to a student, which led to a mini Bible study in the campus food court.

Prayer Burdens:
That the willing professor would officially sign the papers as the sponsor of the club on campus. That those who received the invites would make it to the mini BfA conference this weekend. That the Lord would lead His chosen ones to the BfA table in the following campuses: West Virginia University, Fairmont State University and Carnegie Mellon University

Statistics as of January 30 (Day 3) in West Virginia University:

  • 2,162 invitation cards to BfA conference
  • 56 Bibles distributed
  • 37 contacts received
  • 1 called and prayed to receive the Lord

Headed to the tabling area for Bible distribution Tabling at 10-12 degrees (F) Fellowship at the Millers’ house

Morgantown- Report 2d.jpeg

Morgantown- Report 2b.jpeg

Morgantown- Report 2c.jpeg

Morgantown- Report 2a.jpg

Morgantown, WV—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 30, 2019

Day’s Activities
The team started the day with a coordination meeting at a local brother’s house at 9 AM. We headed to West Virginia University at 10:30 AM. From 10:30 AM to 3 PM, we set up a table to pass out free Bibles at the student union. We also passed out invitations around campus and the campus railway station for the BfA seminar/mini conference this weekend.

Day’s Highlights
From the 1,002 invitation cards we passed out, we had 10 notable, positive conversations and a few other positive interactions.

Prayer Burdens:

  • To have a club advisor so that we have a place on campus to have Bible studies
  • That many students could come to the mini-conference this weekend
  • That the sweeping woman would find the lost coin

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 30, 2019

Today we had the opportunity to distribute Bibles at the NOVA campus in Manassas. We had a very positive response, handing out 45 Bibles and more than 50 tracts. Many of these 45 gave us their contact information for follow-up and are interested in joining our BfA Connect Seminar on the NOVA campus this Thursday. In the afternoon, we were able to text these contacts and six students have already responded! Our day concluded with a home meeting where our trainee sisters were able to share their testimonies with the saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the Lord to release a room and the positive contacts for our BfA connect event this Thursday on the NOVA campus
  • For the weather to be conducive for our Bible distribution tomorrow

Manassas, VA- Report 2.jpg

Manassas—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 30, 2019

Greetings from Virginia! We praise the Lord that we are here. Our team arrived in Virginia on Saturday evening, January 26. After dinner with some of the full-timers and local sisters, we were able to meet our hospitality. On Lord’s Day, we joined the saints in Fairfax, VA for the meeting in the morning, followed by lunch with the saints and sightseeing in D.C. We were given a detailed tour of the Georgetown University campus by two students and then had a sweet time with the saints and dinner at a couple’s house nearby. The saints are really burdened for this campus, and although there is no team serving there, we heard their encouraging report from the first student meeting with Georgetown students.

Today was our first day of BfA distribution. We began the day in coordination with the team of six saints, followed by a time of fellowship and preparation for the distribution. During this time, we got to hear the history of the churches and the history of the team in this region. We also began to share our testimonies with the full-timers and got to hear two of theirs.

We will be spending about half of our time on the campuses here and the other half in distributions among the community. We spent two hours at a Virginia Railway Express stop (train station) in Old Town Manassas, where we distributed 20 Bibles! It is very encouraging that some local saints came and joined us during this time. Overall, we had a positive response, especially from one student who attends NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) in Manassas. We hope to see her this upcoming Thursday at BfA Connect on her campus.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the 20 Bible recipients to read their Bibles and develop an appetite for the Word
  • That the Lord would cover the weather for our outdoor distributions this week (snow/ice predicted tomorrow and Wednesday)
  • For the Lord to bless our going out on the NOVA campus tomorrow and to bring us many open and hungry students

Manassas, VA- Report 1a.jpg

Manassas, VA- Report 1b.jpg

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 9, 2018

We arrived in Wilmington, Delaware on Lord’s Day (February 4), where we had a sweet time of dinner, fellowship, and blending with the saints in Wilmington, Delaware.

As trainees, we were asked to share a bit of our experiences in the training or the recent gospel trip, seeing as we are at the last end of the trip. Then the saints shared on the history of the church in Wilmington, and also their burden with us concerning the gospel outreach.

Yesterday (February 5), we had coordination in the morning as a team and with local saints. We then went to distribute Bibles and literature. We had four teams of about 4-5 saints. Three teams were set to contact students by being located on Main St, which was a central street that ran right through campus. One other team set up a table in front of a grocery store to contact the students, as well as those in the community. We found that there were many warm contacts that would like to be contacted further. Many were so happy to receive a study New Testament Recovery Version. We were able to distribute 58 New Testament Recovery Versions.

Today (February 6), we have split up our team of six. Three are traveling to Richmond, VA and then three are traveling to Pittsburgh, PA. Please pray during our time in our respective cities that we would be blent with the saints and be in one accord, so that the Lord would have a way to pour out His blessing.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the the Lord would increase in life and in number in the church in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • The saints would be encouraged and strengthened. To be burdened to continue to go out to the communities and college campuses to contact people for the sake of the gospel.
  • The Lord would raise up a group of vital students at the University of Delaware campus, and also release saints to labor and continue to reach out to all the warm contacts.
  • That the Lord’s hand would follow His Word, and that every recipient would open the New Testament Recovery Version or read the tract that they received.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 5, 2018

On Thursday Feb. 1, we had an opportunity to table at George Mason University during the day. Then in the evening we joined a college meeting with students and full-timer’s at George Mason University. We had such a sweet time of fellowship.

Our team arrived yesterday morning to Baltimore, Maryland. We had lunch and prayer with the local saints. Afterwards we visited Johns Hopkins University and distributed Bibles and tracts to students and even a few individuals from the surrounding community. We were able to pass out 33 New Testament English Recovery Versions in less than 30-degree weather. We also handed out 20 tracts.


  • We spoke to a student who was a Christian who at the time was reading through Revelation. We opened up the Recovery Version to Revelation 2:7, and the student was very impressed with the footnote about the Tree of Life and also the amount of footnotes that were there.
  • We spoke to another student, whom upon meeting said he had just started reading the Bible online because he had been seeking for direction but did not have a physical Bible. We gave him the Bible and spoke to him about Jesus being in his boat.

As a team we were really strengthened and encouraged with the conversations with students that we had even though it was very cold. They were willing to stop and engage in a conversation.

This Saturday we had coordination with the local saints and some saints that traveled from other areas in Baltimore to distribute Bibles in the community centers. One distribution team was at a grocery store and another was at a local farmers market. We distributed between the two locations 32 Bibles.

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray that the Lord would go on and release what needs to be released for the saints to labor on the campuses in their retrospective cities. (George Mason University, Fairfax VA/ Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore/ University of Maryland Baltimore).
  • Please pray that the recipients of the Bibles would read the Bible, be open for further contact, and be connected with the saints in the area.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 2, 2018

On Wednesday, as a team we traveled to the DC area. We were joined by many local saints and some college students for a Bible and literature distribution. We set up two distribution locations. One was at the Brookland Metro station near a Catholic University, where there was much traffic of people from the community, as well as students. The second distribution location was on the outskirts of Howard University right outside the school’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore. We passed out Bibles, tracts and were able to have many meaningful conversations with many individuals and with many wanting further contact. This was the first time that anything had been done close to these campuses and we found that students and even ones from the community are very open.

At Howard University we distributed 60 English New Testament Recovery Versions and 4 Spanish Versions. At the Metro station we distributed 105 English New Testament Recovery Versions.

A highlight for our team we feel was being able to speak and have conversations with the Bible recipients. Having the opportunity to have conversations with so many different people in all different stages. We were touched and encouraged that the Lord’s Word will not return void, and His Word is able to meet every man’s case.

At the end of our day, we joined the prayer meeting of the church in DC. We we had some strong prayer for all the contact information that we received and all the recipients of the Bibles. Please pray that the Lord would really strengthen the saints here to continue going out into the community and to look to the Lord as to how to take care of all the positive contacts.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the saints would be encouraged and strengthened to keep going out in a regular way to allow the Lord to flow in the District of Columbia.
  • Please pray that the Lord would brood until there is life over all the ones contacted and that there would be a way practically to release the care and shepherding needed to bring the called out ones into enjoyment of Christ.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

Yesterday, as a team we had a chance to go to NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College), the Manassas campus, for two hours in the morning to pass out the Recovery Version New Testament with footnotes. Upon receiving contact information for follow-up, many students were grateful to receive a New Testament with footnotes. The students were so open at this campus and willing to get connected. We contacted 35 students and were able to give out 35 Bibles during our time there.

In the afternoon, we again went to the Metro station in the afternoon early evening to outreach to the community. We were joined by many local saints throughout the area who were so burdened to get the Bibles and literature into the hands of the many people who were bustling in and out of the metro station. We contacted 38 people and were able to pass out 40 Bibles as well as many tracts.

In the evening as a team we joined a home meeting and had such a sweet time of blending with the saints. Everyone at the meeting shared a one minute testimony which was really a testimony of how the Lord is really drawing men to Himself, He is after something in this universe.

Today, January 30, we had a sweet time of fellowship coordination in the morning with the full-time team serving in the area and then we went to the Manassas Mall-Plaza to outreach to the community. We were able to distribute 12 Bibles. Then later in the afternoon we went back to NOVA to connect with students and pass out more New Testament Recovery Versions. We were able to distribute 31 Bibles during our time at the campus. We have found that the students on this campus are willing and open to receive Bibles and would like further contact. The harvest is surely ripe! Please pray that the Lord would really thrust out the workers into the harvest.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the recipients of the Bibles would read the Bible, be open for further contact, as well as be connected with the saints in the area.
  • Please pray that the Lord would release the way to labor at NOVA, to meet the need of all the encouraging and positive students wanting further contact and fellowship.

Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 29, 2018

Thank you for all your prayers. We arrived at our gospel trip destination early Friday afternoon. In the later afternoon we were able to prepare 500 Bibles to be distributed during our time here.

On Saturday, a team of six trainees (four sisters and two brothers) and also local saints, went to two destinations to pass out literature and free Bibles. The distribution venues were in the community at grocery stores as well as at a metro station. We were able to contact people and hand out a New Testament Recovery Version upon receiving contact information. Even a few that were contacted asked to be contacted further. We distributed 29 English Bibles, 8 Spanish Bibles

We also as a team joined the Young People’s meeting, in which many young people from the surrounding localities attended. As a team we shared a bit of our testimony of how we got to the training and our experience in the training with the young people, which we feel was a real highlight of the day. Many saints and college students attended, as well. It was really a sweet time of blending and an introduction to the saints here in Virginia, as well as Maryland.

Today, we met with the saints in Fairfax, Virginia for the Lord’s Table meeting. In the afternoon we had a sweet time of blending, fellowship and coordination with students and the full-timers serving at George Mason University for the upcoming events this week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray that the saints would continue to be strengthened and encouraged and burdened to be involved in the gospel outreach.
  • Please pray that the distribution venues that we are scheduled to table at would work out and that the Lord would have a way to reach the community.
  • That we would be blent together with the local saints and built up together in our time here.



Norfolk, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 12

February 3, 2016

Early this morning our team set out from Blacksburg, VA, to be at Liberty University in Lynchburg in time for a morning distribution. Liberty University (LU) is the largest Christian university in the USA. Due to a convocation that took place this morning, gathering almost 13,000 students, we were able to widely distribute to a large portion of the student body. In all, we handed out 1,500 ministry books, including the New Testament Recovery Version. Many students were so thankful for the free material, and we were touched by their warmth and gratitude. A number of us also enjoyed having appointments over lunch or coffee with new and existing contacts.

After the LU distribution, our team traveled to Charlottesville, VA where we joined the weekly college meeting of the students at the University of Virginia. We enjoyed a time together of singing and sharing testimonies. Thank You, Lord, for your expression in Charlottesville!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the students at Liberty University to read these books and for them to receive light and revelation from the Lord concerning all that they read
  • Please pray for the follow-up contact with the hungry ones at Liberty University and Old Dominion University
  • Please pray for a weekly Bible study to be established at ODU

Norfolk, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 8-11

February 2, 2016

After being in Newport News this weekend, six trainees went back to Norfolk to follow up with students at Old Dominion University (ODU) in personal appointments. These have been very encouraging! One new student who has been very responsive to the ministry came to a home meeting Tuesday night. She is interested in visiting the Lord’s Day meeting andthe college conference! We have also been spending time with some students who have been coming to home meetings but are not fully in the church life.

Six trainees are currently in Blacksburg, VA. Our time in Blacksburg has been filled with so much sweet enjoyment of the Lord through blending with the saints and speaking Him forth on the Virginia Tech campus. After arriving in Blacksburg on Monday afternoon, meeting the local saints, and having dinner together at Virginia Tech, we enjoyed a precious time of singing, prayer, and testimonies.

Today (Tuesday), we set up a BfA table on campus. Even though it was very cold outside, we were warmed and cheered as we flowed out to those around us. We handed out 98 New Testament Recovery Version Bibles as well as several ministry books. One young man confessed the name of Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • For the students we’ve been meeting with at ODU to get connected to the local saints
  • For the Lord, in His timing, to bring some from ODU to the college conference
  • Please stand with the burden of the saints in Blacksburg for the Lord to gain some typical Americans for His expression at Virginia Tech!

Norfolk, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 6-7

January 29, 2016

We were again distributing BfA tracts and Bibles Thursday and Friday at Old Dominion University. On Friday, we had a seminar introducing the Recovery Version at a house near the campus. Five new students attended, as well as the trainees and some of the local saints, several of whom are ODU faculty. We started with some singing, followed by a time of testimonies, during which the saints shared the benefit they have received from Recovery Version. One student told a local saint, “Thank you for inviting me. I had a great time.” Another asked about how “we” could get the literature into the hands of those who weren’t Christians.

After the seminar, we drove north to blend with the saints in Newport News. We had a home meeting Friday night and Saturday night. At both meetings, some of the local saints invited their own gospel contacts.

Prayer burdens:

  • For the Lord to release follow-up appointments with our contacts at ODU
  • For the Lord’s leading on how to have a Bible study since we do not have a club on the ODU campus
  • The blending of the saints

Norfolk, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 5

January 27, 2016

Tuesday night we had a home meeting. Six students that the saints have been contacting attended and entered in, even functioning to speak in the meeting. They lingered for almost an hour after the meeting to converse with the saints.

Wednesday morning we returned to Old Dominion University (ODU) to pass out Bibles and ministry material. At the prayer meeting Wednesday night, it was apparent that the saints were burdened for remaining fruit from the campuses.

Tomorrow, we will be on the ODU campus again, and then we will take a tour to the naval base in Norfolk, which is the largest naval station in the United States. We will be distributing BfA packages designed specifically for military personnel.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the seeking students would come to the seminar on Friday and that this would become a regular Bible study
  • That the students would get connected to the local saints
  • The word would spread at the Navy base

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Norfolk, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 1-4

January 26, 2016

Praise the Lord for Norfolk, VA! After some delays due to the weather, most of our team has arrived in Norfolk. We spent the past weekend meeting and blending with the saints. On Saturday, we helped clear out an elementary school where the Southeast Blending Conference will be held. That night, some of the trainees got to share their testimonies with the young people.

On Monday and Tuesday, we went to Old Dominion University to pass out Bibles. The students at ODU are very open! We handed out 190 Bibles at ODU these two days. Some of us had lunch with the friend of a trainee. We met at a sister’s house near campus and spontaneously had a time to read a booklet and sing. The student was open to meet with us again!

Prayer burdens:

  • That the seeking students would come to the seminar on Friday
  • That the Lord would release follow-up appointments with the seeking students
  • That the students would get connected to the local saints

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Norfolk, VA—Days 1-4B.jpg

Norfolk, VA—Days 1-4C.jpg

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 13

February 4, 2015

We are so full of praise and thanksgiving toward the Lord for our sweet, fresh, and glorious gospel trip.

Today at ODU, we distributed Bibles as well as held mini Bible studies. As open ones came to our table, we connected them to some local saints who fellowshipped and went over some footnotes with them. One student came up to our table, hungry for the ministry and burdened for her roommate’s salvation. It turns out that her roommate had stopped by our table last week and received the Lord! Both are hungry and believe that it was Jesus who gave them this opportunity.

The atmosphere of our overflow meeting tonight was mutuality. The team and local saints all shared their experiences of co-laboring with the Lord and one another these past two weeks. The saints throughout Virginia have been inscribed in our hearts.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the 600 Bibles, 1000 tracts, and 700 ministry books that have gone out would be read by the ones who received them.
  • ODU—The ripe ones would be added to the church here, the whole church would be burdened for ODU, and the possibility of a brothers’ house.
  • GMU/NoVa—Raising up laborers to care for the hungry and seeking ones, and strengthening the core students already there.
  • VCU—The warm contacts would be connected to the club and enter into the church life.
  • William and Mary—More prayer for the ground to be tilled so that the high gospel is ready to go out.

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 12

February 4, 2015

Today we distributed Bibles at ODU again. About a handful of local saints also joined us. Of all the campuses we visited, ODU has been the most open and ripe toward receiving the Word and the ministry.

Prayer burdens:

  • On Thursday (2/5), we will be having a Bible study on campus as a way to follow-up with the many open and seeking ones.
  • ODU is the very ripe, but we need continual prayer to be one with the Lord in the follow-up. Please pray that even the whole church would enter into the Lord’s heart and fresh move on this campus.
  • The saints are before the Lord about a possible brothers’ house by ODU. This would be such an integral container for the fruit, as students would have a place to gather and pursue the Lord corporately.

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 11

February 3, 2015

Yesterday, we had a Bible distribution at the College of William and Mary. The ground there still needs more tilling, and many students weren’t open to receive anything. We had the realization that our impact on campus is more than we can observe. We found out about a service that sends out anonymous tweets on campus, and later found out that many were tweeting about our distribution. Though it was negative speaking, we realize it is not a small thing for us to be on campus for our distribution, and that the campus needs much more prayer.

Last night, we had a gathering with the saints in Newport News. There were 30 of us, and we were all full of rejoicing. The atmosphere was one of washing one another’s feet in the sweet fellowship.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would till the ground at William and Mary so that hearts would be ready to receive the Word and ministry.
  • The ones who were open and received the Word and literature would open it and read it. Stir up and expose the vanity of the world and religion so the students would be hungry.
  • The two students, would become companions to pursue the Lord together in college.
  • We would get warm contacts at ODU. We are going for another distribution on Wednesday (2/4), and will be inviting contacts to a Bible study happening on Thursday (2/5) on campus.

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 10-11

February 2, 2015

On Lord’s Day, we came to Newport News, and have been enjoying a house-to-house church life. We’re in the homes for dinners in various groups, and the fellowship has been so sweet and wonderful.

We heard many of the testimonies of the saints in this area, and we’re witnessing the Lord’s fine and detailed operation in each one’s life. In one home, after a local sister shared her testimony, she said, “I’ve never quite opened up my testimony so much quite like this before.” We prayed for the Lord to gain her husband to work out the way for her to go to FTT-MA. Before we left, she also told us, “When I see young saints, I think I need to shepherd them. But tonight, you all shepherded me.” The shepherding and encouragement in the Body through the blending truly is mutual.

Prayer burdens:

  • Our Bible distribution at College of William and Mary on Tuesday (2/3).
  • A lunch appointment with two students who have been very busy the past semester, but the local sisters told them that there were sisters who were a similar age as them coming to visit, and they were available to meet. Pray for the Lord to reach them through the saints through such normal, gentle shepherding.


Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 9

February 1, 2015

On Saturday, our team, including local saints, split into three groups and went to the Town Center, Oceanfront, and ODU. It was cold, so there weren’t many people walking around, but the Lord was faithful to put some open ones in our path. We got contact info for a little more than a handful of people who wanted more fellowship with other believers in Virginia Beach.

The Bible study/meeting on Saturday was very rich. A handful of students from ODU came, and many of them enjoyed our singing time. We split into four groups to get into reading Christ as the seed of David being designated the son of God. Surely, the material was high and deep, even the high peak of the divine revelation. Yet, we trust that seeds of God’s economy and of this rich ministry have been sown.

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 5-8

January 30, 2015

1/27/15: Our morning coordination started off in the third heavens. We were beside ourselves enjoying that SSWOOF (Satan, sin, world, old creation, old man, flesh) has been crucified through Christ’s all-inclusive death! Our time with the young people and college students in Dunn Loring was sweet. Each of us simply shared our experiences of getting to the FTTA and our various experiences of life, truth, character, and service while in the FTTA. Our burden is that, through the sharing, seeds of the FTTA would be planted at this young age.

1/28/15: The Lord is freshly moving in Virginia! We went to George Mason University (8 of us and 2 local saints) and Northern Virginia Community College (4 of us and 3 student sisters) to distribute Bibles. At GMU, so many students came up to our table to talk to us. In total, we passed out 155 Bibles and 65 gave us contact information. Our sense was that the students are open for further fellowship in the Word.

1/29/15: We arrived in Richmond and had lunch with some of the local saints and students from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Then, we went on campus with two of the students to distribute Bibles. The Lord was faithful to bring us some very seeking ones, though we did not meet as many open and interested ones. These seeking ones also ended up coming to our college meeting on campus. The college meeting was very living and mutual. The new ones entered right into using lines from the hymns to praise and pray back to the Lord. Singing was interspersed with sharing, not only from trainees, but also local saints and new ones. Praise the Lord for this time of mutual encouragement!

1/30/15: We had a refreshing and encouraging 24 hrs in Richmond, and today we went back to Virginia Beach. The home meeting was full of “Hallelujahs!” We enjoyed that the Father foreordained us, His glory to know. For us to be the many sons even as the Firstborn Son is, the Triune God is dispensing, and we are enjoying!

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would water the seeds to cause the growth. Then, at the time of life, these seeds would sprout for them to go to the training. Our heart is that the students would have a positive impression of the training, and that they would each have a little opening to the Lord tonight.
  • The team and the local saints would be co-laboring with the Lord so the Triune God can reach all of these open and ready ones.
  • There are a few that are ripe and ready to be shepherded into the church life. We need the Lord to make clear which ones are the ripest ones to contact, release the connections with the saints, and release the long-term shepherding to bring these ones all the way in.
  • The harvest is white in the Virginia, Maryland, DC region, but there is a need for some full-timers to reap and labor on all these campuses (GMU, NoVa, University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University). Please pray that some saints, including upcoming FTTA grads from the Mid-Atlantic region would be burdened to serve in this region.
  • That the open and seeking ones would be connected to the Christians on Campus club at VCU.
  • The students would be encouraged to have much personal time with the Lord that would issue in their giving their college years for the Lord.
  • Our Bible distribution at ODU tomorrow (Saturday 1/31). Will be inviting ones to a Bible study/meeting that evening.
  • The health of the team so we can fully participate in the gospel trip.

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Day 4

January 26, 2015

Today we had our first Bible distribution at Old Dominion University. Three local saints also joined us. We can all testify that this campus is open! Many were open to hearing us show them how to use the Recovery Version Bible and left us their contact information. We passed out 140 Bibles and got follow up information for 59 people.

Prayer burdens:

  • Our follow-up with these 59 people. We are inviting them to a Bible study time for this Saturday. We want to bridge the most open and willing ones with the local saints.
  • We will be going to Dunn Loring tomorrow (Tuesday 1/27) and will have a blending time with the young people and college students that night. Many of us will be sharing our testimonies and experience of the FTTA with them.

Virginia Beach 1.jpg

Virginia Beach, VA—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 25, 2015

We arrived in Virginia Beach yesterday and had a young people’s meeting that night. Everyone was released, flowing, and overflowing with life! We read a portion about not being ashamed of the gospel, which was followed by many saints sharing their experiences of speaking about this wonderful Person!

The Lord’s Table meeting had about 60-70 saints, with ones visiting from Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk, North Carolina, and even Tennessee. We were so full of praise that the Lord resurrected with a Body. Not only is Christ the Head on the throne, but the Body is joined to our ascended Head, so the one new man is also on the throne!

Prayer burdens:

  • Our Bible distribution at Old Dominion University on Monday.
  • Our thorough blending with the local saints through our times in their homes.