St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 4, 2019

Praise the Lord for all that He has done in St. Louis! On Friday, we saw a glorious consummation for our trip. After the morning coordination, the team went to Saint Louis University (SLU) for the Bible distribution. In addition to the tabling at SLU, there were four follow-up appointments. One of the follow-up appointments was particularly noteworthy: Elijah met with a student named H, who is very open but is thoroughly preoccupied by his own concepts of what the meaning of human life is. Such a one seemed “impossible” to save and “impossible to baptize,” but through the fervent, deeply anointed prayer of the saints during morning coordination, we were able to enter into the realm of the impossible and H was thoroughly subdued and immediately consented to be baptized.

Two trainees also had a follow-up appointment with a freshman at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, who is very guarded but seeking. After about 30 minutes of conversation, she opened up about her fear of her weakened faith in the Lord, given recent personal experiences and observations of Christians around her. We spoke to her about how Christ has increasingly become our reality and how that is exactly what He is after, to become so real to us that we live with and to Him in all we do. At the end of the appointment, she expressed the desire to be surrounded by genuine believers who are sincerely pursuing the Lord. We will continue to shepherd her until she is open enough to be connected to the local saints.

In the evening, we had the college meeting and four students from the Washington University in St. Louis attended. The students had a morning revival program, where each student paired with another student or a trainee to have the morning revival together over the phone for one week. During the college meeting, there was the overflow from the experience of having the morning revival program, and the students overall had a positive experience.

We also had another in-reaping meeting at sister Shuyi’s home for the brand new ones, seven of which came. The time was very warm, many connections and handoffs were made to the local saints, and H was baptized there. Praise the Lord! One of the new ones brought her younger sister who is a junior in high school. Although they were both shy, they genuinely enjoyed the time, especially when they were able to spend some time with two young local sisters close to their age. These two new ones are currently seeking a group of genuine believers to call their family. May the Lord build them into the Church in St. Louis!

On Saturday, morning, we gathered with the GTCA team and local saints for our final coordination. We had much prayer and fellowship about how to care for the most open new ones long-term. Afterward more local saints joined for an overflow meeting, which was full of precious overflow from the saints of their experience from these two weeks and how it affected them. One local saint mentioned this time has given her the desire to attend the middle-age training in the future. It was clear that both the trainees, visiting and local saints experienced a sweet time of blending, service and coordination. The trainees were encouraged to come back to visit or migrate and encourage our fellow trainees and saints across the country to come blend in St. Louis.

There was a definite theme to our gospel trip: mutuality. We were mutually shepherded by the saints; the gospel labor was one in mutuality; the cherishing was mutual; the building up of the Body in love was mutual. Praise Him! We love all the dear saints in St. Louis! May the Lord strengthen His testimony in the gateway to the West!

Prayer Burdens:

  • The desperate need for job dropping full-time serving ones to labor on the local college campuses
  • More migration of solid young couples to St. Louis to strengthen the church and care for new ones
  • Five remaining fruit through the contacts gathered during the GTCA trip
  • Raising up of many saints in St. Louis with a burden for the follow-up and to care for the new ones
  • Effective follow-up with the open and seeking contacts made during the GTCA trip

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St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 5

January 31, 2019

Praise the Lord for His work here in St. Louis! As we get further and further into the gospel trip, it becomes more and more apparent to us that the Lord is desperate to gain this city! This past Tuesday, 1/29, we had the neighborhood children’s meeting again and two new families were able to make it to the dinner time afterwards. All of the parents and the children seemed to truly enjoy their time there. As they were leaving, the kids of one of the families asked if they could come again next week. This meeting has proven to be an effective way to bring in new families in the past and we are praying that the Lord will do the same with these families as well.

This morning, 1/30, we had the community meeting. A sister’s husband joined in as well. He is a believer, doesn’t meet with the church in St. Louis and, to some extent, condones his wife’s doing so. However, he does regularly attend the community meeting and oftentimes argues certain points of the ministry with the saints.

This morning though, once her husband left the meeting, she told us that she felt that he was really shepherded. She felt that the spirit during the meeting was too strong and that her husband was subdued. We are praying that he will continue to soften towards the saints!

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would be our discernment in our last times of follow up with our new contacts. The Lord has granted us around one hundred potential contacts, so it’s important that we determine who are the ones that would be most worth the saints’ time and energy and filter out the ones who are not viable candidates.
  • That the Lord would strengthen the net here.

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St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 4

January 30, 2019

Sunday, 1/27/2019, all the trainees joined the Lord’s Table meeting in the church in St. Louis. It was a sweet time to see and blend with all the saints who labor together for God’s move. In the afternoon, we went to the city museum with YP, college students and local saints.

Monday, 1/28/2019, we went again to University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). We passed out 80 Bibles and many tracts. We received 44 contacts. Also we had some appointments with the students and staff members we met last week. The follow-up appointments were very encouraging to see so many seeking ones in UMSL.

Overall, the Lord blessed us these days. Thank the Lord for all the contacts and all the mutual shepherding among the saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord will be our discernment to screen out the real seeking ones and shepherd them into the church life
  • The Lord will cover the weather so that nothing will frustrate God’s move
  • The Lord will revive and raise up many saints to shepherd the new contacts.

St. Louis- Report 4a.jpg

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St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 3

January 29, 2019

Friday, 1/25/19, we went to the University of Washington at Saint Louis (Wash U), the flagship university of Saint Louis, for a Bible distribution. We were there for a little over two hours and handed out close to 40 Bibles and had a number of positive contacts. The evening was filled with three meetings:

  1. A Korean-speaking meeting with community saints
  2. The campus meeting, which had 16 attendees (9 of whom were students). Three students were new to the meeting and the time was very positive; every student dug into the riches of the Word and prophesied, and many signed up for a weeklong morning revival program.
  3. A brand-new meeting was created for the new students we contacted at UMSL the day before. The meeting was hosted in a local sister’s home, and four new, unsaved students came. The meeting was unlike anything we had experienced- it was truly a joint effort of shepherding and preaching the gospel, even some saints who previously had not been too involved in the campus labor spontaneously jumped in. At least one was definitely saved and desires to come back for more.

Saturday, 1/26/19, we had lunch with a local sister and went to various meetings in the evening, being split up into different groups.

All in all, our first week has been a week of very positive blending, mutual shepherding, and sowing, and we look to the Lord that some of the ones we contacted this week would be thoroughly connected to the local saints and would receive the proper follow-up during our second week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would operate in these positive contacts, keeping at least five as remaining, fruit-bearing fruit
  • That the Lord would revive, reinspire, and bring into function the backslidden and dormant local saints
  • That the Lord would continue to blend and build us together with the saints here in beautiful mutual harmony and fellowship in love.

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St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 25, 2019

Praise the Lord for the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL)! Although we were open to contact whoever was open, our burden was for seeking ones who could possibly become remaining fruit. So instead of simply passing out Bibles and tracts, we sought to have conversations with the people we contacted.

We had the Bible distribution at UMSL. Many local community saints, especially those who live near the campus joined the whole time. It was so precious to see how burdened the saints were. Many of the students were open to speak to us and receive free Bible, a number of which were open for follow-up appointments and college meetings. At least five students committed to coming to the college meeting on Friday. There was supposed to be one college meeting, but to take care of the new ones, the saints are considering having a separate meeting for the new ones and the local saints are open and very flexible to the schedule changes. May the Lord continue to cover the contacting of the students during this trip. May His will be done in St. Louis!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Five remaining fruit
  • Covering of the college meetings on Friday and follow-up appointments. Some of the names to pray for are:
    1. H: very open and wants to meet up
    2. AlH: already had an appointment today and is willing to meet again
    3. MO: already had an appointment today and is willing to meet again
    4. DJ: very open and would like to connect her friends to the Christian students in UMSL
    5. MB: soft and open; will be meeting on Saturday
    6. I: open and will be meeting on Saturday
  • Job-dropping full-time serving ones to care for the seeking college students

St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 24, 2019

It has been about 10 years since the gospel trip has taken place in St. Louis. The saints are excited to have us visit and have been taken every opportunity to spend time with us. Here is a brief summary of each day’s activities:

Friday-Lord’s Day:
Midwest College Winter Retreat: Four college students went to the conference. Having the college conference as the first part of the gospel trip enabled the trainees to know the students. This was a strong start to the gospel trip, and it was quite powerful that the trip started with other Midwest localities being written upon our heart.

The arrangement was such that every morning, we would have coordination at a sister’s home. Her heart is for the Body and everything she does is with the Body in view. She consistently and joyously opens her home for many meetings of the church. Our coordination was saturated with prayers. Afterwards, we went to the zoo, where we spent time with local saints and YP, and we ended our day with dinner in various homes.

The sisters joined the sisters’ prayer meeting in a local restaurant. The sisters are burdened for shepherding and fruit bearing and have been reading the book, The Normal Way of Fruit-bearing and Shepherding for the Building Up of the Church. In the afternoon, we attended neighborhood children’s meeting at a sister’s house. Many saints in different ages participated in serving the children. While the children were having storytelling time, the parents were reading Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life. Two new ones and the classmate of one of the children joined the dinner. Then we split up and joined the prayer meeting with the local saints.

We attended the community group meeting, a gathering of local saints to read the ministry books with the new ones. A new contact joined the singing time and really enjoyed the flow of life among the saints, especially the young saints because she also wants the same kind of experience and enjoyment for her daughter who no longer pursues the Lord. She has a seeking heart for the Lord and has been shopping for a new church, looking for reality. Then we split up for dinner with the local saints and the new hospitality arrangement.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would continue to bring this group of brothers from Streamwood fully into the church life and under a clear, controlling vision of His economy
  • Migration of solid couples and serving ones to strengthen the church in St. Louis
  • 5 remaining fruit for the church in St. Louis
  • Strengthening of the neighborhood children’s meeting to be a channel to reach out to more children and parents in the neighborhood

St. Louis-Report 1a.jpg

St. Louis- Report 1b.jpg

St. Louis- Report 1c.jpg

South Bend, IN—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

At IUSB there was an appointment with a young student we met through the Bibles for America table. Although he was shy, he listened to us intently as we shared on why we’re here as Christians; namely, to express and represent our Christ on the earth! He responded positively to having another appointment with a local brother.

At Notre Dame, we met a very open student who received a Bible. He had never heard before that man was created with a human spirit, and was amazed that no one had ever told him. He even mentioned that his mom was telling him recently that he needs to get a Bible! He said that our being there was God’s answer to that plea.

Through the shepherding of one of the local sisters, there was a baptism the first night in a saint’s home. She is a student at Notre Dame, which has three graduate students and one undergraduate already there. May the Lord shepherd this one through the saints!

Friday the 2nd was our rest day, so we stopped by Menno-Hof, a Amish-Mennonite museum and Essenhaus, an Amish restaurant in Indiana. It was so amazing to see history of these believers and to understand the local history in order to better care for local ones in Indiana and the Midwest. Tonight is our Bible Seminar in South Bend! May the Lord bring His seeking ones to be fed in the truth of His word.


  • Bibles: 117
  • Tracts: 300
  • Contacted: 48
  • Salvations: 2
  • Baptisms: 1 (on 1/30)
  • Follow-up Appointment: 2

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord’s brooding in South Bend for the sons of peace in our door-knocking time on Saturday.
  • The Father’s loving and forgiving heart, and the seeking and shepherding spirit of our Savior Christ for the saints’ shepherding and follow up of all students contacted this week on campus and at the Bible Seminar.

South Bend, IN—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 1, 2018

The Lord is truly stirring up seeking ones in the Midwest. Here in South Bend we have visited Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) and Notre Dame University (ND). At IUSB we are able to have a table, even handing out all the Bibles we had 45 minutes before we were scheduled to leave on the first day! It was hard to find a student who wasn’t willing to come to the table and listen to us.

In particular at Notre Dame, teams of twos have been able to walk around with Bibles in their bags to hand out tracts and Recovery Versions. We are all amazed at the response! Many students received the tracts and were open to speak to us.

Bibles: 50, 48
Tracts: 75, 240
Contacted: 75

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord to open students at IUSB and Notre Dame to both receive a Bible, go to the seminar this Friday (2/2), and get connected to the local saints.
  • The saints to be strengthened inwardly and outwardly, to labor in one accord and in brotherly love under the Lord’s anointing.

South Bend_1.png

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 14-15

February 11, 2017

Feb 10, 2017, Friday:

Twenty-four saints joined the Lord’s move today. Ten saints set up the BfA table in front of the Walmart supermarket, received 21 contact information, gave out more than 20 Bibles. Another 14 saints continued the BfA/Christian on Campus table in the West Michigan University student center, received 15 new contact information, and gave out more than 20 Bibles.

At 6 PM, Christians On Campus held the Bible study seminar in the WMU student center, brother Tim Knoppe spoke the message about how to study the Bible, New Testament Recovery Version. There were 32 people including six new ones who participated in this seminar, and one Bible was given after the seminar.

Feb 11, 2017, Saturday:

Today is the last day of the gospel trip in Kalamazoo. 32 saints from Illinois, Michigan and Indiana joined the Lord’s move today. There are eight brothers and sisters who continued the BfA table in front of Walmart, gave out 26 Bibles, and 15 contact informations. And all the rest of the saints went door-knocking in three neighborhoods around the houses of Kalamazoo’s local saints. We estimate about 75 doors knocked on today. The FTTA trainees shared their testimony about the life in the training with the local saints in the evening blending meeting.

To sum up, in this gospel trip, the gospel team gave out 276 Bibles, and received 167 contact informations in Kalamazoo. We received 133 new contact information and 106 Bibles given out in South Bend.

BfA table outside the Walmart

Normal/Champaign/Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 11-13

February 9, 2017

Hope you are well, thank you for praying for us. Our hearts are full of praises and thanksgivings to the Lord. Praise Him for what He is doing in here in central Illinois!

In addition to tabling at Sam’s Club and Bradley University, we had two Bible studies this past Wednesday and Thursday. The fellowship on John 19 was very positive and encouraging. Around six students, including one new one came. The majority of the time, it was the students taking the initiative to share their enjoyment, even to shepherd and invite others to the Bible studies. We could foresee a core group of students slowly being formed at Bradley University. Hallelujah!

While at Sam’s Club, we met many people of various backgrounds with different stories; however, many of them were open to receive a new Recovery Version Bible. We hope that they would want to meet with us for further fellowship in the Lord.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for this afternoon’s door-knocking
  • The students that we are connected would take the next step in the church life, that there would be a solid home meeting formed and they would come to the church meetings
  • There would be more male contacts
  • More people in the community (young couples) would be added to the church
  • Adequate follow-up and shepherding of these new ones/contacts

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 12-13

February 9, 2017

In the recent two days, more and more saints from nearby localities arrived at Kalamazoo to participate in the Lord’s move. The gospel team continued the gospel work at West Michigan University and downtown Kalamazoo. The team was fully energized by the unceasing prayer, working in oneness and the excising of the Kingdom.

Wednesday, February 8th

Eleven saints set up the BfA Table in the West Michigan University campus, gave out 35 Bibles to the students, and received information for 22 contacts. Also, 10 saints preached the gospel by walking in downtown Kalamazoo, resulting in 13 new contacts and 24 Bibles being given out.

Thursday, February 9th

On the WMU campus, the saints continued the BfA/Christian On Campus table in the student center. Twenty new contacts were received and 35 Bibles were given out. Also 15 people, including 2 new ones participated the Bible study on campus.

In downtown Kalamazoo, due to the snow, we only received one new contact and gave out two Bibles. However, a considerable number of gospel tracts were distributed to the citizens.

Prayer Burdens:
This Saturday, more than 30 saints will join the gospel move in Kalamazoo. This will be the largest number of participation in this gospel trip. May the Lord bless all the saints who are coming, and cover every aspect of the gospel preaching on Saturday. May the Lord bless the local saints to build a relationship with the gospel contacts, practice the God-Ordained way to bear remaining fruit in the church life.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 9 - 11

February 7, 2017

The trainees moved to Kalamazoo, MI for the second part of this trip last Lord’s Day and enjoyed the Lord’s Table with the saints from Kalamazoo, South Bend and Grand Rapids.

Monday, Feb 6, 2017 The local saints took the trainees to have a brief visitation to West Michigan University and downtown Kalamazoo, which are the two venues that the gospel team will be spreading Bibles in this week. The gospel team prepared 334 Bibles, for the gospel move this week, on Monday evening.

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 The trainees and local saints formed two teams to spread the Bibles. Eight saints set up the BfA table at the student center of West Michigan University. The saints got 32 new contact information, and give out 32 Bibles. Six saints spread the Bibles in downtown Kalamazoo on foot and got 18 new contacts and give out 28 Bibles.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Please pray for the gospel seminar on West Michigan University campus this Friday evening. May the Lord gain remaining fruit, especially the college students, through this seminar.
  • Please pray that Lord would strengthen the local saints in South Bend and build up the solid relationships with the gospel contacts in South Bend.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Days 9-11 A.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 9-11 B.JPEG

Normal/Champaign/Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Day 10

February 6, 2017

Yesterday, we set out three tables around Bradley University and handed out 86 Bibles, 104 gospel tracts, and received 24 contacts. We feel that the Lord is really moving here in Peoria. Many came by the tables and asked for more information concerning what we do and where we meet. There are many genuine seeking believers here; we hope that they would be gained by the Lord and be added to His church for the building.

From the results of yesterday’s distribution, we noticed that there were many freshmen that came by the table and signed up to be further contacted, however, there were more women who stopped by than men did.

We look to the Lord for much wisdom and grace in following up with these contacts. Amen, saints, thank you for praying for us. The Lord be with your spirit; grace be with you.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would draw many seekers to the Bible studies this Wednesday and Thursday, especially the freshmen.
  • More male contacts
  • The Lord would continue to strengthen each of the brother and sisters in Peoria/Normal for the rest of the week. Our beings would be open to Him and He will gain what He desires after us.

Normal/Champaign/Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 5-9

February 5, 2017

Praise the Lord for His move in central Illinois! Thank you for praying for us.

This past week was glorious. A good number of students from ISU and UIUC (115+) were open to be contacted and willing to have further fellowship. Overall, we handed out 1,000+ gospel tracts, 180+ Bibles, and 40+ ministry books.

Many on campus, as well as people in the community (Normal) were thrilled to have received the Recovery Version study Bible; furthermore, the local saints, including all the students, in Normal and Champaign and all the trainees were very much mutually encouraged this past week, Many of us could genuinely testify that the Lord was truly flowing amongst us. Many, if not, all of us were very cherished and supplied, humanly and spiritually, simply by being with one another. One accord is really the master key to all spiritual blessings.

This morning, the trainees from Normal and Champaign, gathered in Peoria for the Lord’s Table. This week, all the trainees are in Peoria carrying out gospel activities. We will be tabling at Bradley University & Sam’s Club and going door-knocking in the nearby neighborhoods. May the Lord continue to draw many people to Himself. He is the most attractive One in the universe.

Prayer Burdens:

  • There would be the adequate follow-up with the gospel contacts at ISU, UIUC, and Sam’s Club. The Lord would be our wisdom in shepherding the contacts during the group time.
  • Tabling at Bradley University and Sam’s Club this week (Monday-Wednesday)
  • That the Lord will be sovereign over the weather for distributing Bibles

NormalChampaignPeoria, IL—Days 5-9 A.jpeg

NormalChampaignPeoria, IL—Days 5-9 B.jpeg

NormalChampaignPeoria, IL—Days 5-9 C.JPG

NormalChampaignPeoria, IL—Days 5-9 E.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 4, 2017

February 3, 2017 The gospel team set up BfA Table in three venues, the Eddy Street Common outside the University of Notre Dame, the Flamingo supermarket, and the South Bend downtown. Also a group of saints attend their appointments with the college students in the IUSB campus. In total today we had five new contacts, and 7 Bibles were given.

At 6 PM this evening, the saints in South Bend held a gospel seminar at the conference room of the Martin’s supermarket near the UND campus. Brother Tim Knoppe from the church in Farmington spoke the message with the topic of “Unlocking the Bible”. About 43 people, including six gospel contacts attended this seminar.

February 4, 2017 Today is our last day of the gospel trip in South Bend. The team set up BfA tables at three venues, the Flamingo supermarket, Eddy Street Common near UND campus and downtown South Bend. Also nine saints went door-knocking on the community near the UND. Due to the weekend, the team didn’t have much positive response as last few days, but still gave out about 10 Bibles and knocked on about 50 doors.

This evening at 7 PM in the conference room of the Martin’s Supermarket near the UND, the FTTA trainees gave a fellowship and testimony to the local saints, especially to the young people about our experience in the Full-Time Training.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The gospel trip in South Bend is finished, but the Holy Spirit is still working in this city, especially the college campuses. May the Lord strength the local saints to continue their fellowship and shepherding with the people who we contacted in the past week.
  • May the Lord encourage the young people in the church life in this area to consecrate themselves to the Full-Time Training after the college.

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 A.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 B.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 7-8 C.JPG

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN— Gospel Trip, Days 3-6

February 2, 2017

January 31, 2017

Today, we began laboring for Bibles for America in four different locations:

  • Indiana University South Bend— table set up in front of their library
  • University of Notre Dame— on Eddy Street (where the off-campus housing is located)
  • Farmer’s Market— we had a table set up
  • Flamingos— a Mexican market with a table set up as well

The Lord really blessed our laboring with the saints on each of these locations. We got a very positive response from each location. Specifically, IUSB got about 40 contacts and 33 of those were open to give us their information and attend a BfA seminar on Friday. There were 93 tracts given out and 11 Bibles received.

UND: 7 contacts and gave our 5 Bibles and 71 tracts. Farmer’s market: gave out 2 Bibles and 25 tracts. The two contacts were two different families, whom shared their information. Flamingo’s: 20 contacts, 3 Bibles were given out and 53 tracts were received.

February 1, 2017

The team paid more attention in the Indiana University South Bend campus. The students are very open to us and many of them gave us their contact information for future contact. We set up the BfA table at the same location as yesterday, in front of the library. Today, we had a total of 29 new contacts’ information, handed out 35 Bibles and 104 tracts were distributed. We also set up the table at the Downtown area and Eddy Street common near the University of Notre Dame:

Downtown South Bend: 3 new contacts, 5 Bibles and 95 tracts distributed. Eddy Street Common: 3 new contacts, 3 Bibles and 89 tracts distributed.

At our third venue, the farmers’ market, there was one contact made that received one Bible and one gospel tract.

February 2, 2017

The team continued the BfA table at three different venues: IUSB campus, Eddy Street common, and the Farmer’s Market.

IUSB: BfA table set up in front of the library, 33 new contacts, 43 Bibles and 13 tracts distributed. Eddy Street common: 5 new contacts, 12 Bibles and 3 tracts.

Prayer Burdens:

  • We feel that the IUSB campus is a rich fishpond for the gospel preaching. The local saints in South Bend and the ones from the surrounding cities are very encouraged with the positive response we have gotten from IUSB. There are open and seeking hearts on this campus! Hallelujah! We received the support and appreciation from both the students and the employees while we were on campus. May the Lord continue to bless this campus. Please pray that the local saints would be strengthened into their inner man and that the Lord would provide them with much grace in the coming weeks as they labor on the promising students and consider a campus work in IUSB.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s covering tomorrow. We will be holding a Bible seminar at 6PM, near Notre Dame University. May the Lord gain the seeking ones, especially the college students.

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 A.JPG

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 B.JPG

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 C.JPG

-Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Days 4-6 D.JPG

Normal/Champaign/Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 31, 2017

For the past two days, the Champaign team has been assisting the Christians on Campus table at UIUC to pass out gospel tracts and Bibles, while the Normal team has been passing out gospel tracts and Bibles at ISU with the BfA table. In total, we have passed out about 350 gospel tracts, handed out around 66 Bibles and gained around 70 contacts (the number is still increasing).

May the Lord as the rising sun continue to visit many in Normal and Champaign from on high, shine upon those sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death, and guide their feet into the way of peace.

Prayer Burdens:

  • There would be the adequate follow-up with these 70+ contacts and that some would get solidly connected with the families and the core students, especially the freshmen
  • The on-campus Bible study at ISU (this Thursday) UICU (this Wednesday), as well as the Bible Reading Club at the Bloomington Library this Thursday
  • The trainees and the saints would be persons who are in the intimate and thorough fellowship with the Lord and that the one accord would be maintained amongst us

Normal Champaign Peoria, IL—Days 3-4 A.jpg

Normal Champaign Peoria, IL—Days 3-4 B.JPG

Normal Champaign Peoria, IL—Days 3-4 C.JPG

Normal Champaign Peoria, IL—Days 3-4 D.JPG

Normal Champaign Peoria, IL—Days 3-4 E.JPG

Normal and Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 29, 2017

We arrived yesterday evening at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for the college meeting. The college students at UIUC had a fellowship time with Brother Jim Miller concerning the matter of getting into the ministry; it was encouraging and helpful. This morning, the saints from Peoria, Normal, and Champaign gathered for a combined Lord’s Table meeting. It was a glorious time blending with all the saints.

For this week, the trainees are split into two sub-teams, one group to Normal and another in Champaign. The trainees in Normal will be laboring and setting up BfA tables at Illinois State University while the trainees in Champaign will be doing the same at UIUC. Then the following week, all the trainees will travel to Peoria to labor on the community and campus there.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The BfA table this week at UIUC and ISU. We are not after a long list of names. We look to the Lord for remaining fruit.
  • The on-campus Bible study, for college students, and the Book Reading club, for people in the community, this Thursday night
  • The seeking ones in the community and on campus would be solidly connected to the local saints
  • The Lord would gain His building, His kingdom would come, and that all the local saints and trainees would be one even as He is one!

Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend, IN—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 29, 2017

January 28, 2017

The FTTA trainees gathered with the local saints from South Bend, Kalamazoo and few nearby cities who will participate in the Lord’s move, at the meeting hall of the Church in Kalamazoo. The trainees had a wonderful blending time with the local saints, and we had a gospel trip orientation all together. The gospel team received hospitality in South Bend, IN after the orientation.

January 29, 2017

There were more than 40 saints from South Bend and surrounding localities who attended the Lord’s Table in Camp Ray Bird, a Christian retreat camp near South Bend. This is the second Lord’s Table in the history of South Bend since the church life started in 1995. May the Lord strengthen His testimony and His saints in South Bend. After dinner, we spent some time to get familiar with the tracts and BfA materials that we will be handing out this week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • May the Lord have a way in Norte Dame University, a campus with strong Catholic background. We can’t have a BfA table on this campus, facing strong withholding from the school’s administration. May the Lord continue to open the way in this campus, bind the enemy, and free His people from the religious bondage.
  • Pray that the trainees and the local saints have more blending with one another and become more familiar with the gospel materials.

Kalamazoo and South Bend, IN—Days 1-2.JPG

Peoria, IL—Summary Report

February 8, 2016

Here is a final summary report regarding the Peoria gospel trip in Peoria, Normal, and Champaign, IL. We are all so appreciative and thankful to the saints who have been praying for us and for this trip and for all of the sweet coordination from beginning to end. Everything was prepared so that we just entered into their labor. There was a real three fold cord of labor among the trainees, students, and community saints during this time.

In Peoria, there was a young man who prayed to receive the Lord earlier this week at our table at the university, and he came to spend time with the saints for Friday’s home meeting, met with a local saint to read the Bible, and came for dinner with all the saints and trainees on Saturday. The local saints have met him before, but his attitude was completely different after his salvation: he was very warm, open, and receptive of the saints. We’re so thankful for our new brother and we pray for his continued growth in the life.

Three trainees met a middle-aged man while door knocking on Saturday. Once he found out they were Christian, he invited them all in right away and opened to them. Despite all of the human suffering he has experienced, he said that he really wanted to know who Jesus was and to have faith, but he also said that he didn’t know how. He was very open to receive the trainee’s enjoyment of the Lord, and responded by saying through their speaking there was “a way to get out”. A local saint was able to meet up with him again the same day and, he was moved to tears when they read the tract, “Lost and Found”.

In Champaign, a contact that we met Thursday has still been open to meeting with us, and the reports from Champaign have been encouraging! She went to a home meeting the day after, went to the Lord’s Day meeting, and she found that all of her questions about the church were answered by the saints’ prophesying on the local ground of the church. She came again last Lord’s Day as well. In another situation, two trainees came up to a young person who was sitting alone, and found out that he was from one of the other churches. We had been trying to contact him in the fall semester, but he was not responding. It seems that the Lord knew he was now ready. He has been a regular in the meetings since then. We pray that these two, among other contacts we labor on would be remaining fruit. Last Monday, the students spent time during their student coordination considering which students can follow-up with each person we had contacted while we were there. We pray that out of the 25 new contacts the Lord gave us and the 118 conversations we had, the Lord will give us at least five remaining fruit.

In Normal, there have been two young men who the saints have been in contact with again. One of them came to a home meeting after the saints met him. We met the second man at the table and he immediately wanted to volunteer for Bibles for America; the saints met up with him again Saturday morning. There was also another sophomore who had been reading a Normal Christian Life and leading Bible studies before he met us. We were encouraged that there are people like this out there. Two of our students and one gained last semester are all now the core group of their weekly Bible studies; this sister from last semester is also bearing the burden of the Bible study. Right now there are six who are consistently in Bible studies, appointments or home meetings. The saints are looking to the Lord for at least two more out of the roughly 60 total contacts to remain for them to labor on.

The saints in Normal had prayed for eight new ones to remain from GTCA. The saints are looking to the Lord for at least two more out of the roughly 60 total contacts to remain for them to labor on.

The saints in Champaign prayed for five remaining fruit out of the 25 contacts who left their contact information, and they believe they will gain those five as the students begin to take care of these ones.

Prayer burden:

  • Pray that out of the 30+ warm contacts there would be five remaining fruit.
  • Pray that there would be one couple that would migrate to Peoria.
  • Pray that there would be a lampstand in Peoria by the end of the year.

Peoria, IL- summary report b.jpeg

Peoria, IL- summary report a.JPG

Peoria, IL- summary report c.JPG

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Day 12

February 2, 2016

It was raining today at Peoria’s Bradley University, so we weren’t able to have any BfA tables outside; however, the Lord sent some positive contacts to our indoor BfA table. Two contacts actually happily volunteered to give their information for further contact from the saints. A few volleyball players also came by and received Bibles. We were encouraged that even ones who did not take any literature were happy and encouraged that we were out on their campus.

A trainee and local saint had a first appointment with a new contact. When the two came back from the appointment, they were so joyous - there was a real sweet, mutual fellowship with this one. This new contact, a dear sister in the Lord, was really seeking the Lord and had a lot of enjoyment to share. She said that she would be able to come to this Friday’s home meeting; pray that the Lord would cover this time in her schedule to come.

We really feel that the Lord is working in Peoria and are thankful to participate in His labor.

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Day 11

February 1, 2016

Today we were laboring on Bradley University campus, with one BfA table indoors and two BfA tables outdoors. Over 30 conversations, 48 Bibles, and other ministry books and tracts were passed out on the campus. One even prayed to receive the Lord! Here are two highlights on some we have met today:

Today, a male student approached our table, and he was very open, gladly taking a New Testament Recovery Version offer from us. We then asked him if he was willing to meet with some trainees for a Bible study or appointment. He responded by saying, “I have time right now!” We had an extra open chair at the BfA table, so we had him sit down with us and we had an appointment on the spot! One of the trainees had a wonderful conversation with him, and the trainee told the student a short testimony of how the trainee had come to know the Lord in a real way. After reading some verses in Romans 10, the trainee asked if the student wanted to pray to receive the Lord. The response was immediate and genuine, and the student followed the trainee to pray to receive the Lord. Praise the Lord for the transfer of this vessel from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of God’s love. Soon after, we found out that this student had met with the saints previously, but at the time, he was not very open to continue meeting with the saints. We are so thankful for the Lord’s grace and mercy, that the Lord continued to work in this one!

Another woman drove up to the intersection where our table was and opened her vehicle door since there was time to converse at the stoplight. She asked, “May I have a Bible?” and a trainee and local saint gave her a Bible and Basic Elements of the Christian Life booklet. The local saint noticed that there was still 30 seconds left at the stoplight and ran back to the door and got her contact information.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for appointments being made with the contacts who received the Bible.
  • Pray that those who did set up an appointment with us would make that time and that through this there would be a way for further shepherding with the local saints.

Here is a photo from this weekend (1/30-1/31) of some of the trainees and local saints at the BfA table:

Peoria- Day 11a.JPG

Here is today’s photo of some of the team and local saints at our indoor BfA table:

Peoria- Day 11b.jpg

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

January 31, 2016

Today was our second day of labor in Peoria. The team and local saints were all very encouraged that the people here are open to speak to us. The past two days, we have been door knocking and spending time at the BfA table. Two highlights on some we have met:

Yesterday, a trainee and local saint knocked on a warm door and was invited inside right away once they told the home that they were Christian. The man they talked to was a dear, seeking believer, and they had a real sweet time of fellowship. He was sharing Hebrews 4:12, on how the word of God is living and operative, and he shared how we need to be ones who digest and assimilate the word. Today, the same trainee and two other local saints went to visit the home again, gave the home a Bible, and enjoyed more fellowship in their home.

Today, at the end of our time at the BfA table, we met three warm contacts, ones who were very open for further contact. One woman said that she had been praying about finding a small group fellowship and that God answered her prayers. She was willing to make herself available to meet with us again.

Lord, reach Your seeking ones in Peoria!

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 5-8

January 29, 2016

Praise the Lord for His working this week in Normal and Champaign, IL! Today (1/29) is the last day our team is at Normal and Champaign.

Highlights from the past few days include the Christians on Campus gospel event in Champaign. All of us on the team were so joyful to have been a part of the time! It was encouraging to hear the students speak their testimonies on their experience of being Christian. One of the students speaking was saved last year, and another was a freshman who we met last semester. There were also more than 10 new ones who had come to the event. We were so thankful to have had the opportunity to enter into the same labor as the students, team, and families in Champaign.

The team in Normal met with positive contacts. Yesterday (1/28) there was dinner followed by a Bible study. Two male new ones contacted this week showed up and were introduced to the local saints. Two female new ones contacted by the college students showed up. We got into 1John 5:18-21 together and one new one shared in overflowing time. We also met a man by the table who wants to join this volunteer tabling work. Another college student told us he ordered The Normal Christian Life before and he is studying it in his Bible study group; he was very open for one to one fellowship.

Peoria- Days 5-8a.JPG

Peoria- Days 5-8b.JPG

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 25, 2016

Yesterday morning was the end of the Midwest College Conference. The final message was on the direction of the Lord’s move— preparing the bride. Students were impressed that the Lord needs them, as young people, to cooperate with Him, that morning by morning each one would spend time with the Lord to be prepared as His bride. We were all so encouraged this weekend with what the students, especially the new ones, saw regarding God’s need for age turners and how they can respond to this need.

This week is the start of our labor in Champaign, IL and Normal, IL. About half of the team are at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), preaching the gospel to the college students there. The Christians on Campus students are also preparing for an unbeliever’s gospel event this Wednesday and will be inviting their friends to this. They will be using the Mystery of Human Life in small groups and share their experience on being a Christian.

The other half of the team will be in Normal, IL, laboring on the Illinois State University campus. Today we met quite a few male students who are open for further contact. Two tables were set for contacting people and passing Bibles on campus; 18 people left their contact information.

Praise You Lord for Your working on these two campuses!

Prayer burdens:

  • Please pray for the sowing of gospel seeds to the unbelieving ISU/UIUC students.
  • Please pray for the contact of those that the Lord has prepared for dorm Bible reading.
  • Please pray for gaining students, especially student brothers.

Peoria, IL—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 23, 2016

Yesterday, 1/22, was the beginning of the Midwest College Conference at Camp Tecumseh in Indiana, which is covering the topic of God’s Age Turners. In the evening, the students had their first meeting. The students shared on points including how they were touched by the need to consecrate themselves to the Lord.

Today, 1/23, the morning sessions covered, “A Time with the Lord” and “Experiencing the Spirit for the Preaching of the Gospel.” In the afternoon, attendees were in small groups in their cabins to fellowship regarding morning revival and some practical handles to practice spending time with the Lord. The evening message was on, “The Direction of the Lord’s Move (1): To Build Up the Body of Christ.” Many were touched by the matter of practicing the God-ordained way and consecrating themselves to the vision that they have seen tonight.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray that the Lord would remove the veils so that each one would see a vision of what the Lord is after regarding His eternal purpose.
  • Pray that the students would all have a proper vision and would respond to the Lord.
  • Pray that the students would see a vision and consecrate to what they see.

Peoria, IL—Days 1-2.JPG

Grand Rapids - An Invitation to Lord's Table and Weekend Conference

February 13, 2015

The saints in the Grand Rapids area are deeply appreciative for all of your prayers and fellowship over the past several years regarding the establishing of a lampstand in the city of Grand Rapids. The GTCA gospel sowing trips in the winter months of 2012 and 2013 were a practical carrying out of the Lord’s desire to establish a local church in Grand Rapids. Since the time of these gospel trips the saints in Grand Rapids have begun to meet with the view of standing on the unique ground of oneness with all the local churches to testify that there is one Body in this universe. We have also begun to take the Lord’s Table with this reality in view.

At this time the saints in Grand Rapids feel that it would be good to declare that ours is a oneness locally with all the believers and universally with all the local churches. To affirm such a standing, we warmly invite you to join us for a weekend conference and Lord’s Table meeting in Grand Rapids on March 21-22, 2015.

We thank and praise the Lord for His spreading throughout this country as many local churches are raised up! We ask in the Lord to stand with us during this time of declaration. We look forward to a rich time of blending and fellowship with you all!

On behalf of the church in Grand Rapids,

Campbell Watterworth

Albert Ho

Jim Isenhart

Scott Anderson

To help with the preparation for this gathering, we are asking the saints that will be coming to respond to us by Saturday, February 28 to the email address below. Please indicate the number that will be attending, including children with their ages. Children’s service will be available.

Email address for attending the conference, and conference inquiries:


Lafayette, IN—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

February 7, 2015

We have come to the end of our gospel trip here in Lafayette, Indiana. Since yesterday and today we distributed 194 Bibles. We praise the Lord for what He did and what He is doing here.

2/6/15: Last night we had a seminar. We were so encouraged that many students from saints, and even students from Champaign and Chicago. We felt that the atmosphere of these precious students and saints helped us to stir the ones contacted here. Some of them even joined us in singing and one was filled with excitement. We gave her a Bible because she was so encouraged with our singing. Also, another contact shared his enjoyment of what he had experience that night.

2/7/15: Today, we ended up with sharing our experiences. Seeing and hearing the students was very encouraging. Also the saints serving here in Lafayette shared with us the matter of shepherding. Dear saints, there is a great need for the Lord to supply the saints here in Lafayette. The Lord has been faithfully sending His seekers. Our need today is to cooperate with Him by sending saints to meet the need here.

Prayer burdens:

  • For the two couples that were in the seminar to be established in the church in Lafayette
  • For the students who were contacted to be also established and that the Lord will shepherd them into the church life.
  • For couples to receive a burden to migrate and co-labor with the existing saints in Lafayette
  • For the strengthening of the faithful saints here in Lafayette; that the Lord will strengthen them into their inner man to go on in the Lord.



Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 13-14

February 6, 2015

Today was our last day on the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus. We passed out 40 Bibles and five prayed to receive the Lord. We had another appointment with sister M and although she is unable to make it to the home meeting tonight, she is planning on coming to a Bible seminar tomorrow at a local park. A newly saved student named S had her third appointment this week with a trainee and a local sister. She attended the home meeting tonight! Additionally, many student brothers received a Bible and desired further contact. One football player named J is open to coming tomorrow night to the Bible seminar.

The Lord has truly blessed these last two weeks in Fargo and Minneapolis. Our time will come to an end tomorrow evening at a Bible seminar at a local park. Students were invited, as well as any Bibles for America book recipients in the surrounding areas who had received literature in previous years.

Tomorrow as a conclusion to our time spent here in the Midwest, we will be driving onto a lake to go ice fishing. After a time of lunch and fellowship, we will have a Bible seminar in the evening.

Prayer burdens:

  • Sister M would be connected to a local sister and attend the Bible seminar tomorrow night
  • Sister S would make the decision to be baptized and enter fully into the church life!
  • Many students and local BfA recipients could attend the Bible seminar and be fed richly in the word
  • The Lord would infuse the local saints in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park with His burden for others, releasing the adequate follow-up care.



Lafayette, IN—Gospel Trip, Days 4-6

February 5, 2015

Praise the Lord for what He is doing in Lafayette, Indiana. The time at Purdue University has been very encouraging. So far we have distributed 175 Bibles and seven have prayed to receive the Lord. Lately what we have been doing here, beside giving away Bibles, is having appointments with students. There have been really promising ones who are very consistent with their appointments. A student in particular received the Lord Jesus and after receiving the Lord he thanked us for saving him. He was so happy and is looking forward to having an appointment this week. He has been texting to remind us we are still meeting with him for this appointment to study the Bible. Also, through an appointment a student received the Lord and wants to join for the seminar we are having on Friday.

Moreover, a family from Bloomington who were in the church life in Belize and is related to a GTCA participant, came and spent the whole day with him. He was happy he could see not only his relative but hear that there were saints in Indianapolis. Right away they got connected with local saints and are open for saints to visit them.

Dear saints, we have felt your prayers. The work at Purdue University is very motivating. Students have come to get Bibles and asked us if they can have some for their friends and for their parents. The Lord is really feeding the people here in this part of America.

Prayer burdens:

  • For the seminars to be held on Friday and Saturday. Students will be able to attend. Please pray that the Lord will free their schedules so that they can come.
  • Please continue to pray for the distribution of the Bibles; there are very genuine students who demonstrate a seeking heart to have Bible studies and appointments.
  • Please pray for the Lord to meet the need here in Lafayette, for a family to receive a burden to migrate here in this locality.
  • Please pray for the rest of the GTCA time here in Lafayette, that the Lord will strengthen each member in the team with power into the inner man

Thank you saints for all your prayers. We realize that without your prayers we would have not made this far. We really treasure your heart for Lafayette.

Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Day 12

February 4, 2015

Hallelujah! We are filled with praises! What a joy and privilege to be in the central work of God! Not only for us to be under His dispensing, but bringing others into the dispensing of the Triune God!

  • Today was filled with many encouraging appointments and reports. Today we met with S, a student who prayed to receive the Lord with us yesterday, and we shared with her the mystery of her human life. She was very receptive and would like to start reading the Bible with some sisters.
  • Another student, M, who had an appointment yesterday, attended the Bible seminar tonight on God’s economy and was underlining and highlighting her Bible as the brothers were presenting the divine truths. She plans on coming to a home meeting this week (fourth face to face appointment). Her parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and oppose her being a believer but she is seeking the Lord faithfully regardless of the opposition she has received from her family.
  • Two freshman students, M and C, attended the Bible seminar, enjoyed seeing God’s economy, and were connected to read the Bible with a local working brother! They also would like to come to a home meeting this week.
  • A young local sister joined two appointments with two students, C and A. C opened up about a recent personal struggle in her Christian life, and A was very eager to get into the footnotes of her new recovery version Bible. The young local sister felt that the appointments were really a mutual shepherding, and she now has a renewed desire and burden to shepherd the new contacts with other community sisters.

Prayer burdens:

  • May the Lord cause S to long for the guileless milk of the Word and release her baptism!
  • The Lord would honor M’s seeking heart in bringing her to a home meeting and connecting her with the local saints.
  • M and C would be released for a home meeting this week and would be solidly connected with brother C.
  • Pray for the Lord’s leading in how to follow up with C and A, and to get them connected to the local sisters.

Here is one update from our time last week in Fargo. Thank you all for your prayers for A. the local student from the Midwest who we met on campus and had four appointments with the sisters, to be connected with the local saints. We received an update today saying that A will be having an appointment with a local sister, sister D, this upcoming Friday! Hallelujah! May she be fully connected and immersed in the church life with the local saints.




Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Day 11

February 3, 2015

Today was our second day on the University of Minnesota campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We had a time of coordination in the morning and were on campus until late afternoon. We passed out 20 Bibles and two prayed to receive the Lord.

  • One student, sister S, prayed to receive the Lord and will be meeting with the sisters tomorrow to fellowship.
  • Another student, sister M, had a follow-up appointment today and is open to meet another time this week! She is also planning on attending the Wednesday night Bible seminar and Saturday fellowship at a local park.
  • Another student, brother N, is willing to fellowship and read the Bible this upcoming Friday.

Little by little, the Lord is softening some at the University of Minnesota. Lastly, we will be having two crucial Bible seminars tomorrow night regarding the economy of God that we hope many of those we contacted could attend.

In the evening, we attended the prayer meeting of the church in Minneapolis. We enjoyed Hymn #690, “Prayer is over, praise begun. Hallelujah, ‘It is done.’” Jesus is Lord in Minneapolis!

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would release the key ones (sister S and sister M) for an appointment tomorrow.
  • The Lord would save T and her friend and bring them to an appointment.
  • Brother N would touch life and his spirit this Friday.
  • Many students would be released to attend the Bible seminars tomorrow night and their eyes would be opened to see God’s economy.

Lafayette, IN—Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

February 2, 2015

Greetings from Lafayette! We started our next Bible distribution at Purdue University today. So far the Lord has blessed us with 27 contacts today and distributed 72 Bibles and 369 tracts. We also had a student who received the Lord. Praise the Lord!

The burden of the saints here in Lafayette is to contact the students that were contacted last year. So far we have had two appointments with two students.

Moreover, dear saints thank you so much for all your prayers. Indeed the Lord has faithfully answer the prayers. We were burden for a professor to come to the Lord’s table and praise the Lord he came to join us. We felt that he enjoyed the meeting. After the meeting we sense a feeling of enthusiasm in him. He was encouraging the local students to keep studying hard!

Prayer burdens:

  • The saints burden is that we can contact the students from last year’s GTCA 2014— Please pray that the Lord will strengthen their will to answer their text and a hunger to meet.
  • There is a positive atmosphere toward the distribution of the free Recovery Version—Please pray that the Lord will cover this time here in Purdue. Satan never sleeps and he hates the work.
  • We are hosting a seminar this Friday—please pray that the Lord would a way for students to join.
  • Continue to pray for the Christian Students at Purdue Bible studies. The core students are very encouraged that we are here. Prayer that the Lord will shepherd these students during this time.




Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 2, 2015

2/1/15: Today was the last day of our time in Fargo, North Dakota. We had the last meeting of the mini conference regarding God’s building and God’s goal this morning. After lunch with the local saints we traveled about four hours Southeast to Minneapolis.

2/2/15: Today was our first day on the University of Minnesota. We passed out 65 Bibles and 10 prayed to receive the Lord. We feel the open responses from the students is due to all the prayers of the saints. The Lord has truly gone before us.

  • One student, sister K, who is from Hong Kong prayed to receive the Lord and attended the home meeting tonight. She enjoyed the testimonies from the local saints and trainees.
  • Another student (T) came to the table and was open for further contact. She will be having an appointment tomorrow with the sisters.
  • Another brother, (brother M) also received the Lord and is open for further fellowship yet has a midterm this week so his schedule is quite busy.
  • Another student, sister M, came to the table, received a Bible and the sisters will be meeting with her tomorrow. We ended the night with a home meeting in which some trainees and local saints shared regarding how they came to meet the Lord. It was a marvelous display of the Lord’s testimony.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would baptize sister K and release a follow up appointment. That brother M’s schedule would be freed up for the Bible seminar this week and a follow-up appointment this week.
  • The Lord would bless the appointment with sister M and release another appointment this week.
  • The Lord would save T and her friend.
  • The Lord would bring many open students to the Bible seminars on Wednesday (2/4) evening.

Fargo, ND—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

January 31, 2015

1/30/15: Today we traveled about 1.5 hours North to Grand Forks and spent the day there on the campus. There are three couples currently living in Grand Forks burdened for the campus there, University of North Dakota. There are around 15,000 students on the campus, but there was a tremendous hunger! 34 Bibles were given out and nine prayed to receive the Lord! Four sisters had two separate appointments with two sister students for over an hour and a half to get into the ministry. Another student from Nigeria just began his PhD program in Geology and he enjoyed realizing that he is a living stone in the building of God. He really would like to meet for a further appointment. Another student was not able to make it to the home meeting, but responded with this text message regarding meeting the local saints, “I would love to meet them and talk with them. It was great to meet you and your friends today. It truly made my day a whole lot better!” The fields are white in Grand Forks at the University of North Dakota!

1/31/15: Answered prayer, today a new sister was baptized! Afterwards, we had an overflow and report session with all the local and visiting saints regarding the activities this week. The meeting was filled with glorious testimonies and praise of the Lord for all that He did this week. Our labor this week was truly a corporate effort of fruit bearing. We experienced how the ones we met were the fruit of the prayers of the saints from all over the world. The Lord is truly sweeping and gaining the hearts of men in North Dakota and Minnesota. In the evening, we had the first meeting of the mini conference here in Fargo regarding God’s Building and God’s Goal, 88 saints were able to attend. One student had dinner with us before the meeting and received the Lord! Another student happened to walk into the meeting about halfway through. He was planning on attending another event on campus, but ended up in the wrong room. He stayed for the rest of the meeting and really enjoyed it. He is a believer from Saudi Arabia! He received a Bible and was connected with the local saints.

Prayer burdens:

  • These open seeking students would be vitally connected with the local saints in Grand Forks and that the Lord would superabundantly grace the local saints to care for these hungry ones.
  • May the Lord gain the student from Saudi Arabia for His move in Fargo and in Saudi Arabia!

Wickliffe, OH—Gospel Trip, Days 6-7

January 30, 2015

1/29/15: Praise the Lord for the one work in the Body! On January 29th we were able to distribute 119 Bibles and 955 tracts at both CSU and Case Western Reserve University. Today during the distribution, we all of a sudden started to rejoice in the Lord; we began to sing and college students started to join us in singing. One student in particular came to the table and asked if we knew “Blessed Assurance”. We gladly sang this hymn with her. She was very happy! We felt that today was more of a reaping day since there were students visiting us for Bible studies.

1/30/15: On January 30th we were able to distribute 96 Bibles. It was our last day in these campuses and the Lord blessed us with three appointments. In the evening we hosted a seminar and five students showed up. It was a great time, not only to go over the features of the Bible with them both, but also to connect them with the saints. At the end of the meeting the room was filled with singing. Students expressed their gratitude by telling us how blessed they were because we invited them to the seminar. Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • Follow up with contacts-these students will respond and get connected to the saints.
  • The students who are connected to remain in fellowship with the saints and that they can receive the proper shepherding so that they can be remaining fruit.
  • That the Lord can have a way at Purdue University, since we are heading there today, January 30th.

Fargo, ND—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 28, 2015

Activity highlights—1/28/15:

  • Today was our second day with a gospel table at North Dakota State University (NDSU). 27 Bibles were given out and seven prayed to receive the Lord.
  • During an appointment, a sister (sister R) expressed a desire to be baptized. She is considering being baptized this upcoming Saturday.
  • Another student approached the table, received a Bible and met with the sisters later in the afternoon for an appointment. She was, “looking for a mother figure to spend time with as a mentor.” Sovereignly, she attended the Bible seminar tonight and was connected with a local sister who recently migrated here. Hallelujah! The Lord is meeting the needs of both the students and the local saints.
  • We had a Bible seminar tonight on our human spirit and 12 new students were able to attend.

Activity highlights—1/29/15:

  • At NDSU we gave out 35 Bibles with 10 praying to receive the Lord.
  • The sisters had two appointments. One with sister R who wants to be baptized this Saturday. The Lord also released another follow-up appointment with sister A, who we’ve had four appointments with her in two days, and first thing she pulled out her Bible and asked, “How do I get into this?” She is hungry and seeking for the Lord!
  • Brother A received a Bible on Wednesday the 28th, attended the Bible seminar later that evening and tonight came to a home meeting. He really enjoyed his time and would like to come to the conference on Saturday. He is an exchange student from Brazil.
  • At Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM) we gave out 24 Bibles with four praying to receive the Lord.
  • There was one follow-up appointment with Sister S. She opened up regarding her situation and how she received the Lord. She desires further fellowship with the sisters and is open for Skype appointments.
  • A contact from previous years, Sister A visited the table and may be able to make it this weekend for the mini conference.

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would baptize sister R this Saturday.
  • The students would continue to be connected with the saints and be gained as remaining fruit for the Lord’s testimony in Fargo!
  • The Lord would bring Sister A (MSUM) this weekend for the mini conference and connect them both with the local saints.
  • The Lord would increase Sister A’s (NDSU) appetite for the word and the ministry and that she would continue to be solidly connected with the local saints (Sister D).
  • The Lord would reveal Himself and His building as His goal to Brother A this weekend.

Wickliffe, OH—Gospel Trip, Days 4-5

January 28, 2015

Thank you all for your prayers! We are on our 3rd day distributing Bibles. So far we have distributed 386 Bibles. Out of those 386 who have received a Bible, 207 shared their contact information for follow up. Praise the Lord!

It is marvelous to enter into the labor with the saints here in Wickliffe. We had a student from Cleveland State University come to the table to receive a copy of the Recovery Version, however that same evening while riding on the bus back home someone stole his copy. He came back the following day to claim a new copy. A feeling of hunger for the word was expressed in this campus. In another occasion, a student came for a Bible study and wants to be connected to the saints. Hallelujah!

The distribution is marvelous but we have to be reminded that Satan hates the work that we are doing. There has been opposition towards the distribution of the Recovery Version.

Prayer burdens:

  • A Bible study club to be established both at Cleveland State and Western Reserve University
  • For Bible recipients to be open for follow-up contact For the binding of Satan from every negative opposition and negative speaking on the campuses.
  • We will be having a seminar this coming Friday and we desire many to come to this time, please pray that the Lord will free many students’ schedules so that they can come.


Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 27, 2015

Tonight we had dinner at a couple’s home who are friends of one of the local sisters. They spent a brief amount of time with the team that visited during the 2014 gospel trip but haven’t been very responsive since then. However, they were willing to have us all over to their home for dinner, singing and fellowship. He and his wife left their denomination but are not currently meeting with anyone. This is one quote from the brother, “Our house will never be the same. You have raised the whole spiritual atmosphere of this house. The Lord is here.”

Tuesday was our first day with a gospel table at two campuses, North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM). At NDSU fourteen Bibles were given out and four people received the Lord! Specifically, one junior nursing student, a close friend of a local nursing student, received the Lord in a definite way. He is open to a follow-up appointment this week. At MSUM five Bibles were given out. One student walked up to the table and received a Bible. She is open for a follow up appointment for Thursday (1/29) and invited her friend who may or may not be saved. Later on in the day she sent this to one of the trainees, “I can’t wait to share experiences about God. I love seeing how He works in other people’s lives.” Another brother contact is open for a Bible study tomorrow (1/28).

Prayer burdens:

  • For the couple whose home we visited to attend the mini conference this weekend and make a full transfer into the reality of the kingdom of the heavens.
  • The schedule of the junior nursing student would free up for a further appointment and that he would be baptized!
  • The Lord would fill the NDSU Bible seminar Wednesday night with much fruit! Especially that these four saved ones would be able to attend. The topic is the Key to Experiencing Christ: The Human Spirit.
  • The Lord would infuse life into the MSUM appointments on Wednesday with the two open students.



Wickliffe, OH—Gospel Trip, Days 2-3

January 26, 2015

Activity highlights:

  • The Lord is doing marvelous things in Wickliffe, Ohio. We believe Satan suffered great loss as we went door knocking. Despite the weather, a snowy day, we rejoiced in the Lord and knocked on peoples’ doors. After door knocking we baptized a couple in their home during a birthday party.
  • Today, Monday 26th, we went to the local campuses, Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University ( CSU & CWRU). We were able to distribute 102 Bibles in total.
  • At CWRU, We gave away 38 bibles and had a number of students who wanted further contact this week. Most of these students who received a Bible also gave us their contact information. We were blessed to have many students from the club on campus and the local saints come and help with the table. In one occasion a student began a conversation about receiving the Recovery Version but was interrupted by a phone call. Despite being interrupted she kept coming back to the table to continue the conversation and received a Bible.
  • In another occasion a student came by even though he was rushing to class and was not a believer and took a Bible. To our surprise he came back after his class and we talked with him for an hour about the Lord and then he prayed with us to receive the Lord Jesus!
  • At CSU, we gave away 64 Bibles! Many students were so happy to receive a copy of the Recovery Version. Some visited the table twice to receive a copy for their friends and others brought their friends to receive their Bibles. One of them said that he was not interested but the other, after knowing that it was free, he gladly received a copy. The other student seeing that his friend said yes, also took the Bible. Praise the Lord! The responses from people was that of a “What? Free Bibles?”.
  • In another case, a student who had a booth of her club set beside us told us that she had received this same Bible before. This was our first contact with her. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in Wickliffe, Ohio.
  • A girl from Hong Kong called on the Lord and the sisters took her to read the Bible. She read the footnote. She was hungry for human contact. She wanted someone to spend time with her so we connected to the local saints right away.
  • Professors, administrators and staff came to the table to get their free Bibles. An administrator lowered the rental fee from $500 to $100. The brother presented to him the Recovery Version and said that it was awesome what we were doing. Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • For the students’ Bible club to be established at CSU and CWRU
  • For the student from Hong Kong to be brought into the church life
  • For all the students who received a Recovery Version to be open for follow up contact
  • For the students who received the Lord to get baptized by the end of this week
  • For those who have been contacted to be brought into the church life, to be pillars in the church here in Wickliffe
  • For students to invite their friends to come to the table and receive free Bibles

Wickliffe 1.jpg

Wickliffe 2.jpg

Fargo, ND—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 25, 2015

Hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers. All eight trainees arrived safely in Fargo and we went directly to a home meeting at the house of a contact the saints met who is completely blind due to a car accident five years ago but wanted to have all the saints over in his. Although he mainly only has one on one shepherding appointments, he described his time with the saints and the last five years since his accident as the best years of his life. We enjoyed together that the reality of the tree of life is in our spirit! A local brother is burdened for his wife to enter into the church life. She is still currently meeting with a denomination yet was at the meeting tonight. She was open to talking with us all. There were about 30 of us who gathered together to sing and fellowship.

This morning we drove around 1.5 hours out of Fargo to Rodgers, North Dakota (population of 48) for the table meeting at a sister’s cattle ranch. I believe it was the first time the meeting had a second row. Seeing all the saints in the sister’s home brought tears to her eyes as she said, “It’s actually happening,” after 20+ years of praying. All 24 of us enjoyed that we are in the process of being designated sons of God!

Tonight we will be preparing the material for the gospel tables that will begin on Tuesday. We will be mainly at three campuses, North Dakota State University in Fargo, Minnesota State University in Moorehead, MN and University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the brother who opened his home would see a vision of the church.
  • That the sister’s husband and son who lives in Rodgers would be saved!
  • That the local brother’s wife’s heart would be softened and that she would enter fully into the church life.
  • For the Lord to release the hungry seekers at NDSU, MSUM and UND!




Wickliffe, Ohio—Gospel Trip, Day 1

January 24, 2015

Praise the Lord we have arrived to Wickliffe, Ohio! The time here has been glorious. We started with much fellowship and enjoyment in the Word and coordination. Today we had orientation and we got to know many of the local saints. Many prayers were offered to consecrate this week to the Lord so that He will have a way to gain what He is after for His testimony here in Wickliffe. Many college students currently attending Cleveland State University (CSU) and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) joined us in the second orientation and are so excited for the time here.

Prayer burdens:

  • Tomorrow we will be having our first gospel activity; we are going door knocking. Please pray for this time that the Lord would gain the many sons of peace, and that Satan will be put to shame in this city. Also pray that that the weather will not hinder this time tomorrow.
  • There is a couple who recently got recovered into the church life and are burden for their son to be baptized. Tomorrow his friend is having a birthday party and this couple is burdened that their son’s friend will also get baptized.
  • Also pray for the two major campus CSU and CWRU. We will be having tables for the whole week and pray that many will come to the table to get their free Recovery Version.
  • Lastly, pray that the Lord will bless us with much coordination by bringing us into the one accord for this time here in Wickliffe.