Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 13-14

February 6, 2015

Today was our last day on the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus. We passed out 40 Bibles and five prayed to receive the Lord. We had another appointment with sister M and although she is unable to make it to the home meeting tonight, she is planning on coming to a Bible seminar tomorrow at a local park. A newly saved student named S had her third appointment this week with a trainee and a local sister. She attended the home meeting tonight! Additionally, many student brothers received a Bible and desired further contact. One football player named J is open to coming tomorrow night to the Bible seminar.

The Lord has truly blessed these last two weeks in Fargo and Minneapolis. Our time will come to an end tomorrow evening at a Bible seminar at a local park. Students were invited, as well as any Bibles for America book recipients in the surrounding areas who had received literature in previous years.

Tomorrow as a conclusion to our time spent here in the Midwest, we will be driving onto a lake to go ice fishing. After a time of lunch and fellowship, we will have a Bible seminar in the evening.

Prayer burdens:

  • Sister M would be connected to a local sister and attend the Bible seminar tomorrow night
  • Sister S would make the decision to be baptized and enter fully into the church life!
  • Many students and local BfA recipients could attend the Bible seminar and be fed richly in the word
  • The Lord would infuse the local saints in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park with His burden for others, releasing the adequate follow-up care.



Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Day 12

February 4, 2015

Hallelujah! We are filled with praises! What a joy and privilege to be in the central work of God! Not only for us to be under His dispensing, but bringing others into the dispensing of the Triune God!

  • Today was filled with many encouraging appointments and reports. Today we met with S, a student who prayed to receive the Lord with us yesterday, and we shared with her the mystery of her human life. She was very receptive and would like to start reading the Bible with some sisters.
  • Another student, M, who had an appointment yesterday, attended the Bible seminar tonight on God’s economy and was underlining and highlighting her Bible as the brothers were presenting the divine truths. She plans on coming to a home meeting this week (fourth face to face appointment). Her parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and oppose her being a believer but she is seeking the Lord faithfully regardless of the opposition she has received from her family.
  • Two freshman students, M and C, attended the Bible seminar, enjoyed seeing God’s economy, and were connected to read the Bible with a local working brother! They also would like to come to a home meeting this week.
  • A young local sister joined two appointments with two students, C and A. C opened up about a recent personal struggle in her Christian life, and A was very eager to get into the footnotes of her new recovery version Bible. The young local sister felt that the appointments were really a mutual shepherding, and she now has a renewed desire and burden to shepherd the new contacts with other community sisters.

Prayer burdens:

  • May the Lord cause S to long for the guileless milk of the Word and release her baptism!
  • The Lord would honor M’s seeking heart in bringing her to a home meeting and connecting her with the local saints.
  • M and C would be released for a home meeting this week and would be solidly connected with brother C.
  • Pray for the Lord’s leading in how to follow up with C and A, and to get them connected to the local sisters.

Here is one update from our time last week in Fargo. Thank you all for your prayers for A. the local student from the Midwest who we met on campus and had four appointments with the sisters, to be connected with the local saints. We received an update today saying that A will be having an appointment with a local sister, sister D, this upcoming Friday! Hallelujah! May she be fully connected and immersed in the church life with the local saints.




Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Day 11

February 3, 2015

Today was our second day on the University of Minnesota campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We had a time of coordination in the morning and were on campus until late afternoon. We passed out 20 Bibles and two prayed to receive the Lord.

  • One student, sister S, prayed to receive the Lord and will be meeting with the sisters tomorrow to fellowship.
  • Another student, sister M, had a follow-up appointment today and is open to meet another time this week! She is also planning on attending the Wednesday night Bible seminar and Saturday fellowship at a local park.
  • Another student, brother N, is willing to fellowship and read the Bible this upcoming Friday.

Little by little, the Lord is softening some at the University of Minnesota. Lastly, we will be having two crucial Bible seminars tomorrow night regarding the economy of God that we hope many of those we contacted could attend.

In the evening, we attended the prayer meeting of the church in Minneapolis. We enjoyed Hymn #690, “Prayer is over, praise begun. Hallelujah, ‘It is done.’” Jesus is Lord in Minneapolis!

Prayer burdens:

  • The Lord would release the key ones (sister S and sister M) for an appointment tomorrow.
  • The Lord would save T and her friend and bring them to an appointment.
  • Brother N would touch life and his spirit this Friday.
  • Many students would be released to attend the Bible seminars tomorrow night and their eyes would be opened to see God’s economy.

Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 2, 2015

2/1/15: Today was the last day of our time in Fargo, North Dakota. We had the last meeting of the mini conference regarding God’s building and God’s goal this morning. After lunch with the local saints we traveled about four hours Southeast to Minneapolis.

2/2/15: Today was our first day on the University of Minnesota. We passed out 65 Bibles and 10 prayed to receive the Lord. We feel the open responses from the students is due to all the prayers of the saints. The Lord has truly gone before us.

  • One student, sister K, who is from Hong Kong prayed to receive the Lord and attended the home meeting tonight. She enjoyed the testimonies from the local saints and trainees.
  • Another student (T) came to the table and was open for further contact. She will be having an appointment tomorrow with the sisters.
  • Another brother, (brother M) also received the Lord and is open for further fellowship yet has a midterm this week so his schedule is quite busy.
  • Another student, sister M, came to the table, received a Bible and the sisters will be meeting with her tomorrow. We ended the night with a home meeting in which some trainees and local saints shared regarding how they came to meet the Lord. It was a marvelous display of the Lord’s testimony.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would baptize sister K and release a follow up appointment. That brother M’s schedule would be freed up for the Bible seminar this week and a follow-up appointment this week.
  • The Lord would bless the appointment with sister M and release another appointment this week.
  • The Lord would save T and her friend.
  • The Lord would bring many open students to the Bible seminars on Wednesday (2/4) evening.

Fargo, ND/Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 27, 2015

Tonight we had dinner at a couple’s home who are friends of one of the local sisters. They spent a brief amount of time with the team that visited during the 2014 gospel trip but haven’t been very responsive since then. However, they were willing to have us all over to their home for dinner, singing and fellowship. He and his wife left their denomination but are not currently meeting with anyone. This is one quote from the brother, “Our house will never be the same. You have raised the whole spiritual atmosphere of this house. The Lord is here.”

Tuesday was our first day with a gospel table at two campuses, North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Minnesota State University at Moorhead (MSUM). At NDSU fourteen Bibles were given out and four people received the Lord! Specifically, one junior nursing student, a close friend of a local nursing student, received the Lord in a definite way. He is open to a follow-up appointment this week. At MSUM five Bibles were given out. One student walked up to the table and received a Bible. She is open for a follow up appointment for Thursday (1/29) and invited her friend who may or may not be saved. Later on in the day she sent this to one of the trainees, “I can’t wait to share experiences about God. I love seeing how He works in other people’s lives.” Another brother contact is open for a Bible study tomorrow (1/28).

Prayer burdens:

  • For the couple whose home we visited to attend the mini conference this weekend and make a full transfer into the reality of the kingdom of the heavens.
  • The schedule of the junior nursing student would free up for a further appointment and that he would be baptized!
  • The Lord would fill the NDSU Bible seminar Wednesday night with much fruit! Especially that these four saved ones would be able to attend. The topic is the Key to Experiencing Christ: The Human Spirit.
  • The Lord would infuse life into the MSUM appointments on Wednesday with the two open students.