Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2019

Prayer Burdens:

  • Students D (male), T (female), E (female) and TA (female) would come to the lunch cookout Saturday with the students and the local saints.
  • After the trainees leave, at least 5 of our top 10 “warm” students would remain.
  • The core students and families would continue to be shepherded by the Lord in order to rise up in shepherding the new ones.

We passed out at least 10,000 flyers total these past two weeks. We had 23 appointments this week alone. 27 total students came to the Thursday and Friday meetings this week.

Our goal last week was mainly to sow indiscriminately. Our goal this week was mainly to have appointments. This week we doubled the amount of appointments from last week. The corporate gathering this Friday evening testified of the oneness of the local families with the labor on campus.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 5, 2019

Prayer Burdens:

  • 16 of our new contacts would be connected solidly with local students and saints
  • The core students and families would be shepherded by the Lord in order to rise up in shepherding the new ones
  • All 22 students that came to Meet & Greet last week would come again this Thursday and Friday

Last week we passed out 5258 flyers and we handed out another 1861 flyers this week. We have had 10 appointments already this week. Many of our students are actively continuing in our John Bible Reading Challenge.


  • Brother Tym Seay was with our team last week and has returned to be with us this week again.
  • Contact D (male) spend a majority of his weekend with the saints and the students.
  • This week has been packed with appointments.

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Phoenix, AZ- Report 4b.jpg

Phoenix, AZ- Report 4a.jpg

Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

Prayer burdens:
At least 15 more students would come to our second “Meet and Greet” time on Friday. New contacts would come to the Friday night home meetings and Saturday night sister’s game night. More one on one appointments with students.

Passed out 4,800 flyers at ASU this week in total. We had our first Meet & Greet today with 15 new students. In the evening we joined in with the student coordination regarding the upcoming weeks and their spring break trip.

Many promising seekers came to the Meet & Greet time today. Of those who came to the Meet & Greet, several joined in on the John Bible Reading Challenge in small groups.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 30, 2019

Prayer burdens:

  • At least 25 students would come to the “Meet and Greet” time on Thursday
  • Students would be connected with our own students and local saints
  • More one on one appointments with students
  • Contact T would come to the home meeting this Friday. Contact M would come to the student sisters’ gathering on Saturday.


  • Passed out 3,970 flyers at ASU (Monday - Wednesday). This exceeded our initial goal of 3,000 by Thursday.
  • Collected 66 students’ contact information.


  • Sisters have three upcoming appointments with students. The three appointments we have had so far have been promising and encouraging.
  • Brothers have one upcoming appointment. A contact they met up with today expressed desire to have continual weekly appointments.

Phoenix, AZ- Report 2.jpg

Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 30, 2019

Prayer burdens:

  • Pass out at least 3,000 flyers by Thursday
  • At least 25 students to come to the “Meet and Greet” time on Thursday
  • More one-on-one appointments with students


  • Passed out 1,127 flyers at ASU from 11:30am - 3:15pm (Monday) with a team of 10. Collected 19 students’ contact information.


  • Sisters have four appointments (Tuesday - PW, Wednesday - T, Thursday - J, next Tuesday - M) with students.
  • Brothers have two appointments with students (Wednesday - T).

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Phoenix, AZ- Report 1b.png

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 14-17

February 7, 2016

God had surely answered our prayers and exceed even our prayers. The students themselves saw the importance of the College Meeting and picked up the charge to continue it, as some of the brothers starting to reserve the necessary room and food for the event. Praise the Lord for what You have done already, but Lord, bring many more sinners to the College Meeting on Monday that You can make them sons of God, to be the members of the Body of Christ, who are the materials to build up Your temple!

This was also an immediate result of the vital groups. Through visitations and praying together, the burden for the campus work was released to the students. Furthermore, the Lord’s Table was filled with more saints, and all the chairs available at the meeting hall were used(~32 seats). Hallelujah, we have not even seen the long-term effect yet, so pray that the vital groups be continued!

Following the last day of the trip, most of the members have safely returned from the trip, but a sister consecrated herself to stay five more days to follow-up on student contacts. Pray that her labor in the vine will yield many remaining fruits in Salt Lake City.

In addition, please pray for church in Salt Lake City in the view that it will be a strategic location for God to further His move in the localities in the surrounding mountain states:

  • The student brothers and sisters would have the burden to gather once a week to coordinate with the local saints for the Lord’s work on University of Utah
  • Through the vital groups, the saints will be vitalized and filled with Christ to shepherd the dormant ones back into the church life
  • A full-time serving one would be able to serve there

SLC- days 14-17.JPG

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Days 13-16

February 7, 2016

Today marks the final day of our gospel trip. We finished our trip with a wonderful conference in Missoula. I was informed that this was the very first blending conference to ever occur in Montana ever since the Lord’s recovery came here about 40 years ago. The Lord really blessed this time with approximately 140-150 visiting saints representing about 12 localities from Montana and the northwest! Our brother Mark Raabe shared three messages from the previous Thanksgiving Day conference. The burden for this conference was to encourage the saints in Montana with more blending and also to let the saints in the northwest know the needs of increase and migration to the churches in Montana.

I really enjoyed from the messages that the Lord Himself is aspiring within us to go on to gain a more strengthened and stabilized church and for the saints to have a renewed and greatly enlarged experience of Christ. If we spend time in the Lord’s presence and allow Him to duplicate His heart in us, we will receive this same aspiration. But He doesn’t need us to necessarily do anything for Him. The materials of God’s building are just the Triune God Himself (1 Cor. 3:12) worked into our being. All God needs us to do is allow Him to make His home in our heart, giving Him permission to remove all negative things in our being and to build Himself into us. This will never happen if we don’t let Him grow in us. The growth equals the building, and God wants to grow! But this isn’t just for the local churches, this is for the universal Body of Christ. This is the view that we must have: our growth is not just for ourselves or even for our locality, but for the building of the entire Body of Christ. We can simply pray, “Lord, today I allow You to spread a little more into my being today. I let You make Your home more in my heart. Build Yourself into my being, not for my own spirituality or gain, but for Your universal Body, for Your dwelling place!”

We really hope and pray that the Lord was pleased with all the activities, prayers, gospel preaching, coordination, and blending that took place these last two weeks. We aren’t satisfied with just an outward work or increase; we believe the Lord built Himself more into the FTTA team and all the saints we visited. May the Lord gain His universal Body through Cheney, Missoula, all the localities that were at the conference, and even the whole earth! Come, Lord Jesus! Praise You, Lord!

A huge thank you to all the saints from Cheney, WA and Missoula, MT. Your hospitality was more than we could’ve asked for. We were shepherded in every single way: through your care, through our times of prayer together, and even by your living. You have all been inscribed on our hearts, and not in a superficial way. We were very privileged to have been more joined together with you in love and in the divine life. Thank you and may the Lord go on in all the saints.

Missoula-Cheney- Days 13-16a.JPG

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Missoula-Cheney- Days 13-16b.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 11-13

February 3, 2016

Praise the Lord that He is moving in Salt Lake City! On Monday night at the College Meeting, 11 new contacts came for the dinner, and six of them stayed for the rest of the meeting on the topic: Revelation of Christ and the Church. This is surely the execution of Christ through the incense added to the prayers of the saints. Please continue to pray that these new contacts will be drawn to Christ by the revelation of Christ.

But the Monday College Meeting was not planned to continue next week, unless the students pick up the burden to coordinate. So Lord, show the students the importance of the College Meeting for the sake of bearing remaining fruit for Your glory!

The church in Salt Lake City has been around awhile and many saints were gained but drawn back into the world. To shepherd these dormant ones, the saints gathered in vital groups on Tuesday and Thursday nights, sacrificing their time with their families and their rest. May the Lord strengthen each saint in Salt Lake City into the inner man to bring the lost sheep, lost coins, and the prodigal sons back to Christ.

Prayer burdens:

  • The continuation of the Monday College Meeting through the rising up of our own students and local saints to shepherd the new contacts through coordination
  • The strengthening with power of each saint into the inner man to bring the dormant saints back in the Father’s house through the vital groups’ prayers and visitations for God’s glory

SLC- Days 11-13a.jpeg

SLC- Days 11-13b.jpeg

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Days 11-12

February 3, 2016

We’ve had another enjoyable couple of days in Montana! Yesterday, we were once again on the University of Montana campus passing out Bibles and signing students up for one-on-one Bible reading appointments. It’s quite amazing that as long as we offer ourselves willingly to co-labor with the Lord and present our bodies to be on the campuses, the Lord really operates and brings the seekers to us. One young man I spoke with was very interested about the fact that the BfA Bible was a study Bible. He said that he didn’t like all of the Christian clubs on campus that had so many outward activities. Instead, he wanted to read and study the Word in a deeper way. Thank you Lord for bringing the sons of peace to us!

Today, we traveled to Butte, which is a 2-hour drive southeast of Missoula. This town is home to Montana Tech, a world-famous mining school. It is also home to a mile-deep, open mine (kind of the shape of a funnel). The views from the hill of the campus were breathtaking. During our short time on that campus, we were able to pass out 20 Bibles and receive contact information for further correspondence from nearly all of the recipients. Praise the Lord! We just pray that these would be brought on to maturity and enter into the Lord’s testimony in Butte, Montana.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the ones contacted so far would be kept by the Lord for His purpose and would have the growth in life through the saints’ laboring and shepherding.

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Missoula- Days 11-12b.JPG

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Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 1, 2016

We have finally arrived in Missoula! We got in late on Sunday night, but were overwhelmed to find out the saints here rented us a three-story vacation rental log cabin. It is absolutely beautiful and the views are incredible! What cherishing from the saints!

We spent most of the day at the University of Montana passing out Bibles for BfA and asking students to sign up for appointments on campus with the saints. The church’s official university club name is Reading Groups Student Association, and their message has been to provide spiritual nourishment to those seeking to know God in the Word. I was very impressed to hear that one brother had 17 one-on-one appointments per week last semester and is continuing in this manner! What a wonderful pattern to us! There were many open students who came up to the table wanting to know more about the Bible and have an appointment. We also walked around the campus to preach the gospel and meet new people. Lord, gain Your chosen ones at the University of Montana!

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Word would run in a prevailing way on the campus, especially during our time here this week; that many new ones would be seeking and willing to sign up to read the Bible with the saints.
  • That both the gospel team and the saints in Missoula would be mutually encouraged, strengthened, and refreshed in this week of blending.

Missoula-Cheney- Days 9-10a.JPG

Missoula-Cheney- Days 9-10b.JPG

Missoula-Cheney- Days 9-10c.JPG

Missoula-Cheney- Days 9-10d.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

January 31, 2016

On Saturday, we spent time with the local saints and students, with a new contact we just met during the week, to visit the public library and the Capitol, followed by a love feast at night, where we touched the matter of shepherding according to God. Many enjoyed and appreciated that we not only shepherd the new and dormant ones, but each one also needed the shepherding. Hallelujah!

On Sunday, the Lord’s Table and prophesying meeting were wonderful, and some of the trainees shared their testimonies of attending FTTA to encourage the saints. In addition, some of the students came together for dinner with the team and overflowed our experiences of Christ, and this cherished one another. We prayed for these students, along with their burdens. Lord, bless these students for Your move in Salt Lake City!

Prayer burdens:

  • A group of core students to be formed to take ownership of the Christians on Campus club at University of Utah
  • All the saints in the church in Salt Lake City will be vitalized by being grouped into twos and threes
  • Binding of the principalities in the air to release the new contacts to have second or regular appointments with us and our own students

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

January 30, 2016

What a wonderful week it has been in Cheney, WA! Yesterday (Friday), we spent more time overflowing and enjoying the Word at the Bible study on campus and then we read the ministry material to prepare for the college meeting which was that night, so we did not go out door-knocking that day. But regardless, we were so encouraged by the number of warm, open people we met in just four days of being here. We met 23 solid contacts for the saints in Cheney to follow up with. Three of those contacts were ones who received the Lord with us at their doors. Praise the Lord for the preaching of the gospel by visitation!

Today (Saturday) was our day off. We visited some “sites” in Spokane for part of the afternoon and rested to recuperate from our week. However, we also got to have a very sweet time of blending with the saints in Pullman during the evening. They brought their students in the WSU club and we had over 50 people at the saints’ home. It was a great time of eating, singing, and overflowing our enjoyment of this week’s gospel trip or the students’ enjoyment so far in their semester/quarter.

Tomorrow we will leave for Missoula after the Lord’s table meeting. It is very sad to leave but also an encouragement to leave on such a high note. We have very much enjoyed our time here and hope to visit again!

Prayer burdens:

  • That the 23 new contacts would be fed and could grow in the Lord to become precious materials for His building work.
  • That the students here in Eastern Washington (EWU, WSU, etc.) would continue to pursue Christ and gain Christ in the Body, with the Body, and for the Body.

Missoula-Cheney- Days 7-8a.JPG

Missoula-Cheney- Days 7-8b.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

January 29, 2016

On Thursday and Friday, we had another tabling for three hours and had appointments with our own students along with new contacts. Even though some of the new contacts did not show up, it was still a nourishing time with our own students, fellowshipping and imparting Christ into them. This caused us to realize that without a strong core of students, even if we gain so many new ones, they will eventually lose contact with no consistent follow-up by the students after the gospel trip. Lord, gain our own students totally to gain more students.

Also on Thursday night, our vital groups had wonderful times visiting three different families, and the visitations were encouraging both for us and the families. Even more encouraging is that a new contact came to a Friday night home meeting, and she really enjoyed it and was connected to the sisters. Lord, may she be a remaining fruit for Your satisfaction.

Prayer burdens:

  • A group of core students to be formed through fellowship this Sunday night with the serving ones
  • Binding of the principalities in the air to release the new contacts to have second or regular appointments with us and our own students
  • The practicing of the vital groups for the building up of the church

SLC- Days 7-8.JPG

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Day 6

January 28, 2016

What another wonderful day of preaching the gospel of the kingdom in Cheney, WA! Today, we had so many awesome encounters with such genuine and open people. It really has been a joy to go out door knocking here.

Today, three young men at separate times each received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! There is such joy in leading someone to the Lord to make them your brother in Christ! The Lord has really been preparing these open vessels as we pray and co-labor with Him.

Another very promising contact moved here from Washington D.C. and is a very seeking believer. The group that visited her described her as, “a genuinely crazy lover of Jesus who really knows and really loves His word.” She shared many things with them, many of which were deep spiritual truths such as, “God’s wisdom in a mystery” in 1 Cor. 2:7 is just Christ Himself. By the way, this is exactly what the footnote says also. They had much encouraging, mutual fellowship with her for over 40 minutes and she was very interested to come to the meeting of the church, saying she was sick of “Mamby-Pamby Christianity.” What an encouragement to see other seekers of Christ so desperate to know Him even if they’re outside of the Recovery! May they be gained fully for God’s building and His true testimony in the churches!

Prayer burdens:

  • That these three newly saved brothers in the Lord would be helped to grow in the Lord through the care and shepherding of the saints.
  • That the desperate and seeking ones in the city of Cheney could be brought into the central lane of God’s economy within the church.

Missoula-Cheney- Day 6.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 27, 2016

On Tuesday, the saints began to gather together in many vital groups and prayed for the ones on our hearts whom we can visit. May the Lord vitalize each brother and sister in Salt Lake City through the vital group and visitations.

Furthermore, we had a wonderful prayer meeting on Wednesday night with 19 saints to pray for God’s interests at the University of Utah and also for His move in Germany to establish shining lampstands there. What a picture of the Body life!

In addition, it is through the saints’ prayers that we have gained contact information of 46 students for further appointment, thank you saints! It is definitely an enjoyment to preach the gospel and overflow Christ into the students, even a Mormon girl called on the name of the Lord and praise His name after reading 1 Cor 12:3. Praise the Lord!

Prayer burdens:

  • 2nd appointment with the new contacts and the companionizing of the students
  • Opening of a brother’s house and a sister’s house beside the University of Utah
  • The practicing of the vital group for the building up of the church

SLC- Days 5-6B.JPG

SLC- Days 5-6A.JPG

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Day 5

January 27, 2016

We have had another wonderful day of truth-pursuit, attending the group Bible study on campus, and knocking on doors in the apartments.

This is the second day in a row where multiple of our groups have been warmly invited into the homes of many Middle Eastern students. Although we have also met many other typical Americans, these visits with the Middle Easterners have been such great experiences. They are so hospitable, sometimes letting us in after barely hearing our names. Most of them are from Saudi Arabia, and they enjoy speaking with us and getting to know us. One in particular said that he had read the Gospels and was interested in learning more about the Lord. After we spent a half an hour with him, he implored us to come see him again, his words being, “Please come back again so we can speak more together. My home is now your home.” Praise the Lord for such open and seeking ones in Cheney!

We also enjoyed participating in the church prayer meeting tonight. Our intercessory prayer with the Lord is really where most of the labor is done. Even in the last couple of days, the number of ones interested in further contact is quite a good amount, and we believe it is because we are endeavoring to do everything in the spirit of prayer.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would work in the hearts of the ones we have contacted to sanctify them to His purpose and that the evil one would not take away the word sown into them.
  • That the saints in Cheney would have the discernment and capacity to care for the truly seeking ones in the weeks and months to come, that these new contacts would ultimately be added to Christ’s church in a practical way.

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Day 4

January 26, 2016

It has been our second day in Cheney, WA. We enjoyed another day of truth pursuit, the club Bible study on campus, and door knocking in student housing. We have been very much encouraged by the response from people (mostly students) while knocking on their doors. People have been warm and friendly and very open to listen to us share about the Lord. The number of people willing to spend time talking with us is really quite astounding and we praise the Lord that He has sent a hunger into this city to know more of God’s word. This reminds me of Amos 8:11, “Indeed days are coming, declares the Lord Jehovah, when I will send a hunger into the land, not a hunger for bread nor a thirst for water, but for hearing the words of Jehovah.”

During our afternoon door knocking, all three groups came in contact with Muslims. Two of these three groups met with these Muslims for 30 minutes in their apartment. One group of three Muslim men read with us through the Mystery of Human Life with much intrigue. We hope to be able to revisit most of these positive contacts again before the week is over.

Prayer burdens:

  • May the Lord continue to send a hunger into Cheney for hearing the words of the Lord through the saints.
  • May the Lord lead the saints in Cheney to spend time revisiting the genuinely seeking ones in order to help them grow in Christ.

Missoula-Cheney- Day 4A.JPG

Missoula-Cheney- Day 4B.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 25, 2016

On Lord’s day, we had the Lord’s Table with about 30 saints including the team, partaking the bread, followed by a prophesying meeting on the Thanksgiving Conference HWMR on the need of experiencing Christ as the cypress wood, the cedar wood, and the olive wood for us to become the building materials for the temple of God.

On Monday, we set up a gospel table to pass out Bibles and literature. Praise the Lord for His bountiful supply. He brought many students who were open and willing to know more about the Lord and the Recovery Version Bible. A student from Mongolia had a real seeking heart to know the Lord and the Bible. He prayed to receive the Lord and we scheduled an appointment with him this coming Wednesday.

In the evening time, we had a College Meeting on campus. Ten students, including two new ones came to enjoy the Lord with us. Through the brothers’ speaking, the students saw the need of having companions to pursue with together as mentioned in 2 Tim 2:22, to pursue with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. The atmosphere was very comfortable and warm. The students had a good time of reading the ministry portion and sharing in small groups. May the Lord guard the good deposit in the students heart tonight!

Thank you saints for keeping us in your prayers. Please continue to pray for:

  • The companionizing of the students with mature ones and new ones for mutual shepherding and care
  • More students to rise up to be active in University of Utah
  • Full-Time serving ones here in Salt Lake City

SLC, UT—Days 3-4.JPG

Missoula, MT/Cheney, WA—Gospel Trip, Days 1-3

January 25, 2016

We are now technically in our third day of the gospel trip in Cheney, WA and Missoula, MT. We started the trip with a blending conference in Tri-Cities. Some local brothers re-spoke messages #1, #5, and #9 of the semi-annual training. It was a wonderful time of the Lord’s rich speaking to the saints! We also got to blend with many local saints from all over Washington state.

We then traveled to Cheney, WA, home of Eastern State University. The saints took the ground in the last couple of months, so there is a real mutual strengthening and encouragement with our visit this week! We spent most of our time door-knocking and meeting new contacts. We were mostly in student housing. One of the brothers teaches at the university, so some of these students were shocked (positively) to see their professor at their door preaching the gospel to them! Already, we have had a very good response from many ones who have invited us in, praised the Lord with us, or called on His name. We hope for many more potential contacts that could eventually be added to the church in Cheney.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the Lord would continue to blend the churches in the Northwest through these conferences and the ministry of the Word.
  • That the Lord would put into our hands many remaining fruits for the saints in Cheney to labor on in a long-term way that the church may be strengthened.

Missoula, MT— Days 1-3A (1).JPG

Missoula, MT— Days 1-3A.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 23, 2016

Praise the Lord that He has covered our arrival safely to Salt Lake City with a team of eight on Friday. That night we split into two home meetings with total of 30 saints, including 10 students.

On Saturday, we put stickers onto 300 New Testament Recovery Versions for preparation of distribution at the University of Utah and received the burden that Salt Lake City is a key city for the Lord’s move in the mountain region, which includes Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Vital groups to be raised up among the saints, for the strengthening and going on of the church and the gaining of the ones who have left the church life. Without the vital groups, the saints cannot go on here.
  • Blending between the trainees and the local students for them to see the purpose of their education is for the Lord, and they will have an inspiration to serve the Lord after graduation or attend the Full-Time Training.

SLC, UT—Days 1-2.jpeg

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 15-17

February 8, 2015

2/6/15: On Friday, we distributed 8 Bibles at Sugarhouse Park, then split into two language-based home meetings in the evening. The English-speaking home meeting was held at the meeting hall, where we enjoyed spicy jambalaya with five new ones. We introduced calling on the Lord to them, and one of them later asked, “Can I call you guys crazy, in a good way?” Praise the Lord we are all fools because of Christ!

2/7/15: Saturday was a day of hall service and recreation.The brothers cleared out rubble in the backyard, while the sisters repainted the bathroom. In the afternoon, we drove out across the Great Salt Lake to Antelope Island where we skipped rocks and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset over still waters. The air smelled heavily of brine. The lake is a good example of what happens when there is inflow without outflow: the absence of life, and therefore death. Lord, save us from hindering Your flow! Then we gathered for a soul-cherishing meal at the Eliason’s, where we talked and sang intermittently.

2/8/15: Sunday was our last day. We had three new ones and two visitors attend the Table Meeting. After the prophesying meeting, the team took turns sharing what touched us from this gospel trip. We could all testify that we were thoroughly supplied by blending with the saints in Salt Lake, and that we were all carried by the flow of prayer from saints all over the world. We then sang, “I live if you stand firm in the Lord” to the saints, tears were shed in the process, and afterwards, we presented them with a frame of a team picture with Acts 2:46-47 written on it. After a hearty love feast, we went door-knocking in Sugarhouse and distributed 18 Bibles and gained one contact. Then we gathered for one last normal time of eating and singing together.

Thus concludes our time in Salt Lake City. Thank you all for continuing to stand with us in prayer through this time.

Prayer burdens:

  • MIGRATION: This cannot be overemphasized. Saints who have been here many years can testify that the atmosphere in Salt Lake City has shifted and that the Lord is stirring, but He needs saints who are willing to be made burdened and to move.
  • CONTINUED shepherding of the new ones, so that they would take root and become remaining fruit.
  • STRENGTHEN the saints, so that they’d be vitalized, companionized, blended, and continue steadfastly in prayer and the gospel.

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 13-14

February 5, 2015

Praise the God of resurrection, who not only does great things for us, but also imparts Himself into us. Wednesday, we distributed 37 Bible-study invitations and had three appointments with students, as well as one-on-one shepherding appointments with our full-timer. Thank you Lord for the fellowship in the Body. Then we gathered for ribs and nonstop hymning with saints who love to sing at the Aviles’ household.

Thursday was our last day on campus and the last day the Peevy’s from ABQ would join us in our labor. After we bid some farewells, we had two appointments on campus with students and more shepherding appointments with our full-timer. Thursday evening was our second Bible study of the semester; six new ones attended, five of which were returning ones from last week. Thank you Lord they came back!

The Bible study was a definite highlight. We went over Romans 1:18-21, how God is truth and the invisible things of Him are made manifest in creation. It was a time of wonder, and many good conversations were released. In addition, divine connections were formed between new students and ours. At one table, there were two new contacts who were at very different places in their human life and Christian life, but the Lord was able to meet all the needs of everyone there. It was wonderful!

Prayer burdens:

  • CONTINUATION: At this point, we have a small handful of consistent contacts. Please pray for the Lord to cause the growth in life in our current students and the local saints, so that there would be a continued care in feeding and nourishing for the new contacts. Plainly speaking, we only have two student Chinese-speaking sisters at the U, and there is a concern that the language and cultural barrier would hinder this continued care for our contacts. Pray the Lord would have a way to overcome this.
  • HOME MEETING: Pray that B, J, T, and M would make it to the home meeting tomorrow night and become connected to a home.




Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 11-12

February 3, 2015

Unless Jehovah builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. After a resurrectionly coordination Monday morning, we set out for campus where we distributed another 174 Bible study invitations, met one contact, and had three appointments. Praise the Lord, we can testify that our new ones are slowly but surely getting fed! Then we gathered for a very sweet time at the Jia’s.

On Tuesday, after coordinating in Spirit, we distributed 16 invitations, met one more contact, and had two appointments. That evening’s prayer meeting, we prayed over 23 names.

Activity highlights:

  • At Monday night’s home meeting, we were privileged to hear the faith-infusing testimony of some more mature saints from Albuquerque, NM, and we watered each other with psalms concerning laboring by grace, by waiting on the Lord, and by coming to Him (Isa 40:29-31, Psa. 127:1-2, Matt. 11:28-30). In our singing, we were resting.
  • One of our Tuesday appointments was with a cluster of freshmen who had been Christians for at least a year. We went over the Precious Blood of Christ, and they were amazed at its power. Thank you Lord for the ministry.

Prayer burdens:

  • Shepherd the local saints, especially the local students, so they can shepherd the new ones.
  • Pray for our health. Some of our sisters are beginning to fall ill due to fatigue and the cold.



Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 9-10

February 1, 2015

Saturday was our rest and recreation day. After a shorter time of coordination, the saints took us up the Wasatch Mountains to snowshoe around Silver Lake. We invited 10 new ones to join us. Afterwards, we gathered in the Liang’s home for dinner and a sweet time of singing love songs to the Lord. In that time, we stirred up one another’s love for the Lord.

After the Table meeting on Lord’s Day, we again split into groups and went door-knocking in Sugarhouse. This time around, we found that because we went with more prayer, the Lord went ahead of us and unlocked more doors and more hearts. Out of 128 homes we knocked on,16 received Bibles and three gave us information for further contact. One person we contacted is a sophomore at the University of Utah and was Muslim, but he was open to receive the Lord and for us to visit him again! In the evening, we split into smaller gatherings in the Acevedo’s and the Herpin’s homes.

This weekend, we have been sharing with each other our week’s highlights, and there was an overall appreciation of the blending afforded by our time together. We enjoy the Lord together in the mornings, we labor together on the campuses, and we eat and sing together in the homes. With each passing day, we enter more into each other’s portion of Christ and become more members one of another. The local saints are visibly being warmed. By the saints being blended and vitalized, the ones we have been contacting have a warm and inviting home to come to.

Prayer burdens:

  • Continued Follow-up: We are at the midpoint of our time here, and both we and the local saints are beginning to sense a desperation in bearing remaining fruit. Please pray that we would be able to maintain contact with the ones we contacted last week.
  • Please pray for much more fresh contacts this week.
  • Please pray for the saints here to continue to be vitalized and companionized with one another to bear remaining fruit.

Attached are images of snowshoeing, Thursday night Bible study, and Friday night home meeting with a new one getting connected to a local saint.




Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 7-8

January 30, 2015

Activity highlights—1/29/15:

  • Thursday afternoon, we distributed 27 Bible study invitations on campus and joined an appointment in which two of our students were taking a newly baptized student through the New Believers series. How encouraging it is that our students are already learning to feed others!
  • Thursday evening was our semester’s first Bible study. We had 19 attendees, five of which were new and one contact ended up inviting two of her friends. We went over the basic yet foundational truth in Romans, that Christ has become our subjective and experienceable God! All five new ones were very involved and had very positive feedback, and we’ve established further contact with all of them.

Activity highlights—1/30/15:

  • Today, we distributed Bibles at Sugarhouse Park. We distributed a total of 12 Bibles, six Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and 13 tracts. One person received the Lord, and two expressed interest in further contact to read the Bible. We also distributed 15 more invitations and had two appointments on campus today.
  • Tonight, we split into two home meetings by language. In the English speaking home meeting, we had a total of 21 people, of which were four new students and four saints visiting from Boise, ID. One of the saints expressed that our team coordinations have been a real highlight.
  • To date, the campus team on the University of Utah has consisted of saints from Lyman, WY, Los Angeles, CA, Albuquerque, NM, local saints form Salt Lake City, and FTTA trainees. We are all learning from one another’s experiences.
  • The Bible study was another highlight. Attendance was not great, but every new student was very involved and we have established further contact with each one in some way.
  • Another highlight was preaching the gospel at the park. We gave two Bibles to two high school girls and one confessed that she had been wanting to get into the Word. So we exchanged information and are hoping to meet sometime.

Prayer burdens:

  • Pray for the strengthening of the local Salt Lake City saints who are serving on the University of Utah for the continued care of the contacted students.
  • Pray that the connections we’ve made this week would remain and continue.

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 5-6

January 28, 2015

Thank you all for your prayers. Apart from Him, we really can do nothing. We are merely here to present our bodies. Not much has changed in our day-to-day activities. On Tuesday, after a vitalizing coordination, we departed for campus where we distributed 196 Bible study invitations and three gospel tracts; three students signed up at our table. We met a decent number of students who either expressed interest in attending the Bible study or affirmed that they would, as well as six students who were open to further contact. In that evening’s prayer meeting, which consisted of 12 attendees, we spent much time praying over these contacts, name by name.

Wednesday, after another vital coordination, we left for campus, where 28 flyers were distributed and two students signed up at the table. We had three appointments with students today (two additional appointments had canceled), of which one agreed to come to this Friday’s home meeting. In the evening, we had dinner and team fellowship at the meeting hall.

Again, our labor here is truly upheld by prayers of all the saints. There is a marked difference between days that we give to much prayer and days that we don’t. Divine appointments happen, and we are just flowed through our labor. It was not until we prayed for people to come to the table that people came, and it was not until we prayed for contacts that contacts were made. Today, we also met with a girl who was so refreshed that in the midst of the dominating prevalence of Mormonism, the Lord led her to a group of Christians on campus with whom she could read the Bible. We invited her to this Friday’s home meeting and she is excited to come.

Prayer burdens:

  • Bible study: Please continue to pray for tomorrow night’s Bible study. We will be going over the book of Romans. We will also use this time to gauge our energy expenditure among our contacts for our remaining time here. Please pray not only for numbers (keeping in mind that there is very limited manpower here outside of GTCA), but for ones who would remain, and for the spiritual discernment in caring for them.
  • Appointments: Again, please pray not just for numbers, but for ones who would remain. We have also had some promising ones cancel; pray the Lord would secure a solid time for them. Specifically, pray for the time at the home meeting for the student we met today and for a secured and guarded time with A.
  • Campus work: Possibly the greatest need here is a means for shepherding. There have been many saved, but many that have also left. There are no full-time serving ones and not enough students and community saints available to care for new ones. Pray to gain ones who would reproduce themselves and that more saints would rise up to shepherd.

Salt Like City_4.JPG

Salt Lake City, UT—Gospel Trip, Days 3-4

January 26, 2015

It is He who will build a house. On the Lord’s Day, we had our Lord’s Table at the aforementioned house-turned-meeting-hall. There were 43 attendees, including seven FTTA trainees, seven saints from Lyman, Wyoming, and two from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Blending, blending, hallelujah! After a superabundant love feast, we formed 10 groups of 3-4 saints and went out door-knocking in Sugarhouse, a key community that neighbors the University of Utah. We knocked on 184 doors, out of which there were 22 positive contacts and one phone number exchanged, and passed out 27 Bibles and 24 Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1. In the evening, we gathered for a physical and spiritual dinner at the Herpin’s.

Today, we began the day with coordination, where we came together to touch the Lord as a team and practiced sharing to feed and nourish one another with Christ. Then we departed for campus where some of us were at the table while others dispersed throughout the university, contacting students and distributing invitations for this Thursday’s Bible study. We passed out a total of 183 invitations and made one follow-up appointment. In the afternoon, some of us toured the area while others had an appointment with a freshman student. In the evening, again we gathered for another physical and spiritual dinner at the Aviles’.

Activity highlights:

  • Just the fact that the Wyoming saints came out to blend and even distribute Bibles with us was so encouraging. Some even stayed to contact students on campus with us this week. Door-knocking was not just a time of feeding others, but a sweet time of blending.
  • Also, a freshman named Sarah who we had been having regular Bible reading appointments with, testified that she looks forward to these times of reading the Word with us.
  • Lastly, our evening dinners going from house to house have been so simple and sweet. No sermons, messages, or laid-out agendas; simply singing hymn after hymn and psalm after psalm. Not only are we fed, but the saints are so supplied that Christ is brought into their homes.

Prayer burdens:

  • TABLE: This is Christians on Campus’ first table, located in the entrance of one of the freshman dorms. Pray that more of our own students would be available to man the table. Also, University policy stipulates that we cannot be in front of our table recruiting students, i.e. we must stay behind our table and the students must approach us. No one came to our table today. Please pray that the Lord would release a way for students to come to our table! Also, that the Lord would go with our invitations and bring seeking ones to the Bible Study.
  • CONTACT: Pray that in our contacting people on campus, we would meet students who would be open and available for further contact, who we can contact again and again while we are here.
  • MIGRATION: This is a big one, but the saints keep asking for it. Pray that more saints would migrate here, because otherwise, there is no way for the new ones to be taken care of.

Salt Lake City 2.jpg

Salt Lake City, Utah—Gospel Trip, Days 1-2

January 24, 2015

The Lord is surely moving in Salt Lake City! The saints have testified that ever since the church has taken the ground here, there has been a shift in the spiritual atmosphere from that of oppression to one of clear skies.

We all arrived by plane yesterday and spent the afternoon resting/working on the meeting hall in Salt Lake City, which is in fact a house that the church bought and converted into a meeting hall. The saints are currently working on it, and we have joined in their labor. In the evening, we split and blended with the saints in two different home meetings, Chinese and English-speaking.

Today, we spent the day continuing to work on the meeting hall and packaged 400 New Testament Recovery Versions to be distributed in these coming weeks. Tonight, we had dinner and orientation at the Eliason’s, where we prayed and went over the focus of our time here (contacting people at the University of Utah and joining their church life), our gospel work as BfA volunteers, and some things to know about Mormons, as Salt Lake City is the Mormon capital, and thereby heavily populated by such. All our labor, whether construction or handling Bibles, is preceded by prayer. It has been a joy just going from house to house, blending with the saints and entering into their burden.

Prayer burdens:

  • We will be going door-knocking tomorrow in the Sugarhouse neighborhood nearby the campus. Pray that we would find the sons of peace, those that the Lord has prepared to meet us.
  • Pray for the campus work. At the University of Utah (aka U of U), there are 2 core “Utes” and many new ones. There were five newly baptized students last week. Pray that in our appointments these ones would be properly nourished and fed. Pray also for our first Bible study this coming Thursday.
  • Pray for the blending among the saints, that the saints would learn to depend on each other, to see each other more and to shepherd one another.

Salt Lake City 1.jpg