Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 26, 2019

These past two days were so eventful, so we apologize if this email is on the longer side. On Day 2, we tabled at UCF & distributed 106 Bibles in four hours! The students on that campus were very hungry for a study Bible & almost all of the six trainees were engaged with the students at the same time! Many were believers who had been meaning to get a study Bible and we encouraged them to read it alongside their current Bible and to get into the footnotes. There was also a number of them who were eager to have a Bible study, so they were contacted (along with the ones from the previous day) inviting them to the Thursday night Bible study.

On Day 3, we tabled at Valencia South (Kissimmee) and within one hour of tabling we ran out of Bibles! It was by far the busiest campus. Local saints joined us by inviting students to the BfA table and all the trainees were engaged with multiple students one after another nonstop. After we ran out of Bibles (73), we passed out BfA cards that showed them how to order it online and got contact information for those who we wanted to personally give a Bible to next week so they would not have to wait 4-6 weeks for a Bible to ship to them.

Thursday evening, four new contacts came and all shared at the Bible study! They really enjoyed the sweet loving atmosphere with those who were actively pursuing Christ & shared their feelings of encouragement since some had been falling away from the Lord. They really felt at home & expressed this sentiment.

Our major prayer burden continues to be regarding the follow-up, that the Lord will have the remaining fruit He desires from this year’s contacts.

The highlight of the days was really seeing how hungry Orlando’s students are, being with the local saints, and “fishing” with them because we share the same burden of gaining remaining fruit on the many local college campuses.

Attached is a photo of the trainees tabling at UCF, and 2 photos of the Bible study.

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Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 24, 2019

Today we had a successful day BfA tabling at Seminole State College & Valencia-East College. There were many open students who wanted a Bible & we got the contact information of 66 people total! We passed out 22 & 36 Bibles on each respective campus. We plan on following up with the contacts the day of, or at the latest the day after, in order to solidify a contact with them while the connection is still fresh in their minds.

One of our major prayer burdens is that we will have a positive response from as many contacts as the Lord desires. Also, that they can really be connected with the saints (because there isn’t a club at the schools) at the weekly Bible studies/appointments without any students falling through the cracks due to lack of communication.

A highlight of the day was the home meeting at the home of a family who has been meeting with the saints for 1 year, but are so open & love the Lord with an incredible amount. It was very sweet hearing their testimony & being burdened for their Christian pursuit. Another great highlight was appreciating the portions of one another while tabling, particularly the appropriate boldness of one another where we may personally lack in bringing someone to the table, or asking them to pray to receive the Lord, etc.

Attached are two photos of each subteam on the campus. Much grace & prayer for the Lord to continue going before us!

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Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2018

The Lord has really blessed our time of blending with the saints in Orlando and fruit bearing in the campuses. The spreading of the truth reached many students!

The sisters had two appointments today and both appointments were great! One of the students Karina was so happy to meet us and encouraged to see that there were other Christians around her to pursue the Lord with. She even shared how she enjoyed the Bible with the footnotes especially on Romans 8. K said that the footnotes helped her to understand her favorite chapter in the Bible.

We went to Valencia South Campus and while we were still setting up our table, students started showing up. They were coming one after the other! Among the local saints, there were also six saints who came to join us from out of town. Even though we were many tabling, the hands were not enough because the students were coming from everywhere. We were so excited to see that the students and staff from the campus were so interested in receiving the Bible. 95 Bibles were distributed and 88 tracts were also distributed!

We ran out of Bibles! Our last day on campus was a time of enjoyment and thanksgiving. Two new students TJ and Summer, whom we already had an appointment came to the college age meeting. They were so open and even shared during the meeting. The local saints were rejoicing for such a blessing of having the students over. The saints are entering genuinely into the gospel life serving and caring for the new ones.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the saints continue to rise up in the church in Orlando to continue the follow up
  • That the local saints continue to shepherd and care for the new ones.
  • That the students and local saints would be released from their schedules and have the time to come together to eat the word together.
  • That the local saints would be strengthened in their inner man, in order to carry out the burden in the campuses.

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 9, 2018

We were really encouraged to testify the oneness of the Body even when we are functioning in different ways.

One trainee with a local sister had two appointments at Valencia College. During the first appointment, the student met with one trainee and one local sister. It was the first time that this local sister met a student for a one-on-one Bible study. She was so watered that she even said, “My dream came true!” She shared with us her burden for the students. She’s been wanting to go and labor on the campuses, but she did not know how. Now she is looking forward to follow up with the student.

Some of us in the team, including local saints, focused on the following-up of over 100 students contacted in the BfA table on all four campuses (Valencia East, Valencia south, Seminole and University of Central Florida). In our endeavors, we were able to schedule two more appointments for this week. May the Lord continue to gain His sons of peace in these campuses!

Meanwhile, four local brothers went to Valencia East College for Bible distribution. Among the local saints, there were also two brothers who came to join us from out of town. A total of 19 students received a Bible.

We ended our day blending and having sweet fellowship with local saints at a home meeting. Praise the Lord! He is moving in the church in Orlando. The saints are entering into the burden and actively functioning.

Prayer burdens:

  • That the students contacted would attend to the meeting on Thursday
  • That more saints would be burdened for the gospel
  • That the fellowship and coordination time would be for the building up of the body in one accord
  • That all the students contacted who received a Bible would open it and be supplied through the word

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 8, 2018

Today, we went to Seminole State. We distributed 34 Bibles and tracts. We also had two follow-up appointments on campus with four contacts from last week’s Bible distribution.

In the first appointment, we had two students. They met with one trainee and one local sister. They were very opened. At the beginning they thought that we were teachers and were going to teach them something. We told them that we are not teachers and that we all learn from each others’ experiences of the Lord Jesus. They were very happy to hear that and that they were able to share as well. They asked many questions about who we are. They would like to have a second appointment and get into the books of Exodus and Acts. We thank the Lord that they were successfully connected with one of the local saints.

In the second appointment, we also had two students. T, who was contacted last week at the table, also brought her friend. They met with two trainees. T is not a Christian but she is an open minded person. However, her roommate, S, is a Christian and even had a study Bible. T shared how her mom is a believer. She is very open and would like to come to the college age meeting. This will be a good opportunity to connect them with the local saints.

Also, there was a couple and their daughter from Iran visiting the school. The father was the only one who spoke English. He was very open. At the end, one of the sisters was able to led him to pray and receive the Lord. Praise the Lord!

One of our highlights today was to see the saints with us at the table. There were three new saints who have not been with us at the table for the past week. That was very encouraging. Through this gospel trip the Lord is stirring up the spirit of the saints to rise up and function here in Orlando.

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2018

The saints in Orlando have been laboring with us fervently during this week. They have a huge burden for the campuses, and we are so encouraged by their pattern. As we continue to pray the Lord has been answering our prayers by bringing seeking ones to our BfA table.

This morning after our time of enjoying the Lord together and coordination, we headed to Valencia South campus. Although we could not approach the students freely, the Lord persevered and brought many to our BfA table.

There was a student sitting around, and we asked him to take a picture for our team. We took the opportunity and offered him a free Bible. He was so open, that we had a Bible study with him on the spot. Right away, a team member and a local saint joined the student and had a Bible study with him next to our BfA table. They read Acts 6 with some footnotes, and eventually, the brothers led the student to pray to receive the Lord! Praise the Lord! We are looking forward for our next follow-up appointment with him.

At night we had a college-age meeting, and we had around 23 local saints. We had dinner together and shared about our experiences this past week. None of the students we contacted were available to go, but we were able to blend and get to know the local saints better. We had the opportunity to share with them about the burden for their campuses along with an update of the tabling at different campuses this week.

We were very encouraged to see that the local college age students are open and burdened for their campuses and willing to join us in the follow up work right away. The Lord is leading us to pray more for the students contacted and for the local saints to rise up in order to bless the locality with remaining fruit.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the follow-up with the students, that we would have appointments and they would come to the meetings (dinner on Friday 02/02 and Barbecue on Saturday 02/03)
  • For the local saints to rise up and continue to carry on the laboring on the campuses
  • For the fellowship, coordination and leading of the Lord at all times, for this is the first time in 4 years since the saints in Orlando have not had any campus work activities.

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 2

February 2, 2018

January 30 was our second day on campus. This time we went to Valencia East College, but we had no table there. When we got there they said we could stay at the free speech area, which was like an island surrounded by the streets where the cars pass to drop people off. People don’t walk in this area, so we put our own table by faith and we also made a sign saying ‘‘free study Bibles’’ once we were not allowed to reach out to people. By the Lord’s mercy some students came to the table and received a copy of the Recovery Version. Two of us went to pass out tracts in a different area and 41 were distributed in total. One of those who received a tract also received a Bible and another one was interested in having an appointment. Twelve students received a copy of the New Testament Recovery Version and gave their contact information. After that we had a rich home meeting with saints in Kassimmi.

On January 31 we went to UCF, one of the top largest campus in the US. Many students approached our table to receive a copy of the Recovery Version. Three of us went to distribute tracks at the free speech area and 513 tracts were distributed! After tabling for three hours, 55 received Bibles and most of them gave their contact information for further contact. Later at night we had a rich prayer meeting with the local saints.

Prayer burdens:

  • The release of the students to come to the college meeting on Thursday
  • That the students would be open to have appointments and one on one Bible studies
  • For the saints to ride up to be involved and encouraged with the appointments

Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Report 1

February 2, 2018

Praise the Lord for the church in Orlando! This weekend starting from Jan. 27, we began our gospel trip by attending to a local saint’s home. We met with the local brothers and sisters and fellowshipped about the gospel work here. More than 25 saints attended, including young ones and children. The saints opened up their burden to labor in three major colleges in Orlando. These three colleges are some of the largest colleges in the whole country, with more than 150,000 students overall, these are great “fishing ponds.”

The next day we continued to blend with the saints and had a wonderful time of coordination and preparation for our upcoming BfA (Bibles for America) distribution/tabling on campus. After much prayer and fellowship with the local saints, today Jan. 29, the church in Orlando had their first tabling on a campus after four years. This was a great opportunity for us to go out burning in spirit to find seekers. The saints were very much encouraged and joyful! Three full-time serving ones from Atlanta, GA and six local saints joined us during Bible distribution. After two hours of laboring we contacted 35 students, each receiving one New Testament Recovery Version with Basic Elements of the Christian Life. Around 70 tracts were also distributed. After going over some features of the Recovery Version the students were interested in Bible study/college meetings and further contact.

During the evening time we had dinner with the local saints, enjoying the Lord and giving an update concerning the first day on campus.

Prayer burdens:

  • Follow-up with the students that were contacted
  • The local saints would join the follow-up with the students to establish connections
  • For the Lord to cover us and have a way during our time on the campuses, because of restrictions and limitations by the school administration