Manchester, NH—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 11, 2019

Highlights (February 5 – February 8)

Tuesday (February 5)
One sub-team visited the University of New Hampshire - Durham (flagship campus) and set up a BfA table there. The other sub-team visited Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and was able to have refreshing appointments with three students who have been meeting with a family nearby for the past few years.

Wednesday (February 6)
Rest day

Thursday (February 7)
We set up a BfA table at Manchester Community College again and a few saints from the community joined us. One student also received the Lord and is open for further contact! That evening, some got a chance to visit saints in New Ipswich, NH and others attended the first workplace seminar on the Peace of God.

Friday (February 8)
In the morning and afternoon, we had a solid time with some local saints to coordinate the follow-up plans for contacts made over the last two weeks. In the evening, there were three home meetings in and around Manchester. Generally, all the saints in the area gather at the same place on Friday nights, but the many home meetings in smaller numbers this week facilitated further blending among the saints.

Statistics (February 5 – February 8)

  • Bibles: 15
  • Ministry booklets: 12

Prayer Burdens:
Pray that there would be a smooth handoff of the contacts (community and campus) to the local saints over the next week, as well as properly aggressive follow up over the next few weeks.

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Manassas, VA—Gospel Trip, Report 10

February 11, 2019

Yesterday, we had a Bible distribution at Dunn Loring metro station from 3-5pm. We gave out 26 English Bibles, 23 English Basic Elements of the Christian Life, 44 tracts and had 16 sign ups. This was our last Bible distribution of this gospel trip. The weather was cold, but it was a sweet time having four local saints join us for this Bible distribution.

We ended our day in two different homes, and as always it was so sweet to blend with the saints and to hear their testimonies.

Today, we had a full day of sightseeing in DC. The highlight was visiting the Bible Museum with the saints.

Tomorrow, we will be heading home after the table meeting. We thank the Lord for what He has done in the past two weeks, and thank you saints for all your prayer and supply. We had such a wonderful experience laboring here with the local saints, and really felt like we had a foretaste of serving life.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the proper follow-up of all the Bibles recipients from our Bible distributions at VRE Manassas, NOVA Manassas, Manassas Mall, GMU, GWU, Silver Spring station in Maryland and Dunn Loring metro station
  • For the establishment of a home meeting and a golden lampstand in Manassas

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Manassas, VA—Report 10b.jpg

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Jackson, MS/Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Report 15

February 11, 2019

Today, we just arrived in Hattiesburg, MS. Located in this city is the University of Southern Mississippi, the third largest university in this state. We are thrilled to be with the saints that live here and their warm welcome has made us feel at home already. There are three families that live here and their testimonies have been so encouraging. Their lives have been that of the altar and the tent, following the Lord wherever He led them until they arrived in this city. The first family that moved here has been here for more than seven years. At first it was not easy because they were the only saints living in this area, and they were also relatively new in the church life at that time. Nevertheless, they continued steadfastly standing for the Lord’s testimony and pursuing the ministry. They even opened their home right away for the home meetings. Now, there are more than 10 saints in this city, standing together as the Lord’s testimony. The burden is that the Lord would eventually establish a lampstand in Hattiesburg, and that there would be remaining fruit from the campus and the community.

We hung close to 1,200 BfA flyers in different apartments near the main university. This was the first time that the saints here have done something like this and we can testify that there was much enjoyment of the Lord as we all labored together. It was encouraging to see many of the young people and children joining us during this time. May many USM students order Bibles and be filled with God’s word!

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the families here (three of them) would be built up together and that the Lord would continually supply them as they stand for His testimony here in Hattiesburg, MS
  • That the Lord would gain remaining fruit in Hattiesburg, MS and that there would be a lampstand in this city
  • That the Lord would bless the homes where we hung a flyer and that many would order a RcV Bible

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 7

February 11, 2019

February 10th marked the end of the GTCA Burnaby gospel trip on a glorious note. We exceeded our goals of number of visitations and new SFU contacts. Total number of visitations in Burnaby reached 102 (222 visitations in the Greater Vancouver area including Vancouver, and Surrey) and there were 40 new open contacts at SFU (a correction from the last update). 90 Recovery Version Bibles were also distributed at SFU. Furthermore, out of this GTCA there has been an increased feeling of being in the family of God and that each one of us are being shepherded by the triune God as we visit and are being visited. The team is extremely thankful for the all the saints’ prayer, participation in events at SFU, giving of hospitality, and preparation of all our meals on top of caring for our needs.

Summary of Events:
February 9 We had an afternoon packed with visitations and more blending with saints in various church meetings in the evening.

February 10:
After the Lord’s Table, the GTCA team fellowshipped and shared testimonies as a continuation of the burden from last Lord’s Day— the need to be trained to be a normal functioning member of the Body, useful to the Lord. The emphasis was on parents prioritizing the pipeline for spiritual education (children’s work, young people’s work, college work to the FTTA), that the children would be raised up knowing God, getting a good education, and developing proper character. After this fellowship, there was an overflow of many positive testimonies from the saints in Burnaby on their experience of being visited and going out to visit saints and gospel friends.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The end of the GTCA gospel trip would not be an end, but a strong continuation of the day by day church life in the flock of God with much more visitations
  • The follow-up contact with the 40 positive seeking ones at SFU that they may become remaining fruit

Burnaby, Canada—Report 7a.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 7b.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 6

February 11, 2019

Thank you for all your prayers, below is a brief update on the past two days.

12 new ones from the 2nd SFU welcome event 90 Recovery Version Bibles distributed in total (goal of 300) 5500 invitations distributed at SFU in total (goal of 3000) Approximately 50 open contacts at SFU (goal of 30) 84 visitations in total (goal of 100)

Prayer Burdens:
Saints to rise up and continue the visitations after the GTCA Follow-up contact of the approx 50 new ones from SFU

Summary of Events:
February 7 We ended our labour on the SFU campus with our second welcome event titled, “The Acceptable Year of the Lord”, with released singing, rich speaking, testimonies, pizza dinner, and a Bibles for Canada table. The Lord did above all that we could ask or think in bringing us 10 new contacts plus two new ones from last term. We sensed that these were sons of peace as they were open and seeking. The Lord also answered our prayers, in that the new ones that attended was an accurate representation of the population of Burnaby with many local Caucasians.

February 8:
We had a time of blending with some Chinese-speaking saints at a combined home meeting with a love feast for lunch, followed by a meeting filled with singing and overflow of enjoyment from the saints. We concluded the day with joining various Burnaby meetings including the Korean-speaking small group meeting, Chinese-speaking small group meeting, college meeting, and YP meeting.

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6a.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6b.jpg

Burnaby, Canada—Report 6c.jpg