Pearland/The Woodlands TX—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 8, 2019

As we end the last day of GTCA Pearland/The Woodlands, we spend our final hours with the saints in their homes. Visiting the saints in their homes has been a wonderful supply and cherishing for both the saints and the trainees. Although it is the last day of the trip, the gospel work still continues in The Woodlands. As a brother put it in the Houston area corporate prayer meeting last night, the trip is just a jump start for the gospel and we must continue to contact new ones by going out and revisiting their homes. This has been the burden for the saints in the Northern Houston area: to enter into a gospel living by visiting their neighbors and thus forming the vital groups.

During our morning coordination with the full-timers and local saints, we have been entering into the burden of having group meetings by reading and fellowshipping on the ministry book The Practice of the Group Meetings. Through this fellowship, a desperate need for the practical living for the purpose of fruit-bearing has emerged. This is vital in the upcoming weeks, as the new GTCA contacts are brought into the homes. Please pray that the meetings are released, living and fresh.

Meeting in the Homes
Throughout this week, saints have invited the trainees to their homes. This has been a wonderful time of blending an encouragement to the saints. In the homes, saints shared in a more intimate way their enjoyment and experience of Christ shepherding them along in the church life. A top enjoyment of the saints and trainees was the released prayers in the homes before going out in the gospel.

Door Hanging
In the North Houston area, two hundred door-hangers on average were distributed per day. Distribution occurred Monday, February 4th through Thursday, February 7th. Each door hanger was paired with a rainbow booklet and a friendly note welcoming them to a group meeting in a nearby saint’s home. Often, neighbors warmly received this material. Within the last four days of the distribution, over one thousand homes received BfA door hangers.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for a good response from the material distributed and for revisitations.
  • As the saints enter into the second week of GTCA, pray that the saints are supplied to continue contacting, visiting, and caring for those in their area.
  • Please pray for a smooth transition from a church life of larger meetings to the reality of group meeting in the homes.

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Pearland/The Woodlands TX—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 4, 2019

As we enter the last week in the Houston area, we have completed our time in Pearland and made our way up to The Woodlands. During our time in Pearland, over 600 homes were visited while door-knocking with local saints. We thank and praise the Lord for our time in Pearland and continue praying for follow up contact.

Our first day in The Woodlands we visited and blended with the local saints and entered into their burden. Due to the nature of the geography of the North Houston area, many saints in The Woodlands are fairly spread out, taking on average to 45 minutes to meet with the nearest saint. It really shows the effort required to have a home meeting, and the limitations due to distance. For this reason, they are burdened for vital groups to formed and for their neighborhoods to be gained.

Our first day on the gospel in The Woodlands we distributed Bibles for America door hangers with a packaged baggie containing a greeting card and a rainbow booklet. Over 200 homes received door hangers throughout the Jacobs reserve and Fosters Ridge communities.

In the evening we joined a blended young people’s meeting, where we enjoyed making and eating over 600 dumplings. We also enjoyed getting into the ministry book, Lesson Book, Level 4: Life—Knowing and Experiencing Life, and seeing the two kinds of fruit that is produced out of the divine life being dispensed in us. It was a wonderful experience blending with the young people and hearing the overflow of their enjoyment.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the saints to be connected and blended to together in their region
  • For the saints to be able to contact and connect with their neighbors and to enter into a daily gospel living
  • For the vital groups to be established in each of the five areas in the North Houston area including West Spring, Central Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Northeast Houston

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Pearland/The Woodlands TX—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 31, 2019

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. These past few days we have continued blending with the saints in their homes and door-knocking in Pearland with the working saints, full-timers, and young people. There are also many new ones helping in the GTCA trip by preparing lunch as well as opening their homes for hospitality and coordination meetings. It is truly encouraging to see the members coordinating together and functioning for the Lord’s move.

Gospel update:
Two residents opened their doors and welcomed the saints into their homes to have fellowship.

The first was a Spanish-speaking believer from Columbia who was impressed with the translation of the Bible from the original Greek to English. Toward the end of our fellowship, he sensed peace and was open to meeting in a local brother’s home. We plan to revisit him with a Spanish RcV Bible.

The second was a believer who had recently left her church, dissatisfied, and was seeking a church for her family. She received a Bible for herself and asked for an additional one for her son. Also, she asked the saints for a Bible study and a revisitation. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue praying for the local saints to enter into a daily gospel living.
  • Pray that the University of Houston would be open for us to table on campus.
  • Pray for the new contacts to remain and become more open to all that the Lord would desire to do.

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Pearland/ The Woodlands TX—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 28, 2019

The first part of our time in Texas is in Pearland, the Southern part of Houston, and the next part is in the Northern part of Houston called The Woodlands. Pearland has been the fastest growing area in the United States in the past few years and the saints here are burdened to gain those in the community.

It has been encouraging to go door-knocking with the local saints and young people. This past weekend we visited over 200 homes with BfA door hangers, New Testaments, and rainbow booklets. The goal is to blanket the homes in these areas with the Word and reach all His chosen ones.

Prayer Burdens:

  • To initiate and encourage the local saints to enter into a community gospel living
  • To gain the typical American in the Houston area, specifically in the South district
  • For the Lord to continue speaking to those that received a Bible and ministry booklet, and for follow-up with the contacts made