Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 5

February 8, 2019

Prayer Burdens:

  • Students D (male), T (female), E (female) and TA (female) would come to the lunch cookout Saturday with the students and the local saints.
  • After the trainees leave, at least 5 of our top 10 “warm” students would remain.
  • The core students and families would continue to be shepherded by the Lord in order to rise up in shepherding the new ones.

We passed out at least 10,000 flyers total these past two weeks. We had 23 appointments this week alone. 27 total students came to the Thursday and Friday meetings this week.

Our goal last week was mainly to sow indiscriminately. Our goal this week was mainly to have appointments. This week we doubled the amount of appointments from last week. The corporate gathering this Friday evening testified of the oneness of the local families with the labor on campus.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 4

February 5, 2019

Prayer Burdens:

  • 16 of our new contacts would be connected solidly with local students and saints
  • The core students and families would be shepherded by the Lord in order to rise up in shepherding the new ones
  • All 22 students that came to Meet & Greet last week would come again this Thursday and Friday

Last week we passed out 5258 flyers and we handed out another 1861 flyers this week. We have had 10 appointments already this week. Many of our students are actively continuing in our John Bible Reading Challenge.


  • Brother Tym Seay was with our team last week and has returned to be with us this week again.
  • Contact D (male) spend a majority of his weekend with the saints and the students.
  • This week has been packed with appointments.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 3

February 3, 2019

Prayer burdens:
At least 15 more students would come to our second “Meet and Greet” time on Friday. New contacts would come to the Friday night home meetings and Saturday night sister’s game night. More one on one appointments with students.

Passed out 4,800 flyers at ASU this week in total. We had our first Meet & Greet today with 15 new students. In the evening we joined in with the student coordination regarding the upcoming weeks and their spring break trip.

Many promising seekers came to the Meet & Greet time today. Of those who came to the Meet & Greet, several joined in on the John Bible Reading Challenge in small groups.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 2

January 30, 2019

Prayer burdens:

  • At least 25 students would come to the “Meet and Greet” time on Thursday
  • Students would be connected with our own students and local saints
  • More one on one appointments with students
  • Contact T would come to the home meeting this Friday. Contact M would come to the student sisters’ gathering on Saturday.


  • Passed out 3,970 flyers at ASU (Monday - Wednesday). This exceeded our initial goal of 3,000 by Thursday.
  • Collected 66 students’ contact information.


  • Sisters have three upcoming appointments with students. The three appointments we have had so far have been promising and encouraging.
  • Brothers have one upcoming appointment. A contact they met up with today expressed desire to have continual weekly appointments.

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Phoenix, AZ—Gospel Trip, Report 1

January 30, 2019

Prayer burdens:

  • Pass out at least 3,000 flyers by Thursday
  • At least 25 students to come to the “Meet and Greet” time on Thursday
  • More one-on-one appointments with students


  • Passed out 1,127 flyers at ASU from 11:30am - 3:15pm (Monday) with a team of 10. Collected 19 students’ contact information.


  • Sisters have four appointments (Tuesday - PW, Wednesday - T, Thursday - J, next Tuesday - M) with students.
  • Brothers have two appointments with students (Wednesday - T).

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