Today was the last day of our gospel trip and we could truly testify that the Lord has blessed this trip and answered many of our prayers. Just to give a summary of what the Lord has blessed us with

In Jackson, MS, there were two days of BfA tabling at Walmart (Flowood and Madison locations), as well as three days of hanging door-hangers advertising the ministry radio station (100.1 WIWT). Summary stats are as follows:

  • 97 Bibles given
  • 65 contacts filled out contact cards
  • 62 ministry books given
  • ~2,600 flyers given away during BfA distributions
  • ~4,000 door-hangers/flyers placed on doors throughout the neighborhoods near Jackson, MS.

In Birmingham, AL we spent a week laboring on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus. There were two days of tabling in campus. Summary stats are as follows:

  • 31 students gave their contact information during tabling
  • 13 appointments with students, with 1 more scheduled next week
  • 9 students joining the Bible study
  • 2 students came for the first time in the home meeting (a total of 9 students came including these 2)
  • We also hung around 150 door-hangers advertising the ministry radio station (WFYN 93.3).

In Hattiesburg, MS we placed around 1,280 BfA flyers on doors near the University of Southern Mississippi.

We can really testify that the Lord is doing something here in Mississippi and Alabama. We are also really burdened that all those we contacted would not be lost, but would all be shepherded into the church life. Thank you so much for all of your prayers saints! Grace be with all of you. Praise the Lord for what He accomplished these two weeks!

Please pray:

  • That all those whom we contacted in Alabama and Mississippi, especially the students, would be shepherded into the church life and that many would be remaining fruit.
  • That the Lord will continue to abundantly supply all the saints standing for His testimony in Alabama and Mississippi, and that He would preserve and sanctify all the young people and children here for His purpose.
  • That the saints would be supplied to have a gospel living and for the formation of the vital groups.